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Hi, I`m Cedric, founder of NusaPure. I created my company in 2015 after recognizing a need for high quality, herbal formulas to treat common health issues: candida levels, thyroid problems, joint pain, energy deficiency and more.  I founded NusaPure after returning from Bali, Indonesia, the Beauty and purity of the island forever inspired my vision for all natural, pure herbal supplement products. I was diagnosed with my first cancer in 2003 and with my second cancer in 2014. I`m now in remission. Going through multiple medical treatments, therapies and side effects, struggles and pain, triggered a serious self-reflection on my life and well-being. While trying to rebuild my immune system I learned how important essential nutrients were to improve and maintain health. I researched many existing supplement brands, but couldn`t really find a brand I fully trusted. I founded NusaPure with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients and better formulations. I made it now my personal mission to educate and inspire people to fuel their body with the best natural supplements and feel their best!

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