Need a power-packed food for your immunity? Let us introduce you to Yacon root extract. Yes, never heard about it? You are missing out on a nutritious and healthy feast. 

What is the Yacon Root? 

Yacon root is a perennial root vegetable that looks a lot similar to sweet potato. It grows naturally in Southern America and has superior health benefits that can give make you healthier. It contains good carbs known as fructooligosaccharides (FOS), these are soluble fibers that are good for individual health. 

What Do These Probiotics Do?

These probiotics travel through our digestive system and remain indigested despite the best efforts from the stomach. Then these populate the gut with good and healthy bacteria. 

Benefits of Natural Yacon Root Capsules

  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: Yacon Syrup Extract is a 100 percent natural dietary supplement with 1000mg serving (500mg per capsule), clinically proven to help with weight loss.


If you feel constipated or are irregular, this could be your solution! Best Yacon Root Extract capsules are a natural product, so it doesn’t have any nasty side effects, only results! Constipation is very bad for you and can cause serious complications later in life. Root out the problem – naturally and safely.

  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Pure Best Yacon Root Extract Syrup helps you lose excess fat and feel healthier. Not only that, the antioxidants can help fight free radicals and help you stay healthy for longer!

  • HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS! – Buy Pure Yacon Root and keep your sugar levels where they should normally be. Yacon Root also promotes liver health. [There are tons of other Yacon Benefits that customers reported.

Yacon Benefits:

– Proven by clinical studies to help you LOSE WEIGHT and reduce excess fat. 
– Buy Yacon Root to improve lipid metabolism and curb appetite. 
– Prebiotic and Probiotic support for healthy digestion and regularity. 
– Maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
– Supports liver health. 
– Rich in antioxidants! 

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

–  100% natural & convenient Yacon Root Extract capsules
–  No caffeine, gluten-free, no stimulants or artificial stuff
–  An ingredient with clinical study support
–  NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service
–  Made in the USA, in FDA inspected and certified facilities

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