Phytoceramides Complex 4000mg – 200 Veg Caps (Vegetarian & Non-GMO)

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 Phytoceramides Complex

  • High Absorption Phytoceramide Complex 4,000mg equivalent per serving. With Bioperine
  • Max Supply (200 Capsules Per Bottle for a 100-Day Supply)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • Vegan/Vegetarian & Non-GMO
  • A proprietary blend containing Konjac Extract Ceramides, Bioperine, and naturally occurring Phytoceramides from Apple Fiber, Sweet Potatoes, Wheat and Avena Sativa.

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: in a cGMP registered facility with high manufacturing and sourcing standards.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

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60 reviews for Phytoceramides Complex 4000mg – 200 Veg Caps (Vegetarian & Non-GMO)

  1. Garnette

    Don’t know that skin is any better, but my neuropathy is. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with my feet on fire (2 back surgeries). I would have to take a narcotic to stop the burning. Since taking this item, no more nighttime feet on fire. Don’t know why – but who cares. My feet are 98% good in the day too!!!!

  2. Art

    As an older guy(82), they do what is advertised to do and that says something for me.

  3. festivelady826

    I have been taking phytoceramides for two years and I have seen a marked difference in my skin. This is the first time I have purchased this brand, and I did so because the recommended dosage is 700 mg, taking two per day. I received them very quickly (and I don’t have Prime). Recommend the Seller and the supplement.

  4. Ellen Morris

    Giving it a 5 I have not noticed any crazy improvements (I’ve only been taking them for 2 weeks). But oddly I’ve gotten a few compliments on my complexion and skin though since starting it, so other people are noticing! I believe it’s doing great and it’s going to continue to. Buying again, soon!

  5. Lemon

    I am writing a review regarding the side effect of this product. I have taken this for around 2 weeks and I’ve noticed an increase in hunger every time I take it. I looked online regarding ceramides and blood sugar and this is what I found,‘Concentrations of ceramide lipids in blood plasma and tissues are strongly associated with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D), hepatic steatosis, and cardiovascular disease, which are caused by lipotoxicity and insulin resistance (1, 2).Jul 26, 2019‘I am not sure if I am confident to continue taking this product on that basis. I am a little disappointed.

  6. Sue

    Have not been taking very long but I have noticed a difference in my skin after only 2 weeks. Will continue to use and see what the results are.

  7. LIZ

    I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks. My skin looks smoother, brighter andmy fine lines under my eyes are less noticeable.

  8. Di from WA

    I have been taking these for a while now. This brand is by far cheaper. I don’t know if my skin is getting better or not. I just ask myself “What would my skin look like now if I weren’t taking them?” People tell me my skin looks nice for my age; so I will take it.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Excellent. Ladies this is not overnight! You have to take it and stick with it After taking it a year I look younger than I did 5 years ago. I get compliments on my skin all the time. Something I rarely heard at anytime in my life. Good Stuff. I hope they keep the ingredient the same and do not try and cut corners EVER!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I’ve taken phytoceramides for several years after seeing a Doctor Oz show where he talked about its benefits. I found these capsules to be among the best I’ve ever taken. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Radiel A. Garcia

    Amazing, amazing ,amazing. Magic in a bottle. You will see and feel the effect in just two wwels..

  12. Katherine H Rudeseal

    I love using Phytoceramides! I really think they make a difference in your hair and nails and skin. I will definitely buy again ! Dr. Oz recommended that you take these!

  13. Amazon Customer

    One month in and less chapped lips and less crepey undereye. Followed doasage instructions.

  14. Betty Boop

    Only using for 3 weeks, seems to work, no new skin issues. I see no giant skin improvements to speak of. Eleven marks are still there, marionette lines are still there. Maybe a little improvement on the minor crows feet I had. Skin not as sallow as it was. I’m in my mid sixties, It may take longer to work the older you are. However, I had previously tried the phytowheat version and it made me sick. This one has not bothered my sensitive stomach at all. So yay for that. I will report back when I finish the bottle.

  15. Westchester girl

    It’s my first week of taking them 2x a day. So far I can notice a difference. Sorry I tried getting the lighting the same. You can see the difference around the skin of my eye. I’ll update with another picture in a couple of weeks.

  16. Chilimama

    I have used Phytoceramides for a long time and believe that they have made a visible difference in my skin. Everyone tells me I look great!

  17. April L.

    I am a licensed Aesthetic professional and have know that these supplements help your skin. I am all for prevention. I am 57 and my skin looks great.

  18. Kelly Larsen

    I was using this product and developed a rash all over my body. I must be allergic to the ingredients. Be careful.

  19. RichieRich

    It works for my eczema

  20. Imsiscokid2

    I haven’t been taking them long enough yet to have noticed a difference, but I will say the first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is that it is filled to the top with product. No cotton stuffing, just the product you pay for. I REALLY liked that!

  21. Angel Goodman

    Haven’t been taking it a whole long time maybe like 2 weeks so far nails are growing great strong haven’t really notice much difference in my hair yet but then again I wear it up a lot skin is looking better it’s really a good product didn’t have to wait a whole month for it to start working like most products definitely get your money’s worth a lot comes in the bottle I will be buying it again

  22. Vicky Hensley

    I’m ordering my 2nd bottle phytoceramides 700 mg. After taking a week or so I noticed my face was firmer. This is a must have for me and I would recommend it.

  23. Precious

    This is the best phytoceramides product I have used.

  24. C.F. in GA

    Absolutely love this product. I have been taking it for a while and I got super busy and didn’t take it for a couple of weeks. My skin got so dry and flaky, itchy too. I got back on this and within a week I could tell a difference. I recently started using Retin-A and I haven’t had all the peeling I have read about. As long as they keep the price affordable I will continue to use it.

  25. CP

    First time ever, I have had horrible eczema on my face that started with the winter weather this year. No cream would address it. After researching options, I decided to try a supplement. This brand was well reviewed on Amazon and for good reason. Within one week the bumps are gone, the itching gone and my skin is so soft! This product is worth every dollar!

  26. d.a.c.

    I have only been using this product for 2 weeks but already it seems to have improved skin strength/elasticity. I used to cut myself by merely brushing up against things. 3 times so far I have gotten ready for band aids and didn’t need then. I call that almost a miracle. maybe with time it may also improve wrinkles. one can hope, right?

  27. Jacquelyn

    Have taken daily for 3 years. Don’t know if it really works.

  28. Felicia

    I have am just half way through my bottle (take 2 pills a day) and have really seen it work. My skin is visibly softer, smoother and looks great! I caught my husband staring at me yesterday and he was complimenting how great my skin looked and asked it I had something I am an Esthetician and I take very good care of my skin. I believe in taking care of your skin starts from the inside out and I am a big fan of these pills. DEFINITELY will continue with them and recommend them to anyone and everyone!

  29. Angelina

    This stuff is amazing. I’m freaking gorgeous and my nails and hair are strong and healthy. Nobody believes my age when I tell them and they think my 26 year old son is my boyfriend. I. Am. Not. Kidding.I will never be without phytoceramides.”Face lift in a medicine bottle.”

  30. AV

    This product has done more for my skin in 2 weeks of use than over 6 months of hyaluronic acid pills. I have wierd skin. Eczema, perioral dermatis, occasional fungal acne, so finding something that helps from within was my ultimate goal. And praise God…Im pretty sure I found it. Skin feels fuller..more youthfull. So glad that this is GF. Thank you for this product. I love it!!!

  31. Sandra McLaurin

    Bought this on a whim when watching a shopping channel and it was a special, I came here read reviews and went for it. 2 weeks later my skin is glowing, my 11 lines are diminishing, skin feels moisturized, dark circles are lightening. I am 55 with sensitive oily skin.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I turned 50 this year and looking for products to help the texture of my skin. I noticed the fine lines on my face have softened, so many people have asked what am I doing different. I can definitely see that the crepey skin on the back of my hands has diminished!!!!!! I did a double dose the first few weeks.

  33. Judy S. Griffin

    I wrote a review earlier saying I hadn’t seen much results from this product. After further time, now around 1.5 months, I can say my skin is definitely softer and seems to be less dry that previous winters. Although I have had one other product that works very well quicker, this one is by far less expensive than the other product, hence the 4-star rating.

  34. Diana

    I’ve been taking as directed since November and I’ve not seen a difference in my skin I’m only 25 years old with dry skin I would suggest you stay away from this

  35. Marcia Owens Jones

    I purchased a bottle a few months ago (based upon reviews/dosage). I have to say I was not impressed. I think Life Extension has the best phytoceramide capsules. I used them for a long time and I always got compliments about my skin. So…I tried something new…and I am going back to what REALLY works for me.

  36. Dafina Amin

    I don’t know what heck is in this stuff but it’s extremely effective. I take other supplements for my skin such as collagen, omega 3-6-9, and Resveratrol, which all work wonderfully. But ever since I added this one to my routine, I swear I wake up with at least 1 less fine line and a plumper and brighter face. Not only do I notice a difference in my face, but my entire body is much more hydrated. Rough dry spots from my hands are disappearing. This has worked great for me. I will definitely be buying another bottle

  37. xdannyx

    Previously labeled simply as “Phytoceramicides” – new formulation labeled as “Phytoceramicide Complex.” The new formula is NOT gluten free as indicated on product page – contains wheat and oats (not indicated to be gf). Taking stars off for the reformulation as well as inaccurate description. Very disappointed – I liked them before.

  38. Bang Vu

    I’m 27 yo who rarely drink the required amount of water a day (it’s hard…). I’ve been taking two capsule a day for a week. There is definitely an improvement on my skin. It feels more elastic and bouncy. Lines and acne seems to be decreasing gradually (reduced in size) , and this is from a one week’s result. Would definitely recommend for people who wants to improve hydration, want to have nicer skin, and/or just anti-aging care.

  39. Megan

    It really works, and pretty quickly, too! Makes my skin way more supple and full, this stuff definitely helps minimize fine lines, much quicker than collagen/biotin. I think collagen and biotin are better if you’re looking to primarily have your hair/nails grow stronger/faster, but the phytoceramides work much better for fine lines and wrinkles. I stopped using collagen/biotin for a few months and then began using this stuff, and if I had to choose between this or collagen/biotin, I’d pick this stuff. So yeah, it’s great!

  40. joannej

    The Phytoceramides in NusaPure are extracted from sweet potatoes which have proven themselves to be just as effective as those from rice and wheat, less expensive to produce and unlike wheat and rice, not from a GMO plant. NusaPure is the best choice in this field and I will buy it again.

  41. Denise L.

    So far so good…I’m only 3 wks into taking the supplement and my skin is not dry anymore and the texture issues are fading along with the discoloration from sun damage. Combined with a new skin care routine which I started first, since I’ve added the Nusapure PHYTOCERAMIDES I have noticed the difference and my skin is happy once again..

  42. Amazon Customer

    Have been using for a month rather than dealing with the messy collagen powder and do see an improvement in the texture of my skin, strength of my nails, and less shedding with my hair.

  43. sheryp

    I’m not sure where all the high reviews came from. However, I see no difference after two months of regular usage.

  44. C. Barbour

    Still don’t know how, but I think this stuff works! I take one a day, each evening and I honestly feel that my dry skin has improved and small wrinkles are disappearing. I’ve had no negative side effects, nor can I find any negative side effects, of phytoceramide supplements, reported on the web. I believe it’s much cheaper, safer and less invasive than alternative procedures. This one is sweet potato and rice derived. Gluten free and supposedly rice derived is more effective than wheat derived. Who knows how phytoceramides are extracted from sweet potatoes or rice (or wheat)? Anyway, I’ll continue to take these; worth a try for more beautiful skin 😉

  45. Steven W

    A go-to brand for health supplements. This is important for skin care as we age. High quality and economical. No stearate, or other bad stuff. We trust the brand. Good company with a range of very good supplements. We’ve tried several. Totally comfortable recommending.

  46. D. Mathis

    I started on pytoceramides to improve skin texture and lines and because I saw a Dr.Oz show where he recommended takingPhytoceramides. I stopped taking them once and noticed a negative difference in my skin within a month. I started back up as soon as I realized how well they had been working. Sincerely D.M.

  47. Richard E. Romine

    Lines radiating from my lips are gone. Skin smoother. What’s not to like?

  48. michele delmonico

    I started using NusaPure Phytoceramides 700mg capsules, (per 2 capsules daily – each capsule is 350mg) just 18 days ago, but I have noticed some subtle changes. My skin glows a bit more. I would like to give this product 5 additional weeks, as it usually takes at least 2 months to begin to notice significant improvements. Those of you who have reviewed this product exclaimed, your hair growth/health, as well as the quality of your nails has vastly improved. I hope to see those positive changes in the weeks to come. Most definitely will review in 5-6 weeks.

  49. Diane M. Lee

    Skin feels and looks softer, more elastic and yet firmer.

  50. Shaye

    Love this product. I did stop taking but started back, what a difference. It makes me a bit drowsy, not sure if that’s normal but I love it. Noticed a huge difference in about 2 weeks, wrinkles lessened and face slightly tighter.

  51. Mrs J

    I bought two 200 tab bottles over a year ago and only actively started taking it last week (don’t have a valid reason for holding out for so long). Anyway, I started taking 4 tabs per day and in less than seven days my skin, hair ( including eyebrows) and nails have transformed drastically. I swear I’m not easily shocked but to have this happen in less than 7 days is crazy. A warning: I’ve been drinking loads more water because this makes me extremely thirsty. I mean, a lot

  52. Dulci Hill

    My 51-year-old acne-prone face needed TLC instead of, the harsh treatment that goes along with acne maintenance I now use this as well as fractionated coconut oil and I no longer look red or ruddy! Isidin is a must!.

  53. LadyofSteele

    Real review here, no funny stuff!!! This product works! Plain and simple. Take 2 a day consistently and you will notice a VISIBLE difference in your skin including a smoother, more plump, youthful looking texture..not just on your face but your whole body!! Phytoceramides are like a miracle in a bottle. Promise!!!

  54. Mary Hope

    I have been taking phytocerimide capsules for about 3 years now. I noticed a huge difference in my overall complexion within about a month of taking daily. My skin looked more even, less blotchy, and healthier. Having hit my 40s, I noticed subtle changes in my skin, both fine lines and complexion changes. I like this brand because it has twice as many milligrams as competing brands. Because I have been taking phyocerimides for a few years, I didn’t notice any huge change with this brand, but my skin has remained healthy looking, so I know it is working. Like I said, the results are more drastic in the first month or 2 of using the product. I keep taking it to maintain the results. I highly recommmend this product!

  55. Lwalsh

    Really notice a difference in the look and texture of skin while taking these. Fine lines are less noticeable and skin seems to be more hydrated. This is my second bottle. I plan to continue ordering NusaPure as long as I see real results like these.

  56. Wendy in S.C.

    My sister and I live together and she has always great care of her skin, and you can really tell now that we’re over 40. She really loves this product and that is whom I purchased it for, not once, but twice now. I have no doubt that I will be back to buy more!PS – If you were wondering: I personally don’t take it just because I already have a number of prescriptions to keep up with and I don’t want to add any more capsules to my diet if I can help it.

  57. Annette Williams

    I’ve taken these religiously since purchasing, and my skin is not as dry and crepey. I’ve had good results.

  58. Dennis W.

    This product actually works. I bruise and bleed very easily and was looking for something that would help. After doing research on different products I thought that I would give this one a try. After about a month I noticed that bruising had subsided and my skin was looking so much better. I’ve been taking this product for over 3 months now and find it to be one of the best products for skin repair.

  59. Robert Estes

    While these Phytoceramides don’t complete eliminate my problem with dry skin and winter itch on my ankles, they have reduced itching considerably. I supplement by rubbing on a little Mentholatum, when needed. I was suspicious when I ordered this item, but have experienced less discomfort than in years past. I take two capsules daily and It seems to work for me. I will definitely reorder this item.

  60. Madeline Sinclair

    Makes skin beautiful!

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