Jiaogulan 9000 mg- 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

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 Jiaogulan 9,000 mg

  • With Extract at 10:1 potency, one capsule provides the equivalence of 9000 mg of Jiaogulan.
  • Max Supply (180 Capsules Per Bottle for a 180-Day Supply)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • Vegan/Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten Free


MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with  high manufacturing and sourcing standards.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*





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270 reviews for Jiaogulan 9000 mg- 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

  1. bush1974

    Didn’t loose weight ( big surprise) but it was a fair price and worth a try

  2. Mind Body Soul Essentials


  3. bubbastar

    easy and convenient in capsul form! Fast shipping,decent price. Thank you NusaPure for a great product.

  4. Matthew the Wayfarer

    Great product. Will re-order.

  5. Pippin

    Have been using this for years, helps with immune system and cholesterol.

  6. Thomas Hasselle

    These really help

  7. Crystal Rodriguez

    I haven’t felt much of a difference after taking them for a month. I take the tea form and pill daily. I feel a slight increase in energy that’s about it.

  8. ASC diver

    It will take time to have a meaningful opinion on this one.

  9. JamesR

    Used with Berberine and Quecertin. Feel stronger, more energy and maybe even a little more mental acuity.

  10. sewma

    Great product.

  11. azcand

    I have to say that I have always been skeptic of any supplément. After reading about AMPK activations, I decided to give one of them a try. Night and day, I have been out of energy and stamina for the past 2 years (I am 43), I have been experiencing bloating, indigestion, you name it. I feel 10 years younger. This is the réal thing.

  12. Teneisha

    Great product, more energy

  13. golfdoug

    Has made a significant improvement in glucose numbers since starting in January along with Berberine and Quercetin

  14. kc

    prompt service, excellent product

  15. Amazon Customer

    It was worth trying, but no results

  16. Nicole or Scott

    Take this along with berberine and quercetin to help get rid of the deep fat, and my stomach has slimmed down. Haven’t exercised thougI I changed my eating habits. And this has tremendously reduced cravings for bad food.

  17. C. Sams

    I began taking 2 caps with breakfast along with thyroid supplement, resveratrol and ashwagandha. It has plucked up my energy and stamina throughout the day. I have no side effects that I can detect.

  18. Kindle Customer

    I am very happy with the product it works well for me. I will be ordering again.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Hi quality product.

  20. Amazon Customer

    It agrees with me. I feel better

  21. Crystal

    Seems to be working so far!

  22. bob

    I feel better, more energy.

  23. Doug Buchanan

    Really notice a difference.

  24. ScrappyKel

    I am losing weight. Not fast but still… bad back, haven’t been able to lose a pound. I started taking this, Berperine, and Quercetin at the same time. Just added Beet Root caps. I haven’t found any extra energy yet, but a few pounds is amazing!

  25. Alan Douglas

    Jiaogulan 4100mg Per Caps 200 Veggie – I use this supplement to stimulate my heart and I feel good using with my regular medication. I will continue to use in the future. Thanks for your delivery in timely manner, Alan,

  26. C.S.Vegas lawlv

    Not sure if doing anything or not. My friend recommended gor overall health..my issue was high cholesterol n blood pressure. He told me drink the tea.. ewww No. Found these on 2nd bottle almost gone, my dad recommended over it circuflow so I’ve been taking both 2x day. I’ll probably reorder thou as my cholesterol webt from 268 to 205 in 6 weeks WITH me eliminating fish and all seafood (YES LOOK IT’S HORRIBLE FOR YOUR*BAD CHOLESTEROL *) tons in it also. So with total change in eating and taking these and threw out prescription pills I refuse lol. I’m ok. Yea I’ll order more of this today. Or maybe the tea but make it with a favor alternative to fix that.

  27. Christopher Bugbee

    Product was delivered promptly and is as described. Since I am in relatively good shape and exercise regularly immediate results are not obvious, however as someone who has taken supplements for years its the long term results that matter.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Heart, energy, general health

  29. Robert H. Whigham

    I bought it by mistake. It contains no leaf extract. I made the same mistake with their Feverfew (they don’t specify leaf for it either). They sell the useless parts of the plants. Their business model appears to count on people’s ignorance and the “bargain” price. Buyer Beware – When it seems too good to be true it probably is.

  30. Steve Poulson

    Only been on it three weeks and find I have more energy and alertness.

  31. Julie Young

    Rapidly losing about 2pounds a day

  32. Mayra valverde fallas

    Disculpe no lo he usado

  33. Sherrie Simpson

    I have seen an improvement in my general wellbeing

  34. leyton s schultz

    using for ampk action….too soon to tell

  35. SK

    So far so good.

  36. MadiKa

    Not working as described. Don’t buy. Waste of time and money.

  37. amazon customer

    Good value for a good product.

  38. Arthur B.

    I was diagnosed as prediabetic and have been trying to find a supplement that works to control blood sugar levels. I’ve tried amla, berberine, and mulberry but jiaogulan is absolutely the most effective. I’ve been using a Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor to see how I react to various foods and have been amazed at how only a half dose has normalized my insulin sensitivity. The only drawback is that, for me, it is somewhat constipating. This is also the best of three formulations of this herb that I have tried.Update: After using for @ four months, my A1c dropped from 6.0 to 5.6

  39. Don B. Puryear, Jr.

    I hope this product stays competative on their pricing….

  40. eandj

    Love it!

  41. V. Whisenand

    I’m taking this and two other things, Quercetin and Berberine, to help with arthritis pain and basic energy/health. I do seem to feel better. I’m getting more done but still need my naps during the day. I was hoping to stop doing that! We’ll see. I’ll keep up the regimen at least until the first bottles are gone.

  42. Heck

    This helps with my blood sugar…

  43. Harold Lukas

    Great product!

  44. C. G. Moore

    Too soon to tell but I have no complaints nor negative side effects.

  45. Searcher

    I can take this product with a meal, which makes it convenient for me. Taking a product 30 minutes before a meal presented problems because many times I didn’t have time to remember. I wanted to reduce belly fat and in the three weeks I’ve been taking it, my waistline is slowly getting smaller. By the way, I haven’t had any negative side effects with this capsule.

  46. Barbara Dawson

    I have not noticed any difference yet but I will purchase another bottle.

  47. Robin Bayless

    Haven’t gotten sick since I started taking

  48. Amazon Customer

    Just started taking this. I have had no adverse reactions, but am waiting to see how it works. That is why I only gave it 4 stars for now.

  49. marian wittman


  50. Robert

    Love this product,,,enjoy the benefits. Will be ordering some more when I run out.

  51. nora m.

    Es un excelente producto lo recomiendo ampliamente para consumirlo.

  52. Dan G.

    Excellent product. I use it to activate my metabolism.

  53. Arthur Whitlock

    Good price , but unsure of results of its claim

  54. Gordon B. Andrews

    Tasted good

  55. Mr. Green

    Have been taking Jiaogulan for years, love the health benefits! NusaPure has quality products and will continue purchasing from them!

  56. R S T

    This is a good supplement at a reasonable price.

  57. Muscman

    Saw no change even with added workouts.

  58. maurice flanders

    does what it says

  59. R. Gee

    I’m noticing good results with maintaining blood sugar levels in a healthy range. The dosage stated as 820 mg is for TWO (2) capsules, which I take with meals.

  60. Daniel E. Possin

    Good product. We like it.

  61. Amazon Customer

    May turn out to be very good but in the first few weeks I haven’t noticed a difference in weight loss but I do seem to have a little more energy and be in a better mood. Too early to tell.

  62. Antoinette Basciano.

    Haven’t taken it long enough to give an opinion…..will let u know

  63. L. Stein

    The product is good, although there are stronger PK activators on the market for quite a bit more money. To make this activator more effective one would add Berberine and Quercetin to the Gynostemma. At this price this is value for your money.

  64. Margo

    I haven’t taken it long enough to know if it will be effective, but the price is right. I also like that it’s non-GMO.

  65. Amazon Customer

    I’m very pleased with the product. Working well so far.

  66. Conrad M.

    Provides stamina and endurance….just like it says on the bottle!.

  67. Lucy F.

    Vino rápido y es buen producto

  68. Marcello

    Good product.

  69. Rodney D Mandery

    Started working lowering blood glucose after 3 weeks. Metformin takes up to 2 months. Blood glucose consistently under 100 mg/dL. Has resolved my dawn phenomenon. After intermittent fasting combined with LCHF diet I no longer need prescription T2 diabetes meds. This is unique to me and not a recommendation for resolution of any other persons medical condition.

  70. arrietty7

    The ingredients in this product have been highly recommended for general health, increased energy, and antioxidation. I have just started with it so cannot comment yet on effectiveness for these purposes.

  71. nativeman

    There are so many benefits with the two products working in unison, feel the benifits and have even lost a few pounds. Some even say it’s cancer fighting. Go herbal

  72. MJ Anderson

    I am disappointed in this product. There seems to be no difference in how I feel taking this product. According to things I read, It’s supposed to increase energy and help you lose weight. In taking these capsules, I felt no differently after trying it for several weeks. For me, sadly, it was a waste of money.

  73. Digital Space

    Great value and quality

  74. C. Angelillo

    I got the product and between the 3 below, I took them and something gave me a fuzzy head. If I took them later in the day it was better. I bought this with quercertin and berberine to try to lose weight.

  75. Steven Hall

    The product is working for me.

  76. Joy Corey

    My intuition tells me this isn’t authentic. I felt this as soon as I opened the bottle and took a whiff I smelled nothing. Jiaogulan has a distinctive aroma. I always look forward to this aroma upon opening any Jiaogulan capsule or tea. I’m dissatisfied.

  77. Amazon Customer

    I have not noticed any difference taking this product. It is suppose to be the same thing as AMPK Activator. Maybe it takes a while to work.

  78. Nancy Brown

    Excellent for blood sugar management, especially when you are lacking dietary discipline!

  79. michael r johnson

    Good product, good price.

  80. Mark Landeau

    Jiaogulan tea is famous in part of China for promoting longevity. I have tried the tea, but it is not to my taste. The capsule form here is a lot easier to take. I have felt added energy.

  81. PATSY

    Use w/ berberine & Quercetin for best dietary results.

  82. Jenny

    Love ? these & you do lose weight if you watch your calories, drink water only & don’t eat bad foods high in salt, sugars & fat/grease…follow these steps & you will lose weight

  83. james wiley


  84. Snapdragon

    It is difficult to rate a supplement, but the product appears to be good quality, and it arrived promptly and in good condition. Thank you!

  85. Carutah

    Product as described with on time delivery. Quality packaging. Just starting product.

  86. xkelibur

    don’t notice a difference in anything and been taking for 3 months but keep buying and taking it lol Idky. maybe something someday will come out of it.

  87. Wayne Horikami

    So Far OK

  88. Manny Torres


  89. Joel

    Spoke to my endocrinologist. He said that this would not interact with any of my other medications or supplements. I do feel like I have more energy and less appetite. I seem to have lost a little weight…but it is very early in this. I hope that the long term effects continue to be positive.

  90. Kindle Customer

    Did more research and did not like what I read about thinning of the blood. Also, my endurance and stamina have not increased.

  91. L. Cross


  92. james m lucas

    I started to feel better.


    have been using

  94. Kimberly Bisnar

    What I liked about this product is that I actually felt better.

  95. MP

    used to help treat HTN

  96. Jo R.

    Fast shipping and it seems to be a good quality product. I’ll buy again.

  97. Doc Safari

    I have been diagnosed borderline diabetic. The first blood test showed my A1C a point or two above the lower limit for diabetes. The second test I was a point or two under.I started taking Jiaogulan.My third blood test a few weeks later I was more than 7 points under the minimum for diabetes.I can only state it’s either this product alone, or this product and my (slight) increase in exercise. I increased my walks by two days per week, which doesn’t seem like enough to have reduced my A1C by seven points since my original increase in exercise only reduced it by two or three points.I plan to keep taking it.

  98. James F Ayers Jr

    Great price

  99. Razmataz

    I am amazed at how well this works. I take one a day and am just not real hungry anymore. And bonus, I have zero craving for sugar. I actually bought a milkshake that I threw away half of. Same thing with a cup of Dunkin Donuts heath bar flavored coffee. I typically love both these things. It blows my mind that they were just nauseatingly sweet to me. My stomache is definitely flattening out. It’s a miracle. Only down side is it has given me some GI side effects which are improving with time but not gone. I plan to go down to one every other day and see if that still works with out the GI effects

  100. Amazon Customer

    Great price, works well

  101. Lloyd

    Somewhat helpful and the purity is a definite plus.

  102. S. Stiegel

    I can tell that this Jiaogulan is working for me where nothing else has. This is the only ‘new’ thing I’m doing and its making my mind sharper and I don’t lose track of what I was doing nearly as much.

  103. Wolfie

    Don’t bother buying……didn’t notice a difference.

  104. BW

    Great product, I saw immediate improvement

  105. Ivan Rivas

    Excelent product!!!

  106. Greg J Perna

    Fast delivery good supplement for healthy living

  107. Mejda

    I gives me more energy and helps me to run faster.

  108. lin k. dargis

    I took one capsule and was violently ill 2 hours later. Intense nausea and violent vomiting followed by explosive diarrhea. I ended up in the hospital getting fluids for over 8 hours. Please do your homework before taking this product (like I should have). When I checked an independent source, the most common side effects are exactly what I suffered. Use caution if you are thinking of taking this.

  109. Frank J.

    Noticed renewed sexual interests

  110. Rick A. Malher

    Since I started taking Jiaogulan, I have lost weight, I have more energy, my blood pressure has gotten better, my LDL and those numbers are better. I have to admit I was leery, but I gave myself 3 months to see if these pills made a difference, and they did. My suggestion, try and see if it works for you. They have a guaranty, I think.

  111. Kindle Customer

    Used this product as a component to my AMPK activation formula. We I get my sugar tested at the Doctor’s, then I will be able to tell if it is having the desired effect. Arrived on time and in good condition. No adverse side effects.

  112. Monica S.

    Combine with Berberine for optimum results

  113. Svetoslava Stefanova

    Great product! Help me to lose weight.

  114. Amazon Customer

    These were okay. Didn’t do what I expected them to.

  115. Lue


  116. John R Samuels

    Great product & a great price. Very happy with the purchase.

  117. Coricolbert

    Love this herb and I take it daily.

  118. Wendy

    Mi paquete estaba abierto ya van varios paquetes que se me pierden

  119. Sooraj

    I’m using this as part of a regimen to boost AMPK and it seems to be really helping. I like that the product is so pure.

  120. MClune

    I take 3 capsules daily and feel really great when I do. I originally purchased for energy benefits but for me, it really helps me with sluggish digestion issues also–truthfully, it’s really noticeable when I skip a day, and I get back on track asap! I will definitely be buying this product again.

  121. Krim

    Works as advertised! Powerful stuff.

  122. Mountainsiren

    Easy to swallow, large quantity great bargain!

  123. Chris McKenney

    Didn’t notice any difference when taking these

  124. Dee H.

    Does what it says. Will purchase again.

  125. Amazon Prime member

    Gynostemma is supposed to increase levels of the AMPk enzyme which controls the conversion of ADP to ATP and the reverse (so basically it is supposed to improve energy flow in your cells). This product from NusaPure is well packaged (each capsule) and the price is right. It’s hard to tell how well any supplement works because their effects aren’t as immediate and pronounced as prescription medications but more gradual over time, so I’m not giving my opinion on that. However, I’ve bought other Gynostemma brands where the capsules where not as carefully packaged and looked more degraded so this appears to be a good brand of Gynostemma.

  126. Rose Friend

    Not sure what I get

  127. SJ Stomber

    Waiting for results

  128. F. H. Fabian

    Just diversifying potential anti aging supplements..

  129. Dewy

    I am very pleased with the results …

  130. Mike Pham

    ‘I have been taking this for the last 3 months and the product seems to be working as claimed.

  131. jaele blandino


  132. KFGalan

    So strange–this very hard, tough plastic bottle arrived with a big crush in bottom side… Unusual? I don’t think it’s like a soup can, where anything is bad inside, but definitely unexpected. Nothing wrong with Amazon exterior packaging box…

  133. Bikedixie

    I believe Jiaogulan has helped my joint pain as well as lose a little weight around the mid section. This is the second brand I’ve used and I have nothing bad to say about it. I wish it would prevent my hair loss, but I wont hold my breath. Webmd.com says, “Jiaogulan is used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), improving memory, and preventing hair loss.Other uses include treatment of poor appetite, cough, chronic bronchitis, ongoing stomach pain (chronic gastritis), pain and swelling (inflammation), ulcers, constipation, stress, gallstones, obesity, cancer, diabetes, trouble sleeping (insomnia), backache, and pain.”

  134. Mark J.

    Jiaogulan is really a phenomenal product because it provides circulation to the entire body without raising the heart rate. As we grow older, we tend to get fat and lazy primarily because we become sedentary. The medical profession is always harping on us to diet and exercise because that is the sure way to safely raise our heart rate. More people die of heart disease than anything else. If you are walking 10 miles a day, then you probably don’t need this product but for the other 99%, we need Jiagulan on a daily basis because it provides the same effect of walking 10 miles daily. I work out 5x a week and still love taking this product. It is helping to effortlessly trim fat around my waisline plus I sleep great at night. Highly recommend !UPDATE: I can eat a meal and not belch like crazy for hours afterwards plus I have no bloating, This is as good as it gets for me. Much better results than anything else I’ve tried including enzyme pills. I will be getting a lipid blood test within two months and am hoping to see a drop in my tryglyceriides. They shot up to 300 recently and my doctor has prescribed a statin drug which I am not taking. . Let’s see if jiaogulan does the trick. I will be reporting back with the results. By the way, I have been able to increase my workouts at the gym including a more rigorous cardio program, thanks to the jiaogulan.Update: 3/13/2020 I had a full panel blood test and saw great improvement. My triglcerides went from 300 down to 114. Pretty darn amazing! The only thing I cut out that I can think of is coconut oil. My hdl is now normal and my ldl is just slightly out of bounds at 106. My cholesterol got a little lower to 167 so my overall ratio is 4.2 which is excellent.10/16 update I was off the capsules for a few months and was experimenting with other supplements but I’m so happy to be taking this supplement again. It is the best supplement I have. It’s great for circulation and long lasting energy.

  135. Alicia A argueta Argueta


  136. ogt

    The product made my stomach hurt.

  137. JoseAngelRod

    Súper producto

  138. Ron V.

    Part of my daily routine of vitamins, herbs, asian herbs, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

  139. Tony Johnson

    Good on a reduced calorie diet and looking to lose fat. Exercise will increase results. One of the most potent ampk activators IMHO along the same usefulness as berberine and quercetine and trans-resveratrol

  140. BIGG ? E

    Impressed, does work for me, tried 1000’s of other supplements, this one must be very pure and max strength of authentic ingredients.

  141. Elizabeth J/Amazon Customer

    Fabulous product, and it helps with weight loss. I lose between 1-2 lbs. per week. I highly recommend this product!!!!

  142. Kathy Nather Thomas

    A very satisfactory product helping me to keep my cholesterol under control.

  143. Lavender

    Its helping me to lose inches.

  144. Joseph Walsh

    Product arrived promptly and intact and as advertised. Standard type large favorless filled capsules.Bought it to aid weight loss. No idea yet if it has any effect.

  145. James T.

    Didn’t do me any good, just gave me heartburn. save your money.

  146. Kemi

    Great product

  147. Amazon Customer

    We take these every day and feel great!

  148. Quality Experienced User

    This product increase my stamina and with Berberine stabilized my blood sugar causing swelling in my legs and feet to disappear due to borderline blood sugar needs. My overall health improved. I would highly recommend it. I have experienced no side effects. I have had some fat loss. Not anything significant.

  149. Peggy Anderson

    I take Jiaogulan with Berberine supplements together daily and it gives me overall joint and pain relief, helps my energy levels and helps to regulate my digestive system. I have been taking both supplements for about four months but began to feel better overall in less than a month.

  150. Leann Gustafson

    I just received it last week. To early to tell if it’s going to work.

  151. James E. Rick, Jr.

    Great product so far. Sugar cravings have gotten out of control, so I figured trying this product couldn’t hurt. It’s not an instant cure-all, but I’ve noticed some significant changes. I don’t notice the desire for sugary products as often, and when I am faced with a dessert or treat, I am easily satisfied with a small portion. So far so good.I haven’t noticed any side affects and there is no taste. I gladly recommend this product, with the understanding it won’t stop all desire for sweets. It still requires effort and will power to overcome sugar addiction.

  152. E. Wyrick

    I am so glad I found this product. It has helped me feel better. I am on my second order now.

  153. Zak D Rockferry

    Par excellence!!!

  154. fred

    a waste of money

  155. DeeJay420

    A quality product at a competitive price, I will order again

  156. Will

    5 Star

  157. Mary T.

    Great price for a good addition to my daily regimen.

  158. William

    This NusaPure Jiaogulan (aka Gynostemma) is my “go-to” adaptogenic herb. I found that Asian/Korean Ginseng gets me a little to “wired” and after reading about Jiaogulan decided to try it instead. It’s great! I feel greater mental clarity while NOT being over-revved. I’ve also noticed a slight lowering of my blood pressure (which I check daily – I’m pre-hypertension). Furthermore, whenever I start to feel a little bit under the weather, I take 2 capsules before an early night to bed. And almost always wake up refreshed! Anyway, while I haven’t tried other brands this NusaPure Jiaogulan is doing at least (& then some) what I had hoped for! Highly recommended…

  159. Hawaii gal

    I have purchased at least 6 to 7 bottles of this Jiaogulan herb brand since it seems to have a higher dosage then most and the price is discounted when multiple bottles are purchased. I learned about Jiaogulan herb being a adaptogen or herb for stress response and longevity from Fox News . I then found more articles on internet about this herb. I plan to take it regularly and I give it to my 91 year old mom. I also started taking Holy Basil capsules for the same reason . I have stress and hypertension and high cholesterol. I just started these herbs with in the last month.

  160. Warner Jean Lee

    This product has the ingrediants it claims to have and thus far is doing what it claims to do.

  161. 9lives

    Great for immune building

  162. John LaRochelle


  163. LANCE


  164. Rossi

    Very good!

  165. Mr. Jimmy

    Capsules are large but easy to swallow, and the Jiaogulan itself has already shown some benefits in terms of sleep and mood.

  166. Nobody home

    I take these as supplements as part of a holistic dietary program and take two per day per directions. Exactly as described, quick shipping.

  167. Yuslaidy

    Aún no se prueba pero dicen k es muy bueno .

  168. salim harun

    I did not feel any positive benefit.

  169. Elaine

    Almost done with my first bottle. I didn’t have any results at all.

  170. Greg

    Great product

  171. Helen

    Very disappointed

  172. Skredberry

    I use this every day for things that go along with getting old. I have had more energy and focus, but it’s not helped me lose weight or anything, even when combined with other recommended supplements. It seemed to help mood, but that may be purely psychological in that I’d read prior that it could help. Either way, I feel better on it.

  173. Dsimer

    As for price, this company has a good fair market value. My bottle was completely sealed and once opened, everything looks good. Does it work, I have no idea. I only know its part of the AMPK ingredients. Do your home work, search You Tube for AMPK .

  174. rony

    Se siente la energía a los pocos días de usarlo.lo recomiendo mucho

  175. Drive Right

    I take one if I go to bed late and only want a few hours of quality sleep. I take 2 to get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep. Once I fall asleep I am glued to the bed and wake up like new. Try them out. Everybody is different. They don’t work on my wife. She needs sleeping pills that knock her out.

  176. yank

    I am an active adult starting my day with a treadmill workout ,then cleaning, cooking, then doing a cardio a cardio woutout. Followed by making dinner and cleaning up. My days are always very full and I use this supplement to support my metabolism and immune system and cardiovascular system. I’m glad it is well made and does not contain caffeine.

  177. George Uzymirski

    I’m enjoying the product so far and read the reviews were positive, and read about the product online, plus great value what I also look for good for 200 days. so far so good.

  178. eMan-DX

    Been taking this to reset my body. Weight has been a heavy issue of mine and this has help tremendously especially in conjunction with my workouts. Do your research and be sure to seek medical advice from a doctor who will listen and open dealing with alternative treatments!

  179. Amazon Customer

    Just started using this product; too soon to evaluate.

  180. Barbara Delgado

    The truth! Does not work, don’t waste your money.

  181. Alexis Valdez

    I take 4 capsules a day like a doctor told me to take them

  182. jam

    The pills are easy to swallow, no bad taste. I’ve only been taking them a week, so I don’t know if they will actually help with weight loss. I’m going to finish this bottle and order one more to see. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  183. L. Ward

    I have a broken metabolism due to thyroid problem and diabetes, however, I did lose 3 pounds since taking Jiaogulan. I would be a fruitarian if I could get away with it. Another change is that I no longer crave rice or potatoes. I gave away all the different types of rice I had in my pantry. These are good indications to me that Jiaogulan it is working,

  184. Troy

    it gives me energy and i take it with quercetin

  185. BBodenhamer

    I’m not sure what it is doing for me. Product seems to be everything it claims.

  186. Colby Flint

    Good quality product. Excellent for AMPK production.

  187. Mon

    Over all is great !

  188. Joyce

    I have been taking for a couple weeks with positive results

  189. joseph

    It had no effect on me!

  190. Happy

    Like it!

  191. Katie

    Don’t really notice anything positive or negative. I’ve been taking as described

  192. michael

    Excellent product – delivery was quick and easy

  193. Amazon Customer

    Working on AMPK – this product is a great value. No Problems – well packed

  194. AARII


  195. Earl and C. Brown

    Not sure yet if it helps energy, a little spendy.

  196. Kicky

    I had a very bad reaction to this product. I think I’m allergic. can I get my money back?

  197. SusanAhh

    My experiences with this product have been very positive. I fell an appreciable difference in my energy level. I experienced no unwanted side effects. The value is commensurate with the price. Overall very positive experience and this will be a regular addition to my supplements.

  198. wmk

    I lost a few pounds the first few weeks, but that was combining it with Berberine and Quercetin, but have leveled out since then with slow progress, but there was a constipation issue that prompted me to order the appropriate remedy for that. I’m not really sure, but I’ll keep it up for now. It has been around 2 months already, and I am on my second bottle.

  199. Charles Michel Gerarrd

    (Due to the effects of Chemtrails – Queue X-Files Theme Musique)I take a Lot of Supplements because of my apparently weak geneticsI can always rely upon these Supplements to give my body what I’m apparently NOT getting from the Nutrient deficient Food that is being grown & rushed to market before it’s even ripe or proper.

  200. Linda37

    I have been taking these as suggested now for two weeks. As of yet there are no side affects and I don’t see any results that these AMPK activator supplements have neither did any good or harmed in any way. I will continue to use them till they are gone, but will not reorder.

  201. Debbie

    Bought to take with another supplement for weight-loss as they are supposedly to work together. No improvement.

  202. Kymily

    Haven’t been taking it long enough to see a difference but great sevice!

  203. Elliandra

    So I’ve been on the Jiaogulan for about 2 weeks now and it is definitely helping with my blood sugars.I noticed the change after the first couple of doses actually. My fasting sugars were hanging out around just over 300 and after I started taking the Jiaogulan they started dropping steadily and I’m now down to around 225-250.I’m hoping to get off Metformin and onto this instead as it’s MUCH gentler on my system than the Metformin (even the XR formula which I had to switch to due to side effects).

  204. Melissa C.

    I have been taking this for 4 weeks and have lost 25 lbs.

  205. MC101

    It worked well for me. would recommend.

  206. Lucinda Badenhop

    Like it

  207. Brot

    Nusapure products deliver what they promise.I use several of their supplements, and they are great.

  208. brenda r.

    This product is a good one, quality and consistency are always the same. Reordered twice, Great product.

  209. Robin

    Just received don’t know

  210. Bryan d



    No results. Missed return window so basically wasted money.

  212. JJR

    Price is always a factor in buying any supplement, but not at the expensive of efficacy. Jiaogulan is priced reasonably, and less expensive than most other sources. My weight and glucose levels have lowered since I started taking Joagulan, and would probably be even lower if I followed an exercise regimen. As long as my labs remain within a healthy range, I’ll continue taking Joagulan.

  213. P.Lantia

    This is a great way to boost your immune system. It helps with weight loss, too, especially with foods that add on pounds. I’ve been using this for two years. I take every day.

  214. Amazon Customer

    good product seems to be working

  215. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  216. N Molloy

    Great quality…will continue to use.

  217. p. dixson

    I liked that I only had to take one a day and it made me concentrate better and want to do things I use to dread doing. Lifted depression and gave me better energy that is needed at in the 70’s age range. I take other vitamins also.

  218. Frederick Carpenter

    Been using this product for years, great product.

  219. Brenda Stratton

    I feel this product is helping me

  220. deusXango

    Great as advertised.

  221. cal

    I am just over chemo and my immune system is shaky. So far with this I am feeling stronger!

  222. Darrell

    I have never figured out people , let alone products. I have been using this product about 2 weeks now but that is not time enough to know if it is working or not, at least for me each body is different. I’m using it in conjunction with a couple of products in hopes to eliminate some belly fat.. Bottom line seems to be working. like I say takes time. No side effect noticed with time product.

  223. Clifford Lynn

    Great product. Love it! Started Mar 1st weighed 196.7. In May 1st weighed 184.8. Also notice less aches and pain after work and more energy. Highly recommend!

  224. Terrance Bond

    I have never been willing to post a report for any product I use …. until now.I have a number of medical issues including long term Rheumatoid Arthritis, heart failure, and pulmonary embolisms. Which together have pretty much destroyed my stamina. Any number of my friends have recommended numerous products over the years to try and help, but I never found one that actually helped until I began using Jiaogulan.I have learned through my long history with RA there is no one silver bullet that works for everybody. The biological DMARD (Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug) that works for me took trying a lot of others that didn’t. The same holds true for most medications, vitamins, enzymes, etc.With all of that said, Jiaogulan definitely has improved my stamina that my wife and all of my friends have noticed! Your body may or may not respond the same. All I can say is give it a go, and if it doesn’t help, keep researching.

  225. Scott Bundgaard

    This product is good, but it’s unfortunate Amazon takes such poor care in the delivery of this item.We live in Phoenix. It’s the hottest time of year. There’s even an excessive heat warning today. The Amazon driver left the package in FULL SUN where the product packaging MELTED!

  226. nb

    Really great supplement for a lot of things. Works well

  227. Cliente de Amazon


  228. Arthur W.

    So far supplement appears to be having an effect. It helps with energy and improves the efficacy of other supplements.

  229. D Young

    I feel better

  230. Jason Honeywell

    good product and price. I like the fact there are no problematic fillers used.

  231. D. Scott Johnson

    Awesome product. Makes me get up and get going

  232. Yeshua Follower

    Does nothing

  233. rwarr

    I ordered a bottle of Jiaogulan from another brand (immortal tea), i could see the product in the capsule it was dark green. I could feel the effects of this product, loved it and wanted to buy another bottle. I decided to try this brand instead, i started taking this product and noticed that i did not get the same effects as the first bottle. I kept taking it but nothing, i stopped taking it because it clearly was not the same as the first brand i bought. The capsule for this product is white, not clear or see through. I opened the capsule and poured it’s contents into my hand. It was a white/tannish color. It immediately hit me that clearly this was not the same thing or the real product. I don’t understand how you get a white/tannish product from jiaogulan which is dark green???????????????? I immediately threw the bottle away. I’m not a fan of giving negative reviews but i have NO CLUE what is in this product as it clearly is not a 100% jiaogulan (as indicated on the bottle). I will not buy any supplements from this company again as i cannot trust what i am buying.

  234. Jacqueline Grice

    It seems to be keeping my blood sugars low. Metformin is embarrassing with its gastrointestinal upset. I don’t like pooping myself. The two diabetic meds I’m on weren’t doing the trick ( glipizide and Actos). This in combination with berberine has lowered my blood sugars and eliminated my cravings for sweets. I can eat a PIECE of cake or chocolate whereas before I couldn’t stop until the whole thing was gone.

  235. Ellery Crossman

    did not notice any benefit

  236. susan m horn

    Great Product— will buy again!

  237. Karen Monge

    One month using and I haven’t noticed anything different

  238. Lady P

    Quality product, will order again.

  239. Tiberius Khan

    Haven’t noticed any real benefits. To be sure, I tried changing dosage and discontinuing for a week. I will finish the bottle and hope.

  240. mary

    I am enjoying using this product.

  241. Trythislast

    Too early to tellBit…still alive

  242. Eleanor Halbauer

    It wasn’t a magic wand to make me skinny, but I have had better sleep, less stress amd increased energy since I started taking it.

  243. PV

    Great service. Good for your health!

  244. Greg Raven

    Didn’t work for me.

  245. Rae Dawn Chong

    love this product immediately I feel like my metabolism is fired up


    Don’t know if it works

  247. AR

    Love this product

  248. Karen P

    It gave me a hell of a headache. Can’t take it.

  249. Billy Krefft

    As a part of my daily regimen. I take 2 capsules as directed. An almost 50 y o male I need help each day. Works like it says. I will re order.

  250. Amazon Customer

    Normally I buy these I take them on regular basis. My boyfriend and I both take them… they help me sleep and also bring my level of stress down and helps with a number of other things. When My boyfriend takes them I see a huge difference in his mood and his chronic cough as well… this batch I thought it was just me and I asked him how they were working and he said they weren’t ( and by his mood they are not as well as his cough) I have not slept and even tho they do not say they are for sleep they help me with that.. they also have not helped with stress nor my constipation… normally when I take these I have no issues.. I’m not sure what was wrong with this batch or what was actually in the capsule but more than likely I won’t be buying these again. Which is disappointing cause they were very helpful.

  251. Nanci Hartland

    I would have to be on this product a bit longer to give better results… so far, so good…

  252. Christy

    Didn’t work the way described.

  253. Amazon Customer

    This product is pure and offered no noticeable side effects. It helps me stay at an appropriate weight, assists in digestion and keeps me mentally clear. Great price too

  254. Annet

    Súper buenas

  255. Wendy P.

    This is great. I got 2 different adaptogens. 1 for my husband and one for me. I tried out my husband’s, the Jiagulan, and I liked it better than what I got for myself. It wirks GREAT!

  256. Bradley

    You feel the energy after taking these.

  257. Karen Eslick

    Very good product, it gives me that extra boost in my day. I have even lost 7 pounds.

  258. Rick Medugno

    These seem to work very well, can notice a difference, especially if I forget to take them. Help me with my morning workouts. Will buy again.

  259. Jose Rodrigo Cevallos

    Good product, I use it as a supplement.

  260. Alexandria Marie

    This bottle came unsealed. No plastic, on the top and no seal on the bottle.

  261. tulularose

    happy with the purchase

  262. MsHarmony

    I began using jiaogulan a few months ago after reading a US study done primarily about its’ adaptogenic abilities. However, the longer I take it, and the more I read about it, the more convinced I am that it’s an important addition to my supplement regime.I plan on continuing to take it. It’s an amazing herb.

  263. Laverne

    It does work

  264. TBFY2

    I have not identified a single change from taking this product ……………good or bad.

  265. gigi001

    Good product… I feel less hungry and have more energy.

  266. Ross


  267. Kim

    Works well to reset my slow metabolism.

  268. area man

    I’m bouncing back from a long-term illness that has left me chronically tired and fatigued, also, more than a little depressed quite often. I’ve taken fairly large doses of this supplement for 10 days now, and I’m just not feeling it.Jiaogulan is new to me. As I understand it, it’s active ingredients have similarities to certain forms of ginseng. I’ve had some degree of success with one quite expensive form of fermented ginseng in the past, and I had hoped to duplicate that success while saving money here. What can I say, it’s not working for me.The product seems sound — it’s non-GMO, and it offers a high dosage at a reasonable cost. If you’ve had success with Jiaogulan in the past, I’d imagine this would work for you. That said, I can’t recommend something I didn’t respond to.

  269. Drew Calandrella

    As advertised

  270. IKR

    We rely like it

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