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Olive Leaf 50% Oleuropein 750 mg – 120 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

Olive Leaf 50% Oleuropein 750 mg – 120 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

(211 customer reviews)


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Are you looking for the most complete Olive Leaf Extract for your body*? Get the best value*: 

  • Each capsule contains 750mg of Olive Leaf Extract With 50% Oleuropein
  • 120 Capsules Per Bottle & 120 Day Supply
  • 100% Pure and 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

PACKED WITH BENEFITS: Supports Heart Health* Supports Immune Health* Healthy Antioxidant*

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

What is Olive Leaf Extract? 

The oleuropeins found in Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to support immune function and offer your body protection from free radicals*. Olive Leaf is known for its support of cardiovascular health* and its antioxidant properties*. Olive Tree has been cultivated for over 3,000 years by the Greeks, Ancient Romans and Egyptians as a source of food and plant medicine*. 

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

  • Only natural items are used in the creation of this product.
  • Pure extract with a maximum strength formula
  • NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service
  • Manufactured in the USA

Additional information

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What Are The Benefits of Our Olive Leaf Extract Complex Caps: 

  • Supports and maintains Heart Health*
  • Supports  and maintains Immune Health*
  • Healthy Antioxidant*



Ingredients: Olive Leaf 50% Extract.

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (from capsule), Silica, Rice Flour.

Suggested use & important information

Allergen information: This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean shellfish.

Serving Size: 1 Veggie Capsule

Directions: For adults, take one (1), capsule 1 to 2 times daily, preferably with a meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Do not exceed recommended dosage

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our NusaPure Money Back Guarantee policy.

211 reviews for Olive Leaf 50% Oleuropein 750 mg – 120 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

  1. Sara F.

    I haven’t had a cold or the flu for years and I owe it to this viral fighting natural Suppliment! I am never without it!

  2. JW

    Great service really good product

  3. Vlirma


  4. Special K

    Take two a day as an antiviral, up to five a day if hit with the virus. I take this with Elder Berry and Mushroom extract high potency as we are not dealing with a virus, and these do serve as anti virals. For that matter 5000 mg coated Garlic extract works very well on virus.

  5. marion mack

    Would like to know why a 60cap cost more 2 30caps. which is why I bought the 2 bottles

  6. Eliot

    Excelente producto

  7. Douglas

    I like it very much! Better than the other brand I was using. I feel the difference after just a few days. I use it for my immune system and I have less problems already after just 5 days!

  8. Todd Allison

    Good stuff

  9. Yaz Too

    Very happy with product! Been taking for a month and keeping bp in regular range…Dose: 2x a day after breakfast and dinner! Like that is 40% Oleuropein!Update: Being taking it for almost a year and still keeping my blood pressure under control with no need for prescribe medication! Very happy with quality product!Update #2 March 2020: This product has been a blessing. I have used the 20% oleuropein for daily maintenance of bp for almost 2 years and no problems with it. But when under stress my pressure rises and then I switch to the 50% oleuropein. And so my pressure comes down in 1 -2 days to 120s and 110s systolic. Twice I have used the 50% to combat UTI and it worked. And that was over a year ago and no more UTIs since then. The only problem is that at times I want to order and products are not available like at this moment. PLEASE HAVE PRODUCT SOON NUSAPURE. A LOYAL CUSTOMER IS EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRODUCT.

  10. BAW

    This product is 20% Extract, which is hard to find. Most us 18% or less. One tablet contains 750mg and 40% of Oleuropein. Good product

  11. MJH

    this is the best Olive Leaf on Amazon. I have tried a few and this one gives me the results I want. I hope it is always available.

  12. Lynx

    Taking every day keeps my shingles away.

  13. Iris N.

    This keeps me healthy, a must have for me.

  14. Leslie C.

    Use it to fight cancer, helps blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, antiviral.

  15. J. Michael

    Excellent product. Buy it

  16. Miguel Conesa

    Me funciono en bajar rapidamente la alta presion arterial , es una pena que ya no venden o no hay y yo lo necesito tanto y urgente

  17. dw

    Great item

  18. Sarah

    This is a great quality product. I can tell the potency just from taking this. I’ve taken olive leaf for years now and I would recommend this to anyone. I’m happy with the results.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  20. Kate Lauzar

    Took to ward off illness on long flight. Stayed healthy on both legs of journey. Very pleased!

  21. Melissa

    Very strong product! Works great for inflammatory problems. Helps prevent cold sores, helped a cyst and a stye go away! Great for the immune system.

  22. Cheryl Barker

    My boyfriend and I haven’t gotten the flu since we started taking this.

  23. D. K.

    Great product. Will buy again.

  24. Home Chica Mama

    The potency is is great! I am very happy with this product.

  25. Patrick J Smith

    This is a proven anti-viral. I now prefer it to liquid (which can be viscous and tastes nasty. I’m splitting the capsules.

  26. Susan Miller

    I have used this for over a year and will continue!!!

  27. Amazon Customer

    Wish it was 40% rather than 20%

  28. 5preciouscats

    Good product, works great for me

  29. Shamiya & Ian Sinclair

    Wish I could get more. It’s sold out.

  30. Amazon Shopper – IA

    We took 20% OLE extract for several years with good results, but we hated taking multiple pills a day to get the strength that we needed. This 50% extract is much more convenient. Both of us have had great results with this brand of OLE.

  31. miki

    (11/11 2020) Buyer beware! Nusapure does not stand behind their products! Bought both the olive leaf with 50% & 20% oleuropein. Exp. dates are 7/22 & 10/22 respectively. Contents in the capsules hv shrunk and hardened. It was some months ago, my bad for delaying writing in. Emailed Nusapure and they said no refunds after a year. If the products’ expiration dates are 7/22 and 10/22, they shd be good at least until then. These shd not shrink or harden before the expiration dates. Additionally, my last order for the 20% oleuropein was on 11/23/19 which makes it less than 12 months old so why won’t they issue a refund for their inferior products? Products stored on shelf in a cool, dark place!

  32. Ra Brown

    good stuff.

  33. Ariel Johanna Cohen

    Olive Leaf supplement supports healthy blood pressure.

  34. Terry Mills

    My bloodwork all came back better than normal after taking this for less than a month and blood pressure went down ! How could you go wrong buying this product !!

  35. Robert L Bell

    The people of Mediterranean countries cook with olive oil. Olive Leaf Extract caps are a good way to get the benefits of olive oil in capsule form.

  36. tim

    Very Good

  37. Roxanna

    I did see my fatigue during the day lessen and my energy increase with the use of this product one in am and one in mid afternoon. Have had fibro for 9 years so thankful I found this product.

  38. Swiss

    Just started this product to strengthen my immune system. So far so good. Did not get my husband’s cold.

  39. RK

    I had some side effects but given every one is different, it might be something unique to me. Olive leaf has worked for me before but given i also take multi vitamin and ZInc, it could be the combination that could be causing nervousness. GIven the positive reviews from others, it very well could be an issue that is specific and individual.Seller is an upstanding business and loved their promptness in shipping and proactively seeking feedback.

  40. Kenneth Lahart


  41. Stephanie B.

    Purchased because of reviews. Want to try to help keep blood pressure low.Has only been a few weeks however so far so good. notice a few points lower. Will review after finish bottle.

  42. Anna Souza

    We will see

  43. valerie

    Within days of starting this olive leaf extract, my mental clarity was greatly intensified in a mind claifiying & calming way.

  44. Diane Man

    Worked well. Easy to take. What I expected.

  45. screen shot

    Have used it the past couple of weeks and have noticed a decline in BP


    This product is the best on the market ,I really hope the company brings it back in stock, Life Changer.👍👍👍

  47. Jim & BettyJane Carlin

    Great product! Lowers blood pressure easily, if you are on blood pressure medicine talk to your physician before taking this. A natural remedy for so many health concerns!

  48. Dave T

    Wow, Now I know why you say BEST olive leaf extract, It blows all others out of the water. I had a ear infection that was very bothersome , Taking this product for 3 or 4 days knocked it out. Stronger is always better. I’m hooked. Been using olive extract for years, with other brands it takes longer to feel anything. So glad I found BEST OLIVE EXTRACT.

  49. K.Z.

    I’ve tried a lot of different natural approaches and pills and nothing worked until I found olive leaf extract. This is the first time trying this brand as I was using another brand that isn’t available so I needed to try something else. So far I haven’t seen any changes in my blood pressure readings. It keeps being 120/127- 70/80 which is goof for me.

  50. Donna Wright

    Tried this to naturally lower BP, it gave me extreme diarrhea and nausea, I stopped taking it to see and felt much better, tried it again with the same bad effects. Just beware some people like me can not tolerate this.

  51. Steven

    Great product


    to early to tell ,

  53. Max Power

    I take 2 of these double strength capsules daily, 1 in the morning and 1 at night, and they have completely normalized my blood pressure which is consistently around 115/78 down from 140+/90+. They don’t have any side effects like my prescription medication amlodipine which I no longer take with my Dr’s blessing. My Dr was quite surprised and pleased. So am I!Update: saw my cardiologist yesterday for my 3 month follow-up and my blood pressure is still normal and still no side effects.

  54. Tab

    I have had high bo for years. It was somewhat regulated by 10mg of Amlodipine but it would still range between 120-144/75-90. Now it is consistently between 109-116/65-69. I am very pleased to come off of prescription medication, especially since I am recovering from acute renal failure.

  55. Sherri Waugh

    These capsules are double the strength of the brand I had been taking so I now only have to take one daily. I’ve found if I take to much of this that I seem to have trouble with yeast infections. It is an excellent product and Olive Leaf Extract is recommended by the herbalist that I’ve been seeing too.

  56. Bren Lee

    The first bottle had a defective cap that would not unscrew. I was afraid to open the replacement bottle as the cap looked exactly the same (it’s different than any other bottle cap I’ve ever seen). Was going to return the second one unopened but accidentally left it in a hot vehicle for two weeks and didn’t feel right about returning it, and some unsuspecting person ending up with it. So I removed the seal and found that the cap did open. I examined a capsule and it didn’t seem like the product had been damaged by the heat as the color of the OLE was fine and it had not gotten hard like it does when it’s spoiled. So I took a chance and tried it. Some other brands I’ve used made me feel queasy but not this one, even though it’s stronger. I’ve been taking it twice daily and it’s been working. Knocked out an infection using this product.I’ll be ordering more to make sure I have it on hand. Olive Leaf Extract is a natural antibiotic and it’s safe, unlike man made antibiotics. I’ve used it on myself and my pets to treat a variety of issues for about a decade. Before I discovered OLE, I would go to the doctor for antibiotics to fight infections. People should really read the inserts on all prescription drugs, so they know all the possible side effects, which are often just as bad or worse than what you’re treating. So glad I no longer have to waste my money and time going to a doctor and risk my health taking dangerous drugs. OLE is truly a little known, underrated natural medicine. Forget stocking up on toilet paper… instead, stock up on OLE.

  57. Chupacabra

    I found this to be best bang for the buck for antioxidants.

  58. CC9193

    My total cholesterol dropped 40 points and triglycerides dropped 50 less than 6 months.

  59. Dad

    I am a big fan of Olive leaf extract as a naturopathic student I have been used to buying Olive Leaf extract 20% Oleuoropin then highest 40% then I have made my own Olive Leaf Extract gum for kids which has worked greatly to eliminate colds easily for my children now finding this product and have bought 3 bottles so far and ordering more and have had others I know buy and try this product is by far the most potent. This is a great product to maintain and keep a cleansed system I’m adding this to my repertoire and lessons for those who follow me! Excellent buy I wasn’t disappointed.

  60. AmazonozamA

    I really wanted to take this but every time I took it, I got sick to my stomach and had diarrhea. That was strange because the supplement I took previous to this had olive leaf as an ingredient. However, I haven’t given up on this.If you haven’t taken olive leaf before, I would recommend starting out with plain olive leaf, not the extract or especially a high powered extract like this one.

  61. daniel schachtel

    i think its great quality olive leaf.capsules are big so you dont have to take as much.

  62. P. McCarty

    Along with artemisinin, this is what I take for malaria prophylaxis when I travel to Africa.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  64. E E R

    This product is probably fine for most people. It seems to be, based on other reviews. However, I took this supplement and became immediately nauseated and after a bit vomited a lot. I didn’t connect the dots, because sometimes my stomach is testy In the morning. Next day I took it in the afternoon and soo after felt nauseated, did not throw up, but then I had diarrhea. I stopped taking it. I was fine the days I didn’t take it. A week later I tried it again, again, and felt nauseated and then had diarrhea.I’m not sensitive or allergic to olive oil. I am allergic to grass, mold, pineapple, and pine trees, however. This product makes me quite ill. I would be very cautious to take this if you have similar allergies. If you develop nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, right afterward.. I would attribute it to this herb rather than keep trying to take it and assume it was something else.

  65. Dr(PhD)Wes

    I just hope this is all that I have read it could be. Of course, with such supplement one may not be able to discern a difference, yet it may be extending your life by, say, preventing bladder cancer or delaying prostate problems.

  66. Ty

    Good for early stage tooth infection

  67. Savage

    My blood pressure was starting to creep up (145/85). It has been gradually decreasing over the past several months/doctor visit. My last visit was 115/80. Very pleased and will continue using this product.

  68. Joe Rynes

    Good price

  69. Lanspets11

    Good product….good price…all around positive…..will purchase again

  70. c white

    Stronger than what I buy locally.

  71. LetsGoBulls

    I appreciate the quantity and MGs for the price. Quick delivery as well!

  72. Robert Winzens

    First time trying this brand. Good quality.

  73. Carolyn

    Great price on a great product that was deliver quickly!

  74. Viraphanh Inphachack

    All good.

  75. Sarah L

    Discovered these in Greece when my whole house was sick and had to buy more when I get home. Highly recommend.

  76. G-Major

    Seems like it’s workingMy blood pressure is down 30 from it’s high

  77. ~Lisa 😷

    I’m really glad to get the 40% oleuropein and not have GMO’s or the gluten. I really need this for my immune support and it’s amazing that it helps with soo many health conditions.***I had read about a study that was done on mice who were given/caused cancer tumors (that’s bad) and then they gave them the olive leaf extract. The extract confused the cancer cells and so they weren’t able to communicate to other cells or the other cancer cells and so the tumors died! It’s so amazing!!! I don’t believe I’ll have to worry about cancerous tumors but I don’t know how it would act on leukemia or these other types of cancer.It helps with so many things and if you want some interesting and intriguing reading, google it and read from good sources. I have pernicious anemia and was late (past 6mo.) in getting B12 treatment, although I’m here and didn’t die(!!!), so don’t ask me where I read this report because I’m unable to learn and store new memory. I hope this helps someone or someone you may know who has cancer or other bad health problems. I would recommend it to everyone as a preventative measure. 🙂

  78. techman

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  79. Christopher R. Fiock

    Quality product

  80. Budd Glew

    Good percentage of oleopeurin. Well packaged, quick delivery.

  81. Amazon Customer

    I have felt less tired since i began using this product. The only thing i do not like is the taste, but it is worth it.

  82. Map

    thank you

  83. PHS ’76

    Great price and high percentage of the active ingredient.

  84. Kee To Health

    I have been using Olive Leaf Extract by Gaia Herbs and other companies before it became so popular.NusaPure Olive Leaf is NOT an ‘Extract’. It is only powdered olive leaf stuffed into a capsule and is notas potent as the extract version. If it WERE an extract as stated on their Amazon ad it would be a thick, brown nectar like liquid substance and sealed in an ENTERIC coated capsule; (which does not open until it passes farther through the digestive system; AND it would cost more because of the process.An extract is much more bioavailable and is stronger. I thought I would save myself $10 from the $37 for my usual Gaia Herbs brand of Olive Leaf Extract and bought NusaPure brand, which I had read from the ad, was an ‘Extract’. I did not look closely at the bottle before I bought it which did not say ‘Extract’.Years ago I had tried both types and noticed the powdered version of the chopped up Olive Leaf did not work as well or as quickly as the true extract Olive Leaf.Buyer beware.Kathy E.Kensington, MDAmazon purchase date 10/15/20

  85. Andy

    Seems to actually work to lower blood pressure. I like this is 40% Oleuropein vs most others being 20%. So I only take one a day.

  86. Dominic M.

    This works very well for an anti fungal remedy and also lowers blood pressure! I’m very pleased and will buy it again.

  87. Michelle

    Started taking this because blood pressure was going up, feel better and more calm since starting.

  88. S. Cheeks

    It is working!. Blood pressure in normal range for the first time in a few years. My PCP was threatening me with BP medication which I did NOT want to take.

  89. Steener

    This product really seems to help my immunity. I take 1 capsule a day. If I feel a cold coming on I take 3 capsules a day for a few days to power kick the immune system.

  90. Radiance Henry

    Made me sick every time I took one. I wish I had gotten the results commented on here

  91. RJWinkel

    Product is great and worked like I read.

  92. Adria Higgs

    In mid January 2019, my blood pressure was very high at 120/100. The doctor gave me a chart to record the blood pressure reading before putting me on conventional medicine to regulate the pressure.I’m early February 2019, I bought this NusaPure Olive Leaf 40% Oleuropein on Amazon and started taking it.And omg!!! It works wonders!!!It reduced the blood pressure significantly!!!Plus, I feel like it detoxes/cleanses my system because it gives me bowel movements first thing in the mornings when I wake up.I now take one capsule every other day.This is definitely a dietary supplement that will be in my medicine chest for many years.Thank you for this wonderful product!!!

  93. enjoyinglife

    Love this Olive leaf extract! Thankyou! This one is my favorite of other brands I’ve tried.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Been using for years and will continue.

  95. Gergana Lyubomirova Manasieva

    Really happy with the product will be ordering again !!!Thank you kindly for your serivce

  96. C.Norris

    This is my first time trying this brand. The 50% oleuropein really caught my eye, because my usual brand is only 20%. I was under the impression 20% was already considered extra strength. The only thing I really disliked about Olive leaf is the scent of it….and I always had to take my capsules with some sort of flavored drink to be able to stomach it.However, these are a game changer….I can take them with water easily. They are practically scentless, which at first made me worried they were not as fresh or strong. After a few weeks of use, I can say they work just the same for me.I’ll definitely buy again!

  97. Lisa Griggs

    I like the way I have been able to detox and be calmer with this product. I am having baseline labs drawn with the doctor next week so I will add to this review once I see my lipid profile results. I’ve never had issues in that way but at my age want to maintain.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Great price. Great potency!

  99. Amazon Customer

    Has a weird smell, but good deal for what you are paying for it.

  100. Grandma Kathy

    Easy way to boost immune symptom

  101. Amazon Customer

    I love olive leaf and this one works! I use it when I just start feeling under the weather and it keeps the yuck at bay!

  102. Mr. Costumer

    Did not work for me, I will try other options.

  103. Master Woo

    I have been using these extracts, but at 20% from another brand, for lowering BP, with good outcome. I decided to try these which were at 40%. I will post an update in a month or so as to the outcome.Update AO 20 Jan 19: this product works like the other I have tried and will great outcome, a great alternative for prescription meds to control BP. If you are on prescription meds already consult your doc before weaning off with this.

  104. Kristin L. Volberg

    Very potent (40% oleupeurin) olive leaf extract and quite affordable. I have to take Olive Leaf daily due to a chronic viral disease, and it keeps it at bay. I have purchased it twice and will continue to buy it. Works fast when I feel a virus coming on.

  105. Robert Bennett

    Good quality. Noticed a decrease in BP and better energy throughout the day. Will buy again.

  106. janeen jewett

    Great product. Good price.

  107. Robert Mcquillan

    based on the technical reviews, i wonder why everyone doesn’t take this stuff

  108. NJ

    This wipes out any infection we had within 24-48 hours. Strong and effective.

  109. DeWitch

    I tried this since my blood pressure has been fluctuating a lot lately – it seem to help but I was constantly feeling nauseous. So I stopped for a couple of days and felt better. Yesterday I decided to try it again and back to feeling nauseous.

  110. reader of fiction

    Too early to tell.

  111. Amazon Customer

    I don’t see an impact yet

  112. fs111


  113. Blade

    I bought this thinking it would be stronger than previous brands I used but it wasn’t. As soon as I switched to this brand I started getting sick and I wasn’t with the previous brand. It does work but I’ve had to double and even triple the dose. There are better quality olive leaf supplements available. Olive leaf by far is one of the best supplements anyone can take but quality matters.

  114. Catherine Burns

    I’m allergic to antivirals and take the olive leaf extract to help kill a viral infection. I have noticed great improvement in my health since taking this supplement.

  115. R. Tate

    This extract Does Lower Blood Pressure, which is why I purchased it. The fact that is has a very high concentration of the active ingredient makes it a very economical purchase as well. No complaints whatsoever. Does have a pretty large capsule, but I experience no problem getting it down.

  116. Shirley Weis

    I think the quality is good for the price. It helped me get over my cold much faster. I’m also using it to help my blood pressure.

  117. Randy Brown

    Very pleased with the quality of this product.

  118. Michael Adamczyk

    If you have high blood pressure, beware, read the ingredients

  119. Laurie Steele

    Made me not feel well

  120. Gina14

    Love this stuff!!! I started taking as a supplement when I couldn’t afford my blood pressure medication!! Now, I have no issues with my blood pressure!!

  121. R

    Good stuff..Im a true believer in Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil. Keeps me healthy and those nasty bugs away. This is a geat product with twice the amount of Oleuropein. I will definitely be buying again.

  122. Amazon Customer

    I have been taking olive leaf off and on for several years. I used it to get rid of planters warts in the past and am again now. I had 4 and am down to one small one. It does not work overnight but it works and has for 5 friends of mine. I take it orally and make a paste out of an opened pill and a few drops of water and apply it everyday.

  123. Ronda

    I wanted to try a homeopathic method to improve my immune system. I’ve been using Olive Leaf over 2 years. During cold and flu season I have not been sick, so I believe product is working.

  124. Phyllis Baden

    Great for immune system!

  125. G. Rogers Jr.

    Excellent OLE…seems to be working as far as I can assess – no stomach upset on my end or side effects. Hope it helps me as far as good health & wellbeing is concerned.

  126. Roy

    Seems legit, I take this with a stack of other herbs etc. So can’t really comment on how it makes me feel or anything by itself.

  127. Michael

    Good product

  128. Vic Baquera

    Cost and quality

  129. M Dragon

    Pleasant fruity/floral aroma, brought down my inflammation very quickly.

  130. Sue

    I have been using this product to help my immunity from colds etc and have been pleased with the results.

  131. Nose in a Book

    I take this supplement when I feel like I am getting sick. It helps keep the cold at bay

  132. Ignoramus

    I have been using OLEUROPEIN ( Olive Leaf Extract ) for several years. It is especially effective for inflammations , from an abscessed tooth, to allergies, to arthritis and even the dissolving of benign moles. I the Nusa Pure product good value re potency v/s price. I would advise skeptic readers to read the research done by Upjohn Laboratories. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS TO DRINK AT LEAST 3 GLASSES OF WATER BETWEEN DOSES.I am an 83 yr old cancer survivor and wish you all good heath !!!

  133. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  134. Emme

    Had to return these as they were made in a plant that manufactures shellfish products.Also, they were black.

  135. MRB

    I just started taking this product, so far I have had no adverse side effects. I will need to take at least 2 months in order to determine whether my blood pressure and my ldl cholesterol levels show favorable improvement.

  136. Kindle Customer

    easy to swallow

  137. jg

    Order was as described, delivered quickly and reasonably priced.

  138. Chester Snapdragon McFisticuffs

    Honestly, Nature’s Way was better than this brand. I felt a difference in my knee pain with Nature’s Way. With this…nothing.

  139. Darcel Barnes

    as expected

  140. amazonian

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase. My energy levels are through the roof, and I feel AMAZING!!! 🙂 My quality of life has improved tremendously. I feel like a teenager again. Will continue to purchase.

  141. Michael A. Wille

    Said this was to help blood pressure, not sure if it does anything

  142. Bridget

    This product was ok. I think I was expecting more however it served the purpose.

  143. Marion Ruuge-Aronson

    The bottle of Olive Leaf capsules had a broken Seal. I don’t know if it is safe to use the product.

  144. gundaniumdi

    I use it for general health purposes.

  145. Free R

    I use this periodically to control a viral infection, but the added benefits was my increased distance in running. My lungs were more opened and it felt great! It also keeps my HSV dormant. Don’t use pharmaceuticals folks!!

  146. Felice Berenson

    Excellent product one of the highest % of Oleuropein found! Will continue to buy and use..very important for overall health and immune system.

  147. R.A.

    Seems to help with decreasing full body inflammation and pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.Have only used it for a short time, but there seems to be some improvement.

  148. Omri og

    Very potent product i use this to fight viruses and bacterias on flu season and never get ill!!!.. but i stopped take it beacuse it reduce my blood pressure to much probly beacuse i use medical marijuana and alovera and other supplement that reduce blood pressure too and they are probly intreacted each other.

  149. Joe M.

    Seemed to help heal my shingles faster.

  150. kate

    I vomited it within 15 minutes of taking it.I really upset my stomach.

  151. Lagunamamma

    Just opened this product…. mind you I took the plastic seal off …. only to find this mess when the lid was removed!!!!

  152. VS

    I liked that I have to take only 1 pill and it’s stronger than the previous ones. Makes it easier.

  153. Telee


  154. Jo

    Excellent for cardiac health inflammation reduction.

  155. Thomas G. Lowdermilk

    Great product!

  156. Cheryl

    It doesn’t have a bad taste. I just recently switched to this brand for the higher potency. With any supplement I feel like it takes time to fully get all the benefits. We’ll see.. haven’t had any stomach issues. Ive read other reviews that say they did. Guess its a case by case type of thing.

  157. Man of Grace

    The intro says it all “The Best Olive Leaf Extract”! This is best for hypertension as a well as psoriasis. I have used this after searching the web concerning the problems. I finally found my product. It lowers my blood pressure as well as fights the psoriasis!

  158. Flowatress

    If you put your supplements in the oven, the real ones don’t melt but the synthetic ones do! This product is the one in the middle!

  159. el hudson

    I’ve been taking a popular brand with 20% Oleuropein, but my blood pressure numbers were not steady. I decided to try the 50% but it did nothing. It’s hard to believe it is actually more potent, since my blood pressure went even higher after taking this brand.

  160. Rebecca

    I’ve tried a lot of herbal remedies, but this one is a true anti-viral that really works! This potency is good, but it may bother your stomach a bit. I can’t take it during the day at all or I have no appetite. I take one every night before bed and I haven’t been sick at all for nearly a year (and I have 3 toddlers). If you’re thinking about trying this, just do it! I noticed a difference within 3 days.

  161. Katherine

    Really helps with controlling my blood pressure

  162. Rev. Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick

    This is good product easy to swallow but there are others that are stonger.

  163. Danielle

    Good product! I didn’t feel any discomfort when taking it and I noticed a difference in my body after taking it for a while.

  164. irene collins


  165. Steve

    I take olive leaf extract daily and this brand is by far the best

  166. Brenda Broadnax

    Everything is good!

  167. Orneet

    Awesome product! I give to my children during the flu season and winter months. Works fast and efficiently.

  168. Megan

    Very strong it’s everything they claim it to be it helps with my sleep and immune system I noticed results almost immediately

  169. Lu Ru

    I have only been taking it a couple of days but so far so good.

  170. Laure

    Great at keeping Candida levels low

  171. Maggie

    Enjoy the benefits of Olive Leaf for keeping healthy. Have used for several years. Yes, I recommend.

  172. Amazon Customer

    Very good

  173. StarLee

    Helped clear a respiratory infection. Started to get better really fast just after 2 days. Am hopeful it will help reduce my blood pressure as well – too soon to tell.

  174. Nikki

    Take for high blood pressure and have received encouraging results.

  175. Loretta L.

    good product notice that my numbers reduced with in three days after taking it. i have more energy and feel better all over since i started taking it. will buy it again.

  176. MeOff Jack

    Very good product

  177. Carlos h Peralta

    La Boy a tratar para la alta presionCardiovascular

  178. Amazon Customer

    The olive leaf product has helped to bring blood pressure issues more in line with the norm! Not a quick fix but yields good results with time and consistency. I have used the product for 4 months and saw noticible change in about 8 weeks.I will continue to order the product!

  179. Amazon Customer

    Just what I was looking for

  180. VLB

    I work in a preschool setting. Needless to say, I am exposed to a lot. If I start getting a sore throat, I come home and start the Olive Leaf Extract. I take it regularly, three times a day to start out, then after three days, I will go to two a day. after seven days I will stop taking it. Sore throat usually goes away without medical intervention. I do the same if my allergies kick in, I will take this along with my allergy meds (after clearance from my GP). It seems to reduce the number of sinus infections that I get. I did clear taking this with my doctor because I do take other medications on a regular basis..

  181. sherry w.

    Product seems to be helping bloodpressure so far so good.

  182. Kindle Customer

    A little pricey but great . But it did not work for me at all

  183. Michael McAteer

    I like that this brand has 50% oleuropein and most others only have 20%

  184. Alan L. Brimer

    This product is great for angina pain. It works better than the prescription medication my Dr. gave me.Alan

  185. Michael T. Kemp

    It seems that olive leaf extract has many useful properties. Can not say, beyond a doubt, that it is enhancing my health. BUT, I like what it is purportedly suppose to do. So I take this along with turmeric and garlic. This seems to be a quality product at a fair price.

  186. yogini

    I bought this supplement when our usual because unavailable through Amazon and was one of the only others containing 50% oleuropein. Keeps our immune system healthy.

  187. sistahterri

    This brand has yielded better overall results in a shorter time frame than the other brands I have taken and is definitely a good price compared to others with less oleuropein.

  188. Serena

    morning diastolic is now in lower 90s (was in high 90s; evening diastolic below 100, was above 100 Not great changes but will give more time. It does upset my stomach, not sure what to do about that.My systolic stays about 130.

  189. Ron J.

    had heard olive leaf extract helped with sinus issues and this did help.

  190. Amazon Customer

    I take this olive leaf extract daily; it removes my desire to snack between meals and at night when taken before breakfast and dinner.

  191. ECloud

    This was a great replacement for the Toniq capsule which used to be the best choice but the manufacturing process for them has changed and made the Toniq capsules not as potent and powder residue all over the place. Thankfully this product is perfectly potent and tasteless!

  192. Wanda Scott

    Great product.

  193. CJ

    I take these for blood pressure and they’re definitely helping keep me in normal range. No side effects for me either.

  194. AMR

    As far as I have been able to tell this is one of the strongest Olive Leaf products out there. Super good quality. Olive Leaf is super good for your health.

  195. Jo Jo


  196. Tom Bryant

    helps with my blood pressure

  197. W. higley

    I have not try others, I see no issues at this time.

  198. gary renshaw

    I couldn’t take it because I am allergic to shell fish. Who knew olive oil would have shellfish in the processing. Could not chance it because my throat will close up.

  199. Sayed

    If you want to really take care of high blood pressure then this product combined with hawthorn berry will do it.

  200. Gordon G.

    Higher percentage of extract than other products

  201. LaFemmeNiaB💋

    Totally Happy with my Purchase!!

  202. Rose Rankin-Sturk

    The stronger oleuropein in the olive leaf extract seems to do it for me. I have been taking Olive leaf for 4 years now. The 29% oleuopein olive leaf kept my blood pressure in the 80’s on the bottom but the top number would get to almost 140. since taking this brand It has stayed perfect 73/122. I will stay with this brand as long as I get these results. i was having side effects from blood pressure meds so I went to an environmental doctor who told me about olive leaf. Thank you Dr Alan Liberman.

  203. sami hamarneh

    They should go fully organic and non gmo

  204. Gina V.

    I took this supplement twice the first time I got severe stomach pain and diarrhea for days I felt horrible thought it was the flu I didn’t know it was caused from this supplement I was trying to get a healthy blood pressure naturally I didn’t eat much before taking it so 2-3 weeks later I tried it again I ate plenty before taking it and an hour or so later I started feeling very nauseous then I started vomiting and I thought that was it , it just disagreed with me but then I started vomiting more I had to leave work I had to pull over on my way home to vomit once I got home it continued and got far worse I was sweating & shivering couldn’t stop vomiting I got dehydrated fast turned white it was so bad my family called and ambulance they thought it was a gallbladder stone or something very serious the paramedics gave me I’ve medications to control the vomiting and relax me the ER doctor ran all kinds of tests and I explained the only thing I took was this supplement so ER doctor said he believes it was from the supplement and I should file a complaint even though this is not regulated by the food & drug admin but anyone should use caution taking this I have no health issues other than my blood pressure was 134/84 I’m 42 and thought eventually I’d be put on Bp meds so I thought this would help and be better for my body I don’t understand why this happen but maybe where it was made it got laced with something else I’m not sure but I got very sick lost pay from work & will likely get a bill for a few hundred as my coinsurance from the ER I will never take this again use caution when taking this

  205. K. M.

    Just want to preface this by saying that I am sensitive to many things since hitting menopause. This might be a perfectly fine product, but I thought I’d share my reaction to it in case anyone else needs to know. I took this olive leaf extract yesterday morning (with food) for the first time. Just one pill. About a half hour later I started getting a strange stabbing pain in my stomach. Off and on all day I would get this odd stabbing pain out of nowhere. I have to chalk it up to this olive leaf extract. It was the only new thing I tried yesterday. Not sure why it would do this, but I’m not taking any more chances with it. Returned it today for a refund. Hope you have a better experience than I did.

  206. wayne

    i have completed 2 bottles and don’t feel any different

  207. G. Frazier

    Good Quality and love the 50% over the 20% Oleuropein and price is great.

  208. Roberta Broquard

    I just started using this product the 11th of January, 2019 so I really don’t have an opinion about it yet. Once I have a blood test taken, I will know if it helped keep my blood pressure down along with lowering my cholesterol.

  209. TimiZora

    I love this product because it helps me prevent sickness or if I’m already sick it helps me to recover faster. This seller is really trustworthy and the package always arrives on time. Thank you!

  210. byron bellar

    Just starting taking it will update later

  211. David

    Just got it so will have to wait and see how it does

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