St. John’s Wort 1100 mg- 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

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Are you looking for the most complete St. John’s Wort for your body*? Get the best value*: 

  • Each serving contains 1100 mg (550 mg per capsule) of St. John’s Wort Extract. Serving size is 2 capsules.
  • Max Supply (180 Capsules Per Bottle & 90 Day Supply)
  • 100% Pure and 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

PACKED WITH BENEFITS: Supports Nervous System Health* Supports Positive Mood* Supports Mental Calm & Focus*

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

What is St. John’s Wort? 

For centuries people have turned to St. John’s Wort (commonly misspelled wart) to help uplift their mood*. St. John’s wort contains a natural active chemical called Hypericin that helps to balance brain chemistry.*

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

  • Only natural items are used in the creation of this product.
  • Pure extract with a maximum strength formula
  • NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service
  • Manufactured in the USA

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160 reviews for St. John’s Wort 1100 mg- 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

  1. gustel

    I lost my husband a year ago and I was having a tough time but st, johns worth help me a lot .

  2. Katie

    Fabulous! I’m hooked, sleep so well!

  3. Altin Selimi

    Title says it all

  4. Allyson B

    Great product and great company! Second time I have ordered a product from them and will continue to reorder in the future!

  5. RobRamdisk

    This product is working or me and I noticed an improvement for light depression and lack of motivation in about 3-4 weeks. I also exercise daily, eat a healthy diet and study CBT to manage my issues.

  6. V.M.

    I feel like my mood and anxiety have improved since I started taking two of these each morning. I can’t tell if it’s just a placebo effect, but I don’t really care.

  7. EJGoHard247

    Taking St John’s Wort literally changed my life. I take it with a mixture of Avena Sativa (Green Oat Extract) and Siberian Eleuthero. I went from having excessive anxiety and depression that kept me hidden away, crying in my home… to feeling more positive, motivated and social. It’s not a fix all – obviously a supplement isn’t a miracle cure but this helped me in a way I never imagined… and it SO MUCH SAFER than anti-depressants.

  8. Chandra

    These are the best. Seriously. They help me with my patience SO MUCH. And with my anxiety.

  9. Ruby M. Niccum

    This arrived in good time and I am very pleases with the order.

  10. Chase

    Been taking This for years. So grateful for it. I notice a huge difference when I don’t take it

  11. Dave

    Great supplement!!

  12. Mona

    Very powerful. I was calm but also in a rage

  13. Erin C.

    I had been using Solaray Organic St John’s Wort and decided to try something new but this brand had some adverse effects on me. If you are someone who has tried to take antidepressants and they actually increased your anxiety, then you’re in the same boat and I wouldn’t recommend this brand. Upped my anxiety levels ten fold, even just taking one pill. I have a sensitive system but if you find your anxiety amping up after taking this, I’d try a different brand for your system – everyone is different. I’m switching back to 2 Solarary Organic St. John’s Wort first thing in the morning.

  14. chris

    There are 6 living in our household, 5 are female. Woman age 51 found this product necessary b/c of the stresses of mothering, daughter age 20 needed for anxiety, and has found this to work after a few months of consistently taking, no longer feels fearful when walking in a store etc. Daughter age 14, is using for anxiety/fearfulness, and it is working! None of us are on any other supplements containing St. John’s Wort, and we don’t take traditional medicine of any kind.

  15. Timothy

    Works very well, I take 3 capsules 2 to 3 hours before bed. Takes around 6 weeks to reach peak optimal blood levels. Overall feeling if wellbeing, do not use in combination with any other medication as this is a very strong SSRI similar to Lexapro

  16. R

    Unlike what you may be lead to believe from the first glance at the title and bottle, each pill only contains 500 mg of St. John’s Wort, NOT 1000mg. This is incredibly misleading, as just about every other supplement on the site states the mass of the supplement per pill and the total number of pills as the first numbers in the title, so you know *exactly* what you are going to be getting for that price. That needs to stay the standard, not trying to trick customers into thinking the “per serving” amount is the “per capsule” amount.The disconcerting issue isn’t that you’re getting ripped off by this product; the true content per capsule of 500mg and number of capsules per bottle for the price is currently one of the best values for similar supplements on Amazon, so there shouldn’t even be a reason why you’d have to trick customers. This is a very misleading business practice that will be incredibly bad for consumers in the long run if providers are “hiding” the real amount per capsule to get an unfair advantage in quick comparisons. Per serving amounts should never replace where you’d see per capsule amounts for nearly every other supplement out there.

  17. John smith

    Don’t nothing talk to a doctor if you have a mental health problem

  18. Nichole Helmstetler

    I was skeptical that this could truly help my depression but wanted to try this before I went with prescription medicine. I am so happy I did! I feel so much better.

  19. K. T.

    To those who take medication have epilepsy check your doctor 1st, I had part of the left side brain temporaloberemoved to stop seizures & i been taking Keppra to be controlled & that helps me, but what sucks you getaggression hostility, depression anxiety mood swings any stupid thing will trigger them, I this get this everydaywhen taking Keppra, i get this from the stress everyday morning at work after taking the Keppra medication.I do not want to go through again when I go back to work from covr-19 shut down I had to try St John’s Wort atry even with me being seizure controlled after the surgery – so i had to try them & what a release I wasdepressed from the Keppra side effects in seconds that feeling went away no more depression hollow feelingdwelling & worrying, over stupid things the Keppra does to me & even not worrying me going back to worknow I can face my boss micro management whey they hound me without being depressed easily from takingKeppra

  20. Tracy L Harrington

    Instead of going to the doctor for a prescription for anxiety/stress, I decided to try Saint Johns Wort and I am happy that I did. It seems to be doing the trick. I have been on it for 3 months now and have noticed a big change as far as the anxiety levels are concerned. I didn’t want to be put on another preventative medication so I am glad this route is working.

  21. RogueMama

    My husband uses this to help manage his depression, since he has had poor experiences with prescription antidepressants.I find his mood is improved when he takes these 450mg tablets, versus 300mg tablets, to get the recommended 900mg daily dosage in 2 doses as opposed to 3 doses.

  22. K. Walker

    I truly feel like this has helped with my anxiety. I would certainly recommend it.

  23. Idic0101

    This higher dose capsule enabled me to go from 3 capsules a day to one per day. Much more convenient.

  24. MJS

    There is a lot of fraud in the supplement industry and I fear this is one of the many products that don’t deliver. I have taken a bottle and a half of the 3 that I ordered and have seen no effects. I was previously taking Solaray 900mgs with good results, but foolishly switched due to pricing and Amazon reviews. I haven’t done any lab testing and am speaking from my personal experience taking the supplements for an extended period of time (2 pills daily for months now).

  25. michael w cox

    I’m a live in Grandpa for two Boy’s 5 and 9, I found myself kinda short and grumpy, read and watched videos aboutSt.Johns Wort for irritability,sleeplessness and arthritis were good enough for me. NusaPure St.Johns Wort is working for me. Grand kids happy i;m not so snappy.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been having a lot of highs and lows lately. Depression runs in my family, but I’ve never had it bad enough that I’ve felt I needed medication. There’s always been a reason that caused it or I could fix it with diet and exercise. This time was different. I was in a BAD place. Didn’t want to leave my bed or go to work. I even was pushing away loved ones.I snapped and decided to try supplements before I tried medication. I got a few others as well which I’ve been good about taking because I take them with my other daily medications. However, I wasn’t about this one because they recommend taking it with food. After a lot of ups and downs I decided to just stick to taking it once daily. Guess what, it works and I see a huge difference even a week in.I had a terrible day yesterday: I had me teeth scrapped for 1.5 hours and was told I need to come back in a month for the actual cleaning because my gums were too swollen. I messed up on a project at work (fixed it though!) And had a very uncharacteristic stupid fender bender. I stayed calm. Let myself emote and didn’t fixate. When I found my roommates dog poop on the living room floor, I calmly let her know after I cleaned it up.I live in Minnesota. As everyone is getting sad that the days are becoming shorter, I’m here content to continue forward because of this. It was the best decision of my life.

  27. Lani

    I like that it is only 2 pills once a day at 1000 total (500 each) Good quality, quick shipping.

  28. Andrea Michellini

    still have to test product effectiveness, so far everything seems good, packaging, servings for price and delivery.

  29. LeAnna Carter

    I could tell a differance almost off the bat taking this. Improved my mood and helped me stay focused.

  30. Kladia

    I been taking it as instructed, unfortunately I don’t feel a difference

  31. Domenique

    I just began taking 2 a day for about 5 days now. I think im beginning to see a slight shift. Time will tell. Hopefully I see a bit more of a difference here soon. Mood was just awful most of the time and even little things were making me feel crazy. Trying the natural route first

  32. Kimberly Lynn Haskins

    This is a very good brand. I have been taking St. John Wort for over 15 years.

  33. Patrick W Collins

    Liked the fast delivery and the quality of the product!!

  34. dawn shippy

    Better than expected. I waited to write the review until I really tested them out. Easy to swallow. Better sleep. Easy to swallow. More relaxed. Better than the drug store brand. Perfect addition to my collection of less stress pills. I ordered 2 more after I fell in love to make sure I always have available to sleep. Improved mood. Better than gnc. Great value for the money. Would order again. Fast shipping and they work amazing. Thank you.

  35. Erica

    It’s probably not the products fault, but if your have anxiety like I do, it increases it and causes insomnia. Too as directed and sameNight could not sleep, once i did, I had bizarre dreams.

  36. tommax4us

    I changed to NusaPure and have found that I’m feeling better and only using two thirds of what I had been previously taking. If this keeps up I’ll be staying with this product from now on.

  37. Michelle Marston

    I take this product everyday for anxiety and the St Johns Wort helps to keep me calm and happy. So I can deal with the cause of my stress/anxiety. Best of all, I only have to take it once a day, instead of 3 times a day ( with other brands.)

  38. Dale

    The title says 1000mg, but the capsules are only 500mg. I was dooped by this marketing tactic

  39. customgtp

    Well I order this on Sept 11th and it is now October 3rd. I was having really bad anxiety and couldn’t see the doctor till today for hopefully a prescription. I’ve realized I’ve been battling with anxiety for quite some time and it just got really bad… To where everything was triggering my anxiety… Been taking 2 a day and honestly my anxiety feels gone. I’m still going to the doctor but this seems to help tremendously

  40. SPP

    I took for three days and I can only describe it as an out of body experience. As in I wondered why I was so angry and on edge the entire time. I mean down right awful. Stopped this the 4th day and everything went back to normal. I wouldnt recommend this to my worse enemy.

  41. Andrew

    This is a very good product at a reasonable price. I have suffered from anxiety for a long time and regularly have problems stopping my racing thoughts and worrying. This product helped a lot to give me a sense of peace and slow down those constant negative thoughts. It’s served me well and I notice it’s therapeutic effect within one hour of taking the herb.

  42. B.Anne

    I previously wrote a review. I’m not sure where it went. I didn’t give these pills enough credit in the beginning until I went a few days without them. I had no idea how much they were actually helping until I didn’t take them. I have anxiety issues, racing thoughts & catastrophic thinking. St. John’s Wort has helped me calm down without the feeling of being in zombie like state. The pharmaceutical and narcotic drugs that doctors prescribe was what I was trying to avoid. These did the job. I’m not sure how they work for severe depression. I don’t have that, but they sure help me to not be so anxious. Not a miracle pill. I still get anxious and on edge, but I think that’s human nature for anyone in daily life. I can cope with my feelings of insecurity and anxiety much better & I have better mental clarity. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. These are easy to swallow capsules and I recommend them.

  43. T. C.

    The capsules have a strong taste of plastic. Not the same capsules I previously purchased from seller.

  44. Manuel Q

    These pills definitely help me with my mood. My wife can tell when I forget to take them. I do recommend you take at least a few days off if not a week from time to time and research the interaction with other supplements or medicine you may be taking. Great value for the price.

  45. Betty

    I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression over a year ago and was prescribed anti-depressants that never worked. The only thing they caused were bad headaches. I finally decided to try St. Johns Wort, Natures Bounty brand and they were just ok. I found my anxiety slowly creeping up again. So I decided to try these since they were a higher dose. I have to say they worked amazingly! My anxiety is almost completely gone and my mood has improved 100%. When I ran out I went back to Natures Bounty to compare and NusaPure is far more potent. I would highly recommend!

  46. R L

    After taking this product for a month without any major expectations, I can honestly say my anxiety is way down and my mood is elevated. I’ve been suffering with anxiety from grad school and I now find myself more relaxed and not worrying excessively as I normally would. It kind of caught me off guard since I was expecting the effects to take place 6-8 weeks after starting. A great option to try for people who are not on medications which are contraindicated and symptoms are not major/severe.

  47. charice


  48. Royal Dragon

    I would like to see this product in a liquid gel form at 2000mg

  49. Jason

    They made the bottle bigger now and changed it to clear blue so that light can penetrate it. Going backwards are we?

  50. barbie

    I’ve been using this product for several months. It really works well for it’s designed purposes. The seller is great, quickly shipping the item and pricing it fairly. Thank you.

  51. Guillermo R.

    I recommend this to anyone that suffers from depression and or anxiety. This really helps I have given it to my daughter, son, Neice, coworkers and all of them swear they feel better!

  52. Tigerlily

    Bought this for my husband, and it started helping his depression within two days. He is taking 2 caps per day, which is a standard dosage.

  53. sean

    I noticed an immediate improvement in my anxiety levels during the most stressful time of my career. Great product, can’t believe I didn’t start using this sooner.

  54. Codexx

    So the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic basically triggered what I now think was a phase of mild – moderate depression for me. I’d been laid off from my non-essential job, I was stressed about the pandemic, and basically wound up sleeping 13 – 15 hours a day, waking up only to doom scroll through my phone and force myself to take the occasional bath.Then I remembered I had these in the medical cabinet – I’d bought them a month or two prior, tried them a couple of times, but never with much consistency, and wasn’t really looking for results. I did some reading about St John’s Wort online, found some studies about its efficiency in treating depression, and thought, “What the heck, it doesn’t cost me anything to try.”WOW. I think I didn’t realize how bad things were until it was better. These pills took about 4 – 6 days to really start showing results, but almost immediately my energy returned, my sleep schedule went back to normal, I found it easier to start looking for the silver linings… The last few weeks of lockdown actually became a blessing rather than a curse.I’m still taking these capsules and haven’t noticed any adverse side-effects, except for the fact that I’ve now become a bit annoyingly overzealous about recommending them to my friends lol

  55. Charles

    So far excellent

  56. L. Kimberlin

    My daughter has mild depression and anxiety and really notices a difference when she doesn’t take this twice a day. Good value and strength.

  57. MD

    Bought this for my elderly mother. She liked that they are easy to swallow capsules…Good product delivers as promised…. Will look to repurchase!

  58. Kim Theiss

    Ordered it again.

  59. Kevin Klein

    Wish they made the serving size one capsule instead of two. Otherwise it’s what I expected.


    I am using it as a companion to Corydalis for neuropathy pain. They work well together.

  61. Stephanie Roberts

    Not sure how effective it is as just received but disappointed to see empty destroyed capsules.

  62. Cactus🐒🍅🌵

    It works, plain and simple comment.

  63. Randall Jones

    Made the mistake of trying a new brand…by the end of the bottle was ocd, depressed, anxious and didn’t wanna be around people…got back on these and in two days happiness returned and my anxiety was gone…you can tell by the taste these are legit…be careful when switching to an unknown brand

  64. Kat

    Ordered this for my son and daughter-in-law. They love it … helps maintain mental/emotional balance and reduce anxiety. Will definitely buy again!

  65. S. Hite

    I started using this after weaning off SSRI and I cannot believe how good I feel! Its odd when you have anxiety and depression for a long time, it becomes normal. I have been using for about a month now and I finally remember what “normal” is, so much easier to live life.

  66. Amy Vasquez

    Bottle came opened and missing half the capsules…

  67. Vince W.

    Definitely read the hidden part of the headline after the ellipses …… Misleading

  68. Karen B. Hough

    Like that it’s natural ingredients instead of pharmaceutical chemicals

  69. Azdodie

    I haven’t finished one bottle yet…. the doctor suggested it…. so will know more in a month or so

  70. aw

    Definitely works! My and my bf have been taking this for about 5 months now and there is a big difference in how we both feel. More energy, better attitude and outlook, better sleep quality. I haven’t noticed any side effects so far.

  71. lee

    very good product, I will buy it again

  72. Lee t.

    I think its good but seems kinda week

  73. Sheila T

    Very happy with this effective product. Will order again!

  74. Mae883

    I was looking to take 500 MG so this was perfect for me.

  75. Amazon Customer

    This works well for antidepressant. Lifts the spirit. Do not try to stop “cold turkey;” has a dependency issue but can be tapered off without problems. I would purchase again.

  76. Ashley Sonju

    Definitely love St Johns Wort. Helps a lot with depression without all of the side effects of medication. Just stay out of the sun for too long or everything will tingle. Not this product per say but St Johns in general. I love this product

  77. KAREN

    I’m using it as an additional stress medication.

  78. Ivy

    It did not help my mood issue or my insomnia not making me calm more nothing changes I feel it’s like a placebo but no because it’s makes my insomnia worse and worse. I was better without it.

  79. JimC

    did nothing for me anyway.

  80. Sweet boys’ Mimi

    I’ve used St. John’s Wort for over 20 years for depression and it saved my life. I tried so many different medications as well as all sorts of therapy to get rid of the perpetual depression but nothing worked till I tried St. John’s wort. I was prepared to test it for a month or two and didn’t expect to notice any changes for at least that long. But when I started taking it, I noticed a definite lift in my spirit after two weeks and knew I was onto something that would work. I took the same brand for all these years since I first tried it but a few months ago, I could not find that particular brand anymore. It appears they’ve gone out of business. I was very afraid that no other brand would work as well. I went to Amazon and carefully spent lots of time reading reviews and finally decided I would try this brand. I am very relieved to say that this brand works well for me. I take one capsule in the morning and another after dinner. I’m going through a very difficult family problem now and know that without the St. John’s wort, I’d be a mess. But I’ve been feeling strong and confident and will get through this difficulty. Bottom line, I can highly recommend this St. John’s wort brand.

  81. Amazon Customer

    St.John’s Wort actually worked for me when nothing else did. I didnt want to go with prescription drugs and I was about to give up finding the natural remedy to ease up the depression. After the first few days of using SJW I noticed the relief. Now, it just works like a charm – it takes the edge off and helps me througout the day. Also its important not to expect miracles from SJW, its a tool to help you fight and a part of the solution. I feel bad that I haven’t tried this product earlier. A capsule a day (half of dose) works best for me.

  82. Nick

    Good value great product

  83. Nightjasmine

    Although I thought these St. John’s Wort capsules were very strong and effective I thought they had a fishy taste and ultimately returned them.

  84. Navy Boy

    My daughter took herself off of her prescription drugs for depression. Too many side effects! We gave her a bottle of these and within an hour or two she could already notice a difference in her mood. She has been on them for about a month now and will NEVER go back to prescription drugs for depression.

  85. J. Zabloski

    IDK if this stuff really works on mood lifting like everyone says, or if it’s a placebo. But my mood has improved, so I’m happy with it. I take two a day.

  86. James Tauber

    They shipped quickly and it is a high quality product

  87. Penelope

    This is a product my husband takes. Every time he runs out, instead of hunting in pharmacies I find it cheaper, faster and much more convenient to buy on line!

  88. Anna Pinaire

    The best antidepressant if you dont want to start meds with multiple side effects. Helps you sleep better and be in good mood during the day. I like it.

  89. Rikki Smith

    i’ve used this supplement for years and years to keep my hormones in check when it’s that time of the month or when i’m just kinda down and mopey feeling. i have never had to take any antidepressants or any sort of pms meds, just this and i’m back to normal quickly. so grateful for such a product. men…if you are considering this for your lady, get it, women if you think you might try this, do so, and if you have a teenage daughter at home…have her try it and watch her become the happy little girl you know and love once again. seriously this is such a great product. (not medical advise duh)

  90. Amazon Customer

    I take St John’s Wort for my PTSD. I was put on Zoloft for PTSD and the Zoloft was terrible, it made me suicidal, it is a terrible drug. St John’s works much better for me and does not cause me problems. I have been using it for a few years to help with the PTSD. I have just moved to a little stronger dose but this one was helping.

  91. patrica a griffin

    I use this to help my mood. I suffer from depression and i don’t have insurance for therapy or prescription medications. I think it helps.

  92. Mona818

    I like these. They help me feel better whenever I’m feeling a little blue or anxious. They seem to be gentle to the system. No upset stomach or jittery feeling. My first experience with St. John Wort was years ago and it wasn’t a great experience. I was left feeling tired and zombie like. I’ve used these for about a month. I take two pills in the morning on an empty stomach and they have been consistently good. I’ll most likely purchase these again.

  93. Debra S.

    Great product, i take 1000 mg a day to control my mild depression. I can just take one where I have had to take 3 bills, or 2 pills in the past.

  94. zerochaos

    I cannot tell from taking this that is does anything. However when I read and research SJW it seems there are more concerns than benefits. Supplements need to be more carefully monitored and measured.

  95. hran1

    Great product, great price and great seller!

  96. Daniel

    Not happy with Nusa Pure, the product was delivered with a broken safety seal, so I wasn’t able to us the product…

  97. Amanda

    This worked well for my mental clarity and mood. Also was a great price for the amount you got.

  98. Gigi

    I can’t tell if it did the things it claims… But I took it with valerian root and it helped me sleep like a baby. Kinda hard to swallow though

  99. shantinik

    I really wouldn’t know unless I stopped taking it. It’s cheap, too – much less than the Solaray I used to take.

  100. Kenny J

    Great product. I felt the effects of this product almost immediately. Been taking for a few weeks and definitely helps with mood and anxiety.

  101. lynda circelli

    I tried it a couple of times, but it makes me tired

  102. Justin Dalton

    I combined these with another supplement and I felt small positive effects. The price of these for the quantity make it worth trying for yourself!

  103. Rebecca W

    This Brand gives you the largest bang for your buck! I used to have to take 6grams a day to get the relief I needed but this company has such a potent formula that I only have to take 2capsules each day, whIch is 1/3rd of my previous dose. The only complaint I have is I wish I could order this product through Amazon’s subscribe and save function. Love this product; best price for quality and quantity received.

  104. Rozaland McCall-Williams

    Feeling better after a month. Will continue if price stays reasonable.

  105. RJ – Honest Reviews

    Legit works in helping with your mood. Take about 1-2x week because I don’t want to get hooked on anything other than monkey phonics.

  106. Ryan

    I’m a repeat buyer. Good price for a big bottle. I take a couple at night and it helps me sleep.

  107. SubZeroSki

    Easy to swallow, only need 1-2 pills, and has the highest potency for the price! Definitely buying again.

  108. Amazon Customer

    I actually bought these when trying to get to the root of my sleep issues since I wasn’t sure if it was emotional or physical reasons. If you’re in an environment where you can normally handle the stress but sometimes it gets to be too much, these are effective for short-term use (a week or two, maybe a month max). They have a distinct smell to them so they can be difficult to swallow, but they get the job done.Everything else is my own personal experiences using this bottle three times for short periods (2-3 weeks). I took it with breakfast before work, as well as a handful of times on an empty stomach. First time using them was for sleep reasons, second two were for handling stress when everything was falling apart all at once and I just needed a pick-me-up to get through the day. This supplement caused me to have much more vivid but also much more negative dreams than usual. When taking it, it seemed to suppress ALL emotions for me, but feeling like a robot makes it easier to get through the day when there’s a lot going wrong. Do not skip doses if using these for short-term stress. I accidentally missed a dose one day and the end result was having an emotional whiplash sort of hit me in the middle of the day. Keep in mind you’ll probably experience that when you stop taking them, so you probably want to plan when you stop and you probably want to ween yourself off of it if taking the full dosage. Don’t skip meals while taking these as the “emotionally numbing” effects become a LOT stronger if you take them on an empty stomach, but keep in mind that at least in my case it severely suppressed my appetite. Usually I have a bit of a head fog by the third or fourth day taking them that goes away by the 6th/7th day. Accidentally ate grapefruit once or twice while taking them but it only caused a mild upset stomach. I don’t know about sunlight/photosensitivity, I get 1-4 hours of sunlight every day due to my hobbies (hiking, weightlifting, etc.) and I didn’t notice any difference on that end, but that was just my experience.I stopped taking them after 2-3 weeks because they caused me to feel weird after the 2 week mark and seemed to be less effective anyways by that point. Like I said above, they’re great if you DO NOT need medications and just need something to get through short bouts of extreme stress, but if you have long-term/chronic sources of stress or underlying issues, you should probably seek professional help instead of relying on pills off the internet.

  109. Andrea & Jancarlo

    This is really strong. It’s not like you are drinking the tea. I had terrible stomachache, nausea, dizziness and felt really hot… plus an increasing on my imagination. Almost as if I were out of me.I try to drink 1/8 of the powder out of the capsule with juice every day to get use to it and it did helped with my anxiety. Even though I felt sleepy for while the symptoms goes away.

  110. Craig

    Nusa Pure St. John’s Wort delivers as promised. Seems to be of good quality and I was surprised at the quantity compered to other brands. Will look to repurchase!!

  111. S D

    This is value for money, but I doubt this is effective. I used another brand of St. John’s Wort earlier (with three doses throughout the day) which worked really well for me. I really wanted to like this since the NusaPure brand is cheaper, but it just didn’t deliver :/

  112. Spanky’s girl

    I use this for depression, and it works.

  113. shantell taylor

    I have severe depression and PTSD it works like a charm please give this a try I will.most definitely order this again

  114. Miyako Omori

    I take it with my dinner because I was having difficulty falling asleep. (I start thinking about a lot of things when I close my eyes in bed)But after I started to take these, I sleep pretty well!!!

  115. nanogiga

    Nearly two weeks after starting, and this is the best SJW I’ve tried. Benefits after one week, gentle ramp up, minimal side effects. I’ve tried 3 or 4 brands of SJW. A couple were great and straightened me out in a few months, one scrambled my brain and I quit it after just a couple weeks. But this Nusapure is the best so far.

  116. Roland Close

    Excellent product. Better results with this brand than other St. John’s Wort I have used in the past.

  117. Anne Snyder

    Helped save me from my post parting depression after having my two kids back to back. Saved my relationship with my hubby, have time the happiness and positive vibes I need to feel energetic throughout my day! I recommend all the time to people. Thank you!!

  118. sera

    Easy and 1 tablet a day.

  119. Sally Bee Good

    Works great

  120. Dustin G. Ratliff

    on my second bottle and very happy with the results taking two each morning. will continue to buy this brand

  121. esmeralda r garcia

    It’s ok, I was taking the same product but from a different brand, I bought this one when the other one ran out. It’s not the same it works but I feel like the other one was a lot better.

  122. Takkybug

    My husband was on a different type of SJW that didn’t do a lot in the way of helping his mood. He takes two of these each night and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in his mood!!!! He tried SAM-e before and we think it made things actually worse (although it worked well for me). We are a much happier couple now that his moods are managed.

  123. Anders Roderik

    Excellent product. It took about 3 weeks to feel the mood altering effects (as is typical of St.Johns Wort). Once the effects manifested, there was a very significant improvement in my mood regarding depressivemess and anxiety. I was also coming off of a Medical Doctor prescribed anit-depressant. And this product helped my transition from off of that medication, in a very smooth and very controlled manner. This is a very highly recommended product. And for the price, it really is the most cost efficient choice in the market today.

  124. ObiBenn

    With the help of my doctor, I was able to replace my prescription with this supplement (PLEASE DO NOT EVER DO THIS WITHOUT MEDICAL SUPERVISION). I have been using it for about 6 months, now, and it works very well. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to try natural alternatives to prescriptions.

  125. Zeke Nivals

    Simply it works. I have depression issues and I take one a day and I show an improvement.

  126. cynthia

    I have used other St John’s Wort products with much more success. This didn’t appear to do anything.

  127. Amazon Customer

    After 3 days of using this product, with a diet and exercise regimen, my mood seems more balanced. So far, it’s going well.

  128. C L Arnold

    I e been taking these for a few weeks and I feel like my depression has decreased remarkably. I will continue to take this supplement and will update at a later date. So far I am pleased.

  129. Darth Tesla

    This works like a charm but it interferes with my blood pressure medication. Oh well, on to something else.

  130. Tracey

    3 weeks and I feel so much better! I’m getting things done, I’m getting out of the house and I feel more positive.I’m only taking 1 capsule a day in the evening.

  131. Danny

    I really cannot write a long review until I know this will work

  132. Joshua Carrigg

    Package came with seal broken and bottle over half empty. I’ve bought many different pills over the years and this is a first. Disappointing


    This product has been life changing for me. I started using this because I was always feeling down right before and during my menstrual cycle. I’ve been taking it for a month now and I made sure to wait until i has my menstrual cycle to see the difference now that I’m taking this. Well, let me tell you, huge difference!! I no longer feel like I need to stay in bed feeling sad and now I even have energy to workout. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

  134. carlinda agrella

    It works well.

  135. Penny

    With daily life challenges taking a toll, this product has certainly helped to improve my mood 100%. In my opinion, it is a safe, natural alternative for those who wish to avoid from being placed on prescribed medications. I love it!!!

  136. MIndy Petty

    I can already feel the difference in my mood. This is really a life saver.

  137. Jon

    Honestly amazing. I used to be in the military serving as basically a paramedic. Slowly developed anxiety and it kind of spirals out of control slowly over time. I told myself I’d try this as a last resort. I’ve tried so many things and honestly only this and ashgawanda have helped. I was extremely depressed and anxiety where I felt like I just wanted to give up everything. Just quit everything and just be alone. I took this and within like 4 days I could feel a difference. My mood has changed for the better. I find myself singing more, laughing more. Now I’m actually enjoying my life which is insane. It feels like I literally took a step back from all my issues and I’m able to see stuff from a different and farther view point. I find myself being more spontaneous when it comes to talking to strangers. Only thing is that this made me realize how unnecessary living life with anxiety is. It’s really just not fair that some people develop it whether it be through genes or through experiences. This gives you a chance to relearn how to life life. No more coping all the time with anxiety, this just let’s you be you. Just remember the interactions. Don’t drink alcohol and no birth control. There’s a bunch more so do you research.

  138. kelly arboleda

    Se los recomiendo con los ojos cerrados, lloraba todos los días, solo tenía pensamientos negativos en mi cabeza, desde que comencé a tomarla todo cambio. Solo siento paz y gratitud a la vida. Ánimo todo es posible.

  139. Michelle Panzarella

    This product has done wonders in improving my mood from “low” or depressed” to “happy & coping”. I highly recommend it to clients, friends, and family! If you’re feeling low or sad, give it a try and I hope it helps you as well!

  140. David K.

    Sometimes less is more — 650mg per capsule is way too high (and likely why some reviewers experience high anxiety). For me, this has caused major sleep problems, making this cure worse than the problem itself.I would suggest buyers find a lower dosage capsule — The ones I used before were about half the dosage and didn’t cause sleep problems.

  141. Lauren Woodruff

    I ordered this originally for my dog, but now my boyfriend and I have started taking it to help during anxious times. My dog wouldn’t take them, she’d eat everything around the pills, even when they were smothered in peanut butter. Once I took them for myself, I saw why- they don’t taste good at all. It’s easy for me to get them down because I don’t mind, but if you already have a heard time swallowing pills, these may not be a good idea for you. They work extremely well, my boyfriend takes them daily and seems more relaxed and happy. I can only take them during very anxious times because I was actually getting too sleepy from them when taking them daily. I’m sure it depends on your body and anxiety levels. Overall, I’d definitely recommend for anyone struggling with anxiety.

  142. Mo.

    Great product. good price. High potency!

  143. Vicki P

    Hoping to help me get off of prescriptions

  144. derek ruch

    When I remember to take them they seem to help with what I need them for.

  145. Teresa

    I thought I was buying 100mg, but it’s actually 500mg. Needless to say I’m not happy with my purchase.

  146. Marianna Halasz

    I say works for me. I will buy it again

  147. McCoy

    I avoid prescription anti-anxiety medications whenever possible and although I was skeptical about how effective St. John’s Wort would be, I decided to give it a try. To my amazement, I found that 1000 milligrams in the morning combined with 400 milligrams of L-Theanine not only prevents anxiety, but also generally improves my overall mood. I’m happy to give this product a five-star rating.

  148. Rick M.

    It is helping me for my back pain and mood and Google said thats what to take for my problem!!!

  149. Kariel

    Purchased once I was finally able to accept and embrace that I am in menopause. Was really finding myself moody and emotional, which has been taxing to a degree on my partner. Bless his heart, he went through it with his ex, who was older and now again with me. I am handling it better than she did and give some credit to my supplements for it. This St. John’s Wort seems to work a bit better for me than the initial brand I started taking. I am still moody and emotional and all but it is noticeably less intense and less frequent with this supplement on board. It is important to note that I take it with a Black Cohosh and a Pueraria Murifica, which has a few different things in it and it is likely in this combination that I have found relief however I would not do it without these St John’s Wort!

  150. Sharon flora


  151. david lee

    I purchased this since I learned that it can helpful in my quest to stop smoking. I can’t say that it makes a huge difference, but it has helped a little. I understand that there are other benefits to taking a St. John’s Wort supplement so I will continue. It also appears to be Gluten Free which is a must for me.

  152. M C Lane

    My son is on SJW for depression and has been for many years. It seems most brands only work for him for a few months then stop being as effective and we move on to another brand. However there has been some cheap Walmart stuff that does not work at all! So I do recommend this brand as an effective one.

  153. AnaVictoria

    So far so good it’s been a few days but I feel like it’s helping with my mood

  154. T. Marcus Allen

    Seems effective. Works best after a few weeks of taking it regularly. Quality seems better than some products I have ised and the dosage is a little bigger, which I like. The item shipped and was packaged as expected.

  155. Preston P.

    The price is way better than in retail stores, plus each capsule contains three times the active ingredient as normally found. Very satisfied.

  156. Amazon Customer

    I don’t notice any differences yet but it’s inky been a few weeks.

  157. Rita Homrich

    I have been told that St. John’s Wort is used 33% more than antidepressants in Germany. It works for me and will continue to use it for a better healthy outlook

  158. Tina S

    This is my second order! I ran out and went a couple weeks without this product and could definitely tell a difference in my mood. This truly helps with sadness and overall positivity

  159. Megan R

    I can take two in the morning with food and that’s it for the day.. It’s easy. It’s 16.00 for a three months supply… VS double that..

  160. Jessica

    I suffer from severe pmdd, mood swings and depression..This product changed my entire life. I felt like a different person 2 weeks after starting this product. Thank you for giving me my life back! Seriously.

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