Saw Palmetto Extract 1000mg – 200 Veg Caps ( Non – GMO & Gluten – free )

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Saw Palmetto supplement 

  • Saw Palmetto Extract powder.
  • With Extract at 4:1 potency, one capsule provides the equivalence of 1,000 mg of Saw Palmetto.
  • Max Supply (200 Veggie Capsules for a 200-Day Supply)
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free
  • MANUFACTURED IN  THE USA: in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.
  • 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

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57 reviews for Saw Palmetto Extract 1000mg – 200 Veg Caps ( Non – GMO & Gluten – free )

  1. Jorge Garnica

    This was a waste of my money. I gave it an honest try. You can easily see the filler ingredients. I expected better.

  2. jl

    I started my second bottle two weeks ago. All of the improvement that I was able to achieve with the first bottle has now disappeared. I have done nothing to change but start a new bottle. I now question the quality of this product. I will return the unused portion or double my dose and hope for the best and then switch sources.

  3. H W C

    Good product so far I just started using it, and service as always with Amazon 5 stars.

  4. Charles Johannsen

    strength, price and amount are very good

  5. Ragnar Danneskjöld

    In the past, I found that gel caps do work for me. Helps my prostate. Enough said. But these did not help, even with increased dosages. Additionally, the pills smell like mildew. They are capsules with a powdery bit of saw palmetto.

  6. Dale Buchhorn

    seems to be working on helping me shrink my prostate

  7. William Schaar

    Was exactly what I wanted. But now cannot find same product

  8. Amazon Customer

    It does help to reduce night time wake up to go to toilet

  9. Jane Alott

    great product ,helps with urination

  10. Anthony

    working great

  11. Michael M

    Quality product.

  12. B.

    I’ve read articles that say Saw Palmetto doesn’t really work. I am old enough to have tried it more than once and made up my own mind. It does help but sometimes I take a little more than the recommended 1 per day. For me, it seems to metabolize well and keep inflamation down.

  13. Fred

    I have a recurring issue that the combination of saw palmetto, pure cranberry juice (not the cocktail, no sugar) and exercise seem to control.

  14. Alex

    It’s helping me with my bathroom issues, would highly recommend.

  15. Paul J.

    great product.

  16. JC

    Great product Great for prostate issues.

  17. falkner

    doctor sugested

  18. ThomasAmazon Customer

    I like the larger milligram dose and how it works to relieve the prostrate pressure.

  19. Mark J. Hardman

    Immediately saw positive changes in flow

  20. jCMac

    I believed the reviews and thought problem solved. However, my experience is just average…the results are not what I had hoped ….

  21. John Sawyer

    This palmetto supplement is a good product at a good price. I’ll keep buying.

  22. David D.

    help my urinary flow

  23. JOHN

    I use these for prostrate maintaince


    I like this productis better than others brand.

  25. wakey

    Reasonable price for a quality product.

  26. sandy

    Excellent product, we will continue to order it.

  27. william c blubaugh

    frequency less and stream much stronger

  28. R.S.

    Best sp I have used

  29. Amazon Customer


  30. Gavin Grabe

    Nah. Doesn’t work. Don’t bother


    I am 73 and of course have an enlarged prostate which means I have frequent need to urinate. This product seems to cut down the frequency of the need. It is a bit more expensive than other SAW PALMETTO products that are avaiable, but the fact tha on tablet will do the job taken every day makes it a very reasonable price. I am not claiming it will solve your prostate problem, but it seems to have helped my situation. It takes about a month to see the benefits, at least that is how lone it took for me to see any.

  32. driss harakat

    I bought this product in July but I noticed powder looks like a sand beach.I know the berry very well since I grow up in land where this berry are everywhere in harsh weather condition.I wish they show inside the capsule how it looks like other brands looks pure from how they show it

  33. doug bryant

    helps big time, glad I was told about it

  34. Customer

    We have ordered again and liked the product.

  35. sp3251

    Arrived on time and product quality as expected

  36. Mary Brown

    Shop at home

  37. Hal Ritchie

    i like it

  38. John h.


  39. Amazon Customer

    This is my experience with Nusa Pure Saw Palletto that claims 1,000 equivalent per capsule.A few months ago I was at Walmart and seen an item on clearance called Urinozinc Prostate, which claim to help men who had to go to the restroom often.. (that was me 3 times a night and a lot during the day) the cost was $3.99 for 60 tablets.. so I purchase 3 bottles. I was truly thinking it must be a poor product.. but after just a few months.. I never got up to go to the restroom at night.. I ran out and looked for another product and found NusaPure Saw Palmetto and ordered it on Amazon.. it arrived and I started taking it.. in only a week.. I started having to get up to go to the restroom.. 1st one time a night.. then 3 times a night.. This product was not helping me at all.. it was like a PLACEBO..I really don’t know why! I was hoping this product would have been just as good.. but I sure it works for some people.. but for me. It just didn’t work at all.. Good luck to all men who have this problem… it’s really brings an inconvenience into your life that keeps you from a good nights sleep..

  40. Gary D. Gooch

    The advertising is very misleading. The bottle says 1000 mg equivalent. It is actually only 250 mg equivalent of extract; there’s a fine print footnote which I searched for but didn’t find that says “extract equivalent to 1,000 mg of saw palmetto BERRIES (emphasis mine). So it’s really only 1/4 of what was implied.

  41. Plamen Petkov

    I am using this product for few weeks now, and I had to say it really works.I used stop every 20-30 min when driving long distance to use the restroom, not any more.By using the best Saw palmetto Extract for few weeks I don’t have to use the restroom for hours. I forget that I ever had this propblem before.I will definitely recommend it.Great product.Also,it comes with 200 capsules, which is a lot more then the other similar products on the market.Great Value!

  42. S. C. Smith

    I had been taking the beta-sitosterol supplements that have all kinds of ingredients and much higher prices. I started taking this SP only for 2 weeks and noticed NO difference in the prostate or any other differences for that matter. I had prostate pain and other bad symptoms until I started the other supplement treatments and its pretty clear that the saw palmetto is all that I need to keep the pain and other symptoms away. No need to spend triple or more on the so-called multiple ingredient brands as this one works great and it is only one capsule a day and not 3 or more.

  43. Craig Grant

    Seems to be of good quality and is full strength in fewer pills!

  44. B. Kirchhoff

    Probably everyone is different, but two of these a day is working better than the sawgrass+ “prostate health” product that I had previously used from Costco (though that worked some, at least). This product seems to reduce prostate inflammation or whatever is causing trouble, even better. Thumbs up.

  45. MorningPerson

    My husband has an odd-amount order from the doctor, and the exact dosage is impossible to find. This, plus one other dosage, helps to limit his intake to 2 capsules a day instead of 4-5 of another.

  46. dervon

    Works ok

  47. The All-Seeing I

    My dad had prostate cancer, so for me, taking Saw Palmetto as a preventative is mission critical. My hair is also thinning, and Saw Palmetto has shown great efficacy blocking DHT in the scalp. Sourced only from its berries, this NusaPure product provides 250mg of Saw Palmetto in a concentrated 4:1 extract, making it the equivalent of a warhead payload of 1000mg. No half-measures.To maximize bioavailability, its delivery mechanism is a cellulose capsule; while the manufacturer doesn’t really tout it on the label, this is a vegetarian-friendly product: none of the ground-up bovine hooves found in traditional gelatin capsules.Note, too, that this is a one-a-day formulation, further maximizing its terrific value. – (Was this review of use to you? If so, let me know by clicking “Helpful.” Cheers!)

  48. Nettie Lou

    Was going to reorder but now has new added ingredients such as magnesium stearate and silica. Sad that this brand can’t keep it as natural as possible.

  49. Amazonian

    I believe this helps. I take 2 a day.

  50. David Pollock

    Working for me enough to sleep through night. That’s great to me, but everyone is different. I would recommend try it and see for yourself.

  51. Amazon Customer

    excelente producto.

  52. Amazon Customer

    The order was shipped quickly, arriving earlier than stated. The product is priced reasonably for the strength and quantity.

  53. Elaine N. Oxford

    I have been taking for 2weeks and they do seem to be helping at night.

  54. Richard9790

    Good for hair

  55. Hypertext66

    I use this to maintain healthy hair and I love it.,

  56. John C.

    1000mg in one capsule unlike most others that provide this dosage in two capsules, though prominently mentioning 1000mg on the labels.

  57. Mary E. Rauber

    My hair was falling out..I starting taking these and also bought the drops and mixed w nettle lead drops and applied to scalp. Hair literally stopped falling out..100% true

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