Colostrum 700 mg -180 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

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  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM -Supports healthy healing and healthy immune system functions*
  • 180 Veg Caps for a 180 Day supply – serving is 1 capsule
  • Non-GMO & Gluten-free
  • SUPPORTS healthy fat metabolism and healthy intestinal track health*
  • HIGH QUALITY COLOSTRUM standardized to contain 25% IgG
  • MANUFACTURED IN  THE USA: manufactured in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.
  • 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

Nature provides an immune defense network, but your immune system is challenged by normal physical and mental stress, as well as aging.* Colostrum is the nourishing fluid produced by mammals as food for the newborn in the few days after birth, before milk production begins. This bovine-derived food supplement offers a variety of biologically active proteins, including immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and other factors that support the maintenance of lean muscle tissue, as well as a healthy immune system.* Scientific studies have shown that colostrum may help to enhance bioavailability and absorption of nutrients into the body, while promoting healthy gastro-intestinal function.*

Why should YOU choose NusaPure?

  • 100% natural
  •  NusaPure is a trusted brand – recognized for our excellent customer service
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Manufactured in the USA with premium quality ingredients

Additional information

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Benefits of NusaPure Colostrum: 

  • Supports the  intestinal lining and supports healthy intestinal flora.*
  • Supports healthy immune system functions*
  • Contains lactoferrin that supports immune function*
  •  Supports healthy Gut Health*



  • Colostrum from bovine source, standardized to contain 25% IgG
  • Cellulose (from capsule), Silica, Magnesium stearate,  Rice Flour.
  • Natural color variation may occur in this product


Suggested use & important information

Allergen information:

Contains no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, yeast, corn, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten, starch or wheat.Produced in a GMP facility that may process those allergens or others for different formulations.

Serving size: for adults, take one capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep our of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur such as gastrointestinal discomfort or allergic reaction. Avoid this product if you have allergies to Milk or a history of kidney stones.

Do not exceed recommended dosage

* Those statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent any disease.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our  NusaPure Money Back    Guarantee policy.

*Results will vary based on a variety of factors.

153 reviews for Colostrum 700 mg -180 Veg Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-free)

  1. Amy A

    Bought for dog with itchy skin. Has been no difference after a month

  2. Rojelio

    Colostrum helps with so many things even my sleep.

  3. Ret.SGM H Roman

    This is a must have in our Daily lives

  4. Ginny

    After trying several different supplements, I bought this for my English Bulldog who has alopecia. After about a month, his hair started growing back and has completely grown in on one side and is starting to grow in on the other. It has help build his immunity and deal with his allergies. I will buy again and again. Thank you.

  5. Angelo Isom

    I take them daily and really noticed the difference.

  6. Buelo

    To boost my immune system

  7. Josh

    Noticed no difference.

  8. Philip Taylor

    Still needs some time to work

  9. Living Out Loud, Inc.

    Unlike some others at this price point this one has no fillers. Taking it has increased my energy levels as well as lessened joint pain.

  10. LifeWithRen

    I give daily to myChihuahua mix in addition to Omega’s (fish oil, chews, etc) and another allergy supplement with Quercetin. I am very pleased with my dog minimal symptoms. She is only 1 1/2 years old but a year ago in July we had to take her to vet for rubbing her face too much and general eye irritation. She does not seem to be in any discomfort at all and that makes me very happy. No harsh drugs just a boost for her immune system to keep her healthy and comfortable.

  11. Learie

    This product does exactly what its supposed to do. With my diet and colostrum I am confident in my immune system whenever the weather changes or I’m in a crowded area. I also have been using colostrum for the past few months and have also seen improvements in my bone health. If you need a product that just works, you found it.

  12. Elizabeth E. Castor

    I like it and will continue its use

  13. D. M. Ward

    Came on time. Seems to be good quality.

  14. Connie Bettich

    Build immunity against colds and flu season.

  15. Amazon Customer

    I liked the price and the caps r easy to ipen. I feed them to my cat and myself. My cat has MAJOR digestive problems and hoping it will help. My friend is giving it to her cat and I almost didn’t recognize the cat. She is doing SO much better!!!

  16. Elle Holli

    It doesn’t seem to be working. I get sick all the time. I was hoping this would help, but here I am sick again.The product design was not thought out. The capsule is huge and hard to swallow. Yet, it has to e flour as a filler. Why not skip the filler and spring for a smaller capsule? Makes no sense.Waste of my time and money.

  17. Nancy

    My friend recommended it and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin

  18. Jalca

    Since I started taking these pills, 2 months ago, I haven’t been sick with the flu. I used to get sick very easily before.

  19. Jan Blalock

    Good quality and great price! MY husband has been taking Colostrum for a long time, he says this is the best yet.I tried it and could tell a difference.

  20. procace710

    I buy this for my English Bulldog & he’s super healthy

  21. cabrerajm

    very good

  22. Amazon Customer

    seems to my dog some

  23. Lorie Falls

    I have taken it for 2 weeks and so far no benefit that I can tell! I’m thinking money waisted!


    Really helps my immune system.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I take one capsule each night, I have extensive stomach issues, and this does help to calm my stomach, I have also noticed that I do not get colds or other “bugs ” as often.

  26. Harriet

    Like it.


    Great for boosting immune system and healing hemroids

  28. Yesenia Saenz

    Muy buen suplemento

  29. Mary Connolly

    It tends to get stuck in the in the throat if not a lot of fluids are used to swallow.

  30. john m williams

    It seems to working good

  31. steve

    very tolerable, no adverse or side affects. Gives an overall feeling of strength, vitality, therefore building immunity

  32. Matthew Lason

    Great price, great quality, great effectiveness for many stomach issues.

  33. S.B.


  34. Ricky Wright

    Good price

  35. Lauren

    Great product!

  36. Edwin Gonzalez

    To improve my inmune system

  37. Katie O.

    I’ve been taking these daily for a while now and I am seeing no results. I think there is too much filler and hardly any colostrum. For what they cost they should work.

  38. sean

    The product is very good and worth buying!

  39. Cherin

    Haven’t had a cold or bug since I started using this product. That’s why bought it. It works and the price is right, so 5 stars is warranted!

  40. AMJ

    Gut protection for travel, and then kept taking it. Have not been sick in more than a year-and I work with small children!!

  41. Bubba

    This did nothing for my dogs we gave it to them for over a month and see no changes in allergies or skin conditions.

  42. Jules F.

    Use this product to grow…

  43. randy engelbrecht

    I use it for stomach problems, works great!!

  44. ED

    Buen producto

  45. Mya

    I was excited to try this product after having digestion issues for years and reading all of the positive reviews however I did not notice any difference and it has been almost a month now.

  46. Charles

    Seems to be helping, will buy more in the future.

  47. Oksana Walker

    This is when you should not save money buying cheap product. Did not work as other Colostrum I used. I returned this product

  48. Bobby A.

    great product.

  49. Amazon Customer

    I just look for great health product; i liked this one

  50. S. Lance

    Helps greatly to control my myasthenia gravis, especially when combined with MSM in the ratio of 1 MSM (1500mg) to 3 colostrum (650mg).

  51. Lisbet

    Very good

  52. Amazon Customer

    So far so good!

  53. hmmmm

    Rice powder in the ingredients – bad for diabetics as rice anything can spike blood sugar.

  54. maryjane skafidas

    My puppy for her stomach. My vet recommended it for everyday. I also use it as part of my good health program.

  55. RM

    So far since it’s been less than a month when I purchased this product, my senior dog and me are very pleased with the company and their Colostrum nutritional supplement.

  56. Eleshia L.

    Stopped medication for GERD after only weeks. Used another brand but found this more for the dollar and worked as good as the more expensive brand.

  57. Sabrina

    These pills are amazing! I bought them for my dog because of an infection in his anal glands that caused a lot of daily “leaking” from his glands. I was feeding him 2 per day as a small/medium 17lb terrier. After 2 weeks he was doing a lot better, but I found a homeopathic/natural vet website that recommended 4 pills per day (2 pills 2x daily) for his size. When I increased his intake, he finished healing in a week! I also combined it with silica 6x (30c at first) during this time. He had the biggest change in health when I increased to 4 colostrum pills daily, despite maintaining the same amount of silica daily. So i know these work!The pills are in white capsules that can be pulled apart to empty the colostrum powder that’s inside. I separated the pills and mixed it with a little bit of water to make milk. It smelled and looked like real milk when mixed with water so I felt much safer about using the product too 🙂 My dog actually considered this a treat because it tasted delicious to him~ He would run to me and wag his tail, waiting, while I mixed the milk. He even licked up any drops that spilled on the floor.I spent a lot of time comparing other colostrum pills and this had the most amount of pills for the same price as some others. It also seems to be great quality and GMO free, which is recommended by vets when choosing which colostrum brand to use for pets! Definitely recommend this product overall!

  58. Katherine&John

    Great product good for fighting free radicals and great for your gut.

  59. sshain

    I absolutely adore this product. I started taking it after a long round of antibiotics in order to restore my gut health/immunity, but it has done so much for me that I have continued to take it daily. I no longer have any acne breakouts. In fact, I went on antibiotics to get rid of a low-grade sinus infection that caused one of my lymph nodes to swell up. Even though the antibiotics could not get rid of the enlarged lymph node, this supplement did! The only caveat is that I don’t know how safe it is to take long-term. For instance, people with HIV may experience negative side effects according to WebMD.

  60. BRM

    Helps alleviate allergies and sinus issues. This is my second purchase and I plan on buying again.

  61. Amazon Customer

    Fast delivery. High rating. No complaints.

  62. Walt#

    The price is OK.

  63. Tali

    I was taking this for about 2 weeks and noticed a difference (mind you, I also take prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and MCT oil for my ongoing digestive issues) I chalked the difference up to the thought that everything works for a few weeks and then you go right back to the way you were before once your body gets used to the supplement. Well, i went away for 4 days and forgot my pills. Boy could i tell right away. I could not wait to get home and get back on my routine, I actually think this one addition to my normal regime is the kicker. I hope it continues to work because it makes a HUGE difference.

  64. Deborah Belcher

    I really felt like crap until I actually started taking these these work really good. I have very bad arthritis and when my neck starts to hurt as soon as I take these the pain just goes away I don’t think I could survive without

  65. sherri r graham


  66. Beverly Wiles

    My overall health is still good considering my age. I am trying this product still. I do feel a little better but it took a long time to feel bad and it could take a little while longer to feel like myself again (the reason for 4 stars)… so giving it more time to work, I am more regular.

  67. R. Benton Ruth

    Good stuff….give it to my animals…they stay healthy.

  68. musclegirl

    I’m not sure if the Colostrum is really preventing me from getting sick. I know that it reacts badly with my rosacea. As soon as I stopped taking it, my face returned to normal color and I have not had an episode since.

  69. Cathy Trimble

    I’ve been taking colostrum for years according to Doctors orders and this is by far the best value for the money. I’m so happy that I found it.

  70. Marcia A McLean

    This is a great product! I’m very pleased with the quality, and I will purchase again before I run out. Thanks for offering it!

  71. William

    My wife takes them and she said they help her stomach

  72. Kelly

    Doesn’t have a bad taste. Will purchase again.

  73. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had stomach pain Demerol was the only thing that eased the pain until I started using this product. I have gone at least 8 months with no pain or issues. I ran out after a week the pain came back until today i received my order. A real life changer.

  74. Mary

    I do feel so much better taking this supplement. I recently lost my husband, my immune system was so low. I feel more strength now doing daily activities.

  75. Kolby

    Made me feel so much better each morning. It’s so natural. A great find.

  76. Amazon Customer



    My doctor prescribed this for my Immune system. I have been on this for about a year now and must say that it has done me well.

  78. Rick Parker

    I’m 68 and have a bad back . nusapure colostrum helps with increased energy and speeds up recovery. What more can I say it works.

  79. Elsa

    I give this to my dog with an autoimmune disease. They seem to help her.

  80. Charles H.

    no flair ups since starting colostrum that is a plus!!

  81. Karen

    Great product, and such a good support for immune function. Feeling great and will continue to take this.

  82. Estella Vanvalen

    I Like that this product is good for me.

  83. Joanna

    Seems to help me with my compromised immune system

  84. Cortez Draper

    You don’t have to take a lot of this medicine for it to work a great overall body super tonic

  85. Amazon Customer

    My doctor prescribed this for my Immune system and I have been using them for 3 weeks, and already feel a huge difference in my health

  86. ionix

    Its great. Would order it again.

  87. Cliente de Amazon

    Utilizo este producto desde hace másde 14 años. Desafortunadamente, dos de las marcas que utilicé, lo descontinuaron, lo que me obligó a buscar otras alternativas, pero no sentí los mismos resultados.Con éste, he logrado los mismos niveles de protección que con los primeros.

  88. Lyle Hochstetler

    doesnt burn tummy

  89. Manuel

    At the moment! Everythings going well

  90. Debi Brown

    Worked great for my dog

  91. Catherine S Starkey

    Good product


    best I’ve found!

  93. Russ Dowling

    Non GMO, gluten free, made in America. If you take them daily it helps your immunity. If I feel a cold, allergies or sore throat, I can usually stop it before it gets you sicker. It works for both my husband too.

  94. teresa allen

    GREAT price!

  95. Celine Blondel

    Great product, fast shipping

  96. ofelia

    buen producto

  97. Marianne Romeo

    My vet recommended this for my cat with allergies. Does seem to be helping.

  98. Richard Cipher

    Good colostrum for a great price, and only uses Rice powder filler (which makes a big difference for people with chronic issues), but it seems like they use A LOT of rice powder.

  99. Amazon Customer

    good stuff

  100. kalkazaraki

    No issues with GI taking this colostrum supplement. Haven’t had any viral or bacterial infections this winter season. Not sure if its the reason, but will continue to take it.

  101. Carlos Fermín

    Muy costosas

  102. Mary Lou Peck

    Ever since I began taking this product six months ago I have not been sick once. Even though I work in childcare and people have been sick around me. I feel that it has greatly strengthened my immune system!

  103. Lourdes L.

    Es magnifico, nos gusta mucho y muy completo. Volvere a ordenar.

  104. Jim

    As usual I have only compliments for Amazon products. I have experienced good results with this product

  105. Brenda W

    I purchased this product to help boost the immune system in my dog. She is prone to skin allergies and the Vet said this may help. It has worked! No skin rashes and her coat is shiny and healthy. Since it worked for her, I started giving it to my husband and his seasonal allergies have decreased. Now I am taking it and I do feel better.

  106. Kindle Customer

    arrived quickly, price seemed good, taking for immune health, so far so good

  107. lydia cetera

    Immune system.

  108. phyllis

    I have auto-immune issues. This really helps and is affordable.

  109. Kindle Dragon fly

    pills are not too big and I only have to take one a day. when you take several supplements, it’s important they not be horse pills or that you need take multiple a day.

  110. Amazon Customer

    Because the capsules were stuck together I did not think we should take them !

  111. Leslie J. Holker

    These are wonderful!!! I have been using them for almost a week, and already feel a huge difference in my gut…and my overall health. I would highly recommend this Colostrum product to anyone seeking the best.

  112. Amazon Customer

    I bought it for my German Shepherd. He is on row diet and have a loose stool time to time. After been using this product do not have this issue.

  113. dj

    I take one capsule every day to prevent a runny nose and other allergies. Excellent product.

  114. Mother Grey Wolf

    Easier to take than powder.

  115. Irene P

    Not sure what all it does but really has improved my gut health.

  116. Charles J. Seitz

    Great source of Colostrum in a capsule

  117. Harvetta P.

    I like the health benefits,, I had no dislikes.

  118. Linda Fidler Wendell

    Excellent product- strong enough to really make a difference.; really helps the ammunition system.

  119. Amazon Customer

    Hard to it’s working, too soon . Great price and content. Bought for myself and my dogs.

  120. Tuck

    I got this product for my allergies and migraine issues. It has lessened my amount of headaches I don’t believe how much longer it will work or what will happen if I stop taking it but as of right now just taking one with a meal twice a day has helped me quite a lot with avoiding migraines. I use a variety of herbal remedies that just don’t help 100% of the time. I was glad I found this product. Doesn’t taste like much.

  121. DM

    So far so good. I’ve been exposed to many people with colds and the flu and haven’t caught it. I feel that I have more energy too. My wife who has RA is also taking it with several other supplements and it seems to be helpful as well.

  122. Yulia Krylova

    I buy it for my dog who has allergies. I break a capsule in each meal. It’s a really good alternative to shots and antibiotics.

  123. Ricky V

    So far so good. Seems like excellent product/purchase.

  124. Not safe, in fact the worst shampoo product ever!!!

    I gave it to my dog for his itchiness, allergies, for about a month improvement top it off your product contains RICE POWDER and much with basic information on your label??? Last purchase that I can guarantee you

  125. Amazon Customer

    I bought this after hearing a testimonial from a patient of mine about how taking bovine colostrum saved him through his cancer treatment. So far I feel the same way. It helps with inflammation, pain, immune system support. I’m so glad I started it before any of my treatment started.

  126. JBelcher

    Seems to be working. It is easier to take then the powder which always clumped up in my drink.

  127. juan duran

    Great product at the right price

  128. Kindle Customer

    I have not been able to tell if it’s working or not…sorry

  129. Gabriela


  130. Steven Hoag


  131. Ellen

    The product arrived just as stated…my vitimins&minerals were totally depleted so i’ve only taken for about 2 weeks but I must say my hair isn’t breaking as much & friends have said my face looks healthier & even a bit of glow is seen…I know this is a fantastic item as i’ve researched it a lot…thankyou All for doing what you do best…I will continue to keep Colestrum in my daily routine…☺️

  132. Susan

    Love this product. I take it for an immune boost but it also helps my varicose veins and weight. Don’t know why but that’s what it does for me.

  133. Krystal Wassum

    I have not tried them yet, but with Colostrum.. what can go wrong.. It can be used for many things.

  134. angelamado

    Excelent product, i recomended

  135. Paula Blade

    This product helps bolster my immune function.

  136. Marcos Valenzuela

    Buen producto !!

  137. McAdamians

    This item has a cap but NO SAFETY SEAL. I have no input about the product. I will be returning both bottles today, they were received yesterday

  138. Lydia

    Good product, 💪 very happy with this purchase


    Makes face full, young looking. Marvelous product.

  140. Crystalvoid

    I heard about Bovine Colostrum from a member of a Facebook group I’m involved in. It’s been under a week and I’ve already got increased energy and have lost 6 pounds!

  141. jason B.

    I’m around carriers ie children daily, I Bought this product to boost immune system. Seems to be working, I haven’t gotten sick since I’ve been on it.

  142. Tzarina

    Good for immune system, it works

  143. Patricia Pitts

    They are useless the first one I used broke. the second one did not collect anything. Save your money.

  144. D. Chandler

    I took this while undergoing chemo. And this helped minimize my side effects. I don’t get as many colds and have more energy while taking it.

  145. Lucia K. Nakamura

    Can’t say its helping of not, since I just started to take pills. But, for me these pills are easy to take.

  146. Sonia Esther Villalba Centurion

    Llego todo bien… frasco enorme..

  147. Tolinh

    It is good for immune systemCombine with spirulina and ester c is perfectThank alot for this product!

  148. Neil Horowitz

    Great value

  149. Robert R.

    My doctor’s entire staff take these pills to optimize their immune system. My wife and I are both taking them, having had a cold or flu since we started taking these supplements.

  150. shari andersonfox

    Fast shipping. Very helpful for gut health. Great product.

  151. Marie Reina

    This is helping my dogs allergies significantly.

  152. susy101

    Help with my weak immune, especially in winter time. Just as good as the more expensive brand I was using. Also easy on my stomach because no artificial fillers.

  153. willy

    Haven’t had a cold all winter

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