Olive Leaf 25,000mg extract 50:1 – 20% Oleuropein – 200 Veg Caps ( 100% Vegetarian, Non – GMO & Gluten – free )

Olive Leaf 25,000mg extract 50:1 – 20% Oleuropein – 200 Veg Caps ( 100% Vegetarian, Non – GMO & Gluten – free )

(316 customer reviews)


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 Olive Leaf Extract

  • Olive leaf 20% Extract 50:1 equivalent to 25,000 mg of Olive leaves. Standardized to contain 20% Oleuropein
  • High Absorption formulation with Bioperine
  • No Oil ( powder capsule)
  • 200 Capsules Per Bottle for a 200-Day Supply
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian/Vegan, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: in a cGMP registered facility with the high manufacturing and sourcing standards.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*


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316 reviews for Olive Leaf 25,000mg extract 50:1 – 20% Oleuropein – 200 Veg Caps ( 100% Vegetarian, Non – GMO & Gluten – free )

  1. true review

    I had this on auto-ship because I believed, from all the positive reviews, that it was a great product. I was almost to the end of my second bottle when I noticed that the color was darker than it was when I began using it. I opened a new bottle that had arrived and saw that it was in fact darker. I tried to open one of the capsules from the previous bottle and realized that the capsules had hardened. They had not been sitting for months or years on a shelf, these were capsules that I had received two months ago and was taking regularly. I had to throw away the rest. I put a couple of them in water to see if they would dissolve. No, they didn’t. They remained totally hard. These could hardly benefit anyone as they do not break down even in water. I have stopped the auto-ship and have started looking for another brand. Buyer beware!

  2. Mo Love

    Lobe this product..will order again!

  3. LY

    I bought this for my mother who has shingles. She’s been using the olive leaf extract for about two months now and has been able to cut down on the pain medication that she had been taking. I’ll definitely keep buying this for her since it’s helped to alleviate some of her pain and discomfort.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I am very satisfied with your product. The quality and value of your Olive Leaf Extract is unmatched by all the others I have used.

  5. clarencecat

    I read about olive leaf extract as a good remedy for urinary tract discomfort or low level infection. It must be standardized to 20% Oleuropein, which this is. It worked. As a bonus, it is good for blood pressure and cholesterol control.

  6. R. Jenkins

    Overall Great product.

  7. Greg F Burke

    thank you

  8. J. Blanks

    Great product! I take Olive Leaf for its immunity benefits, and I’m very happy with this product. You get 120 capsules for a great price, and the product is just as high quality as others I’ve tried. Recommended.

  9. 2decho1

    ExcellentReally reduces Blood pressure well

  10. britishalan

    We love this brand OLE for BP. BP normally 135/83 without pills; 115/76 taking one pill a day. Tried several other brands that didn’t work.

  11. Willie Williams

    I think it’s working. i feel great!

  12. crivenbark

    This order came quickly and as described. I use olive leaf extract to help keep my skin from breaking out with eczema, and this product does a very good job of that. Very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend to anyone suffering with eczema.

  13. Catlin/Lamoka Shores Corp.

    It causes a detox-like experience in your body which makes you temporarily sick. They should make that clear when you order it. I’m not sure if it lowers blood pressure or not because I had to quit taking it. I found out about the detox information after tracking it down on several medical websites. This should be on the label so people can make that decision before ordering it.

  14. rbh

    This is an outstanding product. We have used Olive Leaf Extract for many years. It provides many strong health benefits and this product is the best we have consumed. We will continue to order this product and other NUSAPure products!

  15. Amazon Customer

    Good value for a good product.

  16. Kathy

    Very pleased with this product!

  17. DJ Faz

    I always keep Olive Leaf Extract in my medicine cabinet and take it at the first sign of cold, flu, or other illness. It is a good immune booster. (I am not a doctor. Please consult your physician before taking any supplement.) I like that these capsules are vegan (no animal products). This isn’t the first time I have purchased this extract and it won’t be the last, I am sure.

  18. Kindle Customer

    helps overall body health…builds immune system

  19. Jackie

    Good product. Received in time as estimated. Thank you.

  20. charios_time

    olive leaf extract, according to a gov’t report, cures cancer in 9 days. Family has been using it for years to prevent cancer. Friend took it daily 2 weeks before hysterectomy due to stage 4 ovarian cancer, and after surgery, no cancer detected.wonderful tree.

  21. North Carolina Muscle Machine

    Keeps me healthy no sickness in winter

  22. Paul Fontenoy

    Just what I needed.

  23. West PA water gardener

    Used another company’s product at a similar price. This has far more active ingredient content, so I will continue to buy this one.

  24. Beth Anne

    allergy problems

  25. Arnold M.

    Good product, fast ship

  26. Katherine Holmes

    Also contains cellulose, vegetable magnesium sterate and silicon dioxide, not as pure as I like.

  27. Robert Watland

    works good

  28. Dana C.

    Thank you

  29. Tab

    I have gone through 2 small bottles and decided to start getting the big one. This works wonders for my BP and allowed me to be taken off of bp meds after being on them for 6 years. I am very pleased.

  30. nancy alberghine

    very good prodouct

  31. Connie

    great service-great product-we use it for building immune system

  32. Clark G

    Several of the pills completely hardened. Not all of them, but enough to make me not trust the rest of the bottle. Also – when I was taking these, they gave me an upset stomach unless I took them on a VERY full stomach. And I am generally not sensitive to that.

  33. James

    I bought this Olive Leaf Extract for its the immune system support. This product was the best value for the money, and it def did not disappoint! The bottle is HUGE and was a nice surprise. This is a much better value than others at 120 capsules.

  34. Marisa Martines

    The last bottle I had gotten 1 year ago I had no sides effects from but my recent order in October caused me to have serious side effects similar to that of pesticide poisoning. After 2 hours of taking 1 pill I started getting stomach pain, headache, ringing in my ears which progressed to being short of breath, having chest pain, burning eyes, shaking and very frequent urination. My body I know was reacting to the pill and trying to eliminate it and because I have taken these before it must be some type of chemical/ chemicals added to this recent order and most likely pesticides. Please be aware of the reaction before getting, I saw others put similsr side effects in the reviews and thought this would never happen to me but you never know when you get a bad batch.


    Value and performance

  36. Shareen

    This stuff is amazing! Great cleanse and I can tell it’s working. I’ve been only taking one per day because two has been too strong for now!

  37. Rockett Woman

    This helps with my husbands allergy problems just one a day and he is great ??

  38. D.Jennings

    This product is very good, the capsules are eazy for him to swallow, and it has kept my loved one from being so sick. before he started taking this he was very sick. He takes it twice a day. I will cont. to keep buying it.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Very Good

  40. lady3

    I have purchased this product several times. I actually completed a bottle and thought, well I’m not sure its doing anything so I didn’t reorder. Shortly after I started experiencing some issues again and realized that this olive leaf was definitely helping my immune system. No side effects. Great product. Good value for the money and you don’t need to take 6 pills like some other brands. Will continue to repurchase this brand.

  41. Kayla jones

    I found out I had hsv a few years ago. I would get outbreaks every few months, and tried a few remedies..none that really worked before I decided to go back to the doctor ,who then have me a prescription for valtrex. Valtrex made my outbreaks even worse..i had 3 outbreaks at one time and then got more back to back.i did my research and found great testimonies on olive leaf extract. I was pretty desperate so I ordered me a bottle. It has been almost a year now and olive leaf extract has been a life saver for me. I have not had any outbreaks since I faithfully started taking it (3×750mg pills a day one in morn,mid day,night) and every once in a while when I’m really stressed and I feel one trying to come on or see a small bump I combine it with colloidal silver..if your case is really bad just take both daily. Make sure the olive leaf pills contain 20%oeauropin(I know it’s spelled wrong) . This stuff is God sent! ** A few weeks later and I had to come back and edit*** this stuff will give You explosive diarrhea like none other!!! I was in a training the other day and my stomach began to rumble like all hell.. next I had to jump up and bolt out the office because if I hadn’t I would have crapped myself!! The product is still awesome but swansons olive leaf extract is easier on the stomach..im going to have to stick with the other brand. Nusa pure works great too and is more potent but definitely too strong for my stomach. And I know it’s a nusa side effect because I didn’t start getting daily bubble guts until I switched from swansons to nusa.

  42. michael g.

    Great produced and I will purchase again when I run out…………….

  43. Amazon Customer

    Receive good results with the product.

  44. Elaine

    I love this stuff. It keeps blood pressure down and boost immunity. Great product to take year round but especially important durin* winter/ cold and flu season.

  45. jack f wood

    re-ordered 3 times, so that should mean I think the product is great. Thanks.

  46. Penelope C Dashiell

    An excellent product for reducing viral load in the body, especially when combined with colloidal silver.

  47. Nancy Savenko

    helpful fot blood pressure control

  48. Amazon Customer

    very healthy

  49. S. McCarthy

    Great product! Lowered my cholesterol considerably

  50. m-magnin

    Excellent olive leaf extract, very effective.

  51. CRSera

    Works well.

  52. Wilson

    Not all Olive Leaf Extract Capsules have 20% oleuropein…this one does! NusaPure’s Olive Leaf Extract is the best value I can find at 120 capsules for such a great price. You can smell how freshness when you open the bottle. I sometimes will break the capsules open to put in smoothies. Super high quality Olive Leaf! I will be ordering again.

  53. Maggie

    I’ve been taking Olive leaf extract for years for boosting my immune system and I came across this brand. I can honestly say it is the best of all I’ve ever tried. And there have been a lot.Great product! Highly recommend!!!

  54. Deborah perry

    Works great! Keeps me well.. too many reasons to post why i take this.. u can Google the benefits.. but this stuff is pure.. and it does what i need it to.. take 5 a day to truly get the benefits..

  55. Honest B on reviews

    Just started using the product. I can’t take this product on it own. Must take it with food. Makes me feel sick. I will do a follow up later with results.

  56. Toni

    Needed this for viral treatment, and seems to be working very well for that. Good value, and I have just purchased again. Also working well for second family member, for lowering blood pressure.

  57. Derric

    Very good price of the higher volume content

  58. 4evahappy

    This stuff is potent! I take two after every meal and it keeps me regular.. wink wink… that’s an added bonus. The main reason I take it is for immunity. I have three kids who are always bringing germies home and I never get sick! If I feel something coming on I just take 3 with my meals (3xday) and I’m good! I think I’ve bought these like five times already. For the potency and the amount of capsules in the bottle, you just can’t beat the price! I’ll keep coming back for more if everything stays the same??Update..it is 8/28/19 and still buy a bottle every month. All 3 of my children have been sick these past 2 days and I stick have my shield? my kids don’t like taking pills everyday like I do but I do give them to them when they are sick. With these they always feel a little worse before they get better because olive leaf forces the ailment out faster. They only have one real bad night and then the rest is manageable. So in less then 2 days they are themselves again. BEWARE— do not take on an empty stomach! ??

  59. Robert Yount

    I liked that the item was shipped quickly. It seems to be a good quality product.

  60. Karen Mobley

    My energy level is through the roof and my Blood pressure has definitely stabilized and improved in the short time that I have been taking this product (two weeks). I definitely recommend this product!

  61. Gwendolyn D Parker

    Excellent Product

  62. karen

    was sick ,sore throat .Have been taken for over a year. feel so much better,

  63. Rebecca Harper

    Have been taking this for a short time but I’m enjoying it so far!

  64. Dozie

    this product is better than others I have tried.

  65. larchan

    This proved itself for me a number of times in helping prevent illness. My dr. Recommended it and my family has flu presently and I am completely well. Don’t ever intend to be without this supplement.

  66. Susan

    I have noticed since I’ve been taking this olive leaf extract that I have fewer colds and the one cold I had this year was far less severe than the previous years. A cold usually had me running to the doctor for meds and shots. I only had to use a little cough syrup this time. My breathing has even been better. Will continue with the product since I’ve had such good results. Thank You

  67. D. E. Leedy

    This review is based on customer service and inability to keep a product stocked. Too bad this company cannot seem to keep its 50% oleuropein product in stock. It is the BEST olive leaf extract there is. I get it when I can, but it is spotty and few and far between. Also, no phone service – there is no way to actually talk to someone without “creating an account.. blah, blah, blah..” It’s not convenient. So, its a good product, but actually getting it is a huge hassle.

  68. Davidla

    Excellent product loaded with oleuropein. The capsules are easy to swallow, and you get a huge bottle of 120 capsules. I will continue purchasing Olive Leaf from this brand. Very happy customer.

  69. gin

    I am satisfied with ur product only question is why does the capsules turn dark in my vitamin container.

  70. AM

    Works for us.

  71. hatem

    Very nice

  72. Frank Branham

    I have found olive leaf extract seems to helps my immune system. Tried this one and it is as advertised. Great product at a very good price point.

  73. Woody

    Been using this for about one year. I think it has helped lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  74. John R.

    Excellent Olive Leaf Extract product. Good value for the price. Olive leaf has many health benefits. Not to be overlooked.

  75. Cathy

    If you had shown ingredients I wouldn’t hsve ordered this since I’m allergic to one of them.

  76. Amazon Customer

    thank you

  77. Donald Wassenaar

    After having a stroke a year ago this really helped me Blood Pressure dropped

  78. Joel


  79. S. Nelson

    Great product, great price.

  80. alan sorensen

    Seems to make me feel better. Very fast service.

  81. dlo1956

    After I researched the best heart health supplements, I bought these. I took one and my face swelled and turned beet red. Looked like I had a rash. Well, I’m a banana because I forget that I was allergic to olives and I’m guessing that includes supplements. So while they will probably work great for heart and immune health if you have an allergy to olives and olive trees, then find something else to take.

  82. JSS

    Dec 2, 2020: I have been developing a case of toenail fungus and I read that this could help get rid of it. I started with one per day taken with breakfast plus plenty to drink because of the nauseating effects (and other negative effects) I read about that this can cause. After one week I started taking two with breakfast and I have been consistent ever since. I have never experienced any of the negative effects that I read about (nausea, diarrhea, etc.). But, I always take with plenty of food and drink. I started on August 21, 2020 and with 200 in the bottle it is almost empty (6 capsules left). Two observations:1. I cannot say I have seen any improvement in my toenail condition. I recently began a topical treatment with pur03 and that seems to be helping. If my toenail does heal, I may never know which was responsible, but for now I will believe it was primarily the pur03.2. Taste. When I put a capsule in my mouth I feel like I just put a dead fish in my mouth (5 days dead that was laying in the hot sun). I swallow it ASAP and the taste is gone. I do not understand this because when I stick my nose in the bottle there is no nasty smell. The expire date on the bottom of the bottle is July 2023.I have a second bottle that is 50% Oleuropein from NusaPure that I will open when I finish the 20% bottle. So, that means I will soon be increasing the dose from 40% (two capsules) to 50% (one capsule). I had purchased the 50% bottle first, then I purchased the 20% bottle because I wanted to slowly ease into the concentration of Oleuropein (just to be safe from any negative side effects). Not sure if that was necessary but like I said, I have never had any negative side effects.Dec 11, 2020 Update: I have been taking the 50% for about a week now (one per day with breakfast) and I am happy to report no nasty fishy taste. If fact, there is virtually no taste or smell at all. Not sure why the difference.

  83. precious peacock

    This is an amazing product. I am on the third day , and if I had any negative stuff inside me— it is OUT!!!!PRAISE THE LORD! Ya know, people, I do believe this olive leaf stuff is also mentioned in the bible.’tHE BIBLE!”iT WORKS! I am a believer!

  84. Jason T

    Best value on Amazon or the web in general.

  85. LoLoC

    I love this Olive Leaf. It keeps me balanced.

  86. Amazon Customer

    Product is working wonderfully. Thank you!

  87. Gram

    High blood pressure

  88. Amazon Customer

    Haven’t taken it long enough to form an opinion

  89. S Vandy

    This is a great product. It helps my husband with his allergies, which was one side effect i didn’t expect!

  90. michelle zeller

    High percentage of olive leaf and great price. Auto delivery is perfect!

  91. cindy l.


  92. JB : )

    An excellent product — been using it for around a year. We’ll definitely order more of this Olive Leaf Extract from NusaPure! : )

  93. Pat

    Great product and will buy again.

  94. Mark Long

    As mentioned I normally don’t use vitamins as I have never seen or felt benefits. I was naturally looking for a way to lower my cholesterol so thought I’d give it a try. It has helped lower my bad cholesterol and it’s also lowered my BP a bit (which is good). I also feel a bit more patients while using this so I’m a buyer for life.

  95. Amazon Customer

    I don’t know if we maybe got a bad batch, but this bottle of Olive Leaf made 100% of people in my family who took it vomit. Olive leaf always makes me a little gaggy, but when my Dad who normally downs them 4 at a time with no problem said he vomited also, I knew something was not right.

  96. Jean Turner


  97. Kate

    Great price for a great product!

  98. peggy bauser

    Highly recommend

  99. Ronda Montgomery

    I recommend these to everyone! I am just beginning to learn about of all the benefits of Olive leaf extract relating to Gut health and have only been taking them for a few weeks, but I am feeling great………Also, Great price!

  100. Ty

    This is a great product! I haven’t been sick this year since I started taking it, and i work in the Emergency Department of a regional medical hospital.

  101. loisdiane

    I use this when I have any infections going on. It always helps! Great brand, seller.

  102. Novice Cyclist

    Have been traveling frequently by plane lately during cold and flu season and taking this to ward off sickness. So far, it has worked great!

  103. Barbara


  104. Shaun B.

    Great stuff! Have noticed a massive improvement in my overall health/more regular energy as well. Started taking, because I read so many reviews, articles, and testimonies online about OLE destroying Herpes. I have got to tell you… It’s all apparently true. At first, I broke out more, I’m sure because they virus didn’t appreciate it and was fighting to survive. But now, after taking them twice daily for 3-5 months, I have noticed a massive improvement/my Herpes seems to be almost entirely gone. Serious miracle type stuff. This is no joke people. Highly recommended.

  105. Barbie 9

    My husband gets out a lot and has brought two monster colds home. The first one made me sick as a dog for almost a month (I have COPD) and a friend who suffers from bronchitis recommended this product. I’ve been taking this for about a month and when he came in this time with another huge cold, I didn’t even get the sniffles. The taste is bitter, but who cares with these results. I’ll repost if the results change.

  106. Karen

    No aftertaste.

  107. Roxanne E.

    First used olive leaf extract for shingles. Switched to this brand for % of ingredients. Pleased with this product.

  108. Teacher

    This stuff works, helps keep the ebstein bar virus at bay and I don’t get the reoccurring symptoms when under stress or missed sleep.

  109. FirstInFlight

    Better than walmart brand for sure veggie capsules. I think I’ve found my brand.

  110. Emma R.

    Just as expected. No unpleasant side effects like a bad after taste, etc. Would recommend.

  111. T M I

    Arrived on time. It is as described.

  112. Kimberly

    Fantastic products great value high quality

  113. Mick N

    I have been using Olive Leaf Extract for a little over a year I used to get cold sores quite a number of times a year especially in stressful situations. I haven’t had a cold ste ever since I started taking this I use to use a very expensive over the counter product which you had to put on within the first three days and to continue to use it several times a day, I take 1 or 2 capsules a day depending on the circumstances I also haven’t had a cold in over a year.

  114. Nik

    Pleased with my purchase, thank you!

  115. Sylvia Teasley

    My husband uses this to help lower his blood pressure. It seems to be helping.

  116. Deanna

    Very good product

  117. B. Hornby

    Love it

  118. George W. Stuart

    I cannot be sure that 100% of the credit goes to this product but my doctor prescribed an additional blood pressure medication to supplement my regular medication during the day. All my life my blood pressure has been a little higher than normal but as I get older it had gone up. I have been taking the NusaPure Olive Leaf Extract for a little over 2 months. I visited the doctor last week to get my additional medication refilled. I had been out of pills for three mornings. They checked my blood pressure and it was “normal”! The doctor did renew my prescription for the additional medication but cautioned me to check my blood pressure in about a week to be sure it did not go down too much!

  119. J. D.

    See pictures. The capsule is a smaller size. I originally thought it was more compact, but I’m able to compress both capsules about the same amount. The powder inside is also a whiter color. Olive leaf is typically green, so I don’t know if maybe they are bleaching it or what. The bottles are exactly the same, so not sure why the product inside is so different. Quality control issues or production issues?

  120. Amazon Customer

    Great product!

  121. Julie P.

    Love this product.

  122. Edilaine white

    Great product very happy!

  123. Linda J. Robinson

    Really fast shipment……awesome

  124. NiceToMice

    Good quality, good service.

  125. Lynn

    Great product. Tasteless and high quality. I have been taking olive leaf extract for years now and can honestly say that this brand is hands down worth it. I rarely get sick or have any breakouts. Definitely recommend.

  126. Chase

    This works like a charm. If you are suffering for. A viral infection, you can get rid of it in 3 days. Just take 4-5 pills twice daily. Warning, by the third day, you’re going to feel like total crap, but this is normal because it’s the viral waste being extracted from your body. By forth and definitely, 5 day, you’re going to feel reborn to say the least.

  127. Jacq THomas

    Great product! Great price!Very effective for anti viral benefits !

  128. Gary D. Hamilton

    I feel the product is working well.

  129. Craig

    An absolutely great product. Made a big difference in my blood pressure, bringing it down about 15-20 point.

  130. Debi Register

    I swear Olive Leaf keeps me healthy! I haven’t been sick in over two years.

  131. Reta Riley

    I got this for my husband for prostate problems and to lower blood pressure. I believe it is helping. I love that it is non-GMO.

  132. Donna


  133. Wilbert Bryant

    I love this product will order again. it is the best on the market by far.

  134. M. A. Mullen

    It seems to help my blood pressure

  135. ETAN

    I’ve been taking olive leaf extract since 1999, never had a flu shot, never had the flu and common cold don’t stand a chance!

  136. Preston Lauffer

    Good quality product

  137. duddy

    My immune system is so much better.

  138. Mijiale

    This is a great product. Tried a few other brands and this one has been hands down the most effective.

  139. Dr R. T. Williams

    Very good product. Prompt service. Will order again.

  140. Robin365

    great product

  141. Gail S

    love this product!

  142. Char0813

    Great to stay hwalthy.

  143. James D

    Finally, a natural alternative to regulate blood pressure! This is working for me as described. Love it!

  144. Laura S.

    I take this, along with grapeseed extract for my blood pressure. It does seem help (along with dietary changes and being active.)

  145. SkyBlue

    Helped me lower my blood pressure. Fine product.

  146. Steve

    perfect dosage, clean product

  147. Michaela

    Great for fending off colds

  148. William R. Cole

    Good product. On my second purchase and will continue to do business going forward.

  149. connie l

    Great strength for a great price.

  150. The One

    Working very well. A must have

  151. Pam Ziarnik

    Great product…will order again!

  152. PamB

    My husband has taken Olive Leaf for many years! It works great for blood pressure if you start before taking a prescription drug! He never has a high blood pressure reading! However, there are many benefits for this natural remedy! Look them up, and you will be as impressed with the results!

  153. Jane Shine

    I am convinced by using this daily, I have evaded a winter sickness that hit my whole office. I am usually nauseous when I take vitamins and supplements, but I am not with Olive Leaf.

  154. Jeff

    It works.

  155. Amazon Customer

    I use this to keep my dog free of parasites and it’s working grreat. Helps with his immune system as well.It smells very nice and seems high quality. Of course we take them too. I think it was a good purchase.Will buy again.

  156. Rita M. H

    help with scalp infections, Good for a LOT of things. Helps with my blood pressure also.

  157. Roger

    Helps with my blood pressure

  158. macktheknife

    My doctor recommended it, to help get my cholesterol numbers down, the only side effect is it helps me with my constipation, which I have always had trouble with, I can take these about three days in a row, then I have to stop for a couple of days, because the situation will get exposive, if I don’t, I love these people for that reason, as pills designed for constipation never really worked very well for me.

  159. Janet M. Perry


  160. William D. Green

    The product was delivered before the estimated date of delivery, the price was very good and it is very convenient to take especially at restaurants when I don’t have a bottle of olive oil.

  161. DonnaThomas

    Best liver and gallbladder support. Mixes easily into liquid. This is a very pure product.

  162. SCS2

    Its hard to tell with any kind of diet supplement whether or not if its helping. The only thing to report is that my blood pressure has been lower and more consistent since taking a olive oil supplement.

  163. Dustin Griffith

    Good product I feel great when I take these

  164. Mickolas

    I’ve been using this for a few months now. Although I still take blood pressure medicine, my blood pressure is much more stable without the spikes.

  165. Dennis Edwards

    Lowers blood pressure

  166. Pat G.

    Just got it. Been using it twice a day. About 4 days now. I think it’s making a difference. But only more time will tell. My teeth do feel cleaner after using it.

  167. Doc Frank

    Excellent supplement for excellent price!

  168. Kevin J.

    Is what it is… Taste great, goes down great, and the end result is on point

  169. Bill

    Works very well

  170. Ruben Martinez

    Our family has been taking these for about a month now and we love them so far.

  171. Alex Jacob

    I can’t tell the difference between this and the cheaper brands.

  172. Peter j Lami

    We have entered a New Era in America, because Everyone is super concerned with their bottom line profits…pricesare rising to the GOUGE level, and the Domino Effect has been Activated!!So it’s Nice when a ProductsQuality/Quantity and Price,fall into the ” Reasonable” as should be excited category! This one DOES,and Thank God for the Sensibility! Peter L.

  173. G.J.H.

    It seems to be working.

  174. carstant

    Arrived on time, well packaged, good product, I recommend it!! Like curcumin it helps in many different ways!!

  175. Bill C.

    Immune System Booster,Never! Sick! Never had a Flue shot in my life! Olive Leaf Extract! Keep You Going! and Going! AND GOING!

  176. Amazon Customer

    Will see if this makes a difference

  177. Amazon Customer

    I have been using this for a month now. My blood pressure has dropped from 148/91 to 134/83. The lowest I ever got using 2 blood pressure medicines was 140/90. Thank you so much!!!!

  178. CD

    great product to help lower blood pressure. Keeps mine at 110 /67

  179. Amazon Customer

    Great product works well

  180. Mollies mommy

    I had to return this item. I have taken other brands but every night after I took it I had severe stomach pains and vomiting. In the morning they caused explosive diarrhea. It took awhile to figure out what was doing it. I don’t know if I was reacting to an additive or what but went back to my usual brand.

  181. Wendy R Johnston

    Great product! Great quality! Reliably in stock when I need it!

  182. Kathy

    Great value.

  183. Babs

    It got me off of one of my blood pressure medications which is fantastic

  184. Paulina

    Love love love this product. My Cholesteryl was 400 before I started taking this 3 months ago and down its down to 179 . I also sleep better and my blood pressure has been great . Also it has helped with my anxiety I feel so relaxed and not over thinking everything . Thank you so much . Pauline

  185. William C

    Seems like a good quality product and great value for the money considering the pill count. Will definitely purchase again.

  186. Robin Barnhart

    This is an excellent product and has helped with heart arrhythmia. I highly recommend it.

  187. Stinky Wet Dog

    Allergies on the run with this product…

  188. Paul

    Seems to aide in my BP concerns. Will see if I have noticeable blood test results soon.

  189. G. Snyder

    I’m trying this product to see if it will lower my BP, which isn’t bad, but I want totry something natural, as opposed to standard prescription meds.

  190. Sal D

    Excellent product…I got this for the whole family. I chose NusaPure for the high 20% oleuropein content and because they offer 120 capsules. Will purchase again.

  191. coco472

    Very good product

  192. ZakiyyahLady

    My husband take is and he said it was good

  193. happycustomer

    This one used to be ok but my last order wasn’t fresh at all. Olive leaf extract should be green and smells almost like tea when it’s fresh. This was brown with no scent at all. Usually when I take it, I feel the effect, this had none. Had to return.

  194. Ginny Healey

    These are a great quality and are extra strength. The price was quite reasonable for the amount you get.

  195. Sharel Uphus

    Great Immune support! I have not been sick since I started using Olive Leaf extract.

  196. RW Adams

    Like 100%

  197. Michelle L. Driscoll

    This is an excellent olive leaf product which I will be purchasing again.

  198. T Davis

    I have noticed an improvement in my joint pain. My hands don’t hurt when I take these. I have also noticed changes to a mole and a spot on my arm that would not heal completely. It seems to be decreasing in size.

  199. Barbara A. Guiney

    good stuff

  200. Helene M Silverstein


  201. Anthony R, Copper

    I am pleased with this product thus far. I will purchase again.

  202. Yaz Too

    Very effective in keeping my blood pressure stable.

  203. Ben10

    Good stuff. Potent, and effective immune support

  204. Christopher Brown

    Simply A Great product!!! It actually help me out with my cold and sinus symptoms!!

  205. sherri lyn richter

    Great product

  206. Terri OConnor

    Love this product. I’ve noticed several health benefits since I started taking it, including some increase energy and better sleep. Highly recommend

  207. R. P.

    I feel so much better taking this product. I used to use liquid olive leaf extract, but I find that this one seems more effective. Highly recommended!

  208. Lise Wysock

    I just started on this product, so I can’t really give a definitive opinion. So far, no adverse effect. I will be able to tell more after my next doctor visit.After my last doctor visit, I have to say that it was a big help and gave excellent results.I am very pleased with this product.

  209. Diane

    Item as described

  210. PAUL C

    Best thing I have ever taken for immune support. Even reduces outbreak of pollen allergy. If I get a cold it only lasts two days!

  211. Doug

    Item was as described

  212. Ravanna Moe

    The capsule are easy to swallow. These really do seem to speed healing.

  213. DeniseE

    Nice GMO free quality, quick delivery

  214. Ruth

    Completely satisfied with this product.

  215. Jason Skolnick

    makes me feel great! I haven’t been sick since I began taking it!

  216. Thomas G. Lowdermilk

    Satisfied customer!!!

  217. richard brossard

    the olive leaf extract significantly reduces the discomfort from arthritis in my knee and toe joints.

  218. Amazon Customer

    Not quite sure how it works yet, only been taking it for a couple of weeks but i have high hopes! They taste as expected, a bit like other vitamins or supplements but I just drinks extra water after I take them and it goes away quickly. Good deal for the money

  219. FunInTheSun

    I have purchased this product (Best Olive Leaf Extract 750mg) several times and feel it is a quality product and wouldn’t be without it. It helps to boost the immune system. Due to my husband battling stage 4 cancer we have to be really careful with our exposure to bugs (germs), this has helped us to both keep from getting colds, flu, etc as part of our immunity boosting program that we have created and so far has worked.

  220. CB

    Quick shipment, product as described.

  221. Gabriella

    Excellent quality.

  222. K. kiefer

    easy to swallow

  223. MMAA

    Go product.

  224. mmcca

    I’m giving it to my husband, olive lead is supposed to help lower blood pressure. ..so time will tell.

  225. Monica Malave

    The only thing that has work for me as an antiviral. It’s an wonderful product.

  226. love it4619right

    It’s great it removed stains fast!I love it! Just follow instructions and it does the rest. I don’t know why I never tried this before

  227. Stillville

    I have high BP and have been reading up on the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for some time. My husband purchased this for me a month and a few days ago and I have been using it since. I am pleasantly surprised with how it has aided in lowering my BP, it’s been slowly going down and I am excited to see how much it helps in the long run as a month is just so little time to see huge changes – but the changes have been greater than I would expect in a short time. What took me by surprise is how much it has helped the pain I have with my arthritis. My mom has osteoporosis and I am recommending this to her in hopes that she finds it just as much beneficial as I do.

  228. F. Lamaestra

    I had read so much information about how this over the counter medicine could reduce your cholesterol and even lower your blood pressure. It seemed like a miracle drug on paper. I followed the directions and even slowly went up to the maximum dosage, and after multiple blood tests in about a year of taking this product, I can tell you that it didn’t do anything for me.my guess is this drug might do something for people that have mild cholesterol or mild blood pressure problems. For people that actually have real genetic cholesterol and blood pressure issues, this probably won’t do anything for you. Don’t waste your money.

  229. Mr. Ed 49

    It’s not a drug, not approved by the FDA, but it works for me and my wife. Blood pressure was well within normal limits 2 weeks after starting to take the product, and has stayed there months later. Very happy with the quality and results, and we intend to continue using the extract.

  230. Dar Dar


  231. Megan Lynch

    My mom uses this combined with celery seed to keep her blood pressure in check. For 6 months its been working great!

  232. Amazon Customer

    Just what I expected. Great product.

  233. Amazon Customer

    My first purchase of this product. Advertisement discription is accurate.

  234. Michael Unterschuetz

    Fair price and great quality!

  235. TheBaron

    First, I just received the product so too early to comment on its benefits! However, the bottle did not contain the quality advertised or shown on the label. The bottle advertised as containing 200 capsules it only contained 178! I always count because of being shorted before by drug stores and other merchants. You know the old saying TRUST but VERIFY.

  236. Deacon Irv

    Good product have used for months. They have the best price for this product.

  237. Maria

    It is always difficult to tell whether certain supplements work or don’t; so a specific review can be difficult. But I can state that as a 72 year old active woman, I am rarely ill with colds/flu, and my heart and energy are good, despite no longer having a thyroid.

  238. NoorEddeen Hassan Mustafa

    V good

  239. ArizonaGirl

    My health coach recommended I take Olive Leaf Extract three times a day to suppress herpes simplex type A and EBV. Seems to be working.

  240. MWF

    I take Olive Leaf Extract daily to bolster my compromised immune system. Concurrent with that regimen, I’ve experienced fewer episodes of sinusitis and bronchitis. I have no way of knowing to what degree Olive Leaf Extract has been a factor, but I intend to continue using it. It’s reassuring to know that the product is made in the U.S.A.

  241. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  242. Joe Vance

    After trying different brands of Olive Leaf Extract, I was happy to find NusaPure’s brand which I trust completely and take daily. Thank you, NusaPure!

  243. Kit-Ten

    Stayed flu-free, cross my fingers!

  244. Paul Tran

    Great product,it does lower blood sugar level.

  245. paul adriani

    general health; just had physical, results appears to have lowered my cholesterol.

  246. Phantom

    I take this product for its immune system properties, I like the taste and they are easy to swallow.

  247. Lee Doran

    Good product and price.

  248. Glenn E Wysock

    Been taking this product for quite some time. Helped lower cholesterol.

  249. Gerry Hassman

    Just started taking it. Don’t know how it works yet. Hoping it will help lower my blood pressure.

  250. Stephen Arnold

    Fantastic product. Best value on Amazon for Olive Leaf Extract.

  251. Cammie649

    The Bible says that the meat of the olive is good to eat but that the leaf of the olive is good for your healing. It has lowered our blood pressure and helped to lower our blood sugar.

  252. Amazon Customer


  253. Steven

    Very good product! Good quality use it everyday.

  254. SirRolland

    Great way to get the benefits of olive oil without the fat!

  255. Barbara D

    Started using this initially because of an article and recommendation from Dr. Axe among others. As an entire body anti-inflammatory, it’s a terrific addition to my daily regime. It’s still early but so far so good. I do believe it has some great benefits and I will continue to use this twice daily. Shipping was good also and received in excellent condition.

  256. Lisa van der Laan

    I had a stroke last year – a piece of plague came loose in my neck. I looked up alternative trteatment on the internet and found olive leave extract. I bought this and now everything is fine. I was advised by my doctor that the heart specialist wanted to do an angiogram but I choose the olive leave extract – two in the AM and one in the PM. I also take as a dietary supplement Qunol, cardio platinum and arterial protect. (through the internet, Amazon I believe. I feel now very well (I also take B12 and B6 in the am and pm. It took me four months but now I feel great. lisa

  257. John A Czajkowski

    Im really not sure what to say. It will take a while for the extract to serve its purpose. As for now it is easy to take with no side effects.

  258. Sandy

    Very happy with this product. When I feel a cold coming on, this will keep it out of my bronchial tubes. Works good for me.

  259. brenda quinn

    I really like this supplement. It’s easy to take and does not affect my stomach in any way.

  260. Donald Bloxham

    Better than a flu vaccineWe take everyday.

  261. R. Wilson

    Good quality, good price!

  262. ST

    Product came as expected, quickly. Will sign up for the regular delivery. Very pleased!

  263. Joe

    Blood pressure went down immediately. I recommend this product!

  264. CR

    Works great..!!

  265. Victoria Williams

    Olive leaf extract did not help my hypertension – the reason I know now is that it does not have 500 mg pf oleuropein per capsule – 500 mg of oleuropein is needed daily to lower blood peessure

  266. Rudy J Rojas

    All well, it is a good product.

  267. Mario Minnella

    This supplement seems to perform well. I’m pleased with the differences I notice in my overall health status.

  268. JoeJoe

    Outstanding non GMO product. These do the job! Great value at 120 capsules. The company does a great extraction method too!

  269. south of border

    Best value for capsule olive leave ! Protect your immune system!

  270. Nancy Guptill

    pleasant to take

  271. Julie NYC

    Magnesium sterate and silicon dixode are bead fillers

  272. James

    Excellent quality. Happy Customer!

  273. Stace

    DefinitHelps lower my blood pressure.

  274. Prairie Girl

    Just what I was looking for – 20% extract and 750 mg per capsule.

  275. Grammie

    This product is the only one I found from Amazon that acceptable for my Candidia Program from Whole Approach. The quality, price and shipping was excellent. It doesn’t fillers that are allergens. I would highly recommend this brand. Good luck! This is an update. I’ve been using Best Olive Leaf Extract for 2 1/2 months now. This is one of my required medicines for my Candidia Program. I have felt and seen more healing. I’m very impressed.

  276. Eric Guisinger

    Seems to be an excellent product. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of OLE and blood pressure, but for me, it definitely has a positive effect. But keep in mind, this is NOT a replacement for hypertension meds! Some of the capsules have a strong taste.

  277. me

    good value

  278. Amazon Customer

    Worth to try

  279. Amazon Customer

    Buen producto

  280. T. Kreuz

    Works as described, I take one every day.

  281. princess

    This is an excellent product very potent, take when home

  282. Sparkles

    Started feeling a difference almost immediately! Using for Candida overgrowth post antibiotic overuse, and it seems to be working like a charm. My husband’s periodontal disease has almost halted completely. Amazing stuff!

  283. Marie Carter

    So far so good! Blood pressure lower.

  284. Lyn K. Humphries

    I have lupus and use this to feel better. It really does help!

  285. Stace

    Great product!

  286. Alison Sheehan

    Seems like a good antifungal, but kind of strong for me. I will stick to acrylic acid for now.

  287. Diane F. Zimmerman

    as advertised

  288. Jt031303

    Great product!

  289. Tee

    Nice product. Definitely will buy again

  290. Amazon Customer

    will update as I see results the product was prompt in coming

  291. Stacy D.

    I purchased this Olive Leaf Extract for the anti-aging and immune support benefits. The capsules have a strong herbal smell. My husband caught a terrible cold just prior to these capsules arriving – I strongly believe using these helped me avoid catching his cold. I will continue to purchase.

  292. Kindle Customer

    This product is very high quality olive leaf. I highly recommend it. I take it daily. It really helps me when I’m not feeling really well. The seller got it to me very fast.

  293. mac

    Have not finished the first bottle as yet, but hopeful it will help with my arthritis issues.

  294. Juan Conde

    Is great product.

  295. Adrienne

    good stuff helps with immunity

  296. jen

    Came quickly and is a good product.

  297. private

    it did not quite help me as another brand did, but otherwise a good value

  298. R. Golds

    Just started taking olive leaf extract. Hope to lower cholesterol and BP with other natural ways too. I’m still taking the prescription meds but hope to decrease & get of entirely. No difference yet but just started. No side affects noticed.

  299. Wiwse

    I have been using olive leaf extract for a couple of years since my doctor recommended it (taken year-round) to help my severe fall allergies. It took months for it to start working (he warned me it would) but it has made a HUGE difference the past couple of years in the amount of allergy meds I need to take. I feel so much better (fewer allergies) as long as I stay consistent on this. I have used several brands and haven’t noticed a difference between the brands yet, as long as I take a high-quality, high dose Olive Leaf Extract

  300. Debra Bowman

    I love my Olive Leaf. I use it every day and it keeps me from all of the cold and flu that I am constantly exposed to. I won’t be without it.

  301. mark g

    taken before still works good

  302. Robert S. Keniston

    This is some of the best value for Olive Leaf supplements I have used. It is the dosage recommended, with the right percentage of Oleuopein, all for a decent price. I have aid this much for only 60 capsules in the past, so this has lasted a long time for a good price.I am not an expert, but I do know that Olive Leaf extract has helped me feel healthier in my life, and I will continue to use it.

  303. Repeat Customer

    I am confident in this product. Will buy again.

  304. Amazon Customer

    Kills many toxins in the body, even dormant ones. You may experience nausea and vomiting as the body is trying to get rid of a lot of toxins at once. This is mnormal

  305. Elizabeth D

    I’ve tried a few brands of olive leaf. I’ve been taking it daily for some time. I used the entire bottle of this. I did not find that this brand had the same positive impact on my health as other brands. It also made me nauseous even if I took it with a meal. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  306. jags

    Couldn’t stand the extract form so opted for these capsules, they work just as good without the taste.

  307. Jen Huettner

    Love this product.

  308. Steve R

    Outstanding product. Very Hi quality. Will re-order and recommend.

  309. vagma

    I have been doing research on the benefits of olive leaf extract. I use it to help maintain a normal blood pressure reading along with other supplements. Studies have proved the cardiovascular and immune system support. The price is ok I guess and as long as it doesn’t increase I will continue to order it .

  310. Alexander Livinsky

    not bad

  311. Marcia Grace

    Just started using. No neg effects!

  312. D.M.

    Great product. Reduced the recovery time when I had a sinus infection.

  313. KAM

    a great quality item.

  314. Junebug

    Good product, good ingredients.

  315. WALDO FAM

    Seems to be working. The capsules are easy to swallow and you don’t get an aftertaste when taking them. They always arrive on time.

  316. Briel Davis

    Be ready for it! If you take on an empty stomach, you may feel sick. The detox properties of this may work you up, but when I feel something coming on I like to take it, and typically feel what is coming on start to reverse after talking this [rather rough] supplement. If you know you cannot handle much, you probably won’t be able to handle this either. Just being honest.

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