Black Currant Oil 2500 Mg – 200 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO and Gluten-free)

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  • Our NusaPure Black Currant Oil formulation is manufactured as powder capsules. 
  • Extra Strength: each capsule contains 250 mg of Black Currant Oil Extract powder. With Extract at 10:1 potency, one capsule provides the equivalence of 2,500 mg of Black Currant oil per serving. Serving size is 1 veggie capsule.
  • Get 200 veggie capsules for a 200 day supply.
  • Black currant oil is one of the richest known sources of gamma linoleic acid, which plays a key role in supporting healthy hormone levels*. 
  • Source of essential fatty acids for the maintenance of good health*
  • MANUFACTURED IN  THE USA: manufactured in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.
  • 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

Black currant is a natural remedy sourced from Ribes Nigrum,a plant native to parts of Europe and Asia and grown for its berries*.Black currant extract is typically derived from black currant fruits or seeds*.The raw fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C and polyphenols*.

Additional information

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What are the advantages of our NusaPure Black Currant formulation?

  • Supports healthy immune systems*
  • Supports healthy vision*
  • Natural antioxidant support*
  • Highly concentrated herbal for superior eye health support*
  • may promote eye comfort *
  • Supports healthy menstrual cycles and feminine health*
  • Supports healthy blood pressure in already healthy range*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free




  • Black currant 10:1 extract
  • Cellulose (from capsule), Silica, Magnesium stearate,  Rice Flour.
  • Natural color variation may occur in this product


Suggested use & important information

Allergen information:

Contains no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, egg,  fish,shellfish,tree nut products, gluten, starch or wheat. Produced in a GMP facility that may process those allergens or others for different formulations.

Serving size: for adults, take one capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our  NusaPure Money Back Guarantee policy.

74 reviews for Black Currant Oil 2500 Mg – 200 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO and Gluten-free)

  1. Bill0246

    Although I have not yet used this exact named product I have used black currant oil for years and found it to be very good.

  2. SMS

    Acupuncturist recommended this product and I purchased by the reviews. Would recommend.

  3. Saurabh Chatterjee

    It is advertised as oil its not , so therefore there is NO stearidonic acid in it.

  4. valerie berry

    prompt delivery. Good product.

  5. Elizabeth A

    There is no black currant oil in this particular product. There is only extract made from the plant. I ordered a similar product fromthis company four times that actually had black currant oil in the capsules, then this one arrived with no black currant oil. This product is not labeled correctly.

  6. T.S. Maui

    If you want black currant oil, do not buy the product in the first photo (Black Currant 2500 mg, 200 count) — in spite of product descriptor that says “Oil” these capsules only contain extract — no oil or GLA content. If you want black currant oil, buy the product in the second photo that plainly says “Black Currant Oil”, 1000 mg, 180 count, 140 mg GLA. The product title descriptor of this product including Oil in the title is misleading at best and caused us to seek and receive a refund.

  7. Babs

    Happy with the results!

  8. ABBA

    Product needed for blood circulation and more

  9. Lpep

    Very good no aftertaste even when taking on empty stomach

  10. Beverly A. Johnson

    I like their brand because it comes in a higher dose than the others.

  11. Veronica Cooper

    I didnt notice any changes or any difference in adding these to my vitamins. Wont buy again.

  12. DJII

    Great Product, more bang for the buck.

  13. sharon bakes

    Good product

  14. Amazon Customer

    Like this product works as listed.

  15. sunflower

    I’ve been trying to get away from taking anything in a large size capsule and sometimes it’s impossible but this brand puts everything in medium sized capsules which makes it so easy to take.

  16. Helen Shulov

    I noticed some improvement in my skin condition. Highly recommend.

  17. DonaldBraswell

    Yes, this is some good stuff.

  18. Linda#

    I take this to reduce bumps on my arms and it does help.

  19. M. Chavez

    I particularly enjoy not burping after taking the pill, I use it to prevent loosing more hair, 3 days after the first pill I started to notice less hair in the shower, very pleased.Updated review. I love this product so much that I started buying it for friends because they want to know what I am doing to have such great hair.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great quality product

  21. Beth Dodds

    Black currant seed oil is the only product that helps with hot flashes for me. Love it!

  22. L. Sauder

    Easy capsules to swallow. Much better than the huge gel capsules we are all used to.

  23. donnatella

    I like it, because its the real black currant, i take many vits, this is just another good one that I added to my regimen, thx

  24. john wilcoxson

    seems to be working, haven’t been at it very long.

  25. Sara F. Schecter

    This supplement has helped me tremendously with better skin and thicker hair! It is really a miracle. I can’t imagine not taking it as part of my daily routine.

  26. Sara E

    I like that it is hexane free. I bought it to help with hair loss and I think it helped my scalp and hair texture. It initially stopped quite a bit of hair loss, but now after several months I think it may be somewhat less effective.

  27. Martin Acosta

    This black currant oil pills may have other fillers, but it doesn’t have any oil in the pills. I did took these pills for a few days, but then it woke my curiosity what was in the pills, so I opened one and boom!!!!! to my surprised there was no oil in them. This is a complete rip off. I wish I could have returned the product but it wasn’t possible

  28. Elizabeth

    I found Black Currant Oil a few years ago by referral from a natural supplement consultant. It was expensive to buy a small quantity from the specialist shop so I found this brand on Amazon. I am very pleased with the product and seller. I found the price to be reasonable and arrives very quickly. The capsules are relatively easy to swallow but I suggest only trying to swallow one at a time. There is no flavor as you don’t want to chew the capsule. I use this supplement for inflammation, swelling, and hangover lessoning. Works great for me but some friends find no difference. There are other supplements out there called Black Seed oil and that is a different supplement. I specifically wanted Black Currant Oil and am happy with this product.

  29. Vicky

    I am very satisfied with the results so far. I’ve noticed less inflammation in my hands and knees. Expecting to see more improvements as I continue. Very easy to swallow!


    it seems to work great

  31. Cynthia P.

    I have been using this brand for dry eye. The new “powdered” formulation does nothing for my dry eye problem.

  32. Amazon Customer

    This product has helped me with my falling hair. This is my second bottle.

  33. MMHeide

    I was recommended this product for perimenopause symptoms and I suppose it works ok… My only point is that I found it for about 1/4 of the cost elsewhere.

  34. blf652

    Great product

  35. Natasha

    Hair started to grow much better with this product.

  36. Mary R.

    Helps boost your immune system, relieves joint & muscle pain and also is an antioxidant.

  37. Dorothea Rothspan

    Excellent product.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Fair pricing for product.

  39. Kristen Tibbitts

    Supplement – vegetarian form of Omega oils

  40. czebo

    The capsules are easy to swallow. I have seen a big improvement in my hair and nails. I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it.

  41. Richard C Teague

    Arrived as described and on time.

  42. minmin

    It’s amazing, the first time I ate this product, the soreness of my knees disappeared. I like products without oil.

  43. Prgsoloutions LLC


  44. Amazon Customer

    Delivered promptly and good condition, good price. Haven’t been taking it long enough to report to much else. I am taking it for a skin condition.

  45. Robert Naranjo

    Great product, purchase with confidence!

  46. Alessandra Cristina Pereira Chaves

    excellent product I recommend

  47. Steven E. Colburn

    NOTE: I did not receive a free sample or discount in exchange for this review. I wrote this review based on my own personal, unsolicited, positive customer experience with the product. I have had correspondence with the Manufacturer, and they were very helpful and responsive. VOLUNTARY MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: I have an M.D.-diagnosed Dry Eye Syndrome (KCS, proven by initial testing and periodic followup testing), with Meibomian (MGD, Eyelid Oil Gland) Dysfunction. My Dry Eye condition is medically managed with a typical combination of two treatments: Restasis eyedrops twice daily and Punctal (Tear Duct) plugs. My Opthalmologist who diagnosed me several years ago, as well as the two Eye Surgeons who (more recently) did my Glaucoma and Cataract surgeries, both recommended that I take an eye supplement to increase my tear quality, and each provided me with their own preferred supplement–one containing Fish Oil, and the other containing Flax Seed Oil. I found that, for me, while these supplements did help to increase the effectiveness of my existing treatments, I could not tolerate their effects on my GI system. So I went looking for something that would be effective, without those undesirable side effects. For me, the NusaPure Black Currant Oil was that solution, and has worked very well, without upsetting my GI tract. An added benefit, for me, is the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of the product, which helps with the allergic-inflammatory component of my Dry Eye Syndrome, as well as with my Dry Mouth and Osteoarthritis issues. By the way, the capsules contain powder, not liquid oil, and are small enough to easily swallow, have no offensive taste or smell, and no carriers or additives that cause me any problems (everyone should always read that part of any product info). The labeling is very clear and specific, and the bottle displays the various certifications NusaPure has obtained. Altogether, a very satisfying customer experience for me, and a very effective co-therapy for my Medical eye treatments!

  48. kdeeinc

    No oil at all bad review

  49. Kendra Martell

    Seems to absorb well. Better price than my previous

  50. judith

    I am giving the product 5 stars because it’s the only one I can find with its properties. Most people over 40 need an anti-inflammatory of some sort, and I prefer a natural alternative instead of aspirin, etc. That’s reason enough to get it. Black Currant oil helps to break down “bad” oils, such as canola, which you are likely to consume in a restaurant without knowing it. Black Currant oil contains gammo linolenic acid (I’ve also seen it called gammo linoleic acid), which helps in the body’s production of desirable brown fat (not to be confused with jiggly white fat, which we do NOT want). Brown fat is helpful in weight loss and maintenance. Brown fat cells are alleged to burn 3 times more calories than those of white fat. We produce less as we age. (Why is it that when we become confident in ourselves, our bodies start to fall apart?) I figure that it can’t hurt. And I like it that this company is in the U.S. and offers a guarantee.Update: I ran out of the product and quit taking it; no reason, just didn’t get around to purchasing again. I noticed a lot of hair was falling out when I brushed or washed it. I mentioned this to my sister who told me that black currant oil was a good treatment for this issue. Of course, I started taking it again. Amazingly, I notice far less hair loss! This was almost immediate. Even if you ignore everything I said in the first paragraph, this is a good reason to take black currant oil. Who wants thinning hair? An added bonus is that this brand is hexane free. You don’t want to be taking a “natural” product, only to be consuming nasty chemicals. I will keep ordering this.ANOTHER UPDATE: I am still taking this product eight months later. My skin is prettier and I notice almost no hair in my hairbrush or in the drain after washing my hair. I also have almost no digestive complaints now, thank heavens, as i had an occasional annoyance now and then. My conclusion is that Black Currant Oil is the reason why. Please don’t be concerned that it comes in powder form. It still works!

  51. Amazon Customer

    Was not happy with this ones ,when you get them please open one of the capsules – do you see there is oil ?I didn’t see any oil inside – There were only dry powder inside , it didn’t feel even oily.! How could it called Black current oil then !

  52. Debra Boss

    All good – thank you!

  53. Grace

    Not a drop of oil in this capsule. I understand the words powder capsules…as most people you assume that the caps are made from rice powder etc. But you expect OIL when it say Black Currant OIL on the label. I’ve had Gla/black currant oil before and it’s always oil and you can see the oil through most caps.I am returning this product.

  54. Sebastian


  55. Christy Scales

    At the risk of TMI, I am in menopause and have had a myriad of symptoms as my hormones are all over the place. One of those is Dry Eye Syndrome. I have been using these supplements for almost three weeks and have definitely seen an improvement in my symptoms. I do recommend this product.

  56. Dennis Foust

    So far can’t say I feel any difference. Hopefully, as time goes on I will.

  57. A. Dye

    Seems to work great. Helps my teen daughters with their acne issues.

  58. Amazon Customer

    Dont actually know if it’s working as yet. Bought it for aches and pains support. Can write again if I notice improvement.

  59. Mary Rasor

    I like that I can take them each day and that they are good for my eye health.

  60. Paul

    I use this product as prescribed by opthamologist for dryeye. Helps.

  61. M.G.

    Capsules full of purple powder? I think that somebody isn’t being completely truthful with the consumers. I returned these.

  62. david smith

    Reduced hot flash symptoms .

  63. Nikki Pytko

    Definitely enjoying the benefits of this product. Its only been a couple weeks but so far so good.

  64. me

    This product is absolutely amazing! If you look up the benefits of black currants, it exceeds everything listed. The perfect energy and balance for everyday living. Its is something you could take for every that makes you feel like you could live up to 200 years old by Grace..

  65. Rhonda Rousey


  66. Skadking

    I just take one daily rather than two like I was taking with the other brand.

  67. The Reviewer

    I can not tell if this product really helped reduce or increase my blood pressure. I like the black currant juice better

  68. Red89

    I use thses black currant oil caps for inflammation. I do find it has been helping with the inflammation, as when I wake in the morning my joints aren’t so sore. It arrived as said & I’m using them fairly regular every morning.

  69. SteelersGal4Ever

    I guess they’re doing what they’re supposed to… but I will say they’re very easy to swallow with no bad taste and the price was great. Not sure how to quantify the effect when I take so many other things… other than to say I’m sure it won’t hurt to take it and it’ll probably be a help in some way as reports say it’s a definite boost to the immune system. I’m not going to spout false claims on here…

  70. Vito Makauskas

    will order again good product

  71. Ana

    Important is did not upset my stomach…

  72. Annie P.

    Haven’t taken them for very long. They arrived on schedule and look good.

  73. Patricia Bacchiocchi

    Excellent and thanks for the fast service so far so good will order again

  74. market

    No after taste and you don’t have to take it with food.

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