Hesperidin & Diosmin 1000 mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

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Are you looking for the most complete Pure Hesperidin & Diosmin for your body*? Get the best value*: 

  • 1000 mg of Hesperedin and Diosmin complex:  Hesperidin (100mg)  + Diosmin (900mg) Per Serving.  Serving is 2 caps.
  • Max Supply (180 Maximum Strength Capsules Per Bottle & 90 Day Supply)
  • 100% Pure and 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free

PACKED WITH BENEFITS:  Supports Healthy Lymphatic Function* Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System* Supports Healthy Antioxidant activity* Support Blood Glucose Metabolism*

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA : assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

What is Hesperidin & Diosmin Complex?

Diosmin and Hesperidin are flavonoid compounds. When used together, they help prolong the vasoconstriction effect of nor adrenaline on the venous wall* thus support the increase of venous return* and support the reduction of venous hyper pressure present in patients with chronic venous disease*. They also may support lymphatic drainage and may support against inflammation*.

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

  • Only natural items are used in the creation of this product.
  • Capsules that are easy to swallow*
  • Pure extract with a maximum strength formula
  • NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service

Additional information

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What Are The Benefits of Our Hesperidin & Diosmin Complex Caps: 

  • Supports Healthy Lymphatic Function*
  • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System*
  • Supports Healthy Antioxidant Activity*
  • Supports Blood Glucose Metabolism*


Ingredients: Diosmin, Hesperidin

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (from capsule), Silica, Magnesium Stearate, and Rice Flour.

Suggested use & important information

Allergen information:
Contains no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, yeast, corn starch, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that may process those allergens or others for different formulations.

Directions: Take two (2) capsules daily preferably with a meal.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Do not exceed recommended dosage

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our  NusaPure Money Back    Guarantee policy.

358 reviews for Hesperidin & Diosmin 1000 mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

  1. doestoomany

    Fast delivery, quality product.

  2. Erika Lopez

    Excelente ayuda mucho para la circulación

  3. Amazon Customer



    ! HAVE had leg swelling problems for 20+years. One day I came across information on diosmin/hesperdin and said “why haven’t I heard about this until now!”. So, I bought a bottle of this product and started taking it. I dont think I ever really noticed much at first— I do a lot of things for my legs—- I want to keep em! But, suddenly, after taking this for about 60 days, I noticed a drastic reduction in my leg diameter. And it seems to be a permanent change and continuing to improve slowly! The skin on my calves which was stretched ,thin and fragile from the swelling is slowly healing also. My legs have been this way for a long time. So I know further improvement will take a while also.I will continue to take this product indefinitely!

  5. Dan Hegelund

    This supplement made my nose bleed for no reason while I was sleeping! I woke up in the middle of the night because my pillow was being soaked in blood, that was actually scary! This has never happened to me before, I am returning the product.

  6. Maida Dee

    No negative reaction of any sort. At age 89, swelling of feet had become a concern last couple of years. No changed noticed after taking as directed for one week. At the end of two weeks, swelling is down so much that it’s almost gone. The little bit of puffiness that remains may reduce further in time. Very pleased!!

  7. Noura $

    So fast

  8. Herminio Gondola

    Buen precio

  9. Darline

    I have a lot less leg pain and have varicose veins helps with swelling and tedness. Will continue with it because it works.

  10. Alicat

    Really makes a difference and don’t want to be without it. If I stop taking it swelling in my ankles returns but goes away once I’m back on regularly..

  11. Zobeyda

    Las compre para mi mamá. Le duelen mucho las piernas. Ha mejorado notablemente la circulación. Son muy buenas

  12. Dooky

    I FEEL AMAZING! I’ve been on a juice diet and coupled it with this product. I have energy and I’m stronger.

  13. Sleeping better

    When my vein dr. introduced me to a new ‘medical food’ ,Vasculera, and the cost, which was high, I searched for an alternate. I found many brands containing the two active ingredients in Vasculera and decided on the Swanson brand because I knew them to be very reputable. I got relief from aching legs almost right away – after a week. When I ran out of it, I decided on the NusaPure as it was Amazon’s Choice and the price was good. However, I didn’t get the same relief as with the Swanson brand so I went back to Swanson. I don’t know why the difference. Both have the same active ingredients but there was a difference. I’m glad it works well for others as the reviews testify, but not for me.

  14. James Baron

    It was opened already and there was pill powder all over the rest.

  15. JFN

    I am a 39 year old female and I have been experiencing lymphatic issues. These in conjunction with manual lymphatic draining have helped a lot. I wanted to wait until I had been taking these for 2 months before I reviewed. Works for me! 🙂

  16. Sebastian O.

    Excelente producto

  17. Dale Watts

    This is an excellent product that you actually feel a difference once you begin taking. Thank you so much for a reasonably priced product that “works”.

  18. Marcia Sly

    Compared with other brands, NusaPure offers a good value. It’s too soon to tell if it makes a real difference, health-wise.

  19. Deyana

    Sentía mis piernas muy pesadas y se hinchaban al estar mucho tiempo de pie / tengo varices/ sobretodo con el calor. Gracias al Diosmin- Hesperidin 1000mg me siento muy ligera y cómoda!

  20. Kindle Customer

    I first started using this type of product several years ago abroad and was not aware that I could purchase it in the US. I’m thankful that I can get it here. I’m using it for the circulation in my legs mainly, but read that it will help in other areas of the body.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Helped with excessive water.

  22. Ariana

    Buenísimo para la circulación , yo buscaba Daflon y este fue una excelente opción.

  23. gary smith

    Took this and Horse Chesnut and my daughters veins are much improved !!!!A true Life Saver !!!!

  24. Jodie Hixon

    This has done nothing it claimed to do.

  25. Bev in Marietta Ga

    I took one pill and the pain in my legs was almost unbearable… I have never had such an event. I thought that perhaps I had a blood clot or something dangerous. The pain went away 2 days later, but wow. Also got a headache and nosebleed. I cannot recommend for myself. (fyi – I am someone who has low blood pressure) I was trying this supplement to see if any minor joint pain might be helped by it. Yikes.

  26. Deborah Wright

    I’ve been taking Life Extension European Leg Solution for approximately a year for my leg veins and restless leg syndrome. This product costs less and works just as well, if not better.

  27. Sebastian Drabik


  28. Juls_of_HB

    My doctor had me take a different form of Diosmin that had magnesium in it but I couldn’t take it because I was spending my days in the bathroom. This product does not have magnesium so I’m able to tolerate it just fine. The lymphedema in my ankles is doing better too. Only drawback is that I have an abundance of flatulance, but I can live with that.

  29. L. Gomez

    This medication came fast, even though we are under a world crisis.

  30. ASD Mom

    I have a lot of problems with circulation in my legs … this product has helped me tremendously.

  31. Marti Dreiman

    Just received this. Cannot rate it at this time.

  32. MSV

    A body changer

  33. Carlos Varela

    Muy buen medicamento

  34. Amazon Customer

    It works. It took about 2 weeks but it really helped me.

  35. jdjax

    Been using this a few weeks. I really see a difference in the dermatitis stasis from the CVI- especially when I increased to 2 capsules a day. I have done some other things as well like calf raises and walking more. So it could be a combination of things. For the price and the results – seems like a no brainer.

  36. Kenneth C.

    good service/profuct

  37. Marina Banna


  38. Marlene

    Muy buena para la circulación

  39. KDM

    Identical to more expensive brands

  40. HR

    The pain and heaviness in my legs has been reduced after taking these capsules for a few days. My cardiologist has done lots of tests. Yet he cannot explain what is going on. All I know is that I noticed a major difference since I started taking these.

  41. Kitty monitor

    Used regularly really helps my ankle swelling

  42. Petr Mikes

    I like it. everything is good.

  43. Amazon Customer

    The product is good, it is what I need. The delivery experience is awful, the box was found behind the trash can. They just throw the packages no matter what It may contain.

  44. Iliana Delgado

    Rapidez, exelente inversion, lo compro a mi tía para la circulación una y otra vez👌👌

  45. Lucía L.

    Inflamación de piernas por insuficiencia venosa.

  46. J. WildFlower

    like it!

  47. Julie

    Using to try to help blood flow in hands. Helps some

  48. Odalys Fernandez

    Este producto ,es buenisimo..Se me ha quitado el peso de las piernas ,no se me entumecen mis piernas …me paso el dia trabajando y no me duelen mis piernas…trae muchas pildoras el frasco ,no se siente incomodo en el estomago y es solo una ,una vez al dia…es maravilloso este producto muy recomendado.gracias Amazon.Pense que no lo venderian mas..que bueno volver a encontrarlo e incluso mi espos que es diabetico noto mucha mejoria en todos los aspectos ..todos

  49. Marta Alonso

    It’s very good

  50. Aunt Rocky

    At age 66, I was getting horrible ‘bruises’ on my forearms from the slightest scrape. Huge bruises that would sometimes take weeks to fully resolve. After doing some research on the cause (weakened capillary walls with age), I read that the problem could be helped with Hesperidin. I’ve been taking these capsules twice daily for about 6 weeks. After taking them for about a month, I noticed that I was not getting the bruises anymore at all. The first few weeks I might get a smaller version of the bruise, but after about a month I noticed I’m not getting them at all. I’m so happy with the result, and plan to keep taking this product regularly.

  51. Client

    Looks to work

  52. Gabriel

    Great product.

  53. Lori A. Balliett

    It helps to some extent, but only some. You will still have minor issues with it.

  54. Amazon Customer

    It helped with the swelling I have in my legs and feet. I only use it in the summer.

  55. Andrew Farrow

    Works well enough but please eat food with it and drink lots of water when taking it.

  56. Julio Vargas

    Muy buen producto

  57. Amazon Customer

    Todo satisfactorio

  58. Amazon Customer

    Good price and on time

  59. Dawn McNamara

    Didn’t notice any difference

  60. Jasmin Bautista


  61. Laurel Cordones

    It works great. My lymph nodes are draining very well and have gone down significantly in size m

  62. Douglas Gonzalez

    I like

  63. Faina Shpilsky

    I used to get Detrolaks (Diosmin) 500 mg from Europe and paid $ 60 supply for a months.It is really helpful.Now I got the same Diosmin !000 mg 180 caps for much, much less money and 6 months supplyfrom Nasa Pure.Diosmin is a natural supplement.My legs much better, not swollen any more.Nasa Pure, You must advertise this product !!!I recognized about Diosmin ( Detrolaks) made in France from advertisment on Russian TV;Many thanks, Faina.

  64. Deitra Martin

    Bought for post surgical care. Works just as described! Love it. Wished I’d had it pre-surgery lol!!!

  65. octavio


  66. Amazon Customer

    It helps for the circulation in general and also for the for tired sensation in the legs

  67. Sybarite

    Product received quickly. However, 5 days from start, I broke out with a rather serious looking rash. Stopped and 3 days later the rashes began to subside. Took again and 3 days later my body is covered in rashes again. It may work for some, but I would not recommend this product due to the harsh reaction. I just hope it’s an allergic reaction.

  68. Edward Mouradian

    In some week of taking the pills (1/day) I feel real difference. I no longer have that “heaviness” in my legs at nights. And it has been only a week as I use it. Let’s see how it goes further.

  69. Cliente Amazon


  70. C.B.

    I have found this formula to be one of the best products on the market for improving circulation to the lower body. From years of working in a health food store, I often recommended diosmin for people suffering from hemorrhoids and/or varicose veins, but this product works much better than diosmin alone in my experience, especially for achy legs! I would highly recommend!

  71. Mileidys


  72. Emma Carreno

    Great Product and Seller

  73. Melvin O.


  74. Arasle

    Hola , este producto promete mucho y no cumple nada he terminado de tomar las pastillas y no hizo nada en mis piernas. Perdí mi dinero en esto 😔

  75. R. S. Carey

    As I bought this product for a relative in Brazil I cannot say anything about its effects yet, but with all the research I’ve been doing on diosmin I’m pretty sure the product will work. I will update this review in the future.

  76. C. Morales

    It has helped with my swollen ankles and my legs don’t feel as heavy as they used to feel. Great product.

  77. Donald R. Mills Jr.,

    Excellent service, excellent product.

  78. GG

    I was skeptical when ordering, but have a really sluggish lymph system due to injury/damage. Since starting the Hesperidin, I’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in drainage. Will continue to take as part of my overall regimen of rebounding and massage to help relieve swelling and inflammation.

  79. Laura

    As long as I also drink lots of water during the day, I find I do not have excruciating leg cramps during the night. I do give this product lots of credit, because if I forget to take 2 before bed, I’m more likely to get cramps. But if you’re waking from leg cramps at night, be sure to increase your water intake throughout the day as a first step!

  80. marlen

    In the botle does not say anywhere that HESPERDIN IS MICRONIZED,smells like deception.I would not buy it again !!!

  81. LaNeva

    I have a varicose vein in my right leg thata causes me pain because I stand on concrete floors at work for 12 hr shifts. I started taking this product and almost immediately felt the impact of it working. My leg stopped aching all the time while standing on it and the vein even reduced in size or the amount that it protruded. I wish I had taken before and after photos to show you. But all I can say is it is definitely working for me. When I dont take it, I can feel the difference in my leg also.

  82. Geiner Ricardo

    Good quality and fast shipping

  83. theresa’s2ndfire

    Ordered it for my 91 year old mother that has a wound that wouldn’t heal, specialist told her to order this..much better

  84. Bill Raffety

    I figured I would give them a shot to see if it would help with my leg swelling and it did not work for me. I’m not saying the product doesn’t work, it just didn’t for me. I sent them back and was refunded very quickly so I am pleased with that. Maybe I should have taken more or maybe I just got a weaker batch who knows but I would be willing to try again in the future if I had the opportunity.

  85. Agnieszka

    I used to buy Diosmin under the brand name ‘Phlebodia’ (Europe) and it worked fine, but Hesperidin easily surpasses that product: it is more potent (1000 mg) and EXTREMELY easy to swallow – the capsules are silky-smooth. I will definitely buy again.

  86. Nelly B Bohorquez A

    Like very much and feel my legs better with circulation problems

  87. mzbp78

    This product is awesome I had swelling in my feet and ankles from sitting at a desk all day,water pill didn’t work but these pills did will continue to buy

  88. hoosiermomma

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND. All veins/bruising lower legs goung away. I take Diosmin and 2,000mg Vitamin C twice daily and even the stiffness in muscles have become flexible no more lower calf hardening, stiffness, or darkened skin. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you.

  89. Tann

    I can feel the difference when I take it. If I forgot it I have cramps at night.

  90. TheSavvyShopper

    I like the product and I love the price! I’ve taken Diosmin before with good results and this seems to be of equal quality at a much better price. I will order again!

  91. Josh Goodman

    I have been using a wheelchair for 22 years and I have bad circulation and edema in my legs. Especially my feet swell during the day. And then when I get in bed …. I literally pee all night long and it’s so annoying because I can’t sleep more than 2 hours without having to wake up to go to the bathroom. Then half the time I can’t get back to sleep. BUT the second night I took this I slept for 5 hours straight for the first time in years!! I also feel like I have more energy during the day and my feet are no longer swollen. I know it sounds too good to be true. If you have swelling due to poor circulation this WILL help. I can’t rave about this product enough. I wish I would have known about it years ago. Try it and tell your friends about it!

  92. Peter Pan

    This is the second bottle I have purchased for cellulitis of the legs.This product simply put, WORKS well.The product has helped reduce the swelling in my legs considerably!!!Highly recommended.

  93. Daniel


  94. South Carolina girl


  95. Ony González

    No me allegado esa pastilla, ya me tenía q ver llegado estoy muy brava eso nunca me avía pasado

  96. Amazon Customer


  97. Amazon Customer

    well satisfied

  98. Yaritza

    Buen precio

  99. Amazon Customer

    Good product!

  100. Ceannze

    I really haven’t used this product long enough for a review, but after the last two weeks of using it, I believe I would order it again.

  101. Basil Pinto


  102. Amazon Customer

    Salud venas

  103. Intawon A. Maiorana

    I don’t really like the product, this medicine makes me really sick to my stomach. I do not recommend this. Hesperidin 1000mg.

  104. Felice Berenson

    I use this for vein health and circulation health and it is an excellent value for the money with choice ingredients.

  105. Amazon Customer

    It acted fast and I feel better now.

  106. ana Mota

    Muy buena calidad.

  107. norah d slazas

    I used this product for restless leg syndrome. This product has completely eliminated the RLS.

  108. Jose Pereira


  109. Anabelle Anderson

    I bought this for leg pains, bleeding hemorrhoids and spider veins. It has helped leg pains a lot, lessened my bleeding but so far nothing for my spider veins. Hopefully they at least won’t get any worse.

  110. mbanq.

    Is very good for the circulation.

  111. expresslaine

    I have used this product with satisfaction. I was desperate to find something that offers relief. I have done plenty of reading and research for OTC product to help with venous discomfort / swelling/ pain. I am satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase.

  112. Kanuanuhea

    Didnt work for me

  113. Erne

    Very Good

  114. Wooly

    I took this for three days and had burning, frequent diarrhea for three days. I was really hoping this would work for me, as I’ve suffered from lymphedema since 2009, but the side effects were just too much.

  115. Darrell paredes

    Excelente producto ayuda a mejorar la circulación de la sangre

  116. Midaisy

    Perfecto para problemas circulatorios, como el retorno venoso. Elimina dolores y cosquilleos en las piernas causados por esta afeccion!! Facil de digerir.

  117. mimibauer

    I purchased this supplement to help with old-age joint issues. I bought this particular product because it had a higher dose of diosmin per capsule, thereby saving money. And this product has the GMP stamp, which is important to me to validate that I am getting what I am paying for.

  118. dindle

    This product works as advertised. I will continue to order the product.

  119. Squid

    Recommended by Gastroenterologist

  120. Dezi333

    When your legs hurt everyday, it becomes your new normal. I really didn’t expect this stuff to work, but I gave it a try. I have only been taking it for about a week and I have to say that I have noticed that my legs are not throbbing like they have for years and they don’t feel heavy like they normally do. It almost feels like they are lighter. I haven’t done anything differently expect this supplement. So far, so good.

  121. bchandle

    Product seems to have improved blood circulation in extremities. That’s what I was looking for.

  122. Mike&Milk

    I love this product, i have problems with spider veins all my life basically now im 30 and those pills are my golden temporary remedy for summer, after two weeks most of my spider veins dissapear and my legs dont feel as heavy and swollen in the summer. Plus a lot of prodcut for half the price.

  123. Kindle Customer

    Works better then Detralex and 3 times chipper.

  124. lovetotravel

    It helped me, I have less pain in my legs.

  125. Amazon Customer

    Excelente producto

  126. GPI Medical Center


  127. Heriberto Hernández

    Buen producto

  128. Annie G*

    I’ve been taking it regularly. I think its working.

  129. WillCro

    I bought this product to replace a doctor recommended a dietary supplement that I had been using. After seven weeks I threw this stuff in the trash and ordered the supplement that I had been using before with good results. The four symbols on the label have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the contents. There is nothing on the label claiming that the contents are standardized to a ?? percent. It was an experiment that wasted time and money and reinforced the recommendation of a doctor, so it was not a total loss. Your results may vary. I have been an Amazon member for many years and I have never received an email with the following message: ” Would you please help me out? It would mean so much. If you had a good experience with our NusaPure Diosmin – Hesperidin, could you take literally 5 seconds to rate your purchase? Just click on the Star Rating you would rate this product: Thank you Save 10% On Your Next Order from NusaPure (all items) Use coupon code NUSRVW10 for 10% off your next NusaPure purchase. (This voucher is good for the next 60 days)”

  130. Wes

    Diosmin and Hesperidin are flavonoid compounds that have many benefits, but can also lower blood pressure. For people (me) who already have low blood pressure, this can cause extreme light headedness and be very uncomfortable for several hours. I made the mistake of taking one capsule with dinner and then later that evening laying down to watch TV. I began to have problems seeing the TV screen, and then started to feel like I was going to pass out while laying down. I also developed a headache for several hours. Perhaps if taken in the morning, and then staying upright and moving around this could have been avoided, but I’m not sure I want to try that experiment on myself. Would be nice if there was a warning on the label.

  131. Kelly

    I have been using for about 3-4 months on advice from a friend who had great results for her leg edema. I have lymphedema post mastectomy that reared its head after a shoulder replacement. This supplement is helping!! I can have significant indentations in my forearm in the morning and a few hours after taking product there is a significant decrease. Another plus is the help with hemorrhoids. I take just once a day and would highly recommend. Price is decent enough to give it a try.

  132. nancy

    I like this product. The pain in my legs has diminished

  133. mammy1947joan

    Truly helps leg cramps!

  134. Ivana Gooden Tejada

    I bought the product because it will start to come out in veins on my calves and thighs. I recommend it. This is a support for your circulation

  135. Lucy Lowthorp

    Achieved Therapeutic effect as expected

  136. LiteraryShopper

    I read about this product to help with varicose veins. One of the worst ones, behind a knee, reduced by half a few days after I started taking this. Coincidence or the diosmin, I’m not sure, but I’m going to keep taking it!

  137. lianet gonzalez morfi


  138. DJPORTS

    Great supplement, improved digestion and elimination, and endocrine function as promised. I’m taking with an ampk supplement which combined working very well.

  139. Restfinder

    Because I have both lymphedema and lipodema I have trouble with the circulation in my legs. Taking this products helps to keep the blood flowing and my legs don’t tire out or ache like they used to.

  140. Pen Name

    My mom highly recommended these for our Reynauds phenomenon that we struggle with. I have to say, I was incredibly skeptical. For the first two weeks, I saw no difference, but starting that 3rd week I began noticing that my fingers we no longer getting bluish/white while I was typing…that was huge! During the first 3 weeks, I used a surface thermometer to see what my hands were doing, at first, by my wrists would be around 97* & as my finger tips would be as low as 87*….that’s a huge & painful difference! Now that this is well in my system, there is typically only a couple tenths of a degree difference between the 2 spots. The extreme pain that came with the pack of blood flow, then the return of blood was so incredibly painful, and That is mostly nonexistent now! I live in central WI and was unable to be outside in any cooler weather (less than 70*) without knit gloves on, thankfully that has stopped! I no longer have to have them on in my house! I owe it all to this! I highly recommend!!!!

  141. Lawrence DelRe

    I don’t have a laboratory, so I don’t know if it is anything good. I just hope it is what they say.

  142. M. bronner

    Easy to take. No adverse reactions. Hope it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

  143. Marfre

    Buen producto para ayudar con la circulación; el pedido llegó súper rápido

  144. Daniel Bushnell

    Loved this product. Clean, pure, just two necessary and potent ingredients.Not filled with excess ingredients, that puff up the label but do nothing to further your health.I can taste the purity (I always open my capsules) — and can feel the difference in just a few days.Highly recommend it!

  145. VP

    I am 41yo and I have a bad circulation and veins in my legs. After 2 weeks Taking this pills I can seriously notice some difference in my legs and veins. Even my cellulite is looking better because my veins are less swallon.

  146. Susana silva

    I love it , it’s amazing for legs

  147. Isabel

    Arrival on time but the bottle in poor condition and some capsules consequently thundered

  148. Ann K.

    It really helped my ankle. Thank you for a product that works!

  149. Marta


  150. ena torres

    Excelente, mi trabajo es todo el día de pie y llegaba a casa con muchos dolores en los pies y desde que empecé a tomarlo, nunca mas me dolieron los pies!

  151. James Riddle

    For Edema caused by high blood pressure medication. I

  152. ♡SexyLady♡

    I have been taking these pills for a couple of days already. I have seen POSITIVE changes in my legs. It’s really helping me with my circulation. I have a lot of varicose veins after having my son. And I have been noticing the appearance of my veins that are NOT as deep as before. So for me is WORKING. I will be posting a before n after picture eventually. And the great news, is that I have not gotten any side effects thank God. So I am very happy with these pills overall.

  153. Randolph Gerner

    Within a month the hemorrhoids shrunk!!!! Yay!!!!

  154. lil Fixit

    I have lympho/lipedema and it feels like this is helping drain some fluid. I am sure it will work differently for everyone.

  155. Will McAlpine

    I just got the product in the last 30 days. it does take time for alternative medicine to make an impact in the body. too soon to be able to adequately assess it’s effectiveness.

  156. Natka

    Happy to find this product.

  157. Kimberly Chew

    My first visit to the dental office for a cleaning where my gums did NOT bleed! I’m amazed. Thank you for this supplement!! (Also, I should note that I’ve been taking this supplement along with a vitamin C supplement.)

  158. L. TOWNSEND

    Excellent product

  159. Kathy Barrett

    I’ve taken it for a short time but I do believe it’s working. That is important. I will continue to take it to see the best benefits.

  160. Gayle D Fraley

    Doctor recommended for venous insufficiency and it seems to be helping.

  161. Mary Venegas

    It is awesome. Thanks!

  162. Flamethrower

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    Disappointed. Received today. There is no safety seal around the bottle top.On opening it, the inner seal across the top looked like it had already been opened.Inside the capsules were filled to the very top and the ones on top were covered with powder.My guess is that the product had already been returned once — so this may be an Amazon issue.Hopefully not tampered with.

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    I found this supplement by reading reviews on Amazon. I woke up after taking it in the evening and my legs were light like I don’t remember since when and my hands feel lighter, fingers move and not feeling like I have arthritis which I don’t. I’m in my late 40s. I take 2 pills, morning and before bedtime. I used to take Venastat,but couldn’t find it easily or affordable, and it didn’t work as well as this product. It has a similar effect to taking 5 days steroids pack which isn’t healthy or recommended often by my doctor.

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    I knew I was going to have significant swelling after surgery. This was a lifesaver. On the days I forgot to take these, I would notice the difference. It takes about 30-45 minutes to work but get rid of 75% of the swelling. Sometimes I would space my pills through out the day to control the swelling. My mom likes these since she is prone to swelling in her legs.

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    Diosmin help my hemmorhoids before but the one I was using was not as affective as this brand. I felt the difference with in 1 day after 3 days the pressure / pain and burning from my hemmorhoids is almost gone. Not sure if it’s becsuse this brand is micronized is the reason it works better and is more affective but I will be sticking to this brand for now on.

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    I’m not a doctor. This review based solely on my personal experience. I got this product to replace a supplement that was no longer being made. It’s ingredients most closely matched the discontinued product. I find it works exceptionally well. I first started taking the other (now this) for varicose veins in my legs (that are very bad – I’m 50) that are embarrassing while at the beach . ( my favorite thing) I wish I cauld say that they magically disappeared. Not true, but they improved 50% ( I’ll take what I can get)BUT what will keep me buying this for life is a little known factoid that supplements for vericose veins also help with Hemorrhoids! Which is also a problem for me for like 10Years. But I have heard too many horror stories about surgery to EVER do that . If I remember to take this regularly it takes care of the latter problem 100% . And in the picture the discomfort of Hemorrhoids is a bigger deal than my vanity anyway so I’m thankful to have found this product and it be affordable enough to take every day

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    For supplements all that matters is the seals. This has GMP, non-GMO, gluten free and made in the USA. It does not have any of the better ones like consumerlab, NSF, USP, or UL. That being said the caplets are nice and none where broke open.

  207. American Patriot

    My wife says it stops the progression of her varicose veins….

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  209. According to my dad, the medicine is supposed to be white in color but it’s come in a yellowed color this time. There was no seal inside either (but I distinctively remember seeing a seal outside of the bottle cap so he may just be confused).

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    I have been taking for less than a month 1 or 2 pills per day and am seeing results. Surprisingly my largest varicose vein responded first. It is an area about the size of a half dollar coin on the back of my knee and while still quite visible it has reduced significantly in size and color. The spider veins on lower legs have lightened in color and seem to be gradually disappearing.

  212. Nessa

    I was using another brand with simular ingredients at a cost that was much higher. I did not see any benefit until I found this formula. The spider veins are much lighter and my leg cramps have diminished. Also very pleased that it is made in the USA.

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    I took one capsule in the morning with my normal breakfast, as directed on the label, and it made my head feel strange. From there it morphed into a severe headache that lasted the rest of the day and all night. I want to return this item as I am unable to continue taking this product.

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    The bottle clearly says ” Diosmin – Hesperidin 1000mg 180caps” I took this to mean a 1000mg capsule. 1000mg is the serving size. The capsules are 500mg, and serving size is 2. Per capsule it is an OK value. but if you bought this for the convenience of taking 1 capsule instead of 2, you are out of luck.

  242. Mark Mollenkopf

    Had been taking the prescription version of Diosmin,”Vasculara” and this works even better

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    A good supplement and this one is a good dosage level and I am pleased with it. Recommended!

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    All the research says it is supposed to be good.Unfortunately could not get past the cramping after taking the pills.

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    Want to shout this from the treetops for H sufferers!! Finally, something that works, no side effects!!! UNfortunately, as I write this, they are out of stock!!!

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  270. Dawnis B.

    I’ve taken this off and on for a several months & if I miss taking it a day for whatever reason, the poor circulation & pain in my legs, reminds me to go take it!Try it! It works.

  271. Marie Walkins

    REALLY HELPS!! Reduced the pain & burning sensation I had in my calves when I was standing. Capsules don’t taste like anything. 2nd time ordering it. Thank You 🙂

  272. SallyJ

    Have been using for only two weeks. Not sure if I see a difference, but no adverse effects either. I am willing to continue.

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    I have huge purple varicose veins in my left calf as a result of a pelvic blood clot. These have always been very conspicuous and embarrassing to me. I read about the Diosmin-Hesperidin and decided, skeptically, to give it a try. I was not too impressed for about 30 days then following an evening shower and drying my legs, I noticed the calf of my left leg was not as purple. Upon further inspection I also saw that the veins were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced! They still are evident but 300 percent less noticeable. I LOVE this product because it actually WORKED!!

  277. cfe

    Great product! I use it for hemorrhoids.

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    After a couple weeks the aches in my legs are nearly gone. I think the ankle swelling is beginning to get better and I’m hopeful it will go completely. Gonna keep trying for a few months.

  279. Amazon Customer

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    I have been taking this for my poor Lymphatic drainage & it works great! It has eliminated swelling in my ankle where lymph fluid would pool & has very noticeably helped me better regulate my blood sugar.

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    Buy this product for my mother who swells her feet a lot, I take it for 15 days and this did not work. it’s not good it does not work.Try to return it but the provider does not accept returns

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    I have been using ths product for a couple weeks mow and my brain fog and dizzy feelng are much improved. My legs do feel a bit less tired but not perfect yet. So far am happy with te product. The capsule is a bit large bu it swallows fairly well. I sometimes just pour it into a drink I had some swelling in the glands of my throat that was caused from a cold. The cold was gone but the glands were still swollen. Since tking this product the glands are no longer swollen as well as the infection on my leg due to ecema. The eczema started to drain and now has finally started to heal. I do believe this product has had something to do with this healing. Glad I tried it out.

  292. Angela M. MccLellan

    I have not used this particular brand but it is a good price for 180 capsules. The Hesperidin complex is used by the French as a “prescription” for hemorrhoids. I use it and it is great for a mild anti-inflammatory. There also seems to be a mild anti histamine effect. I believe the major source of the hesperidin is supposed to be sweet orange rinds but I have not read it for sure.


    This product made my skin itch and break out in hives. Return deadline has passed so I couldn’t return for a refund.

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    I have now purchased 4 bottles of Nusapure Diosmin-Hesperidin because of its positive effect onthe cardiovascular system. Research reveals benefits for tired legs, too. Nusapure provides thebest price for 180 capsules – – essentially a 90-day supply.

  300. Amazon Customer

    Within a few days of taking these pills the appearance of my varicose veins significantly reduced by 50%!!!! I know it is not a complete cure but I am very satisfied. Unfortunately my legs still feel sore when I stand for too long. I’m 24 years old, the appearance definitely reduced and thats what I’m most insecure about.

  301. Julian Mauco

    He venido consumiendo, por muchos años, este medicamento, en menor dosis, de 450/50. y me tomo 2. Ahora con esta presentación y su relación precio/ cantidad. los beneficios serán mejores en el tiempo.

  302. Kathryn Clark

    I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this product. I had been to several Doctors and no one, not one said or tested me for an electrolyte shortage. Which can hurt your muscles so bad and be so painful. I have been 2 years trying to solve this constant pain I have been in. It took about 2 weeks for me to tell the difference. Now I am not 100% yet but I am at 85% better. Thank God I googled my ailments and found about this. I will re-order.

  303. JLM

    This has helped my ankle swelling tremendously. I have very little edema now, even when sitting at the computer for longer periods of time.

  304. Zafarella

    useless crap which does not works at all. Don’t be fooled people.

  305. Don H

    I ordered this product to help with swelling in my ankles and calves. Unfortunately this product irritates my stomach so I quit taking it after only a week. There was little to no change in the swelling and I wish I’d been able to take it long enough to see if it would help.

  306. Lidia Otano

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  311. Carol L. Hurley

    This stuff works. Have had lymphedema for years , undiagnosed. One trip to vascular surgeon , voila, he recommended this plus lymphedema machine and my ankle/leg is a normal size for the first time in years!! Highly recommend.

  312. Mohini

    I had terrible internal hemorrhoids. After 3 months they are gone. I always feel better when I’m taking this supplement. I feel like it has done so much for my health and circulation. Plan on taking it for 3 months more and breaking for 1 then continuing for another period of time.

  313. Amazon Customer

    Good value, seems to be a quality product, as well. Using it for some very unfriendly external hemorrhoids, seems to have calmed them down nicely! Will definitely continue taking and buying this supplement.

  314. Samuel Leonor

    Bought this product for my wife who was suffering of legs cramps. She said that it works. Cramps frequency have diminished and she is happy with the results.

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  316. shermaine tindal

    After 2 days my ankles weren’t as swollen. A coworker noticed it. My ankles aren’t hurting either. I’m so happy about this product. I was looking for a product that would help my lymphatic system and drainage. This is it.

  317. RocketDoc

    Recommended by my Ophthalmologist after cataract surgery to help with floaters and weeping eyes and nose drip (Lymphatic drainage). It appears to have helped. Only took about a week for noticeable difference. Been taking it for about 4 months now and I believe I see continuing gradual improvement although that is a bit hard to judge. Also should be good for veins and circulation.

  318. Vanessa Emm

    I have edema in my legs that drives me nuts. I was hoping that this would take the place of the water pills that I am prescribed but no such luck. I didn’t notice any difference and it did not help at all with swelling or the pain in my legs. In fact, since i was off my water pills, the swelling got really bad and sent me to the doctor for my prescription within a couple weeks. To be fair, i have hypothyroidism and medications don’t work the way they should all the time so i’m not saying it couldn;t work for others. It just did nothing for me.

  319. Charlie Sorel

    I could tell the difference in my legs after two short weeks. My leg had been left discolored from when I had celulitis, but after a couple weeks I have seen a noticable change for the better.

  320. AndreaBrushes

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  321. Kindle Customer

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    Took these for bleeding hemorrhoids. They worked within 3 days!

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    I believe that my varicose veins are improved while using this product. I plan on taking this for the rest of my life.

  325. Daniel M.

    Product is really helping with my Venous Insufficiency a lot less leg pain.

  326. Leslie C

    Whether or not this product works, I find it very sketchy that they list the founder/owner’s name only by his first name. There is also no contact info available so that you can contact the company. In the world of supplements, where there are so many false products, these 2 facts raise a big red flag for me. I will not be purchasing this product again…

  327. Marilynp

    This really works for circulation in my legs and restless legs at night.

  328. Ana

    Doctor prescribe for Meniere’s Syndrome

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    I think these are good quality, they work well and my legs are feeling better and they do not get as swollen.

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    Very pleased with purchase. Thanks.

  335. Sheryl Garrett

    Definitely helps with reducing the discomfort of varicose veins and helps with circulation. Will definitely order again!

  336. Maximus

    Some of the capsules were cut in half and the powder was all over the jar. I took one capsule and felt really weird. Anxiety with a bit of a tremor. I was not sure if it was because of it, so I tried it the next day with the same result. Third day I took it before bed time. In the morning I felt terrible hang over. The whole day I felt like that. Took the whole jar and threw it in the garbage. Lesson learned – never buy meds on amazon if you care for your health.

  337. Breathe

    I have experienced remarkable improvement with sporadic bleeding hemorrhoids. After being checked out by a gastroenterologist and a colorectal surgeon who would not operate, I saw an integrative doc who recommended diosmin hesperdian tablets. I no longer fear social situations and wear a pad for protection. Thank goodness! I could not be more grateful, I really appreciate it !!!

  338. Donna

    Recommended by my vein specialist and the swelling in my feet has gone down until I get my varicose vein procedure.

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  340. Beatriz

    my legs feel great since taking these pills

  341. Christian Docksey

    Everthing was faultless. Easy, quick and as expected…

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  343. caroline

    it’s a supplement and you have no way of knowing whether it’s doing what it says it will or not but I had no problems with this

  344. joanna roberts

    To promote healthy circulation in legs for people with Venous Insufficiency

  345. Sarah Sanders

    Waste of money. Does nothing.

  346. J

    I just started taking and won’t know results for awhile. Purchase for varicose veins

  347. Tracey Easter

    Only use under the strict watch of your physician. May be why my potassium is so low. Now having to see a kidney doctor!!!

  348. Olga

    La diosmina llegó sin problemas pero el cepillo eléctrico para el pelo no llegó, se lo robaron y mandaré fotos de lo recibido, tengo que descartar Amazon de mis compras

  349. Margaret Z.

    Good value

  350. iashvili

    It’s working well

  351. M.

    This is a follow up of this miracle supplement… after 2weeks of taking this , swollen, puffy ankles are no more ! I love this . FINALLY something that works. Watching sodium and activity levels, of course helps, but it REALLY REALLY is working ! Feels wonderful. No “ side effects. Says to take two . I take one in the morning and one in evening.. I am SO PLEASED ! This one is a keeper ! Thank you !

  352. Amazon Customer

    Great product!!! It works!

  353. JW88

    Great value fast ship

  354. Greimy

    Un medicamento super buebo me ayudo de inmediato

  355. Sandy

    I’ve only recently started using this product. The ingredients I know are good for circulation in the legs. This is in addition to another vitamin I am taking. When starting to take pills like these, they do not work overnight. You need to take continuously for at least a month or more to see the results. So far I am pleased. This is why I gave a 4 as it is too soon to see complete results.

  356. miguelangel

    Muy bueno para la circulación de las piernas

  357. Steve

    Seems to be working…..would recommend

  358. Karl J.

    Reduces swelling in lower legs–

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