Astragalus 6000mg – 200 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non – GMO)

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  • High absorption Astragalus 6,000 mg strength per serving. With Bioperine.
  • A 20:1 extract equivalent to 6,000 mg of Astragalus root.
  • Max Supply (200 Capsules Per Bottle & 100-Day Supply)
  • Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with high manufacturing and sourcing standards.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*


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307 reviews for Astragalus 6000mg – 200 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non – GMO)

  1. Sonia White

    This herb has been an important part of improving my chronic kidney disease. In order to avoid or get off of dialysis, I would advise anyone to add this herb to their daily regimen of meds and supplements.

  2. Brian K

    Originally I was researching immune support for my dog who had lymphoma and was undergoing chemotherapy. After buying them I was advised by our veterinary oncologist not to give them to him. After reading that they are very beneficial to humans for immune support I decided to start taking them. This product along with my multi vitamins have been very effective in keeping my immune system strong as I had been working night shift and wasn’t sleeping much and I never even developed a head cold.

  3. Jlag007

    Excellent product and seller! I’m trying to jumpstart my immune system, give it a boost.So for so good ????

  4. Don Palm

    I have never taken this product before. So can’t rate it now.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product

  6. Chuck D

    I use it for its anti-inflammatory properties. I feel that it helps my arthritis.

  7. gracie

    I take astragalus everyday but up my dosage in the winter months to prevent colds and flu. It naturally builds your immune system to fight off any kind of viruses that you may encounter from being with other sick people with colds or flu. I swear by it and haven’t had cold or the flu in over ten years. If I feel something coming on I increase my dosage and in few days feel fine again. Would recommend it to anyone.

  8. D. Garrett

    My acupuncturist recommended this supplement to boost my immune system. I bought this as it is non GMO. I have been taking it for several months and have not gotten those dreaded winter colds. I will definitely continue taking this.

  9. Strongmommy76

    A couple of times I have felt like I was getting sick. The symptoms lasted only a day and were very mild. This is so huge, because I am the one who catches every sickness going around. I can never escape it. Also when I get sick it’s really bad. I’m always sick for at least 2 to 4 weeks. This is the best product I’ll probably take it for the rest of my life

  10. River

    Still taking. Husband really likes it. I cannot take it unfortunately because of meds I’m on. Husband’s check up came back great!!!!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Just into about three days of taking vitamins to early to see results .I feel this will help

  12. Dino Del Toro

    There is no way to prove if this works or no. I been taking it for sometimes and still don’t see any difference or improvement. Not for me. Important to know what we put into our body. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

  13. Christine Heimbach

    My sugar readings have improved.

  14. Samson Tee

    Seems effective to my dad who has radiation pneumonitis caused by radiation therapy.. he had been experiencing fatigue but after taking this for a week his energy comes back to normal and his fatigue was gone.. DGood for revitalizing qi energy and without harmful side effects. Early research suggest this supplement also has cancer fighting potential… so definitely a 5 star!

  15. BJ777

    I had almost immediate positive results from this product. I used it for a inflammation-related auto-immune disease. I am ordering it for a second time. I wish I knew more about origins and authentic organic certifications for these herbs grown in China. But it does work.

  16. Susan L. Ream

    Love this product! Keeps my immune system strong. The customer service was quick and easy. I highly recommend it.

  17. Diana H.

    Not sure

  18. Maureen E. Profera

    I used to take another brand and I had to take up to three capsules per day. Too many pills. Love this product.

  19. ronnie

    Very good quality. I’m happy with this brand

  20. Bob in Columbus

    love this product

  21. sharon

    False advertisement. They changed the product and put way less astragalus in the pills. I will be returning. SCAM

  22. James A. Talley

    Thus far the product is very good for my immune support

  23. romy brubaker

    Great useful helpful product for me.

  24. FishingFool

    I have used astragalus for 20 years for immune system improvement and it’s been extremely effective. I prefer this product as it’s 4 times as potent as the previous product I used and it’s made in the United States. Excellent customer service as well.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been taking Astragalus along with my 92 year old Mom with slight dementia, for about 1 week. I keep track of different nutrients to see if there is any change in behavour. Too soon to tell yet, but I’m looking forward to feeling younger!!!

  26. JD

    This stuff works great, the only problem is that it contains rice flour which causes glucose spikes if it wasnt for that I would give it 5 stars, so diabetics beware of the filler

  27. tatiana

    lo recomiendo

  28. Calixta Mazzi

    Excellent product

  29. Georgina

    Used to help ward off diseases of any kind; so far, we seem to be able to do just that.

  30. The Furz

    I purchased Pure Astragalus to help heal my body after months of chemotherapy. The product has many benefit claims that cant be measured precisely but I can say the herb has given me extra energy and appears to have helped return my blood to normal levels. The capsules are easy to swallow and there is no lingering taste. An excellent product.

  31. Thummim Xavier

    Love everything about it. Researched this product in the past and from my own experience works for me especially during the winter.

  32. kim kinzel

    Been using it for awhile, and love the affects. I feel better, and look better

  33. .,lili


  34. Inspector Clouseau

    Contents of capsul turned hard. I open supplement capsuls and mix the powder into V8 juice for consumption. Contents of these capsuls are hard as a rock. Don’t know if thats intentional or not, but they are not suitable for my method.

  35. Mike

    This is so much less expensive than TA-65. It might lack some ancillary items in their formula, but Astragalus is reputedly the heavy lifting agent in the quest for telomere lengthening. At least, given the state of the art at this moment, it’s the thing. Why should I pay so much more for TA-65?

  36. harpersp

    Assume this is a good product as I went by reviews. Thanks. This was suggested by my Oncologist.

  37. Renate

    This is a product recommended by Dr Andrew Weil and may boost your immune system to prevent or recover more easily from the Covid19 Coronavirus

  38. ALLtech

    Product works

  39. CHLE

    I broke out in hives for a month. After I stopped taking it because I couldn’t believe it ! Through them, all pills away. Not for me I heard good about this natural pill.

  40. Colin

    No really expressing an opinion just yet. As with any supplement, it takes awhile for me to notice any results. I’d suggest you buy a bottle and try it.

  41. Patricia G.

    Great product. Easy to swallow. I look and feel better

  42. Amazon Customer

    No flavor cause it’s a capsule, I’m a repeat customer

  43. michaelgodbold

    product arrived on time hopefully i will see great results with continuos use

  44. Shelia S

    I am a cancer patient on Targeted Chemo and it has kept me healthy all winter. No flu, no viruses . . . Try it.

  45. Pru

    No clue if it works

  46. Jill

    This is one herb that helps me COPE,… is an adaptogen,…and this brand seems VERY pure.

  47. L2Sides

    Astragalus is key to keeping my immune system strong and my adrenals working well. I keep it stocked at all times.

  48. HowardsEnd

    Excellent product. Take it for allergies.

  49. vicki ridgeway

    Good value

  50. H. L. Howell

    Supplements such as these take some time to be noticable. I have not been taking this long enough to give a good review, but I will say there is a slight improvement already.

  51. QueenA

    I love it. I have been feeling great since being regular on these supplements.

  52. Live Laugh Love

    Specifically taking this product for anti-aging assistance. After 2-1/2 months of taking one capsule daily, I can report the following for me: 1) Immediately felt more energy. 2) Skin looked better 3) immune system seems fairly strong. I have noticed less graying — but still some. I have also noticed some prominent wrinkles lessening on facial area. It has been worth the experiment so far. I do not know if it is helping to lengthen my telomeres or not but will continue to take for overall vitality I am feeling. Do not take close to sleep as you may feel too active.

  53. cooperrosedave

    The astragalus that was sent to me has an expiration date of 2021 . I opened up a capsule to make sure that it’s astragalus and the powder inside is so rock hard that u have to pry it out with a knife . Must be a bad batch or really old herbs . From now on I’m going to look inside any capsules to make sure I’m getting a fresh product .

  54. Perry Wollam

    using product for chronic kidney problems

  55. Shiela S.

    I started taking these when I found out I had MRSA. It’s been three years and I have not had an outbreak so obviously they work

  56. Bing Zhang

    After I open the white cap, I found the bottle is not sealed. This gives me an impression that this is not safe to take.

  57. janet l janes

    It says 3000 mg. That is misleading as it equates TO 200 actual mg. of the beneficial ingredient. I was disappointed.

  58. quilter

    I’m hoping this product will help me to stay healthier through the winter flu and cold season.

  59. Amazon Customer

    I was having bad sinus problems until my friend recommended this product, I have been taking it about 6 months and do not suffer like once did.

  60. John A. Hayes

    Using foamy urine as an indication of poor kidney function due to letting proteins into urine . It reduces ( not eliminate ) the amount of my foamy urine.

  61. julio

    Being taking it for only 2 weeks , so far good

  62. nakreeya

    Good product

  63. JK

    Trying for first time.Excellent product and price

  64. Walt#


  65. Dennis

    I need all I can get to Immunities up!

  66. Miguel Estevez

    Have not taken long enough to know if it has an effect.

  67. S.C. Lou

    I love the potency of this product.

  68. Jan Williams

    Helps get your immune system stronger especially in this season.

  69. A – Z

    Dad has lung cancer, he has been taking this for about a month along with other medication, et’s see how it works out.

  70. Deborah M.

    Using this product for kidney health.

  71. Kid Blue

    This product was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Use astragalus during the fall, winter, and spring to prevent colds. Not just me as this product was recommended by Dr. Oz to boost my ammune system.

  72. Amazon Customer

    its great

  73. br

    Great pill, natural and works for inflammation. I feel great after a couple of days

  74. Aprille Lee Miller

    Fast delivery, great price. Excellent product.

  75. Stephanie Frate

    I received my product as described and on time. Thank you.

  76. Jose Luis Fernandez Rojas

    Facil de ingerir

  77. Golfnifecenc

    I liked at everything the product promised it has delivered.

  78. My3Halls

    Super excited to receive this product. Astragalus is highly recommended for telomere support. What a great value at 200 capsules. Been taking them daily since I received my bottle. Planning on purchasing again. Thank you!

  79. Sana C.

    Maybe best on the market

  80. chuck

    I take Pure Astragalus to build up my immunity and it’s working. I haven’t had the flu in many years if ever. I highly recommend this product.

  81. amy617

    Great product and great company.

  82. Amazon Customer

    I like the fact that this is a clean product without fillers

  83. Gerardo Esis

    Lo mejor para tiempo de Coronavirus

  84. Neil Dbenedetto

    I haven’t gotten a cold or been sick since I got this product and started taking it. I have been taking one pill every night before bed for the past 8 months. (I am writing this review as I am ordering my next batch) I even went through the holidays and flu season without getting anything and I always get a cold during the holidays. Even my coworkers were sick and I didn’t catch anything.Now, I don’t know if this is due to taking this product, but the only thing that has changed from last year is taking this supplement. Hmmmmmm.. I wonder if it will kill the corona virus……

  85. Tamara Parker

    My husband took this as directed according to the bottle for a about 2 weeks. He started to feel ill and could not figure out why at first. We then figured it out. It was Astragalus making him ill. He stopped taking it and he felt better after about 2 days. Not everyone can take some natural supplements. It might work for others but not my husband. As far as packaging, pill size and flavor the are good. Now what to do with the unopened bottle and the opened bottle pills. :/

  86. Brandy Krow

    It will take longer for me to determine if this is a benefit to my health, but so far so good.

  87. Anderson

    Good product

  88. Amazon Customer

    i like that i got what i wanted

  89. Denise Young

    It really does benefit the brain and sinus. It also makes you pee a good bit too.

  90. repatterson19

    Supposed to help grow longer telemeres and helping with anti aging. Been taking them, not sure if it is doing what it claims to do and not sure how you find out, but continuing the product. Noticed no difference good or bad, so continuing to take them.

  91. Amazon Customer


  92. Pathfinder

    Health, diet and exercise is something you can do for a better life. Get started now and don’t look back. Astragalus is a first supplement to get and Nusa Pure is the best I have found.

  93. Joyful

    It seriously helps my health in every way: Anti inflammatory, anti aging, immunity booster.

  94. Terri

    Great product to help prevent and/or lessen the effects of a cold or flu.

  95. sacredwriter

    Won’t know until I have taken it for a while…. maybe a decade or more. I am 80

  96. David Vidal

    lo bueno de este es que tiene 3000mg, y no se consigue end Las tiendas fisicas…sino por esta via solamente. tambien no recuerdo El ultimo refriado que tuve.

  97. Albert

    Didn’t notice much difference.

  98. Platodog

    High Quality and effective herb. I having been using for 5 years and this is the Best Yet.

  99. Lucinda H.

    Haven’t had a cold or illness since I started taking this about a year or more ago, thank you. I have allergies and was prone to colds so this product is a Godsend for me.

  100. Nancy R. Lewis

    Good pills. Easy to take

  101. Ed Parsons

    Good price and high strength dosage.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Keeps me feeling well 🙂

  103. Green

    Excellent product, trying whatever I can to boost my immune system. This is unusually potent, very reasonable cost and convenient.

  104. joelhab

    I like this product

  105. Marc Caplan

    Have been taking since the beginning of the year (and used liquid capsules previously) and have felt great. No illnesses, no colds, etc. And the price is excellent. So enthusiastic about it that I brought a bottle for a good friend who is often sick, and, so far, a month later, she’s feeling great. One never can be sure of the cause and effect of being illness free, but I certainly think taking these Astragalus capsules daily have helped out. A strong 5* rating.

  106. Lisa

    Been using this product for more than a month because I’m a bit of an anti-aging and science nut. Not only does this product give you energy it clears my brain. My memory has improved a ton. Not that it was that bad to begin with but I’m remembering why I walked into a room and what I need at the grocery store without a note. The fact that it’s been studied to lengthen your telomeres is another perk. I haven’t had a test to see if it indeed does put you in telomerase but I love all of the other effects it’s having on my body.

  107. Momma Bear

    Arrived quickly and worked well. Will order again.

  108. Dayersi Possamai

    I can see the difference just with two weeks taking it

  109. christopher king

    I feel more youthful from taking 2 pills a day. I’m also happy with the price!

  110. Helpful

    Not sure it’s working or helping me. Maybe but don’t really know

  111. Amazon Customer

    Trying product as an herbal aide, all seems well. No negative effects after 10mdays of use.

  112. AJK

    best deal around for Astragalus

  113. Nannette P.

    I don’t know. I’ll have to see if my telomeres lengthen. Check with me in 20 years. 00 capsules (the biggish ones )

  114. carolyn j sykes

    high concentration, most are only about 400 mls and these are 1000 mls. Very happy!

  115. JackieO

    Love taking this everyday, it gives me energy and keeps me from getting sick. Great product, using it fora year now.

  116. Rusty

    I like that the capsules are large enough to be able to pull apart and sprinkle contents in my smoothie or not too large I can swallow them easily. Really seem to give my overall immune system a boost!

  117. Amazon Customer

    Praying that it will help me. Have not seen my doctor since starting. Will send another correspondence after seeing doctor for blood work. Thank you!!!

  118. WitoldSwierczewski

    just started – will see

  119. Tobias Stoeber

    Pure Astragalus capsules are a good value, based on my research. I take them prophylactically.

  120. Dr Liz

    Great to prevent Flu and colds.Improves heart conditions and it’s function.

  121. Darrell D.

    Very good price

  122. Kelli Morgan

    I am so thankful that I read the reviews on these pills , and the associate at Better health food store! I decided to purchase higher dose of these pills because I was trying my best to see what I could do with persistent warts in my left nostril, well either it was these pills or my new daily regimen of celery juice , I dont have ANY warts AND the raised mole I had on my face is now gone!!!!!! Originally, I had to get the warts froze almost every 2 months !!!! I thank God everyday for leading me on this path !!!!! Will never stop taking these pills!!! It is part of my daily vitamin routine

  123. Karina Perea

    Great product, I will order it again

  124. John A. Brown

    Like the once per day capsule. Used to boost immunity and other uses

  125. ClassyLassy

    After reading and researching astragalus, I was eager to give it a try. When still on the first bottle, I felt better. Couldn’t explain it — life was just better. Those capsules were 3,000 mg. The second bottle had been bumped up to 4,000 mg. One would deduce that I should have felt even better than the first go-around. Wrong! It was a total placebo effect, a big nothing. Would I purchase this same product again? No way! Sure would like to know what contributed to a feeling of betterment the first time as I don’t think it is related to astragalus.

  126. Jimmy D.

    Just started using this product… Was recommended using this product by a doctor…. No side effects… Product arrived quickly and in good condition… Recommend this seller to others!!!

  127. Dennis Smith

    Excellent value ingredients and service, will buy again

  128. raymont1944

    Learned recently from physician that this root improves one’s immune system and that Chinese have been using for centuries. Asked my Chinese wife if she was familiar with it. She laughed and showed me a bag that contained the actual Astragalus root; Turns out, she includes this root in a daily brew of “medicines” she makes every morning and drinks tryout the day. Having been together for 14 years, I can say she is virtually never sick. So I have begun taking daily and hopefully it will be effective for me as well.

  129. roland Barber

    So far pretty good. I do like.. i will rate again soon

  130. Gabriel R Valencia

    Exelent quality.

  131. jackie clifton

    Has helped me tremendously.I feel like it has helped my overall health and I’m losing weight

  132. Lisa

    Good quality, low price. Using this in my supplement regimen against stage 4 breast cancer, along with juicing carrots and other supplemdnys. Had tumors in my brain two months ago, now gone.

  133. CAZN

    You have to purchase this brand if you want to help “lengthen telomeres”..this is the strongest natural supplement I could find…and the pharmaceutical brands for this purpose are so very expensive…this is great..I take it with Ionicell..and together I already feel their effects!!

  134. phuong ho

    This is my second bottle, but I cannot tell how well it improves my immunity. I will keep taking it for now.

  135. Amazon Customer

    I’m happy with the quality, strength, and price of the product. My lab results will indicate if they have been a measurable benefit, which I suspect it will be as I take this along with other herbs and have been seeing improvement in my physical performance during exercise and heart rate is much better.

  136. Hereslita Euceda

    astragalus es muy bueno te mejora de muchas dolencias y la fatiga me siento super mas joven tengo 47 años y como mujer te puedo decir que estoy en esta etapa tan dura que ni yo misma soy capaz de entenderme y con prender los es tragos que aveces nos causa esta etapa de la menopausia y este medicamento es un gran aliado para nosotras y podemos sentirnos vienesa asido mi experiencia al usar este producto lo recomiendo y seguir consumiendo porque asido uno de mis mejores en esta etapa de mi vida

  137. Saharastar

    Just received this product, so I can’t rate the effectiveness. It is very easy to swallow, flavorless. With me, it does not stick to the esophagus.There are comments about 2000mg not fitting into the size of the capsule it comes in. Supplement Facts does mention that the product is “Astragalus Extract from 500mg of 4:1 extract. “I’ll write a review after a month.

  138. Eleftheria B.

    My mother has chronic bronchitis and has been more susceptible to it in the last couple of years. Her recovery from them have taken long. after taking this for some time, she did get it again. I have to tell you that her symptoms were so mild and her recovery from it was faster than it has been. I am very happy I found this. It really has strengthened her lungs despite her chronic condition!!

  139. Amazon Customer

    astragalus is very good when your sick.i do recommend it its very goo d for you

  140. Joe sung

    Good quality n product

  141. Polite and Kind

    Received early delivery. Product very pure and does not upset my stomach.

  142. Michael Vesper

    REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!Silica , magnesium sterate! Horrible fillers!Not lust online. Returning

  143. Amazon Customer

    It works great

  144. Liem Ly

    Great product

  145. Blessings to All

    . Extra strength is an extra plus. I use this to improve my WBC. Works great.Going thru chemo right now, helps to keep my immune system strong.Usually get a bad cold when winter comes, so far so good.Will keep on using it.

  146. Steve Jennings

    Been taking astra for about 1 yr now, I’m a food service mgr so exposed to a lot of people. I have noticed a decrease in sickness, I usually catch 1 cold or flu bug yearly with mild symptoms. This past yr nothing! Good brand, with a healthy dose.

  147. K. Miller

    Seems to be a pure product. Mild herbal flavor when swallowing. I used this in conjunction with manuka oil (topically) , zinc and garlic supplements to try to boost my immune system and get rid of a boil or cyst in my groin under the skin. With this regiment the boil has shrunk considerably and seems to be going away.

  148. robert j ray

    really good stuff–helps me keep going–thanks

  149. Patricia T.

    great product

  150. patricia bish

    Great product for boosting the immune system!

  151. Patryk P.

    Misleading labeling. It’s 300mg of extract, not 3g. Back label explains it’s the “equivalent” of 3000mg of actual root. It’s “3000 mg strength”. BS.

  152. Love Amazon

    This product really changed my immune system. After a month taking 3 pills of 2000 mg a day everyone at home got sick except me. I really recommend it.

  153. walter e

    After the first week of taking the mushroom combination I feel a bit more focused and less tired–good product

  154. Response

    I would like this item if it did not have sterate additives which defeats the purpose of taking herbs in the first place.(If I wanted additives I could have bought and eaten twinkies by Hostess or McDonalds….. ~3(•~ eehhhoo!!!?)

  155. Leslie Cardona

    Funciona. Fortalece el sistema inmunologico.

  156. Amazon Customer

    No flavor to capsules. Works well, though.

  157. SK

    This is a great product for those looking for Astraglagus.

  158. Glennae

    Gives me energy

  159. Imoff2it

    seems to help with my chronic inflammation

  160. Shelia Boone

    Excellent product

  161. stendel

    I love the product and I am feeling better every day. I bought this supplement to boost my immune system as I am hypo thyroid. I feel I have more energy now

  162. Joudee

    ok so I finished the entire bottle… I have no clue if they did anything…………

  163. Sue Lutz

    Immune building.

  164. David Vaughn

    See above.

  165. Carol

    I would get bronchitis 2-3 times a year normally. Since starting this last September, I have been bronchitis and flu free!

  166. Kenneth hrh

    i have seen a small loss in mass in my legs so far.

  167. David H Schwensen

    Product arrived promptly. Its effect will be in the long term so will not be known for some time.

  168. eastwind

    Highly recommend

  169. Joanne M. Oliver

    I am trying to get my health under control. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Astragalus was recommended.

  170. Lin Holt

    Living on an island, it seems that everyone gets sick at the same time, over and over. Each time something has been going around or when we felt we were starting to get sick, I dosed us up with NUSAPURE Astragalus 3000mg…so far it has worked and we have escaped each illness! And I trust this brand!


    get back to you guys in a few months

  172. Brian Wilson

    I used this along with Rehmannia to reverse my renal failure. I have had a kidney transplant for 22 years. This is a very long time for a transplant. I was down to stage 4 which is close to dialysis. I used this and Rhemannia. Along with that I drank tea twice a day that contained stinging nettle, lavender, and couch grass.I got the formula from one of those advertisements on the net that drive me crazy. However the references he posted were legit so I ordered the ebook. Saved me $100,000+ dollars and a lot of pain.

  173. D Reed

    I use astragalus as part of my daily supplement regiment. The recommended dose is 1-3grams per day. I was very happy to find this 2000mg dose in just one pill. It keeps me right in the middle of the spectum. I cannot find this dosage of astragalus anywhere neardy and this price is excellent!

  174. Rory J. Friedman

    My uncle lived to 100 …. on these… Plus others….

  175. sandy bailey

    They are too strong for me.would like to return but its a hassel if you dont have a computer to print labels or dont live by a U.P. S. place.

  176. AH

    Great product. Extra strength also an extra plus. I use this to improve my WBC. Works great.

  177. MochaFrappuccino7

    Gives me energy. I haven’t gotten sick yet.

  178. 12G

    Great product

  179. Andrea Spannaus

    very happy with it.

  180. Patty MacDonell

    Perfect strength for me. I have used astragalus on and off for a decade. I am susceptible to these treacherous colds that sometimes leave me bedridden. When I take Astragalus I don’t get these colds. I am pretty certain this is not a placebo effect. I have felt a cold coming on, started taking astragalus, and then the cold disappeared. Everyone is different but astragalus has worked wonders for me.

  181. Richard Lay

    Price, only one capsule per serving

  182. TheraCare Speech

    We used this supplement in conjunction with zinc supplement for our 13-year-old son who was battling warts for years. After about a month of taking both supplements, his very large wart on his thumb started to fall off. Now it’s completely gone! Boosting his immune system was more effective than any of those over-the-counter products we purchased to get rid of warts-and we purchased a lot of them! We had also been to the dermatologist on countless occasions to have the wart frozen off. Each time, it came back bigger! Highly recommend this.

  183. Wendi S. Taflan

    My husband and I both started taking this after we received it. Unfortunately, after a couple days, both he and I had trouble with breathing after taking these, almost like asthma or pneumonia. As soon as we stopped, the symptom went away. And no, we weren’t sick. Maybe allergic to this?

  184. Veronica Smyth

    Use this to help combat allergies in our area

  185. Kindle Customer

    I have had no problems with this product and it is excellent.

  186. Amazon Customer


  187. Thinker2410

    I was taking Astragalus Extract from Puritan’s Pride, but after reading up on caramel color, which can cause cancer, I had to look for a better brand! The other ingredients were Safflower oil, yellow beeswax and soy lecithin. I’m not a fan of supplements that use additives, especially carcinogen type additives like natural caramel color!! I went on and NusaPure Astragalus 2000MG caught my attention! I’m so glad I went with them! Comparing with crappy Puritan’s Pride Astragalus Extract, NusaPure had a higher dosage, 2000MG per 1 capsule per day vs Puritan’s Pride Astragalus Extract 2 softgels of 500MG per day, making it only a total of 1000MG, BOOO!!! NusaPure Astragalus has a total of 200 capsules vs Puritan’s Pride Astragalus Extract mediocre 100 softgels, and NusaPure Astragalus other ingredients are gelatin and rice powder vs Puritan’s Pride Astragalus Extract harmful additives like natural caramel color. I’m REALLY happy I purchased NusaPure Astragalus 2000MG!! No harmful additives, affordable price, and much higher dosage per capsule! I HIGHLY recommend NusaPure Astragalus 2000MG supplement! I already told my friends and family about this specific brand. They have gained a new, loyal customer!!!! As for Puritan’s Pride Astragalus Extract 1000MG will be tossed in the trash!! Money wasted, what a shame! I also I read online, Astragalus supplements are very effective, when it’s in higher dosage. Thanks NusaPure!!!

  188. Pilar Barros

    No puedo decir si realmente funciona, pero llego en buenas condiciones.

  189. Wayne A. Schenet

    Just started using the product. Too early to have seen any results. More later

  190. Argie Hill

    Taking product to Help GRS levels to go up, want know till 60 to 90 days if this is one of the Herbs to help kidney failure.

  191. AB

    My husband was diagnosed with Lymes disease. A friend recommended he tries this.

  192. Robert Mellen

    Never tried this before but heard it was good. Haven’t really notice any changes ( or side effects.) So I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Good value with nothing to loose.

  193. charlotte odom

    Very good product

  194. Nicole

    I like this product. I used it because it fights infection. The COVID-19 cases has elevated for the last few weeks in my area so I ordered this product as an immunity to fight against the virus if I was to come in contact with it.

  195. Gavron Woolward

    Excellent product , feeling much more energetic!

  196. Salvatore Tavormina

    Totally misleading advertising. This is not astragalus, it is an astragalus extract which is a completely different product. The bottle and the listing should be clearly labeled, but it isn’t. You won’t know this is an extract, not the whole herb, unless you read all the fine print. The ingredients on the bottle say 300 mg of astragalus root extract, which is “equivalent” to 3,000 mg of astragalus root. But each capsule does not contain 3,000 mg of astragalus root.

  197. JAR

    I started taking astragalus to rebuild my immune system after a brutal bout of lyme disease that was in my central nervous system. The astragalus has been a key part of my post-lyme recovery and I feel great. I’ve been taking this particular product for a year and I have barely even had a cold!

  198. Amazon Customer

    After taking this supplement as recommended I noticed my distance vision has slightly improved. I wear glasses for everything. I was d icing home and my vision was blurry. I took my glasses off and could see distant objects much clearer then with my glasses ! I will continue to take this supplement.

  199. mlisgal

    Great Product & Service

  200. D. Reid

    Great product

  201. Bill

    Doctor recommended after having stem cell therapy.

  202. mark.tuano

    I like it will buy again

  203. Paula D.

    Astragalus is great for the immune system. When the weather fluctuates greatly from day to day, as it does here in Oklahoma, you get sick easily. Astragalus builds up your immune system so that you don’t get sick so easily or often.

  204. Arlene K.

    I’ve been taking another brand of this product…for immune boosting, stress (adaptogen), and maintaining telomeres. I chose thisbrand because of more product per pill, so I could get the recommended daily allowance (ca.1200mg.) in only one pill. I don’t reallyknow if it’s any better than the other one. It’s more affordable…but with these kinds of products, the results are not instant…you have to try them on faith, and hope that they are doing what they say…

  205. 1CrazyLife4Me

    supposed to help with colds and my whole family is very sick. I just have a mild sore throat and stuffy nose but they are miserable. Will keep taking. Been taking it awhile before I got sick.

  206. Elena Estrada

    I like the strength they have keeps me up all day long

  207. Momma Bear

    Using it to build my immune system.

  208. Anthony Pratt

    I experienced an immediate surge of energy and improved digestive function on the first day. I bought this to improve my immune function and symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. And, it is definitely having a powerful effect. I will purchase this product again. I haven’t noticed any particular flavor. But, it doesn’t taste or smell bad like Ashwaganda.

  209. cookies

    I had a horrible reaction to these pills after only taking a couple. I had to go to the Doctor to get prednisone to counteract as my hand swelled up so bad I could not use it, and it was very painful. I trashed them.

  210. Luis Filipe


  211. Veronica Disabello

    good product

  212. God where are you?

    I can hear every neighborhood alarm and TV during the night! This increases your hearing! There are some clinical trials that suggest this. I think this is it because it coincided with noticing these things at night.

  213. Amazon Customer

    very useful

  214. Dymondgurl

    Love It!

  215. Roger Deshaies

    Arrived timely, quality product

  216. Kaykate

    Works great really boosted my immune system!

  217. DJ

    Can’t notice anything yet , haven’t taken this long enough I guess.

  218. leopoldo

    everything perfect

  219. deusXango

    Great product and very satisfied. Timely delivery.

  220. Joint complex

    Feel more energized and alive! Liking this brand a lot!

  221. kathryn reeves

    3 weeks in I feel 5 years younger and my autoimmune issues are disappearing…

  222. Wayne P Bresnahan

    I Like the Product it Works


    Since starting the Pure Astragalus, I have been feeling great, no major illnesses like I was having. I recommend this highly.

  224. Tammy

    I like that the strength is so high. I have blood cancer and my white blood cells get very low sometimes and I read that astragalus can help rebound them. But in my opinion the plastic bottle is defective. It doesnt shut tightly. I even sent one back and got another, hoping the new one wouldnt be defective, but it also doesnt snap shut tightly. I have put some wax paper in the opening of the bottle and it now stays shut tight.

  225. Amazon Customer

    Studies show that Astragalus needs to be taken in higher doses to be effective. This product has the highest dosage per easy-to-swallow capsule.

  226. Rick

    They made me faster, stronger, taller, happier, and turned my eyes blue from brown! Amazing supplement!

  227. Ed H

    Its improved my low immune support. Also used this prior and after surgery and it help the healing process.

  228. Lisa Varner

    Great product and quck shipping!

  229. J. B. Keller

    No way of knowing how this works in the short term. I expect benefits will accumulate over time.

  230. Claudia


  231. Dazeet

    Good price, good product, fast shipping.

  232. Amarilys Sanchez


  233. C. Willett

    I purchased these because someone recommended them for anxiety but I have found they also help with the pain in my back arm so they definitely help with inflammation. This is definitely a product that I will keep in my diet because it’s natural

  234. Tattoos Are For Followers

    This has helped with clearing up bronchitis. By the 4th day it was almost gone.

  235. vbref2008

    I do not know if it is helping, but hope so.

  236. SS Colombia Sas

    Hasta la fecha no he visto ningún cambio. Lo vengo utilizando durante todo el 2020. Puede que los resiltados se vean más adelante

  237. Amazon Customer

    good product

  238. Deborah

    Good value

  239. L. Olsen

    I use this product to help with allergies symptoms.

  240. R S

    Great price, great product!

  241. Ron

    It’s a little pricey, but a great Astragalus product. Well procured, and strong. I prefer it’s effects over others, like 12:1 products.One a day to boost immune (along with a 1,000 mg cap of vitamin C), is a good investment while we deal with covid19.

  242. frank

    Just started using this product. Will have to let you know if it performs in a couples months.

  243. Jan B

    Had an accident an got a bone bruise, they take forever to heal an the swelling is there all the time, found the Astragalus an got it in 2days an helped keep the swell down some, better than ice packs

  244. Henry 8th Jr.


  245. Patrick Murray

    everything it said it would be

  246. CarolJ

    I take astralagus because I have an autoimmune disease. I think it seems to help, time will tell.

  247. Al Bowman

    Product was as described.

  248. World Traveler

    WOW! I got my brain and enery back the first day. Almost unbelievable. I wish I had known about this years ago. Day 3 and the energy and clarity are continuing.

  249. Carol S.

    Exactly as advertised, appreciate prompt delivery, pricing is excellent, will be purchasing again! Thanks!


    Lo mejor que hay

  251. Tracey Holley

    Great results

  252. Deena Goidel

    Really think this product is amazing guys!

  253. Robert Reaves

    Increase your immune system, I do no worry about the CaronaVirus, I am too healthy, time to buy more and stay immune from the virus…

  254. Nicole

    Higher dosage means I’m taking less pills, less frequently. Helps me with Cold sores and fever blisters.

  255. Gina C.

    On the 2nd bottle now, take ONE daily.Works as well as Turmeric when it comes to inflammatory issues, and with possibly the added benefits as done in gov research as far as Telomerase. Short Telomeres are connected to premature aging. I stopped using Turmeric to test it. See no need to go back to it.

  256. Amazon Customer

    Good quality supplement!

  257. Rodolfo E.Vera

    Arrived as scheduled.

  258. Navid Behmardi

    Great product highly recommended

  259. GO DAWGS

    I can feel the Astragalus working in my body will continue buying this product

  260. Jeannie Gesthalter

    It works

  261. jon k.

    Price. Fast

  262. Adriana A Segura

    We love this product. Glad we’ve made it part of our health regimen.

  263. Amazon Customer

    Taking it to help my asthma; I believe it is helping some, and also giving me more energy.

  264. Guns Save Lives

    other than make expensive pee.

  265. KyleDavis

    Great quality astralagus

  266. Albert Johnson

    In a few days it seemed to be working for prostrate better flow.In this regard, it works ever bit as well as top selling Beta Prostate supplements, and much less expensive.

  267. Jo-Ann

    My 100 year old dad always touted the benefits of Astragalus. He was met with skepticism and jokes, since no one had ever heard of it, but until the day he died last year, he was in great health, both in mind and body! Who’s to say what contributed to that, but I, for one, bought into his wisdom about this supplement since he was NEVER sick! Whenever anyone he would come into contact with would start complaining about feeling a cold coming on, he would just say one word: ASTRAGALUS! I have been taking it for several years now, but in smaller doses, once a day for sure, and more, when and if it was convenient! I read the reviews on this particular one and decided to give it a try. I was afraid that the capsules would be too big to swallow, because of the higher dosage, but they definitely are not! Once a day is great, and there is no aftertaste. Highly recommend! Thanks, Dad, for being such a great example of healthy living!

  268. amiya F

    I heard that astragalus is suppose to combat stds and STIs and will be giving it a try ??

  269. Mike Peccini

    I have kidney issues (CKD) and started taking what I thought was 2000 mgs in July, raised it to 4000 mgs in December. Kidney test show kidneys are going lower and not being improved by this. I have a digital scale for meds at home and broke open a pill and measured the milligrams at 500 mgs, not 2000 mgs. They claim 4:1 but how on earth are you condensing 2000 mgs into 500 mgs? Not possible. There are more truthful supplement companies out there, I am going to go that route.Funny, I wrote this review after being e-mailed about my purchase a while ago, it never appeared in the comments…go figure huh?

  270. Sharon Ford

    I’ve been taking this product for a couple of weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in my health. This is a quality product and I highly recommend it. I’ll buy it again.

  271. David-in-Florida

    Astragalus is used in traditional Chinese Medicine. It even helps fight off viruses. And this formulation is stronger than most.

  272. Burton A. Venaas

    These are very easy to swallow and do not have the weird aftertaste I have found in the rest of the astragalus I’ve taken.

  273. AmazonCustomer

    Fast shipping is about the only thing that I can say this early on. I don’t know whether or not the product does what they say it will. But, I will duly say that Customer Service is great. Folks need to do their own homework and decide whether the product is right for them.

  274. connie davis

    I am pleased with this product

  275. Amazon Customer

    Very cost effective, super fast shipping! I already feel calmer and my blood pressure is going down. I would highly recommend this seller 🙂

  276. Gloria

    This supplement came fast and I took one as soon as I opened it. Right now I’m getting compliments on my skin as it looks brighter and youthful. I agree cause I can see it as well. On that note it appears as though I look a few yrs younger. I will keep you posted on my advantages. I rate Pure Astragalus a 10 for sure

  277. Lisa Smith

    Help with hashimotos

  278. Runa

    I’ve only used it for a limited time, so I can’t really give it five stars – but what I’ve felt so far is worthy of four stars. I’m sure that with an other month of usage I can give it five stars 🙂

  279. Cathy Rizzo

    I’ve been taking this to clear up my sinus infection and raise my immune system. After awhile it seems to have cleared it up. Easy to swallowed well

  280. Dawn S.

    These seem to be of good quality. I like that they help to make my immune system stronger! Good results so far!

  281. Rosa

    Estoy muy contenta con el producto

  282. Adrienne G.

    Love the dose. Prompt delivery. Excellent product. Will definitely reorder.

  283. Melissa and Gary

    Bought this astralagus as I read it helps aid kidney function. I have taken a daily tablet for the past few weeks and haven’t felt any real change so far. Will keep an eye and report back if I see any difference but so far they have not worked for me

  284. Polka123

    All I know is that I was able to continue with chemo because I kept taking this supplement! I took 2 daily as treatments continued at Mayo Clinic

  285. Amazon Customer

    I bought this product for my brother.He sometimes drinks wine and beer with his friends at weekend…..After taking these pills for a week, he feels less tired, headache and has more energy…..This is a good product and good brand…..would highly recommend!!!!

  286. Johnny Connelly

    Outstanding deal for price and quality.

  287. Greatdanes

    Had no idea what this was until I read Dr. Sandra Kaufmann’s book. Am using this (and some other NUSA) products to fight inflammation and assist with ageing. This was a good product at an excellent price.

  288. Sue Ruzicka

    I have to go to a special store to find Astragalus. I have been happy with this product that I purchase from this seller. Good quality and price.

  289. Nate B.

    Good quality. Used as supplement.

  290. Juanita Stephens

    I ordered this to help with a cough from fluid on my lungs. Because of the high dosage, my coughing went away the next day. I’d say that it works!

  291. Countryside

    My research revealed that astragalus is not only a general immune booster, it helps treat and prevent Lyme disease. It is recommended that 3000mg be taken to treat or to prevent during tick-active periods (April-Nov.), and 1000mg to prevent (during the dead of winter). Lyme is a terrible disease. This is one way we can fight back!

  292. SteveD

    Helps me with energy some and this I need considering a serious lung disease I am dealing with.

  293. Amazon Customer

    Great product I use it to treat my ALS

  294. dropshot

    200 Capsules/bottle 4:1 extract will repurchase when needed.

  295. Barbara McQuiddy

    It helps my immune system be stronger and me healthier. I use to take ginseng and suffered with breasts cysts. So I switched to Astragulus.

  296. Ruth

    Its really to early for me to review this. Is supposed to come in today. But I have great expectations for this product.

  297. George Assmus

    Impressed with quality of product

  298. Russell L. Blaylock


  299. Nik J.

    I had some kind of ongoing cold and once I started using it I started to feel it going away. Not sure how this herb works but knowing it is all natural and just a root I figured what harm could it do. So far so good I’m healing. I highly recommend.

  300. steve

    Excellent product! Been feeling soooo much better since taking.

  301. Amazon Customer

    I haven t been sick since ive started taking pills.

  302. Carol

    After severely breaking my ankle a few years ago I have experienced a lot of swelling and pain associated with the break. Since taking Astragalus the swelling is nearly non-existant also reducing the amount of pain I have. This has been a great help and I will continue taking this as part of my vitamin program everyday.

  303. Mammie

    I feel more energetic.

  304. Nettie M. Chaffee

    Awesome!!! I feel great! Everyone in my family contracted respiratory conditions on our Alaska cruise… Everyone but me. I was taking Astragalus!!! Great immune system supplement…

  305. Erin Rabich

    Good product

  306. Tony

    Just fine…

  307. CLAIR

    This appears to be lessening my inflammation but still testing.

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