Forskolin 2100 mg-180 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Gluten-free & Non-GMO)

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  • HIGH POTENCY,NON-GMO FORSKOLIN EXTRACT –2,100 mg Per Serving and 180 Veggie Capsules Per Bottle for a 180-day supply.
  • Extra Strength: With Extract at 4:1 potency, one capsule provides the equivalence of 2,100 mg of Forskohlii. Serving size is 1 veggie capsule.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
  • MANUFACTURED IN  THE USA: manufactured in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.
  • 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

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522 reviews for Forskolin 2100 mg-180 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Gluten-free & Non-GMO)

  1. Karen MB

    I’m very glad that I ordered the NusaPure Forskolin 2000mg. I have been taking it for about a week and am starting to feel better and have more energy. I have recommended it to my friends and family.

  2. Thumper Eby

    It seems to be curbing my appetite. I’ve tried a lot of products but this one actually works

  3. Thomas E Stortz

    Since using this product, I weigh 198 ,now I weigh 178.

  4. ninjadiver11

    I am not sure what results I’m supposed to get from his product. I have not seen any change in my metabolism, energy, or consumption

  5. Cody

    This product helped me eat less and enabled me to curve my appetite in a healthy manner. I started taking it about a month ago along with exercise and a c leaner diet. I lost serious weight and feel that my metabolic rate has increased tremendously as a result of this product. I will definitely buy again for my next summer cut!

  6. “jennabunns”

    Been using for a couple weeks. No weight loss. Returning item.

  7. Private

    Boosted energy, faster metabolism and a fat burner. A helpful part of my regiment.

  8. Bert Williams

    Weight loss. Have only used it approx 1 week but I look forward to good results.

  9. MANDI B.

    False advertising!!! Been taking for a month and not a difference in weight or inches!! Very disappointed.

  10. Katharine Johnson

    Didn’t see any weight loss, My appetite was the same or some days more.

  11. K. Zander

    I love this product! It does what it says! I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks! My tummy is getting flatter, my jeans go on much easier, my energy level has increased, I don’t feel sluggish or tired and I am sleeping like a baby! I have zero side effects. No jitters, nothing except more energy and feeling better about myself every day! It is MADE IN THE USA, all natural and works! I would recommend this product!

  12. Jack G

    Seems like I am having more energy and less hungry after taking it.

  13. 11B

    Seems to give me more energy and controls hunger .Give it a try .

  14. Diane M. Lee

    Like the product so far.

  15. fldiver

    No side effects or aftertaste.

  16. N

    No effects. Very disappointed.

  17. BiancaSelina

    update… so some capsules are empty, the powder is on every capsule in the bottle, and I now have a very large amount of powder in the bottle. Too expensive to be so flawed.

  18. Linda Spears Smith

    I only have taken this a week or 2 but, I feel better already.

  19. Jodie M. McCracken

    Timely and as described.

  20. H.H. Eccluus

    I’m 67 years old and in pretty good shape. Started taking Forskohlii to knock off the last few pounds of my summer diet. I dropped 7.6 lbs in 13 days. Really suppresses my appetite and I have experienced an incredible surge in energy. Yesterday I hiked 12.25 miles in 4 hours on mountain trails. At age 67 that ain’t bad. Calories yesterday were 2,179 — very high for me but I was being treated to a birthday breakfast at IHOP. Normally my calorie count is below 1,000 per day when in diet mode.I’m a really dedicated dieter when I get going and this supplement feels like it has enhanced my calorie burn, reduced my appetite significantly and, mostly, has loaded me up with extra energy. Give it a try.*******So, since my first review, I’ve lost another 10 lbs. while taking Froskohlii, getting lots of exercising (hiking primarily) and keeping to a low cal diet. Energy still very good. I’m actually taking 2 capsules a day tho’ the directions say to take one. Don’t know if that is helping or not. Certainly no bad side effects. Yeah, I’m sticking with it.

  21. ty_swid

    Only have to take one a day n not hungry for full 24 hrs

  22. Crafty Critter

    I really didn’t lose any weight with these. I don’t know if there was any health benefits or not. Because you swallow them, there isn’t any “flavor”, that’s why I put 1 star for flavor.

  23. Susan Bryant

    This was a good choice. We just started using it and we are looking forward to results.

  24. Tyrrik

    Feel no difference

  25. Sundous

    Good product.

  26. Barbara Smith

    I originally began taking Forskolin to reduce ocular pressure as I am pre-glaucoma. Weight loss seems to be a small side effect. This is a higher dosage than I was taking before but I seem to have no serious side effects as a result. I am well pleased with my purchase.

  27. Julie

    Dont work

  28. Brian DeCroce

    This is the only weight loss product that is ever worked for me. I don’t get any side effects either.

  29. Michelle

    This product was very good for me! Still taking it an lost 5 lbs in one week. Appetite is definitely down and energy up?. Taking it with a sot of apple cider vinegar every morning.

  30. Amazon Customer


  31. janet tomilson

    did not work at all.

  32. Nancy Robinson

    I like this Forskolin better than the ones I’ve tried before this one. It works so much more.

  33. Michael


  34. EBradford

    I have been mixing 2 tsp of AppleCiderVinegar in 10oz of hot water, and drink it like a cup of hot tea every morning for 2 weeks. I have lost 5 pounds.I have started walking more, running up the stairs and I have more energy, not as many chocolate & carb cravings.

  35. Mel D. Sole

    I am now almost 2 months into these tablets. Have added wright, not lost. Total waist of money!

  36. Amazon Customer

    Fast shipping, good quality product.

  37. Kindle Customer

    Does not work at all.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Great item for price

  39. Lister5050


  40. Janice

    These pills made me sick and my blood pressure went up after taking just one pill

  41. Jamesia Vogt

    Just want to lose a few pounds…so far so good. ??

  42. Gary

    Did not perform as advertised

  43. IGOR P.

    Don’t know how for others, but does not work for me at all. In fact, I went opposite way, gained 4 lbs since I started using it. I play tennis almost daily and did not see any effects from this product what at all. I am through half the bottle, so will finish it, but so far quite disappointed with this investment.

  44. DT

    I’m no Dr. I wanted something to boost weight lose because I work all day and dont feel like working out all the time. I didn’t want to go on a fad diet or pay crazy money for food plans, totally unnecessary for me that is. I started taking these which I found to be the best purchase for quantity and mg over others. There basically the sized of a normal capsule, tasteless and easy to swallow. Anyway, I have been taking them for a few weeks now and I have lost 4 pounds with very little added exercise, I do eat less but pretty much whatever I want just with portion control. I have seen no side effects with myself and I take various supplements as well with prescriptions. I will continue on these and see how it goes.

  45. Anita

    Haven’t lost any weight with it. So it isn’t what you viewed on the television program, “Shark Tank”

  46. Stacy Philip

    So I’ve been taking these for about 6 weeks, without fully dieting I stood the same weight which is a good thing, I didn’t gain! Once I added in dieting (just easy low calories no junk food) I lost 3lbs in the first week once I added in diet and exercise I have lost a total of 8lbs! This product is great! I do not get all shaky It cuts my appetite In half!!!

  47. Chamjo

    Never got the product because the package was empty. Very dissatisfied

  48. Robert Caraway

    Seems to be a good.product.

  49. April Gowens

    Using this product to lose weight and it does work but slowly. Which is the healthiest way to lose weight.

  50. Aaron

    It didn’t work for me.

  51. Songbird824

    This item should be taken as a placebo. It doesn’t work.

  52. Latonya Caudle

    This product is awesome I lost 4in. after 2 weeks.

  53. Rolf Erickson

    Arrived on time, thanks so much, great item

  54. Christle Mulvehill

    I wanted to give my body something that would help me loss a little belly fat. I work all day at a desk and do not have time to exercise like I used to. Dec 1st I was 150lbs. I have been taking these pills since the first of the month and I already see my stomach getting smaller. I did not change my diet and I have not worked out. only take one pill in the morning. I have lost a total of 9 lbs . now I am at 141. I have 10 more lbs and I’m back on track. Thank you

  55. Kindle Customer


  56. Tania Pal

    This product didn’t really do anything for me or my husband we both maintained a healthy diet and worked out on the regular bases.

  57. Sweet Florida

    Great product, I plan to reorder!Mark

  58. Mira Martin

    If you want to lose weight add garcinia and works wonders.

  59. jerry thomas

    Saw absolutely no results.

  60. Amazon Customer

    So far I like this product!

  61. Patricia Boren

    helpful for my diet regentment

  62. Blindshootist

    So far so good I seem to feel a little more peppy.

  63. Med Sampler

    In the absence of a certified lab analysis, there’s really no way to know exactly what one gets in any such product unregulated by the FDA. Not advocating regulation – that’s another trip wire for many reasons easily found on the internet, but it currently is the only means for guaranteeing product analysis. What to do? We’re left with using old fashion observation all scientists use since the scientific method began. At the risk of sounding gross, a simple stool specimen examination has so far proven reliable. The stronger forskolii products produce a fatty, greasy-like BM seen in the toilet and on TP. The toilet specimen is soft, ploppy, cow paddy-like having shiny yellow gem stone-like concentrations of fat, approximately 1/4” all over the surface. That would be the fat otherwise being absorbed by your body. The stronger, the more fatty residue produced that correlates with expected obvious weight loss focused in the abdominal area as it is supposed to do. This product produces very little of that, unfortunately. Ran the experiment numerous times comparing with other products that did produce those observable specimen effects. Using products advertising 20-40% content as a benchmark, I would put this product as one of those at something around 5% active forskolin.

  64. Michael Conway

    Not sure if it actually works. Some days yes, some days no

  65. Barry Wymore

    Great for boosting metabolism and energy, while it aids in weight management!

  66. Lisa Jean

    I was skeptical, but I have lost almost 20 pounds using this product in 3 months. Worked well for me!

  67. amanda

    The thing I like about this product is that you only take one a day rather than 1 to 6 a day. Who has time for that ? It has been a little under 2 weeks and lost 15lbs.

  68. Roger W.

    So far I’m doing great on this Pure Forskolin Capsules. Lost 3 pounds in less than 2 weeks and thankfully there are no side effects. This product curbs my appetite and increased my metabolism.

  69. Maggie Escalante

    Works good

  70. Amazon Customer

    Best over the counter product I’ve ever used to promote weight loss. 10 pounds in 3 weeks to be exact!

  71. Frank Sabo

    These pills are useless, complete scam, if I could get a refund I’d send them back, personally I think a class action lawsuit would not be out of the question for false and misleading advertising.

  72. DMD

    I was hopeing for weight loss, but I am not seeing much change as of yet. I am hopeful so I’m still taking it.

  73. Michael B


  74. Amazon Customer

    Gamb d

  75. DG

    I have not obtained result of the product.It is only propagated for sale, I do not recommend it.

  76. Satisfydmind

    I have taken a couple of the brands of Forskolin. Only one has provided any kind of results and it is NOT this brand. I waited a couple weeks before righting a review but have not noticed any difference. With the last brand I noticed my hunger/cravings went down drastically and was not snacking at all, but this brand I’m wanting to eat more and have actually put on weight in my belly and I also think it’s making me a bit constipated. I hate the wasted money & especially I have almost the whole bottle left. 🙁

  77. Eva

    I to test.

  78. Michael A

    I tried as per directions… gained weight and got sick

  79. Carlos

    Muy bueno

  80. alan

    One capsule once daily very convenient. Less likely to forget taking it. Nice attractive label

  81. Estrella

    Muy buen producto!!!….es muy completo y natural, yo tengo presión alta y es el indicado para mi. Leí mucho sobre el producto antes de ordenarlo y vi que era el indicado. Me está yendo bien y cumple los objetivos. Lo volveré a ordenar.

  82. Joyce

    do not have nothing good to say about this product

  83. grandma

    Doesn’t work.

  84. Mary Catalano

    I’ve been taking these pills for 8 days and I’ve gained 3.5lbs. (That wasn’t the goal) I thought it was supposed to help with energy and weight loss. They make me feel nauseous and sick so it cause me to want to eat more in efforts to sooth my stomach. Not a good feeling. I will be returning these and requesting my money back. The post says it’s a money back guarantee so we’ll see if they honor it.

  85. Miriam fernandez

    Ordered because I heard it aids in loosing weight. I have been taking it only 2 weeks but I feel it helps me with my appetite. And I haven’t had any negative side effects like with other appetite anxiety. My cousin used this to loose weight and this is one of the strongest concentrate MG out in the market. I’m looking forward to seeking weight loost results.

  86. FindingMyself85

    I was skeptical at first when I bought this product. However after daily use for 2 months, I am down 28 lbs!!!! I was ecstatic when I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office and saw the number on the scale! I will be continuing to use these, as they are the only ones I have found that work! Thank you for such an amazing and quality product!

  87. jessica raffield

    Have been taking for three weeks now and gaining instead of losing. I am a very active person… only wanted to lose 10 pounds.

  88. Shelly Hackney

    I am amazed at the results I’m getting. This stuff really does work and works well. I will definitely be reordering it when this bottle is done. Thank you so much. This product may just have saved my life.

  89. Hilda J. Gonzalez

    No side affects

  90. Larry Shearin

    Taking this help with wright loss and management of weight.Only.thing I don’t like which is consistent with ordering stuff in Alaska is that it always late. I will get a notice that it is out for delivery. Then a notice oops something went wrong. Two days later I finally get it.

  91. remon9955

    Awesome forskokin . Very effective . I like that it doesn’t take forever to start working.

  92. chrystal

    Potency not as good as other brands

  93. Julie whittall

    Not really seeing the results I thought…but going to continue.

  94. Nicole

    Product works for me. Lost 2 lbs in a week. Definitely recommend it and this seller.

  95. Char

    Not sure if working like suppose to

  96. Chuck S.

    Future research reveals thus product has no actual benifit as advertised.

  97. Tania’s Reviews

    This product is fascinating. It is too strong for me during the day, but I have had great luck taking it at night. I wake up fresh and ready for the day. I have noticed some changes in my belly, and I will continue to take it, as I know the “belly” didn’t arrive over one night, or one month!!

  98. Hunter Beaulieu

    Took just 2 of these every morning with a shot of apple cider vinegar and I lost so much weight

  99. Kelly Larson

    They help to curb the appetite for sure, I haven’t lost any weight yet, but hopefully soon.Been on them for 2 weeks.

  100. Happy customer

    Great product

  101. jill

    not showing any results of any kind

  102. Laurie Loudermilk

    Not sure if the product works or not. Have not seen much results.

  103. Alta L. Fl

    I like the fact that it’s 2000mg per capsule. The previous formulation of forskolin I used only contained 125 mg per capsule… much higher potency.. I LOVE it!!!

  104. Schneider

    Ok product I guess

  105. larry Dains


  106. Peggy Fields

    Did absolutely nothing for me

  107. P. Campbell

    2000mg per cap is the largest I have seen. I will update in a few weeks.

  108. Lisa Santos

    Just got them today didn’t try them yet but all ready not impressed or happy with the packaging of this product at least 6 of the pills were empty! Feeling Feeling gypped!

  109. Phildofactor

    Seems to be working not a big notice in weight loss or even inches like people say it will do.

  110. SamsPookie

    I have tried other weight loss products, and find this one of the finest. I had no side effects, and have lost weight.

  111. Sheila Duke

    Blood pressure and diabetes. Hoping for a treatment for these

  112. Rianne

    No hunger or side effects, good for Blood Pressure,

  113. Amazon Customer

    Love it

  114. Chip Dean

    We will see if it works

  115. Virginia Topol

    I didn’t expect an overnight miracle. I’ve been using this product daily for two weeks now and have not noticed any change in appetite or weight. I’ll stick with the bottle I have but probably would not recommend it or buy it again

  116. Launa Patton


  117. Kells

    So far. So good! Feel more energuzed.

  118. Anna Lorenzo

    My friends and family have also asked fo this. It also serve as a mood stabilizer.

  119. Corrin

    I used it daily and didn’t loose a single pound. It maybe helped a little with feeling hungry so that’s for the one star.

  120. Amazon Customer

    I find that Forskohill works great at helping me loose weight.

  121. Kathy Nyquist

    These seem to be working…not as hungry..

  122. Brunnie

    I love these pills. I went to PR on vacation cor 3 weeks and I took 1 pill every day, I ate like u won’t believe all kinds of fried food and drink a lot of alcohol. I only gain 3 pounds and I believe it was the pills. I thought I was at least going to gain 10 pounds and I was in awe when it was only 3. I am so happy with them.

  123. Ready4bliss

    Gave me horrible intestinal gas!

  124. Amazon Customer

    Works. As long as you continue. Also did not cause any jitters and I felt full.

  125. Linda S Lemus

    After taking the full bottle I did not lose any weight or feel any better.

  126. Robin

    great appetite control, down 22lbs in 3 months without any effort… no side effects

  127. Stephanie

    I like the product, it has help me most with inches not weight down. I do notice a decrease in my desire for food. I also think it has help with energy levels during the day. I am still talking one a day. I may end up ordering more at a later date when I use all the product. I like having the 108 count and the 2100 mg.

  128. ellen

    Works ok

  129. Cary W. Sell

    It seems to help increase metabolism.

  130. Crystal D. Lahey

    One of the most effective and reliable products for weight loss on the market. It curbs appetite and truly does aid in digestion ( better than any fiber of probiotic.

  131. Amazon Customer

    Used for weight loss

  132. Rose

    Working great and

  133. wm. bowles

    So far, one week, I haven’t noticed any change in myself, my energy, or lost weight.

  134. Lisette Mendez

    It appears to be working for me…will see after a few more weeks.

  135. Georgina

    This label covering how to take it the capsules…..thank you for the fastest delivery.

  136. Teasip

    I haven’t noticed a difference. I’m even watching my calorie intake and exercising

  137. joan

    Used as a aid to lose weight and I did, 50 pounds. I exercised and used a food log but this also was a factor in my success I believe.

  138. Deborah Bowers

    I bought the maximum dose and I used it for four months, but I had no visible results. Save your money!

  139. Michael Patrick

    it is working so far.

  140. Alan Harriman

    This product came in a blue bottle with no label or instruction. I find this disturbing and Will renturn this. I wonder if this is legal?

  141. Donna V

    Doesn’t do anything

  142. susan johnson

    Scam. Don’t buy.

  143. Debra S. Buchanan

    Its great

  144. sarah smith

    It has helped me with weight and overall health.

  145. mark a ness

    Didn’t do anything for me

  146. Amazon Customer

    It works.

  147. JOS

    Glad someone finally come our with a stronger dose. Great Value and Good Performance.

  148. Lucinda Vogel

    My husband and I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and we have both lost a couple pounds. We started taking it for weight loss and I personally started taking it also to boost my metabolism after my hysterectomy 13 years ago I just keep packing on the weight.

  149. Stephanie Love

    I have only used the product for a few weeks. So far, I have not seen any difference.

  150. Ricky Martin

    Does not work.!!! Even cutting back meals . Another product, only hype, wasted money.

  151. Carpy

    I do not believe this product works as described.

  152. Richard king

    Didn’t work even on strike diet.

  153. Dee B.

    Maybe it works, maybe not. Didn’t notice any difference.

  154. Kent Holtorf

    Just started it, but did have a very fast delivery

  155. Amazon Customer

    Helps to control appetite.

  156. Claire Imaye

    I dint feel or see any difference in my body & weight.

  157. Kel

    I like that quantity included in the price. Hopefully I will notice a substantial weight loss halfway into the bottle!

  158. Migdalia Iris Mendez

    Came right on time. Using it for weight loss.

  159. Darin Peelor

    Doesn’t work, dont waste your money

  160. Carol G

    Took it faithfully for 5 months. did not lose an ounce. lot of hype. no performance. don’t waste your money

  161. N_K

    This has helped me reduce some weight and maintain energy levels. No real taste, easy to swallow, reasonable price.

  162. Liz Mena

    Been taking them for about 3 days. I don’t see much difference yet; but at least I’m not gaining weight. Need to give it more time to see if they truly work.

  163. Avis McCarthy

    I use it for both weight control and blood pressure. I’m not really sure how well it works for either, but I think it is helping some.

  164. K. Kussro

    Very pleased. No after taste. No side effects.

  165. hwd

    Seems to help. I feel better while eating less.

  166. Amber Strickland

    Very unsatisfied. Did not work at all.

  167. Clovis_Guy

    Repeat customer….seems to work. I have cycleed off for a couple weeks and then back on them. Taken with apple cider vinegar seems to make them work better.

  168. Jules

    I take every morning and evening with Garcia and have lost 10 pounds. Pounds do not drop off over night, but does help with munchies and stopping eating when full

  169. Claudia Argueta

    I didn’t like the product, because it didn’t work and didn’t do nothing to me or felt nothing

  170. amznrvws101

    I have used this for several months and it is a scam – junk science. Seriously – Jonah Hill? Lol This is crap.

  171. DiverDude

    trying to get back in shape and looking good

  172. Bridger

    Great product

  173. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been taking this for a month now and haven’t seen anything. I go to the gym five days a week and eat somewhat healthy but was trying to drop a few pounds. No change at all. Not worth the purchase. Unfortunately nothing can take the place of a healthy diet.

  174. Stephanie E. Horn

    I can’t give a full synopses until I have been on these a few weeks.

  175. Amazon Customer

    Did not work for me. But it doesn’t mean it will not work for you.

  176. Jackie Ochsner

    I ended up gaining weight while using these. Did not eat any more that I did before and exercise the same. not worth the money.


    Weight lose

  178. Alex :-)

    I took this for about four months and actually gained abut 10 pounds. worse yet, it’s now been six months since then and I can’t lose it. I’ve never gained weight before in my life. I am angry beyond description!!

  179. Erika Gullette

    First week nothing. After a week I doubled the dose to see if the product would work, I have taken this for over a month now at double doses and still have no results. I will be requesting my money back per there guarantee. Disappointing.

  180. Chris Greenawalt

    Taking as prescribed, waiting on results

  181. Ernest

    I was beginning to think that nothing natural would lower my BP. I was just starting my 2nd BP med to try a Beta blocker when my wife heard about this product. She was interested in the weight loss aspect, but I was intrigued by the potential lowering of my BP. I took 1 pill daily for about a month along with 25mg of Atenolol ( I started out last year on Losartan at 25mg then 50mg to avail). This didn’t seem to lower my consistent 145/94 BP. Then I read that taking 2 forskolin a day helped someone else. Since I’m not in the dangerously high BP range I decided to (after talking to my wife, “our in home physician,” satirically speaking. No really she doesn’t have the degree, but I would trust my life with her. Anyway we decided to try the 2 doses of forsolin a day and stop taking the Atenolol just to see if it made a difference. Well, HELLO it did. After about 3 wks I reading 126/80 :)) Crazy. I have been watching my sodium intake, but not strictly. I wanted to see if I kept eating fairly healthily, not changing my diet much if this would help. Yes, it did!! I usually don’t write specific reviews but I’m a 50 yo bm who just found something that works for and wanted to share the good news. Oh, and P.S. I’ve lost 4 lbs. in that period of time. I am in my opinion moderately active averaging 5k-7k steps/day.Thanks for reading and hopes this helps someone else

  182. Southpaw

    I was not expecting any results, but I did lose a few pounds, and didn’t change exercise or diet regimens

  183. Delia Luna

    Not happy with item

  184. Kisha Wolcott

    I ordered this product for my Mom, she just started taking it approximately 5 days ago is has already lost 6 pounds. She is happy with the product and yes I would recommend it to anyone else looking for a weight loss aid.

  185. Jenny

    Good product. I feel energized, I onu take one a day and feeling great.

  186. Workhorse

    Very good and quality product. Works fast and effective with no side effects noticed. Very satisfied with my purchases from this seller.

  187. marion wilson

    I liked the higher potency of this nrand

  188. VR

    With attention to eating properly and moderate exercise, this product does what it advertises. I also include Garcinia Cambrogia. My personal method is a Forskolin capsule with breakfast, a Garcinia capsule 30 minutes before lunch and repeat before dinner. I notice I am sleeping more soundly and feel more rested in the morning. No jitters or problems. I have only used 2 weeks but have lost 5.5 lbs and notice my tummy going back to normal. We will see what the next couple of weeks will show.

  189. E. Dillard

    I’ve been taking it daily as instructed, first couple of days I didn’t feel the fullest as it said. Now I do but you need to make sure you drink your water .

  190. Matthew Bushee

    I like it. But have trouble swallowing the capsule. Can I break it apart and mix it with something and still get the benefits still.Good product.Thank you

  191. Christy Tousha

    Excited, thanks for timely response

  192. Emily

    I bought this to help slim down faster before a summer vacation, but then got caught up with finals and other end of the semester stressors that kept me from eating clean like usual and working out very often. I’ve been on it for about two and a half weeks now, and have missed a couple days in between, and have gotten to the gym maybe once or twice a week. The only consistent thing I’ve been doing is drinking 60-80 ounces of water a day, and I’ve already lost 2 inches off my waist, and my stomach as flatter than it’s ever been before. I’m definitely curious to see how far this can take me on my fitness journey

  193. Emily Gross

    I like the product I’m not really sure if it’s doing anything because I am adding it to using some other things

  194. MAGA

    Does nothing…no changes…it’s a waste

  195. Lady T

    Great product to start with exercise.

  196. Filemon Acosta

    Tried for 1 month and seen absolutely no changes.

  197. Ms.B

    Not preforming as advertised.

  198. Lisa Prevratil

    I been on this for almost 180 days. I have loss some weight.

  199. Olga V. Clough


  200. Amazon Customer

    Still waiting for weight loss, been up and down continually.

  201. Leo Perez

    nice product, super fast delivery

  202. charles j johnson

    Doesn’t work at all!

  203. Jon

    Works for me, good product.

  204. Fatty

    I use this product for weight loss, it helps if I diet at the same time,especially if I cut out carbs. Ian a type 2 diabetic, it definitely keeps me from gaining.I also use apple cider vinegar with it.

  205. Evy

    So far losing a little weight.. still a “weight” and see, lol..

  206. Elizabeth Montante

    So far so good. I’ve lost 3 pounds in one day.. With proper eating and exercise it definitely has worked..

  207. Sandra Dobson Brown

    This product is amazing to use to curb appetite, increase energy and help to lose excess weight.

  208. brenda j Thomas

    It’s a good product

  209. Music Fan

    Just started using it but so far happy with product. Price was excellent.

  210. Silvia

    I dislike it

  211. Tawnia Poland

    When this product is combined with the Keto lifestyle, it will work very quickly. Other dieting styles may or may not see results, but if you haven’t trained your body to burn fat instead of sugar/starch, then the odds are against this working properly. I also incorporate Garcinia in addition to Bulletproof MCT oil daily. I just recently switched to this brand of forskolin, and have only been taking it for a little more than 2 weeks. Well… my fat loss has freakin more than DOUBLED!!! I lost 3% BF in the last 2 weeks, and it had previously taken over 5 weeks to lose that much!**UPDATE Important Disclaimer: This product releases fat molecules from the cell wall for easier access as fuel/energy. The reviewers that claim this does not work are not utilizing the product correctly. If you are taking in too many carbs, your body will always turn to that for fuel instead as it is a more immediate source. You will have to burn through all your carb calories for the day before stored fat will be accessed, and any unburned fat will simply re-enter the cell.**

  212. Rusty2926

    After taking this for almost two weeks, I have not noticed any difference in my weight. I have not changed my diet because I already eat only 3 meals a day and two of those are very small portions while the third is only a serving size. I am unable to exercise like most younger, strong adults can due to an injury from 6 years ago. I was hoping that by staying active, watching my calorie intake and taking this I could start to shed some weight. I have not lost even one pound! I began having a stinging in my eyes, feeling a lack of energy and low blood pressure. The bottle states it will help with blood pressure, so it at least got one right but it does not say anything about beware of lower pressure if you take BP meds already! One of the many side effects is stinging of the eyes and increased blood vessels in your eyes! Got it! Make it hard to work on my computer station at work! Also makes your heart beat faster and harder, even when you are just sitting still! After researching about this “medicine” (something I should have done before I purchased it) I also saw the recommended dosage was 25mg to 30mg. That’s a far cry from 2000mg! So the bottom line is….talk to your doctor first before wasting your money on these type of product!

  213. Carol S. Waldring

    It doesn’t work

  214. Kalin M.

    Great Product! Works well. Boost of energy and seeing some abs already.

  215. S. Gormley

    Tried 1 capsule daily for a week…. No change. went to 2 capsules daily for 2 weeks. No change in looks or feelings. Wish I could send this back. waste of money.

  216. UPSERslb

    These pills are off the chain awesome! I lost 55+ lbs within 2 months time and that’s only because my job is physical. So I’m constantly moving, eating the same things I normally do (not junk as I cook all my food). I will not stop taking these pills and probably need to purchase another bottle. Believe me, Forskolin works!

  217. star

    I’ve lost 6 last so far. They seemed to work

  218. ChrisN

    Can’t tell if it is doing anything or not!

  219. JME

    LOVE that it’s non-GMO and potent strength. Like most supplements, need to take 30-90 days for results..but I think really works! And super fast shipping was a plus!

  220. Michele

    It got to me on time.

  221. JC

    One a day…in the morning…was more than adequate to help me loose 35 lbs. in about 6 months. No issues with jitters, like a “speed”, no issues with bowls, no issues with sleep problems. Just normal life…but, gradually cutting back on food, walking each morning, and finally eating only one meal a day, with two small “snacks”….Worked great for me!

  222. B R

    I haven’t taken them long enough to feel any results

  223. Jeff babcock

    awesome product

  224. John W. Simms III

    This product is as described and if taken as shown it will help

  225. Jo Ann Harrison

    Did not work for me.

  226. Nan Caves

    Does not work as advertised

  227. michie


  228. Delanya McNair

    Still using-good product! Will buy again

  229. Pete

    Weight loss

  230. summer haney

    Nope. Nothing. Pointless pill to swallow.

  231. Christopher

    Product didnt work for me so i returned it

  232. leo hernandez

    So far my appetite has decreased, So in my case is good ! I’ve only started it apx. 2 weeks ago. It took awhile to put it on so it WILL take time to remove it. Good Luck.

  233. maria williams

    I really can’t tell what this us suppose to do.Been taking for a couple of weeks. Don’t see change in appetite, digestive problems or scale. At this point it’s just another vitamin!

  234. Lisa

    only exercise and eating right can help with weight loss

  235. sam o.

    So far so good…seems as though it’s working in conjunction with my sensible eating regimen.

  236. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been a big believer in using Forskolin for weight-loss. I would definitely buy again.

  237. Andrew G.

    I delayed my review on purpose. Since starting on forskolin I’ve dropped almost 2 sizes. From xml to large shirts and lost almost 4 inches off my waist. I’d call it a success. I’ve also noticed my blood pressure is lower. Not a lot but very consistent.

  238. Ryan kennedy

    I use it for fat burning. I’m not a big guy just have a belly

  239. Patricia Miller

    I like the fact that you only need to take this once a day.

  240. ronvh

    is working for me!

  241. KY

    Does not work for me

  242. A. C. Moss

    Great price but noticed no difference in BP or weight

  243. Militza J.

    Lost 6 inches off my waist in just 3 weeks with very little dieting. No jitters, no bad side effects at all. I highly recommend this product!

  244. sheree tuttle


  245. Amazon Customer

    Fast shipping and great product.

  246. C. Hustus

    Have only taken 3 of them. Hoping it works after gaining weight from taking steroid injections for knee pain. My daughter said these do work and she is a pharmacy assistant. Fingers crossed!

  247. L. Burdette

    It’s great! I have already lost a few pounds in just two weeks!

  248. C. M. Hill

    It has helped me significantly get more control of my blood pressure.


    Don’t waste your money.

  250. dooneymae


  251. Robert J Biafore Sr.

    It has reduced my appetite about 50%.Starting to lose weight.Absolutely no side effects.

  252. Cherryl Mann

    Don’t know

  253. Really Renee

    Wanted to try this only to find out you cannot take it if on blood thinners.

  254. D. Norfleet

    I have never written a review for a product before, but I must write about this.I was skeptical but needed to lose at least 10 pounds.After taking this for one week and without changing my diet or exercising, I have lost 5 pounds.I will continue using this and recommend it to my friends.Thanks for such an awesome product!!!

  255. natalie sparrow

    I am not feeling the results as much as I have on other brands

  256. Marlene

    I had been losing a few pounds, but when I started this product, I gained it all back. It didnt work!

  257. Everett McIlwee

    Had no effect

  258. Yvonne

    I lost 2 pounds In one week.

  259. TD

    Great product. I use it for my longer road rides and it seems to help muscle through the climb

  260. Pamela

    Did not work for me!

  261. Cindy

    Great product, fast shipping!

  262. tammy

    This product was as described and so far I like it very well.

  263. Kristi W.

    Doesn’t suppress my appetite

  264. Amazon Customer


  265. Kimberley L. Smith

    I’ve been taking this for over a month, it does NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. I want a refund of this product so I can clear out my medicine cabinet of this huge bottle of NOTHING.

  266. Amazon Customer

    This is my third month with forskolen. Unfortunately I cannot report a wieghtloss. I can’t tell it’s doing anything.

  267. Anne-marie Wooten

    Doesn’t have a bad after taste as some forskolin products do.

  268. WA W.


  269. michael brown

    Good buy

  270. Koulekov

    Been using Pure Forskolin 2000mg for over a week now, product is as described im feeling more energised and overall better, will be ordering again.

  271. Happy

    This is the highest dose at a great value that I found so far.

  272. Grissell Morales


  273. Barbara C. Chen

    I read about a woman’s claim – taking this every morning with a cup of warm water, mixing in with 1 or 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar,, made her lost many pounds weight in two weeks.But, I not only did not loose any, but gained more. And I have been taking this for one month.I did not increase my intake of food, nor had any dessert or sweets. Never had soft drinks.I will finish this bottle instead of throwing it away. Hope it would work by then.Maybe my body was born different than hers and others.

  274. Tina Metcalf-Tarpley

    Love this product! I’m getting where I want to be! Try it! If I can do it, anyone in this world can do it! You won’t be disappointed

  275. Nancy Bridwell

    I’ve been eating really bad lately, I haven’t gained any weight while taking this product.

  276. UnderCover Jellyfish

    this is a fake product, it does not contain 2100mg of forskolin, if you turn it over to the back to read the supplement facts, it’s just 2100mg of the dried powdered herb

  277. Teenie GFIA

    It’s only been a week but so far so good. Keep you posted!

  278. daniel

    Not worthy everything about this pills is not tru i drink half of the bottle all it does makes me sick in my belly, junk.

  279. ~III~

    Use case study: one pill—ingested same time each morning, six days a week. Post breakfast, with tea or H2O. At half way point, no noticeable difference as either appetite suppressant or otherwise improving weight management. Nor any increase to HR. I have to this point, Not realized any change whatsoever.

  280. Fred

    Helps keep tummy fat under control.

  281. Luv2Read

    Came on time. Good product.

  282. Eugene Sanchez

    It brought down my daily numbers by 30 to 40. Until I take another AC1 test and then I will know it it works

  283. Customer

    Didn’t have any effect on energy levels or appetite. Won’t be wasting money on this again.

  284. tiffeney

    Great Price, great value

  285. enjoyremodeling

    Bought for aunt-said she has lost a few pounds.

  286. Virginia Gonzales

    I feel wonderful

  287. Karl M Larson

    Product works great. Curbs my appetite and gives me energy for the day.

  288. Jacqueline buckland

    Didnt work for me.

  289. M. Andrews

    It works for curbing your appetite!

  290. LynnSam

    Did not disappoint!

  291. James K.

    No weight loss

  292. Argyro P

    Trying them for the first time

  293. Madolyn Charnes

    I love this product! Helps control my cravings and appetite while supplying some well needed energy.!

  294. E.G.

    It didn’t work for me. Nothing changed.

  295. Sandra S

    I have seen results in less than 2 weeks using this product.

  296. Alex

    Does not work…better weight loss with HCG drops

  297. Jose Eduardo Flores

    Does not help to burn belly fat

  298. Melinda Zapata

    i noticed within several days of taking this product that i was starting to lose weight. combined with acv works wonders and is great at suppressing my appetite. would highly recommend

  299. Fatim

    It didn’t curb my apetit at all

  300. Mariyan Ivanov

    My wife is really happy as she lost significant weight very fast after starting this Forskolin !Will be placing another order very soon !Finally a product that works !

  301. Rose

    I saw no results

  302. Amazon Customer

    Don’t waste your money!!!!!

  303. Michael Dillon

    works great

  304. christene bonilla

    I don’t believe this works, it’s fraudulent

  305. Angel F.

    I used this product for weight loss. I wanted something that didn’t have a bunch of fillers. It definitely helped to maintain my weight especially during those holiday party times. You do need to exercise and eat clean. I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I also took it with Citrimax. I took both before meals. I just reordered another bottle.

  306. Amazon Customer

    have only been taking them for a week but feel i have more energy.

  307. Diana Palinca

    Capsules arrived on time. Too soon to know the effect BUT so glad therevare no jitters/side effects. Stay tuned, I’ll be back.

  308. Ron Hendler

    I am feeling that after a few weeks my belly fat is being reduced. I feel more muscular in the middle. My doctor said that was muscle unfder the fat, I guess he was right. People should try this product.

  309. Hewit

    Works great

  310. Deborah F

    Ad says 2100mg STRENGTH. Actual bottle says 2100mg EQUIVALENT. Only 525mg. Actual Ingredient

  311. lori foster

    I haven’t used it long enough to see any results but it was delivered promptly!

  312. David Thompson

    helps me maintain my weight

  313. Mindy Taskey

    Had absolutely no problems with receiving the order and the product was exactly as stated as in description.

  314. Greg Flores

    Helps with burning unwanted fat. The key is exercise. It will meet you half way.

  315. Granny25

    I bought this product to remove weight and help control my blood pressure. I know it has helped to lower my blood pressure. I have been on medication for over 30 years for my blood pressure but the last few years it has been running higher than usual. I still take my blood pressure medication and with Pure Forskolin my pressure has gone down. to what it was several years ago. I have only been on it for a couple of weeks but i see a difference. I have more energy because I now get up earlier and i am not so tired. I am over 70 – FYI. ;>)

  316. John J Johnson

    100% Pure Forskolin 2000mg gives me a noticeable improvement in energy and helps curb my appetite. I began using It last week, taking one capsule a day with meals, and my activity level went way up! I’ll write another review next week to share more. I suspect my metabolism will have increased to the point that I will have lost some weight! Check back soon!

  317. Idalia M.

    Not impressed

  318. katiei

    I’m using it for wt loss and appetite control along with Garcinia Camboga

  319. Kendra B

    Been on product a while, haven’t lost any weight

  320. tiffany

    In order for you to see the best results you’re gonna have to put in work as well. Eat right, drink plenty of water, and work out. Be consistent and then you’ll see what it can really do for you. If you expect these pills to work like magic and you don’t put in the work then yes you will be upset because it won’t work..

  321. delia amahit

    I love this product.

  322. Daniel

    I am not seeing numbers change, but I can feel it within my clothes. Like anything, these are supplements not magic pills. I am following a workout plan along with using these products.

  323. Amazon Customer


  324. thom k bennett

    haven’t noticed any changes.

  325. duane mellinger

    This product gives my an elevated heart rate and headaches. Quit taking after about 10 days.

  326. Marie Benoit

    This stuff does not work at all! I take forskolin and this is by far my biggest disappointment. I accidentally ordered 2 bottles and am now stuck with it

  327. kim

    I cannot comment because I have only taken it for 1 week. No difference so far, but I keep getting annoying emails to submit a review, so here it is.


    Staryed using and lost a few inches.

  329. asphalt_cowgirl

    Had high hopes for this product. I have been on it for almost two weeks and GAINED 9 pounds. I was eating less and eating healthier. I have never weighed so much in my life. I am stopping this product immediately!

  330. Okielulu67

    This product caused me serious digestive issues and bloating. It did not work for me.

  331. Amazon Customer

    Been taking for about two weeks. Weight was 235. Weight today 228. Lost 7lb. It seems to be working well. Need to get thru this bottle and see where I’m at. If weight loss continues will order another bottle. Got the product in a timely manner no complaints there. Wait and see for now.

  332. marsjr

    It is easy to take and swallow. But I have not noticed any weight loss per say since I started the product.

  333. Fernando M.


  334. Jack

    Don’t know if it works yet

  335. UC2015

    I started taking this supplement not quite a month ago after reading up on several types. This is the most potent. I did not change my diet but I have lost 6 pounds in a little over three weeks.

  336. dimitre papazov

    As advertised. Works for me as far as helping me suppress my hunger. Lost 6 lbs since on it.

  337. Steven D. Baker

    I have very low testosterone and these do help to elevate my levels.


    El producto es como lo esperábamos

  339. Stephanie

    Tried with apple cider vinegar and keto for weight loss but felt so bloated and actually gained weight

  340. Kimberly

    Great appetite suppressant. I take these every morning and they help me to feel like I’m starving by lunch time. I also snack less throughout the day. Good stuff!

  341. Timmy d

    works as described.

  342. Derek Martel Mullins

    Used this product for a month and I haven’t lost a single pound :/ …I would like a refund.

  343. Amazon Customer

    Love this

  344. chuckleby

    Didn’t do anything for me. Sent them back.

  345. Not for publication


  346. Carolyn

    This product did not help at all. I followed the instructions and kept my diet simple but it didn’t have any effect. What a farce.

  347. Audreyrose Campbell

    This product doesn’t work. ?? I heard nothing but good stuff just for it to not help me at all

  348. Ephraim Manasseh

    Never worked! I lost no weight and I took these faithfully. I even gained weight and Im Vegetarian and eat only 1 to 2 healthy meals a day. Im still waiting for my money back after months.

  349. Terry Pettus

    Hoping for better results

  350. hugh jorgan


  351. Reuben Rivera

    it didn’t do anything for me. don’t waste your money.

  352. Grammieof8

    Appetite suppressant

  353. Dr. Dwight Davidson

    Only used a few weeks, but I have lost almost 1” in my abdomen and an additional loss of volume in my “love handles”. I will reorder.

  354. Marine53

    A waste of money, dont buy these products off Amazon go to the natural websites. Still using and no difference.

  355. Skye dreamer

    No ill effects, often supplements of any kind do not agree with my system. I have no problems so far.Too soon to determine results

  356. mmcourr

    It’s correcting my body composition. No weight loss yet. Feel a sense of well being. Sleeping so good! More energy during the day. No jitters like other products. I’m 58, obese and just want to get my blood pressure down. Can’t describe the feeling. Just feel happier. I feel my body changing! So excited. Just bought another bottle. Give it time people….

  357. G. Mrtz

    Waste of money.

  358. ~Z~

    I’ve never once received herbal capsules that were a solid not powdered on the inside. I am someone who doesn’t swallow capsules; I open the capsule & empty it’s contents into a drink. Every single capsule I’ve opened for the past 2 weeks were so hard I had to bite the capsules to break up the herb to get it out of the capsule. I’m almost positive this is caused by heat & maybe on purpose. Only the long part of the capsules is full and the short end is empty. Heat destroys the efficacy of the herb so I will have to send this back.

  359. Bws

    Too soon to see any results from taking the product but the purchase was top notch.

  360. ForeverBlessed

    This product has worked as discribed…. I am using it to loss a few pounds and to help maintain my blood pressure… So far so good… I will update if there are any changes…Update :this product took a bit of time, but I can really see the benefits…. I went through 1 1/2 bottles before I could really tell there was a benefit… However I do recommend this…. Just remember your eating lifestyle does matter…

  361. Thumper545

    Great weight loss product.

  362. Joan Bird

    This has helped with weight loss when nothing else has. I highly recommend this product.

  363. Tony Bridges

    have used about a month now, can tell a difference in energy level

  364. papa bear

    Ordered before like using this product

  365. Rebecca Held

    It works fast!

  366. Amazon Customer

    Weight loss

  367. Amazon Customer

    Good price on time del.

  368. Erica

    Only use a small amount of Apple cider vinegar

  369. Rachel Joles

    Not impressed with these, noticed nothing, I truly believe there is no pill that is going to work magic! It all in diet and exercise

  370. Sara Fernandez

    I only have to take 1 capsule and it works! Plus, it has triple the amount of capsules than what I used to buy!

  371. Karen

    I really wanted this to work but it gave me a stomach ache. Also no weight was lost.

  372. Barbara Green

    I bought this product because I have struggled w/stubborn belly fat for my entire life…I have now been taking the product for almost a month and I haven’t lost any weight, but my belly does appear to be smaller. I will be ordering this product again to try over the long haul. Package arrived as described in a timely manner and felt the price was just right as well.

  373. wendy garcia

    I’m still taking the product and I gained weight. I took forskoling before but from another brand. This one didn’t work

  374. L. Maxine Johnson

    Did not work as advertised for weight loss.

  375. Kathleen S.

    I have been taking Forskolin for almost 3 years! I am amazed by the amount of weight I lost and the healthy way!! I’m trying this one now because it has more mgs per capsule, so let’s see if it works better than the other brand I’m using…in about a month I’ll update.

  376. Eddie Bullock

    The product is good but did not see any results

  377. Amazon Customer

    Still hungry.didnt lose weight

  378. david

    On the second day you’ll start to take some huge massive dumps, which will help you lose weight. It also works better when staying active but even if you don’t, you’ll ay least feel better and lighter.

  379. Socrates Colindres

    I’d give this a fair trial for your nutrition plan. Remember, SUPPLEMENT this with proper strength training, cardio activities, meal plans, and sleep hygiene. THEN you’ll really see the results!! Dont take my words only — look at all the other reviews!

  380. Maureen

    I have tried these. Total waste of money. Was exercising and eating absolutely no carbs/sugars etc. Lost nothing. Was not a weight loss fuel.

  381. Priscilla

    This was too much forskolin. Instead of daily I take every three days. When I take daily my throat would inflame and become dry. 3 days works just fine for me. Taking daily cider vinegar with this forskolin every third day has really helped clean my system. I did not reap the benefits of weight loss due to some other reasons but the cleansing is great.

  382. Ray S.

    Good product, great seller and price.

  383. Recordsball

    Doesn’t seem to work. A week of taking it and no real changes.

  384. Andrea M.

    Here’s no side affects but it’s too early to tell if it’s going to work for weight loss

  385. Merle

    I’m using it to help lose weight.

  386. MissDeborah7

    Been taking it for weeks now and it doesn’t do anything I expected. I even crave more food than I was 🙁

  387. DJ

    It seems to curb my appetite really well!

  388. Sara L

    Caused terrible nausea 1 hour after taking every time.

  389. Toni Madsen

    Good product

  390. Amazon Customer

    The mg size versus cost is appealing

  391. Vira

    There is no magic pill. 🙁

  392. Amazon Customer

    Half a bottle used and NO results. And it appears that this item is NON refundable!

  393. Mark Twain

    The product didn’t work. It might work for others but it didn’t do anything for me.

  394. Robert Forman

    Does not work.

  395. Jill Lovett

    I’ve tried other products, but this does what it says it will!


    The wife seems to think her apatite is less and is slowly losing weight

  397. Suri

    Es una mentira que funciona en el adelgazamiento. No funciona.

  398. duane bergeson

    Just started using it

  399. Jody M.

    I think I read on the Internet that there might be medical problems taking this product that has more than 50 MG Pure Forskolin a day. I’m not willing to take a chance with this product. Wasn’t the seller’s fault; I should have read more about Pure Forskolin.

  400. theresa masucci

    When I take these, I lose weight faster and I need only one a day. Not hungry and no jitters

  401. nick konyn

    Masive pain in my gut

  402. Renee williams

    I see some weight lose so i think its a great product. Im glad i bought it.

  403. Vickie Worrel

    100% Pure Forskolin 2000mg Per Caps really works. This is a plus especially in today’s market flooded with so many similar diet aids. Non-GMO and Gluten Free! I will be re-ordering this product again and again.

  404. Kerry A

    No help from this product. Returning.

  405. Isaac

    girlfriend gained 5 lbs+ while taking these while dieting and exercising. works well as a laxative!

  406. Wendy Bohrer

    It helps weight loss

  407. Shea Daniels

    It arrived very quickly and I’m happy with the product.

  408. mary shannon quillian

    Not sure yet. Have not lost weight yet but just started to take product!

  409. Bobby J. Perry

    I tried these for several days and they really made my blood pressure go up and heart race, especially when laying down. Thought I might have a hearts attach so I stopped taking them. Back to normal now, but I don’t recommend them.

  410. William Ming

    They are really working great for me on the weight loss I’m very impressed and not much physical activity besides walking. Great product

  411. JoAnn Collins

    Differently would purchase again it works

  412. charles lehmann


  413. betty f

    It is improving my all over health

  414. Paul Winchester

    Good product

  415. The truth

    I liked this product because it helped with raising testosterone

  416. beena dill – roopnarine

    I using this 2 weeks now it curbs you appetite therefore helps with weight loss

  417. marysmom


  418. Dragan kocic

    Grat product!

  419. jburton1963

    Try another product

  420. Mona

    I like them I have taken them for 2 weeks si far.

  421. Amazon Customer

    Didn’t do anything for me

  422. Cindy

    I have been using this product in conjunction with the ketogenic diet and for the first time ever my weight loss goals have been accomplished and maintained. I am a believer!

  423. T. Bronson


  424. Amazon Customer


  425. Peni Read

    Have had no results whatsoever

  426. Amazon Customer

    Been taking for awhile don’t see any changes

  427. Robert Blevins

    Thing to know is I have been in physical therapy and have had to be off my foot for several months. So just to lose a little bit of weight with no exercise, I would say it’s doing what it’s supposed to without miracle expectations. As far as energy, I haven’t been out and about enough to notice a difference. I am going to continue to take it until it’s gone and will be able to actually give a proper review of this then. By that time I hope to be back to work and will be able to see the difference.

  428. Lynette

    This product works with along with a mindful diet

  429. Katharine M. Downer

    These did not work, and are not worth the money.

  430. Sab.C.

    Gread product and packaging. Only been in it for 9 days and lost some weight. I like that it curves my appetite and helps me change my eating habits. Great value for the price too.

  431. Kymm

    This literally did nothing for me. At all.

  432. Amazon Customer

    1 pill a day keeps my appetite away

  433. geb49


  434. Drew


  435. james herrick

    I take it with apple cider vinegar pills and they work great.

  436. Andrea


  437. Amazon Customer

    Have been taken. I have used this for two weeks with no results. Does not work for me.

  438. Kelly Silvey

    Taken for4 days and no weight loss but gained 2-3 lbs. my husband gained 4 lbs in 2 days. We also have been watching our intake. Doesn’t make sense. I will be returning the unused bottle I didn’t use.

  439. DDL

    no apparent results

  440. Kyle W.

    I like the results i’m getting .

  441. Janet

    Great product. My stomach feels lighter, I have more energy, not as tired. Actually stopped my depression, I feel so much better in so many ways. Best purchase I made.

  442. ChancessR

    Fantastic……fast shipping… early to say anything but do like the appetite curbing.

  443. Amazon Customer

    great product

  444. Kristen Lowe

    This has kept my blood pressure down and cholesterol perfect!

  445. Graham Mayfield

    This seems to help best when I put the effort forth of eating a low calorie diet.

  446. Marian Couperthwaite

    Not sure how wrll this is working yet. I take two at night but can’t honestly say I feel any different. Will keep taking and hopefully will feel or see results soon.


    I have been taking these for 2 weeks and have seen no difference.

  448. kimberly

    There is nothing I dislike about this product!! I have taken Forskolin since 2013 an I started with the 800mg. This Forskolin 2000mg is even better at trimming my waist line an keeping weight off!! I absolutely love this product an give it 5 stare rating!!

  449. Harvey D.

    Prompt delivery of product as advertised. I’d like to see if it will help me reduce my belly fat.

  450. N S

    Seems to work for weight loss.

  451. S.Roxy

    Don’t waste your money. it doesn’t do anything

  452. Amazon Customer

    This works in about an hour…. so stay close to home! 😉

  453. A K

    Its great product and I have seen improvements in HBP while taking this capsules with my regular medicine. Before I was struggling to get HBP down even with my regular medicine and did not want to increase my dosage. I am also not feeling hungry any more and no more snacking plus getting some wrights down. I have matured fats so that will take some time but happy with the results

  454. Jennifer

    Didn’t really work for me!

  455. Robert C Jeschke

    Makes me feel better helps some with weight loss

  456. Leander DeGuise

    I have not yet to lose 1 lb. since taking this. I feel this product does not work

  457. Kindle Customer

    Works well

  458. Amazon Customer

    Great Product

  459. John Roberts

    Complete waste of money.Didn’t do a thing.

  460. Pat Culberson

    I’ve been using Forskolin 2000mg for over a month now. It has NOT worked at all It’s claim to fame is a lie, just as all the other products on the market. Sadly, I bought 2 bottles. I’m disappointed to say the least!!

  461. Amazon Customer

    Love that it helps in NOT gaining weight. Was hoping it would help with burning fat and weight loss. Oh well…. I will reorder so i wont gain that weight back.

  462. Kim Witherspoon

    Doesn’t seem to work. I found the drops to be more effective.

  463. DaDew

    Weight stayed exactly the same! Returned remaining product for full refund.

  464. Nanner

    Been using once a day for week haven’t really lost any weight from it , will keep on taking it feels tighter in stomach area but no pounds lost . Not sure if it works like it says .

  465. Edie Scott

    Great product for a great price!

  466. Charles K. Gorga

    I received this product on time as described, in excellent condition. This is my second purchase of this product which I am very happy with. I would definitely recommend this product it works for me!

  467. Leslie Healy

    No results with this product – I contacted the website NusaPure for a refund as advertised, they said to contact Amazon Seller – seems like I am going round in circles. Any comments from the seller here for my refund as promised, with “no questions asked?

  468. Christopher Teese

    So far so good.

  469. Shoppers Delight

    This product does work to suppress your appetite, however 1 tab did not work for me, but 2 tabs did.

  470. Amazon Customer

    No results No weight loss No change what so ever. A total waste of money?

  471. Workman34

    Great product

  472. Maureen

    Can’t be a good value for the money. Doesn’t work Have been doing this for a few weeks now. No change

  473. Katherine Crowley

    It worked

  474. escape dog Customer

    Not sure it’s making a difference!

  475. Michael Poteat

    Not happy waste of time and money then they said they would give me 10% off my next order I’m not wasting any more money

  476. William J Arrieta P


  477. sara jakubowski

    Took these don’t work

  478. Anna Morales

    This product really curves my appetite. I am happy with it so far.

  479. Michael Augustus

    Product bought for fat reduction. But has a plus benefit for men. Raising Testosterone. High quality dosage.

  480. Lorraine W.

    Love this stuff. Not feeling hungry all day.

  481. Magda Bazaldua


  482. Fred R

    This product did nothing. If I could submit with 0 stars I would

  483. Tina Langell

    Has really cured my appetite,

  484. David Laird

    early in the stage (2 weeks) no progress yet but remain hopefull

  485. Amazon Customer

    I just started I have not lost nothing yet. I will let you know how it works

  486. Keri B

    Not sure how I liked it. So far nothing is happening.

  487. Elaine Brown

    Love this product help curb my appetite.

  488. Mary E.Thorn

    Just another joke. Great service from Amazon. I’ll just keep losing weight by watching my diet and exercising. Very misleading just like others. Took for 2 months.

  489. Amazon Customer

    Works great

  490. Rebecca Hahn

    Does not work in ANY way. Do not waste your money. This product is a worthless scam.

  491. Amazon Customer

    I have not taken the product long enough to know anything

  492. carla miller

    Love this product. I works if you are taking it every day . Great product!!

  493. vicki Hemming

    Great product! Have ordered another supplement from NusaPure as well.

  494. Engels and Evelyn Ortiz

    I didn’t feel better

  495. Blacziliankisses subscribe to my YouTube

    Sadly enough… I did EVERYTHING I should. I ate healthy, cut soda out, and moderate exercise…so please explain to me how I gained weight. Very frustrating especially when people like myself are trying to lead healthy lifestyles. Didn’t surpress my appetite but the depression from the result did even more. And not eating at all doesn’t help your journey. I will not buy again. 8f I could, I’d ask for a refund.

  496. kelly

    I got this to help with a little weight loss but have not seen any results in that area. However it seems to be helping my blood pressure so thats a worthwhile bonus.

  497. kmcco

    I have not yet used the higher mg version as I had remaining product from a previous order. Obviously, I liked the results or would not have ordered again. It helps to curb my appetite and consequently minimizes overeating. I can definitely tell a difference on a skipped day.

  498. Jeni

    Thank you

  499. GPShopper

    I take Keto to help with weight loss and weight maintenance. This is one of the best products I have used,and it really seems to be working.

  500. Jim

    So far into two weeks using this product. I believe using this longer will show results as of yet nothing to honestly to report.

  501. Elizabeth

    Unfortunately did nothing for me

  502. Amazon Customer


  503. Amazon Customer

    This works well! Follow the instructions

  504. Diane Martin

    I like no noticeable side effects. Asking me to write a review is a bit early for this product. It will take time to work so ask me again in November if you want

  505. Amazon Customer

    It seems to be working.

  506. Doe Heath

    This was my 2nd order. It really seems to curb my appetite. I noticed a difference in my waist size as well.I can’t say for sure that it’s from this but it’s the only new supplement I’ve added so I’m just going to keep taking it.

  507. Lisa Kuntz

    Terrible! Did not work

  508. Joe

    I like this product. I am using this for my diet.

  509. Amazon Customer

    helps with appetite suppression

  510. D. Gonzales

    Dr Oz is full of crap. This pill is nonsense and doesn’t work

  511. Michael Foster

    Using topically by compounding with yohimbine HCL and caffeine powders into a cream base. Great results so far on stubborn sub Q abdominal fat.

  512. Debra Duke

    Have lost 5 lbs so far

  513. Jennifer

    product did not help me at all

  514. J. Schaefer

    Trying this out- so far no complaints

  515. Elizabeth

    Why does my label say 2000mg rather then 1400mg should i take this high amount of tjis type of pill?

  516. eileen s. janicke

    I’ve been taking this product for about 20 days, and haven’t noticed any difference. No weight loss and no increase in energy. Have even cut back on meal portions with no results. Honestly I don’t think I would buy this again.

  517. Amazon Customer

    This product works great. I have not changed me eating habits and my daily activity. The best part is my belly is completely gone and I still eat like a horse and have lost 44 pounds in 40 days even though i have cut down to taking one capsule every 2 days.

  518. Amazon Customer

    Fair results

  519. ANNEE

    Review by Annee – I’m dead serious that within a couple days of receiving this stuff, I was down 2 pounds. Is it a result of the Forskolin? IDK, but I’ll keep taking it. I completely changed my diet and began exercising back in April 2018. Up until just before I got the product, I had lost 26 lbs by eating properly and exercising 4-6 times per week. I was losing at the rate of about 1 pound a week. So when I got on the scale a couple days after I started the Forskolin and was down 2 more pounds, I can’t help but give credit to the product. Is it my imagination? IDK, IDC! I just know I’m happy with the results. If I’m down a couple more by the end of this week, I’ll be absolutely convinced!

  520. Amazon Customer

    Product curved my appetite it also helps counting calories and exercise too. Experiencing a steady weight loss I recommend this product.

  521. Mills18444

    So far it seems to work, but not as fast as thought..

  522. Maira

    Forskolin WORKS! I wasn’t pretty sure bout forskolin but it surprised me and it works ! It’s been 3 weeks that I take Forskolin and I lost 17 POUNDS without any sport! But if you wanna loose your belly I recommend you to do sport but otherwise Forskolin works ! I’m very very grateful and I recommend it for you!

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