Green Tea Extract 1200 mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

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Are you looking for the most complete Vegetarian Green Tea Extract 98% for your body*? Get the best value*: 

  • Max Potency 1200 mg per serving (Serving is 2 capsules) Extract 20:1 Equivalent to 24,000mg of Green Tea Per Serving.
  • With 50% EGCG , 98 % Polyphenols, 80 % Catechins. Contains less than 2 % caffeine( apprx. 24mg)
  • Max Supply (180 Capsules & 90 Day Supply)
  • 100% Pure and 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days.*
  • 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

PACKED WITH BENEFITS: Supports Healthy Weight Management* Supports Natural Energy Levels* Supports a Healthy Immune System*

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA : assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.

30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund*!

What is Green Tea Extract?

Green Tea Extract provides powerful antioxidants*. The EGCG found in green tea is responsible for the majority of its antioxidant properties*. Antioxidants help to protect your cells from free radicals that can cause damage to your cells*.

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

  • Only natural items are used in the creation of this product.
  • Capsules that are easy to swallow and odorless*
  • Pure extract with a maximum strength formula
  • NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service



Additional information

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PACKED WITH BENEFITS: Supports Healthy Weight Management* Supports Natural Energy Levels* Supports a Healthy Immune System*


Ingredients: Green Tea 98% Extract (dried leaves), Epigallocatechin-3-P-gallate,  98% Polyphenol, 80% Catechins, Naturally-Occurring Caffeine (Max 24mg).

Other ingredients: Cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silica, Rice flour.

Suggested use & important information

Allergen information:
Contains no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten,egg, wheat, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that may process those allergens or others for different formulations.

Directions: 2 capsules daily preferably with meals or as directed by a health care provider.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Do not exceed recommended dosage

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our  NusaPure Money Back    Guarantee policy.

245 reviews for Green Tea Extract 1200 mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

  1. Diimari

    I take it in pill form but you could open the capsules to stir in to something.I can’t give you 100% assurance that this helps because I’ve made a complete lifestyle change and this is just one of the factors; but not being a coffee drinker I do feel a bit of pep for my morning exercises with this, more than without. I’m hoping for a bit of a metabolism boost from this also, but again I’ve changed my diet, and exercise schedule so the effect is harder to specifically attribute to just this.

  2. Andrew D


  3. Amazon Customer

    Too soon to say anything about the efficacy of the product but all else is fine. Does not repeat after swallowing and goes very easily

  4. Tyler Janoski

    I bought these green tea pills with the intent of using them as a supplement for my metabolism. No matter what time of day, within an hour after taking two pills I feel nauseous and light-headed. I always take them with food, ranging from a light snack to a full meal – nothing prevents the nausea. I thought I was mostly resistant to this side effect from supplements (since zinc, for example, doesn’t bother me when it upsets others’ stomachs), but there’s just no way I can tolerate this product. I’m not sure if another brand or a lower dose would work better, but buyers should just be aware of this side effect.

  5. Marcy VanDyke

    Works effectively and fast. Also helps when I’m feeling bloated. Natural energy

  6. Diana Poore

    This was exactly as described.

  7. Swampgirl56

    Arrived as promised. No problems. Pills are not too big. Happy with my order and will order again.

  8. Roberto

    This had way too much caffeine in it, I wanted to benefits without the caffeine 🙁

  9. SR

    This is a good green tea supplement. I’ve made several orders so far, no problems.

  10. Robert

    I’m not sure what was in this supplement but something gave me a really bad headache, so I had to stop taking

  11. allen adler

    so far a bit disappointed I was on Green Tea FAT BURNER when i saw this product on line I ordered 2 bottle but so far no real results

  12. Jay Em

    good product

  13. ChristaC

    I’ve tried multiple brands and this one is the best I’ve tried. I can feel the difference in potency compared to others. Definitely recommend this product! Especially if you’re trying to take 2000mg a day. Only 2 capsules are needed instead of 4 plus each time.

  14. melissa evans

    definetely need to take with a meal.

  15. Robert

    Awesome green tea extract. Increased clean energy. Feels good

  16. Gfam

    What a kick. No afternoon naps when I’m on the regimen.

  17. photogal21

    It is hard to swallow and the casing for the pill is way too thick and it doesn’t dissolve and the whole day I feel like a pill is stuck in my throat. Get another pill. I’m guessing these are fake reviews

  18. Emily Kalagayan

    I feel less sluggish, and less bloated.

  19. Me 😉

    However, I purchased it to help lose weight (my belly) and it did not help me with that issue at all.

  20. DopaDelic

    I usually use another brand of green tea extract, I decided to be cheap and buy these. Sometimes being cheap will get you terrible products. And that’s what happen with these. I feel like this company takes used tea leaves and just puts them in a blender and packs then in pills. I get no energy from these and no results. The funnest thing is that I looked online and there completely out of stock. That’s very odd. I’ll have to do some more research and see what this product is out no longer available. Stay away from these

  21. sandra mancusi

    This product is by far the best green tea. It really works.

  22. DisneyTink10

    This is working fabulously! Received in record time – really does seem to be working – will order again!!

  23. Angela Valerio

    Don’t have a taste

  24. HummingbirdDa

    Works much better than trying to drink a bunch of tea. I find it helpful in maintaining my weight and its antioxidants are great

  25. Alan Penn

    I am very pleased with this product. The capsules are easy to swallow and this is a very, very good value for what I paid.

  26. Amazon Customer

    This product has led to me losing stomach fat and inches around my waist! I highly recommend for anyone looking to see the changes immediately!

  27. C. LuzHoxsie

    I purchased this product for the green tea benefits. I can only take it every-other day or it makes my mind race. Surprisingly, it does help my tailbone pain for a couple days after I take it. Planning to look for a caffeine free version next time.

  28. Cliente Kindle

    Excelente, en dos semanas se empieza a sentir el efecto.

  29. Misty Stearns

    Good for a daily vitamin and energy!

  30. Jen

    Great value!

  31. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  32. Amazon Customer

    So far so good💪-& fast delivery 👍

  33. James Sherman Hawkins

    Package arrived quickly, in one piece and un-damaged. I was taking the supplement for a neurological disease, but I stopped taking it after studies revealed it has no effect on my disease. I only stopped it so I could afford other drugs/treatments–not because of an adverse reaction or something like that. Still, I recommend it if you can afford it.

  34. Amazon Customer

    It works for me. Will purchase again.

  35. idattu

    What the hey?! They list this product as being 1000mg dosage…. But… you have to take 2 pills to get that amount. The listings says… “Best Green Tea Extract 98% 180 Capsules 1000mg” …when the pills are ONLY 500 mg. Then on the serving size the label says you have to take 2 pills. What a hoax?!These are NOT the pills you are looking for. (Jedi hand wave)

  36. shutterbug

    I don’t want to give this a bad review because it did what I expected, however I had trouble sleeping. It didn’t make me jittery, but it was impacting my sleep so I am no longer taking it.

  37. Luis

    These just made me feel great! I bought them again just for that reason. I had energy & was able to get through my hectic days. Worth it

  38. D.G.

    Great quality, price, and quantity.

  39. Littlebit

    They don’t do anything

  40. pamvan

    easy to swallow tablets. enjoy the benefits of this item

  41. Moffitt

    Happy with my results. I feel energized through the day. Along with exercise and new eating habits, the green tea extract has helped me lose 20 pounds in three weeks.

  42. yasenia contreras

    Lo recominedo

  43. Bryce

    Just began taking at the beginning of the week. So far though it seems to help with my appetite. To soon to tell if it is doing anything for weight loss.

  44. Gloria V.

    Good for you

  45. Taintedrose76

    Great productFast shipmentTrust thus brandTake everyday

  46. Joey

    I’ve never written a bad review before but I simply have to regarding this product! I drink a popular green tea drink every day. I thought taking this supplemental would be easier. However, I had to buy a BP medication because my BP was so EXTREMELY high the very first day I took them! I’m healing from back surgery so I have no way to return them and had to spend extra for the BP medication! I have absolutely no idea why this supplemental caused such an alarming reaction since the drink i was having each day has more green tea in it and never caused a health scare as this supplement did! High blood pressure is NOTHING to be taken lightly…! It’s a very VERY life threatening condition. And because it is so serious, I was compelled to write this review! Be smart, be careful, in spite of what other reviewers say! This supplement can be extremely dangerous to take!

  47. angela hudenets

    I do notice a difference in my keto diet and waistline. I have had nausea with it if I take it on an empty stomach….but I’m sensitive to green tea. I’m going to keep taking this tho!

  48. Shnay

    It does curb your appetite so you won’t be hungry as much which results in eating less which makes me lose weight. It gives some energy.

  49. KingPatrick

    Nice to have such a high dose in a capsule. Good value, quick shipping. Everything just fine!

  50. Loretta Childress

    This is a staple for my vitamin regime.I always keep it on hand.It’s a must have.

  51. Phil Lavalleur


  52. John H.

    Good price for what I wanted.

  53. Maddie H

    Product was exactly as described!

  54. MM

    With vitamins and supplements, it is hard to tell.

  55. Darryl Curtiss

    Great product

  56. EmmaPeters

    I started taking this for the health benefits of green tea to replace my tea consumption, but I noticed it wasn’t as good.

  57. l


  58. M. Cabot

    Seems good

  59. Fraulein Michaud

    I don’t notice any effect of these. No weight loss, no extra energy. I’m confused. What do these pills do that a company can charge this price? I mean if they don’t work then why are people paying for them?

  60. Avid Reader

    Love this product!

  61. CC

    Good stuff

  62. Beans

    Very good tea! 4 capsills give you the same caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee.

  63. Rachel

    I purchased this product and took it as recommended by the directions until I ran out. It worked great! My metabolism seemed up and i felt more energy. So of course I purchase a bottle for the second time once I ran out. I quickly learned there is NO QUALITY CONTROL. The second bottle I purchased affected my body completely differently despite taking the same dose in the same way. I became nauseous, nervous and my heart rate increased. It took me a while to figure out why I was having daily panic attacks because this product had not caused it before. The only thing I can think is that the ingredient measurements were not regulated and that this second bottle contained different doses of caffeine or another product. Thankfully I have no prior conditions but this could’ve seriously hurt someone.

  64. Thomas O’Brien

    It is easy on the stomach. Over a few months it works.

  65. Charlotte Stavermann

    Helps keep you regular

  66. Sveta

    I just took a pill and it made me nauseous and dizzy 🥴. It’s definitely not green tea extract! Don’t put your health in danger !!!! Even the fact that the pills are brownish color should make you skeptical 🤨

  67. Senior too soon

    Be sure to take these capsules early in the day if you are prone to be sensitive to green tea. I took them later in the day (2 p.m.) once and it was a l-o-o-ong night. Couldn’t get any sleep at all. That’s my only complaint.The do provide energy and some appetite control.

  68. cheryl haynes

    Easy to swallow…

  69. Kenneth Bjork

    Great value good product

  70. jolene


  71. Kindle Customer

    Great product. One of the best Green tea supplements I have found.

  72. Carolyn

    Like that this is a higher strength…

  73. I

    You can’t find a better green tea pill out there that actually has in it what you need. Pills actually have the potency necessary to help you.

  74. Jonathan Alvarado

    I have been taking these for a few months and they work well. I don’t get super jittery like I do with other green tea supplements. These give me that boost in the mornings I need.

  75. DJevans2

    Seems to be a positive affect. No harm maybe a morning boost of energy.

  76. sk

    No complaints!

  77. David Kenneth Miller

    I’ve been taking green tea for a few years now. I appreciate that the product is non-GMO and Gluten Free.I received my order quickly!Many Thanks,W. Miller

  78. david ver meer

    Just started taking for weight loss

  79. Olympia

    Easy to take product feel like it its actually working!

  80. agronyc

    Great Green Tea extract. The best ive had yet. Ive tried other brands and this one honestly looks to be my monthly reorder brand. Solid seller too.

  81. s. harris


  82. Mendkidz

    I like it, I don’t drink coffee anymore and one of these every other day is amazing

  83. Patty Karn

    Seems to keep belly fat at bay.

  84. Shawnicia R. Smith

    Fast acting and supports metabolism

  85. Rick F.

    Taking this as part of my PAGG stack diet, does what it is supposed to do

  86. Janie Jackson

    Will order again


    Dietary supplement

  88. Derik Fiamma

    I dont write many reviews. This is a WONDERFUL product. Dosage per scientific studies is PRECISE, about 500mg of EGCG. Benefits are numerous. Ingredients: You need to give HATS OFF to the manufacturer for using healthy compounds. Say NO to Maltidextrin. Say NO to all compounds that raise Insulin. This brand has none of those. Price is a STEAL. I just wish these prices are maintained for ever. Thank you.

  89. Ed Barton

    I purchase most of my supplements from Amazon, and this is a good quality product at a very good price. I don’t have brand loyalty, so this was the best buy at the time, was as expected, and is worth buying.

  90. Amazon Customer

    These make me feel so sick to my stomach not worthy the weight loss.

  91. Smith, C&J

    I took the vitamins with all my others after a big yogurt & granola breakfast early morning…by lunchtime I was completely nauseous until I ate again. When I eliminated this vitamin – I felt fine.

  92. Damien Gibbons

    first time trying this brand. satisfied so far. from my experience with diet and exercise green tea extract can accelerate cutting results before you eyes.

  93. Larry

    The product is easy to take and results of its benefits was positive as per blood work.

  94. Stacey Lynn Ligon


  95. Lente Loquito

    I purchased this to loose belly fat. It has helped and I have bee careful of what I am eating. So far so skinny.

  96. Shelby Falvey

    I find it to be a great metabolism booster. It’s easy to swallow capsule and it’s cost-effective.

  97. Alexia

    We keep these in stock at our house. Any sign of sickness… we start taking this first.

  98. Darcie Kuchcinski

    Just didn’t like them, won’t be buying again

  99. Choochai Itharat

    All good.

  100. DPTsusie

    This supplement provides the health benefits of green tea and doesn’t leave you feeling jittery. It’s a great value too.

  101. sandor fonad

    all good

  102. Kindle Customer

    I bought this because Zenwise was out of stock. I figured green tea is green tea – WRONG.This stuff made me feel tired and gave me a headache. Turned out it is because it drove my blood pressure up to 181/130. Zenwise does not affect my blood pressure. I am not sure what the extra ingredient is just that it was bad for me.

  103. Rey

    Feel good when I take it and notice I don’t have as much energy when I don’t.

  104. karen

    Great energy booster !


    To offer a cleansing

  106. Mark N

    Good quality. As expected.

  107. Tommy Bessenbacher

    No bad taste

  108. Andrea U.

    This works wonders for me.I stopped losing weight after a few months of diet and exercise. I then started taking these and I after 2 weeks I started losing weight again. I also feel more energised when I take them.

  109. Ramona Mesi

    Take this daily

  110. Norma

    my cousin used this product. her words were its so much better than drinking all the tea with the same benefits.

  111. OJ Pitts

    Gin wait instead of loose weight. Took other brand of green tea and lose weight.

  112. lindsey

    Made me incredibly shakey and nauseous. Not worth it at all.

  113. Terpsichore

    Won’t know how well it works for a couple of weeks or so…Taking it in combination with Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia, as well as working out at the gym.Garcinia alone has made a HUGE difference (lost 40+ lbs in 3 months time), so we’ll see what the triple combo plus exercise does for me! 😊

  114. Marsha

    My favourite green tea supplement!

  115. Amazon Customer

    It didnt give any noticeable energy.

  116. williecat

    Gives me a morning jump start that isn’t jittery and boosts my mood. I’m sure I’ll keep taking them.

  117. Angie

    Eyes swelled shut!

  118. Chissanucha D.

    Help to boost my metabolism !!!

  119. Kristeen Carney

    Delivered quickly, good price and healthy!

  120. harold waterhouse

    will buy again super product

  121. Kenneth C.

    I use green tea extract supplements primarily for the antioxidant benefits. I buy them from NusaPure because I trust the company: Manufactured in the USA; gluten, egg and soy free, and made with quality ingredients. My wife and I also have used several other NusaPure supplements for several years and are happy with the results.

  122. Daniel T. Holton

    Exactly what I expected.

  123. ginger rhea

    Value and quantity

  124. gregory o’campo

    I feel the difference in it’s strength

  125. r.cibelli

    I had been taking this faithfully, for a month or so, along with diet and exercise. I barely lost two pounds, and actually gained a couple of ounces! Imagine my dismay when I got on the scale this morning… 🙁 Yes, my metabolism is slow, however, I thought this would help, even if I only lost half a pound weekly. The positive reviews gave me high hopes, and it may work well for some, but, I will be returning this product.

  126. Randy Lord

    Made me anxious

  127. Burnetti

    I can’t seem to keep this down and throw it up every-time I take it. I am no longer taking it and put the bottle in the trash.

  128. Kindle Customer

    works great

  129. A. Betancourt

    I soon started taking these pills and noticed the increased energy and gradual weight loss. Great pills to take as a supplement.

  130. Brenda

    These are a total waste of your money they don’t work at all.

  131. sheila hartmann

    The descriptions says 1000 mg and 160 capsules… so it sounds like a good price. Actually, the fine print on the label explains it is 1000 mg with 2 capsules, so the price is really twice what a reasonable person would expect. Instead of being a good deal, these are comparatively high in price. Very deceptive advertising.

  132. kb

    I really like how they gave me a good sized bottle for such a great low price!!

  133. Marilyn Irwin

    Great product

  134. Skye

    I bought this for manly two *promised reasons. 1. boost metabolism 2. weight loss. I have not worked out in a couple months for personal reasons and decided to rely on a pill for a little boost. after taking these green tea pills I felt sick and natious each time. and worst they made me SO HUNGRY. I ended up sick and GAINED weight because of it. no wonder they are cheaper. will return sadly.

  135. Bruce A.

    One of these pills, contains the same potency as 2 1/2 of the average big box store brand pills.

  136. Diana S. Hernandez

    Just bought and so far so good!!

  137. Amazon Customer

    I am using it with Zinc. Hopefully together it will keep me from getting sick

  138. calvin smalley

    Best Green tea supplement I tried so far.

  139. Athena Tacoronte


  140. Amazon Customer

    5htp works great for sleep and mood. NatureWise has great customer support. I just received a free bottle after I gave them my experience with the first one.

  141. Nathaniel

    It really helps me wake up and become alert early in the morning. No stomach ache, no heart burn. Simple and good fuel and very fair pricing for my area.

  142. Amazon Customer

    Causes severe stomach pain, bloating, and nausea.

  143. Dalton

    Great green tea pills! I usually suspect pills that aren’t clear capsule as you see it’s contents for consistency. I opened a few up and see that it contains orangish powder. The powder should be fine as it has the concentrated bitterness of green tea. Been using it for a week by now and lost 2 lbs. will provide an update after 2 months.

  144. Texas Girl

    Fast delivery and good quality!

  145. Bobby Pascual

    Product is very reasonably priced.

  146. Bharath S.

    I just started few weeks before it works now. I will update after 60 days again, then only get to know right weight loss numbers. Anyway buyers can try this as you required for weight loss aims people. Thanks

  147. LissaLee

    No aftertaste

  148. E. M.

    I’ve lost 5 lb since I started taking it.

  149. Redds

    It gives you a little boost in combination with digestive vitamins

  150. Patricia Worth

    The quality of the Green Tea Extract Capsules are superior. Quite happy with this purchase and will purchase again.

  151. chris l. wenger

    Fast shipment. Love this product to0

  152. Dinah

    Seems to be working just fine with weight loss

  153. Anjanétte Ashcraft

    Great product.

  154. Tonya L. Garland

    I take a prescription that makes me seriously hungry at night time and this counteracts as to not give me hunger pains.

  155. Gary Dietrick

    I was looking for a 1000mg capsule. Looking at the label, it says 1000mg and then in a small lighter print “serving size”. This means with a serving size of 2 capsules. They are 500 mg capsules. Come on guys!

  156. DL

    Easy to swallow size. There’s a lower amount of caffein than say a fat burner pill. It’s what I expected.

  157. L. J. Dacpano

    So far, so good. Not being consistent enough with the usage. But, the morning caffeine boost is nice.

  158. Amazon Customer

    great value

  159. Mikila

    I stopped drinking them after 2 days, my blood pressure was super high and it increased my heart rate too fast.

  160. Retired37

    Works well. The EGCG % is the best part.

  161. Maureasha

    Increased my metabolism and gave me more energy.

  162. Eddie Avalos

    I’ve been taking this for about two months and haven’t noticed any change or significant improvements.

  163. Norman

    I dont drink coffie so mornings start off dragging. This seems to help give me a boost and wake me up.

  164. iLovebunnys

    It a good value for the money.

  165. Biz Guy

    … and I wasn’t even trying to diet. Nevertheless, I lost 40 lbs in 3 months taking this egcg. Happened so fast that I lost 20 before I figured out what was causing the sudden loss!A couple of caveats:1. I ended up with elevated liver enzymes (ALT & AST). The doc told me to take it in cycles, like every other month, and drink lots and lots of water (ie, 4 bottles each day). Enzymes dropped and the lower back pain went away.2. As a guy who loves his coffee and takes 5 green tea caps per day, I’m trying an egcg version that promises “Very Low Caffeine No Stomach Upset”. If you’re wondering how that’s going… As I write, it’s 12:47 a.m. (sigh)

  166. kathetc

    Been using for just a short time so I am still assessing.

  167. GCFlores

    Great value

  168. Deirdre

    I am not able to use this product because I take a prescription medication for hypothyroidism. I didn’t know that before I purchased it.

  169. Marcia A. Mann

    Excellent product, fast shipping, reasonable price.

  170. noshhtSherlock

    Quick way to absorb green tea

  171. John T

    smaller capsule with more mg. will buy again

  172. monica m.


  173. Khaver Akhter

    The green tea extract is really helping me lose weight!

  174. Makie055

    It’s a very good product. I would order again.

  175. Marie

    It is exactly what we wanted. It keeps me energized in the morning and I know the benefits are amazining.

  176. Louie Luciano

    When I’ve used it, the results are there

  177. william g sternitzky

    Just enough caffeine to get going

  178. Butterfly

    Loving it. In conjunction with other steps I’m taking to lose weight, the green tea is a booster. The weight is coming off slowly and easy.

  179. bubba

    Great product. I’ve tried other green tea extracts, but this one takes the cake. Easy to take, no bad taste, great price!

  180. Cathy Stecker

    This green ta extract does seem to be working although I have only been using it a few weeks. Eady to swalliw and no after taste and no jitters either.

  181. Eric Frost

    I noticed an increase in energy and a general good feeling after taking this supplement. I have also been losing weight, but I changed other aspects of my life in addition to taking green tea extract.

  182. Ian Sexton

    I figured I’d give NusaPure a try since it has decent reviews… but when i opened the bottle, all of the capsules contained Brownish Yellow Tea extract. Other than disappointing, I’m not sure what to make of it… Is this safe to eat?All of the other Green Tea extract pills i’ve purchased are Light/Dark Green.The Lot # on the bottom of the bottle is: 290583The expiration date is: 07/2020Update: NusaPure is taking care of my order… thank you!

  183. Erich R.

    A lot of easy to swallow tablets without a bad aftertaste. I found them good quality for the money compared with other green tea tablets.

  184. Zellie

    I do not mean to suggest that you do anything that would inappropriately recommend a weight loss program that assumes liability on your part. I like this product very much, I don’t have a clue about flavor as I don’t bite the capsules, so I did not rate that point. Other than drinking lots (and what is lots?) of water what is the most effective way to use NusaPure for weight loss? Even a reference to sources would improve effective use. zWill certainly buy again!

  185. Jasmine_501

    I use this, as I have had breast cancer and it is good for keeping it at bay for the second time. I wish I would have used this before my cancer. Known for helping to keep it at bay.

  186. Leo_Sngs

    This product is an economical means of adding EGCg to my daily supplement intake!

  187. PrincessJulia

    Didn’t do a thing for me

  188. LH

    Love it. it flushed my system

  189. Sandra Severance

    My husband uses this product every his own words..” secret weapon in his 85 + lbs weight loss in the past year”. Boosts metabolism!! Update.. My husband has now lost a total of 106 lbs.. uses this green tea extract daily along with diet and exercise. He swears by it!

  190. Amazon Customer

    I have been a naturopathic doctor since 1995. They have conducted huge clinical trials with nurses taking polyphenols on a daily basis. And what they have found was an 80% less chance of contracting the flu by ingesting polyphenols on a daily basis. One pill equals 3 cups of green tea.

  191. josh

    Not working came with broken seal

  192. Gaylene Marvin

    Just started taking geeen tea and has helped the inflammation in my elbow tremendously.

  193. Mikael F.

    green tea extract can cause liver damage with routine long term use at doses around 400mg or higher

  194. Steve Shepherd

    The jury is still out as to whether or not it works

  195. Amazon Customer

    They don’t work for weight loss or energy!

  196. alan

    i liked it

  197. Greg Nicholson

    A little to strong for me.This product would keep me up at night.

  198. Sneh lata lala

    Good product

  199. Veronica Rodriguez

    Bueno rapido

  200. Amazon Customer

    As good as what I get from my naturopath.

  201. Rita M. H

    Helps decrease appetite, and also give you lots of energy. Love it.

  202. Amazon Customer

    Helps energy and weight control

  203. ravenia elizabeth

    I have read all over the place that green tea is good for you! How many things can one person drink and a 24 hour. So I decided to make green tea the extract and drink water! I’ve only use this pill a couple of times and my experiences are mixed. The very first pill I took gave me abdominal cramps but not severe. I had about three bowel movements in a two hour time span. It wasn’t like loose but fully formed waste. I have not use this product for any consecutive amount of time so I cannot speak about its benefits for weight loss or anything of that nature. I can tell you when you break the seal it smells like green tea..

  204. KB

    Good value for green tea supplement. Good seller.

  205. Joanne

    Did nothing for me

  206. C. Braddy

    I did not notice any effects good or bad. No taste or smell.I was hoping it would help in some area of dieting. Will not purchase again.

  207. katofs

    Thought this might work in conjunction with my weight loss regimen but am not noticing a difference. Still taking tjo.

  208. s. swift



    The product is fine, capsules suck!!

  210. Cheryl Colega

    I bought this to boost my metabolism and I feel slimmer after a couple of weeks without changing my diet. I think it gives me more energy too.

  211. Virginia Bryant

    Can’t tell if they do anything, but they don’t make me jittery and I feel great. I have to drink plenty of water when I take them or I burp them up and it’s pretty bad.

  212. Michael

    I enjoy taking these daily, they have assisted with my healthy routine!!

  213. Gergana Lyubomirova Manasieva

    More than satisfied with this one !!! It actually works fine for meReally happy with my purchase , will be buying moreThank you!

  214. Amazon Customer

    Great way to get Green Tea since I am not a tea drinker.

  215. Carol Semler

    Thank you

  216. Sterling

    good bargain!

  217. bruce p bonholzer

    Great product

  218. Steve Oster

    I don’t like to drink tea so this is great.

  219. Bruce Irwin

    Love that I have lots of energy after only two capsules. Will buy again

  220. Anita Harris Hayes

    Sent back

  221. LEON GALE

    loose weight

  222. Stephen M. Hanan

    Not as effective as CVS pharmacy super B complex!

  223. deborah thompson

    My mother was recently diagnosed with CLL. Using it to help that. Actually, in combination with Curcurmin, it has brought down the WBC 6000, less after 2 months. We will be ordering again!!

  224. Alwims


  225. Love My Tires

    great buy

  226. Mr. Crispy

    I’ve been taking a different green tea supplement for a while but decided to give this one a try. After spending half a day feeling like I was going to puke, I threw the bottle away and went back to my old brand. Lesson learned: stick with what works for you and don’t buy cheap supplements from Amazon.

  227. Ann M



    Boost The wife’s energy for an hour or so first thing in the morning

  229. minerva guajardo

    Me gusta tomar té y es más conveniente en pastillas

  230. Kate in Sacramento

    I take them for the antioxidant value. I like these a lot. No complaints.

  231. Amber T.

    Super fast shipping, item exactly as described. I highly recommend.

  232. T Hump

    Just purchased and started using. Love the high dosage compared to other brands.

  233. Daniel

    Helping to keep me alive, as I battle hypertension without the benefit of prescription meds.

  234. SLD

    Good for weight loss and appetite suppressant.

  235. Tamara Denke

    No jitters.

  236. pwag

    Love the extract option to drinking tea and this product is a good product at a reasonable price.

  237. Bambi Goff

    These really do what they say. No more bloating or gas.

  238. Frank and Darcie Boniello

    Good price for the quantity and quality.

  239. Virginia

    Daily ritual in my health care maintenance

  240. EY&JJsAmazon

    My liver enzymes went up & this is all I take!! My labs were just taken & I don’t drink!! Don’t take it!! You’ll be screwed in the end!!

  241. Caroline L. Isenogle

    I take this product for the green tea extract, for weight control, health, etc, and it is easy to swallow and digest (as far as I know!). Great company to deal with. I will be a continuing customer with both product and company.

  242. Jennifer

    Helps with curbing appetite . Would recommend

  243. Amazon Customer

    A bit like a cup of coffee if one needs a pick up, not harsh at all and can be taken later in the evening with no worries about caffeine keeping one awake would certainly buy again

  244. Lynsie P.

    Bought for extra energy as I don’t drink caffeine. Seems to work okay.

  245. Henry Lohwasser

    Different varieties of tea leaves can vary greatly in their stimulating or relaxing qualities, partly due to different caffeine content. You’re also likely to enhance your experience of drinking green tea if you stick to certified organic green tea brands.

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