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Black Seed Oil 1000 mg- 180 Softgels (Non-GMO, Vegetarian) Made from Cold Pressed Nigella Sativa.

Black Seed Oil 1000 mg- 180 Softgels (Non-GMO, Vegetarian) Made from Cold Pressed Nigella Sativa.

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  • PURE COLD-PRESSED BLACK SEED OIL: we manufacture a superior-quality black cumin seed oil supplement that conveys all the benefits in an easy-to-swallow softgel with no foul taste*.
  • Each softgel boosts 500 mg of pure Black seed oil. Serving is 2 capsules and delivers 1,000 mg of active ingredients. 90 day supply – 180 softgels per bottle.
  • Supports Balanced Immune System Function*
  • Support a healthy vascular system.* Easy-to-swallow softgels are a convenient way to consume this amazing superfood*
  • Black seed oil also helps support hair and skin health*
  • Support for joint comfort and mobility, supports healthy heart function and healthy digestive track*
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA : assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure. 
  •  30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*

Recent scientific studies indicate that black cumin seed oil has phenolic compounds and fatty acids that contribute to its ability to support balanced immune system responses.* Studies also show that black cumin seed oil can help to support a healthy vascular system.* Black cumin seed has been used traditionally in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa for thousands of years. Black seed oil root may support melanin production  and support skin health.*

100% Pure, Cold Pressed: Like anything else, all the benefits in the world
won’t matter if you’re not receiving it in pure, unfiltered form. We source our
black seed oil from its natural home, squeeze it into a 500 mg sofgel, and ship
it right to you for maximum potency.

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437 reviews for Black Seed Oil 1000 mg- 180 Softgels (Non-GMO, Vegetarian) Made from Cold Pressed Nigella Sativa.

  1. syzygy

    Has no effect

  2. Walt Bowman

    good product, very good delivery time.

  3. KD

    Product is great. Price is great. No complaints…. Update: I suffer from muscle spasms by the shoulder and neck region. a friend of mine suggested black seed oil I went to the local vitamin shoppe and bought one bottle off black seed oil capsules. I started taking it oh my God what’s the difference pain in my shoulder nearly went away like95%. I quickly went on Amazon and look for a cheaper alternative which is this product. Upon taking this product my pain started coming back little by little. I started taking 5 and 6 capsules a day and I saw very little results. I went back to my old bottle from The vitamin shoppe (which I was taking only 2 capsules a day) pain started going away again what the difference… I have a friend who I gifted one bottle he says it’s helping him with the arthritis. because it’s helping him with the arthritis I’m lowering my rating from five stars to three stars.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I tried the liquid form, I like the pill better. I don’t taste it at all, however, it still makes me burp. But after about 10 minutes it clears up. The only medical difference I’ve seen is it has stopped my sides from itching. I guess it’s some type of allergy. But the pills help it.

  5. Loving the low country

    I purchased this item to help with my arthritis and nerve pain (based on recommendations from friends who use it). Taking as directed (1 capsule/day with meal) I haven’t noticed any beneficial effect or pain relief. I’ve been taking them for three weeks (received 11/11/2018).

  6. Krishna

    This product works it energies me so feel like I can go all day ,and relaxes me as well I could when was the last time I got the flu it helps,great product.

  7. LVCece

    This is the new miracle oil.It’s good for EVERYTHING.I feel better overall… And I’ve been taking them for less than a month.

  8. Tracey Watson

    easy swallowing

  9. Annie B

    The product caused heartburn and I can’t use it.

  10. GMAN from AZ

    Tried other brands and like this one the best

  11. Natasha J.

    Boosts immune system. Haven’t had any illness this winter. No aftertaste is present after taking. No issues what so ever. I will continue to purchase.

  12. lisatexas

    Good deal..just as good as the liquid without the nasty taste

  13. Joycelyn Wooten

    I ordered these for my husband, because of some personal things he’s trying to accomplish and they work great! Compared to the other brand(s) out there, these are much better! They work immediately and he has energy for the whole day, too. Highly recommend these capsules and for the price, they’re worth it!

  14. joy

    Did not feel or see any changes with my health.

  15. Susan Prosperi

    Good price….easy to swallow… Can’t really tell if they are helping or not honestly….

  16. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic. Look all over for this. Could not find it anywhere at a good price. Good price for the amount great deal

  17. Jon

    I don’t know why I love it, but I do!It’s funny, everyone is like, “it’s so great”, but I am like, “I can’t tell a difference”… which is fine, I cannot tell a difference in anything I take… but I ran out of my omega’s, so I am taking this, it seems like it should be good based on the contents and what it does… maybe I am just a picture of health at 40+ years old, but I do want to stay a picture of health too, so I will just keep taking them!… The oil itself is good topically too, I bought some for zits and other things that happen to skin, and it seems to be just as good as tea tree oil, but less burning.

  18. Duane F. Fortier

    II feel these are the BEST Quality @ the Best Price ‘out-there’. I take one w/ my morning Smoothie & 1 w/ Dinner.

  19. Krazy Kim

    Great supplement to help with sinus issues.

  20. Lubnaloda


  21. Amazon Customer

    I break open the capsules and add them to my body moisturizer. My skin has never been so soft or smooth.

  22. Sherry Scruggs

    Just started for 2 days. Cannot do a rating yet

  23. James H. Waters

    Seemed to help with my blood sugar

  24. Lyle J. Hartman

    Good service. Good product.

  25. Amazon Customer

    delivered very promptly

  26. Lee

    I do feel any difference. I’ve taken BDO before but this does not work. Will want a refund.

  27. Brianna

    It really doesn’t help me loose weight but I do have energy and it helps tremendously with the inflammation.

  28. Douglas E Humphrey

    Great results. I will be buying it again soon

  29. Brenda K. Lunsford

    It arrived as described quickly. I initially noticed that I was burping a lot. So I am taking one in the morning and oneat night which has seemed to help. I have not noticed any health changes yet, but have only been taking for a couple of weeks.

  30. Kcapper

    I use NusaPure black seed oil because I have peripheral neuropathy and osteoarthritis. This product is very effective at reducing inflammation, and also is great to accelerate hair growth and contributes to healthy skin. I love this product! Buy it!

  31. April

    Love it! I take 2 capsules 2 times a day after talking to others that take it vs the suggested dose. It has enabled me to become 85% more mobile than I had been without it and may be responsible for helping me to loose 49 pounds.

  32. TeaLover

    I have learned to never be without black seed oil. I appreciate the large quantity of these capsules and plan to reorder when needed.

  33. E. Halstead

    It has helped me strengthen my immune system.

  34. ginger lebret

    Theseare smaller, well done capsules that are easy to swallow and have little after taste.

  35. Caroline Snyder

    Looking for a GODufactured product to help with High Lipids/Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure? Joint and muscle pain? Diabetic? Liver/kidney problems? Depression? Brain fog? Multiple Sclerosis, RA, Crohn’s Disease, IBD? BLACK SEED OIL has done some amazing things in MY life. This is the one I have been recommending to friends and family – it now has 1,400 reviews, and 75% are 5 Star. READ THEM and be AMAZED!I take 4 at night and two in the morning, although most people are OK with the recommended 2 daily. It helps me on multiple levels – as many of you know, I have a cancer history, and THREE life-limiting conditions – Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy (inherited) and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type III (inherited) so need all the help I can get! THEN I have to deal with IBD/borderline Crohn’s Disease. This has improved my health on so many levels that I really don’t know where to start. Go on, peeps, give it a go!

  36. corey brin

    Started taking this twice a day and my blood pressure is now in normal ranges..very pleased with the product

  37. cat snipe costa

    this is for the company, NO where do you list the TQ content, and you do not say where your BSO comes from, you need to list these on the bottle, or I cannot be sure what’s in it, I have to be sure my oil does not come from India, do not want any food product grown there, So get up to date , if you want my business.

  38. Pat B

    I immediately felt better I cant explain it all I just know I do

  39. Wanda Sadler

    Arrived quickly. Family feels it has helped their breathing over the winter.

  40. Sherry Shelton

    I can’t take it because I burp it all day but my husband takes it and I believe his immune system is stronger after he has his blood test I’ll know if it’s helping his cholesterol. And blood sugar… what I’m most impressed with is it’s ability to control and maybe even kill herpes simplex which is culprit in fever blisters and shingles . Very powerful good medicine

  41. Crystal W.

    I found that taking 2 of these capsules daily helps me with cravings and digestion. Good product, my 3rd bottle of the stuff. Easy to swallow, not sure if these cause burping.

  42. Anthony Pridgen.

    Too early to tell, but expecting good results

  43. Clement Frimpong

    Great product, it arrived on time. I have no complains at the moment.

  44. Kansas Buyer

    Black seed oil is natural and helps with Asthma. Do some research on it. It has made a 500% difference in our life.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Quick delivery, great product!

  46. Mecie Este

    Take every day. Not see a difference in health. No change. Doubt I will buy again.How get money back. It says 100 guarantee.

  47. T. Morrison-barnes

    I take Black Seed Oil capsules to keep my arteries open. Good so far.

  48. Joy

    My purposes in using this product was to assist my lungs to breathe easier. Taking one capsule a day seems to be helping.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Idk if it’s just me but I got dizzy during the time I was taking these. I would wake up dizzy even when I was still laying down. I stopped taking them and haven’t felt like that since. Not sure if it was these or not. I never noticed any positive benefits

  50. Baldhead

    Black seed oil has many benefits blood flow, healthy skin,concentration, and science is finding new benefits everyday, you would be surprised. It’s a miracle pill for me. Highly recommended.

  51. Amazon Customer


  52. Amazon Customer

    These pills work well for my fibromyalgia joint pain.

  53. Jesse Johnson


  54. Sharon

    Husband ia borderline for COPD and this seems to be helping his breathing.

  55. user2432

    Just as described. Great supplement

  56. MyStuff

    Good stuff. Really helps with digestion and inflammation

  57. Janice McPherson

    Good for overall energy and well being

  58. shawnta

    love it

  59. Gil 4.

    make you feel a bit better and that better than nothing. worth it? you decide,

  60. Bubbles

    This oil is good and I will purchase again and again. I trust this seller.

  61. Nah D

    There is nothing to not like about this product. I particularly appreciate this brand because it is a fair price compared to other brands and it is cold pressed, non GMO and vegetarian, which is perfect for me as I am trying to be careful about what I eat as I am an elder.

  62. C. Perkins

    Great product and price…will order again!

  63. Sherrie

    Item as described

  64. Natalie


  65. Jasemine

    Previously I had used the straight spoon of oil method. It’d take me forever to get rid of the taste no matter what I’d mix it with, it lingered. I saw the capsules, ordered them instantly and the capsule form (personally) is the better option. I don’t have that terrible taste stuck in my mouth for what seemed like hours HA. Which was a MAJOR plus for me and even though I still get the burps with the capsules its not near as strong n doesn’t stick around at all.

  66. Rosebud

    This product is very good,it helped my sons to breathe better ie less asthma attacks. Thanks I would recommend it to others.

  67. Marie

    I like the Black Seed Oil, not only is it good for my hair, it helps me relax. It helps me sleep at night. Not sure why, but I take one just before going to sleep and it relaxes me. Good stuff!

  68. Maggie

    I have it four stars because I haven’t notice any good difference on me… but my complain besides that is that I hardly use it cause it keeps giving me this freaking headache every time I use it… it’s annoying .. the reason why don’t know it!!

  69. Antonia Carmona

    Love this product

  70. Priceless Shadows

    Huge pill .. but we shall see if they work

  71. Cindylouwho72

    Works good for lowering blood pressure

  72. Catherine Fears

    Heal yourself and your pets. Shrinks tumors!!

  73. Cyrus Hansberry

    These pills are life. Awesome product and very healthy for the body. Gives me great energy as well!

  74. Isyss Paige Johnson

    I loved the amount for the price

  75. April

    I used to have over active bladder. Haven use all everything ever mentioned to be a cure including Dmannose but none worked .This Black seed oil stopped it. Before I can’t could not ear what normal people eat because I will immediately starting going to wee. And find it difficult to sleep at night because of several waking up to week.Now I eat anything. Including what contains sugar. My mum also could not hold her urine after having stroke. Black seed oil stopped it. I am satisfied. And I have bought for a lot of people.

  76. reena knight

    It’s help u to lose weight and give u energy I love it

  77. Quincy D. Scott

    Great product and it got to me supper fast

  78. Amazon shopper

    Although measuring it’s benefits is hard to do because it provides longterm health improvement, we have been very pleased…and HEALTHY!

  79. Virginia Moore

    This was the best damn black seed I’ve ever bought since I’ve started taken it 2 years ago tastes like real black seed and you can see the liquid move inside the clear capsule.

  80. Viktor Postolovsky

    Great guality

  81. Joyce

    I was very pleased with this black seed oil! I’ve tried one other brand and this one was just as good with a lesser price tag!..My husband’s blood pressure has been regulated and my inflammation has decreased…Will order again!

  82. Trinna Burnett

    I am a firm believer in natural products for health. I found out about this product and decided to give it a try. It is so great! Thank you so much for not only making it but for the number of capsules you provide. This product provides many good health benefits that I like so much. Thanks!

  83. Kamaria Muhammad

    Gave me nasty burps.

  84. Nushan Falatoonzadeh

    I purchased this product because I heard of all the benefits that it has. I tried it for about a week and saw no difference in anything as far as my health or weight

  85. Kalan haskins

    Works as described

  86. Hue

    just started using this product so can’t say much but I have felt a little better so I will continue to use it. It was recommended by Dr. Sebi.

  87. Sabrina Verost

    Product for overall health

  88. Robin Howie

    These capsules make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t like it.

  89. Brian Cox Sr.

    The black seed oil keeps me regular and no lactose inflammation in my stomach

  90. tk

    Great product

  91. Amazon Customer

    Felt like something was stuck in my throat the entire day.

  92. K. Agee

    The best Miracle pill ever!

  93. Nita Clark

    Feeling much better

  94. KC

    I started taking the Blackseed Oil capsules on the advice of my Np, about 6 months ago. He said it would help boost my immune system. I usually catch everything under the sun; at least 2 or 3 colds, every year, and catch the flu at least once a year. I haven’t been sick a single day in 6 months.

  95. Amazon Customer

    I’ve lost 10 lbs using this in 3 weeks

  96. Chuck K.

    …but the constant messages requesting reviews is rather annoying despite the offered discount.

  97. As


  98. Natalia

    Thanks !Exellent item !!!


    Seems to be great product, good value for price. Easy to swallow and no flavor. I usually take at bedtime on an empty stomach. I will purchase these again.

  100. Charles kays

    Easy to take

  101. misty norlen

    Got these for my planter fasciitis, works decent, also helped heal a 8 month old shoulder injury.

  102. Odakee

    My wife and I started taking this supplementa month ago. We take one capsule in the morning and one at night with food. We bothHave more energy and it seems to curb ourappetite. My wife is noticing healthier hair & nails. I’ve lost 12lbs since taking it. We took itfor thirty days in order to give it an honest review. Just ordered a second bottle. Highlyrecommended!!

  103. Angela Franzen

    This by far is my favorite black seed supplement mashallah

  104. JOSE T.

    great item! buy it.

  105. Amazon Customer

    Improved mobility, joint relief. Good price.

  106. Felice Berenson

    easy to take and easy to travel taste to bitterness

  107. anonisme

    I’ve ordered at least 4 of these over time. They are good quality and much easier to swallow. Excellent price 🙂 thanks

  108. David P.

    Good package and good value

  109. Stacey Traylor

    Great product!

  110. Cherry Tree Corporate Center

    Most of all the price for the count and the quality of the oil. Least was that the capsule casing is not 100% vegan/organic natural plant base.

  111. Andrea K

    No problems

  112. Melissa Welker

    This product is good for so many things. Do your research. I find the quality of this particular brand to be top notch!

  113. Bonnie Andreas

    Arrived very fast and was delighted they are a capsule. Great price and so happy they are a product made in the U.S.A. Wonderful product, replaced blood pressure medication for over a year, very happy to use a natural product instead of chemicals.

  114. Just a regular girl

    Really great quality very good price what else can i say i love this the capsules i poke with a needle and squirt into my facial ingredients

  115. Marcus Lewis

    The product was just as advertised,with very quick shipping.

  116. Philip

    Been taking this all a while now as a part of my anti inflammatory stack and I love, affordable and effective

  117. Nellie S. Gadson

    love it!

  118. Amazon Customer

    I honestly don’t know if these work or not for the list of things they say this oil works for. I take it for prevention just in case like high LDL, heart issues because it runs in my family. My type 1 diabetic daughter started taking them about 6 months ago after I talked the pills up after researching what they can do for high LDL. When she goes back to the dr to get her levels checked again, I’ll be curious to see if the pills lowered her LDL or not.

  119. bella

    like everything about the product

  120. Pomeranianmanman

    Love the black seed oil for all its benefits. When I fall out of the routine of taking these I definitely feel the soreness come back and my brain focuses on the pain rather than completing the work during the day.

  121. Lauri

    Helps me with acid stomach.

  122. Amazon Customer

    This is my 2nd time buying. It works

  123. LookatMike

    I’ll be ordering this again! These capsules are better than taking the oil and they seem to contain high quality oil inside.

  124. Amazon Customer

    It works for me

  125. Cristen

    These pills seem to be working fine. I havent found any empty capsules.

  126. Jeneiva Cardoza

    Great price. Hope its helps my high blood pressure

  127. Khcoo

    Best ValueNo after taste like others

  128. Kindle Customer

    High quality and fast delivery.

  129. Desert Rose

    I’ve had Lyme disease for 28 years but only diagnosed in the last 2 years. I muscle test well on this product and take it for liver, gallbladder and skin. So far so good. Only been taking less than a month I think, so can’t say how well it’s working but have confidence it will help since its tests positive when muscle testing. If it didn’t I’d stop taking it or if would be negative or not good for me. Hope this helps you. 🌹😊

  130. es

    My asthma was about to flare up. I took two black seed oil pills. I started feeling better moments later.

  131. PnwThomas

    I’ve been taking these supplements for about a month now. They seem to work to the degree they are dietary supplements, not medication, so a positive change but not drastic on nerve pain, maybe on a longer term. Best of all I find they distinctly curb my appetite so I recommend them as a weightloss aid too with no bad side-effects.

  132. Amazon Customer

    I used to use liquid black seed oil. One tsp dose twice a day. I noticed many benefits. Especially for stabilizing my mood and also anti inflammatory benefits.It is a bit annoying though to take it in liquid form so i decided to buy these capsules even though they are quite a bit more expensive.I haven’t noticed any effects w these capsules. No benefits. The liquid form is much better. I literally feel no difference when taking these capsules. I take one in the morning and one in the evening. Oh well. Might just give these to someone else or just finish them and then go and buy the liquid black seed oil. Disappointed in this product.

  133. Shawn

    I ordered this a little over a month ago, and honestly don’t understand why it’s not working. I’ve purchased the liquid form plenty of times and it worked. Why did these capsules not work? I use Black seed oil for kratom potentiation and this didn’t do that. I felt like I was taking placebo pills. Gave it a month, and I’m really disappointed. How could 1 teaspoon even compare to these tiny capsules? Frustrated, won’t buy again

  134. Aaliyah

    It came as promised & works well for my knee inflammation & pain.

  135. ParisExpat

    Excellent product, easy to swallow, no aftertaste, definite pain relief for osteoarthritis.

  136. Francisco

    To strong taste

  137. SG&H1/9

    I use this to help control my blood pressure and it works great. I’ve also noticed more energy. When you belch it has a pepper taste, but I don’t care. Beats taking blood pressure medicine that has all type of side effects. This is my second batch.

  138. Heidi Burrow

    I feel more energy since taking this black seed oil.

  139. Anna Gibson

    I love that you get a large quantity for a decent price. I feel like the flavor(because I open then capsules) is mild. I’m not sure what that means, because I have tasted strong flavored black seed oil. I do feel they are helpful with some chronic pain relief. I’m never pain free, but it’s manageable.

  140. C A Young


  141. VSwan

    I just noticed that my package had arrived in my hall and; took my first dosage. However, everything appears to be okay (with the product). Basically, I ordered it to assist with pre-hypertension and to foster hair regrowth. Thanks.

  142. Shawn

    Only two small capsules daily!

  143. DiAnna B.

    I have purchased from a separate company and it completely eased my sneezing and sinus problems whereas yours hasn’t but your product has helped my Husband. I’m not pleased and he is

  144. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied. Great value.

  145. Mrs. Lundy

    This product is great. I have seen tremendous results over the past few weeks. I started on the product to help reduce my blood pressure; however, it has proven beneficial in many areas. I have also lost a few pounds. It has a light pepper taste when the liquid first hits your tongue. I always break open the capsule and swallow the liquid. I never swallow the plastic capsule. It is definitely worth anyone trying.

  146. Tyra Williams

    not really sure if its doing anything or not. My blood pressure is still high along with prescribe meds and I still have leg pain. Been taking this almost a month now

  147. disnurse

    great product, quality is really good at a reasonable price. Took a few days to acclimate my body, now no symptoms at all

  148. Parker Miller

    This is the most important supplement I take. Never go without it.

  149. BIG MAC

    Good productat a fair price.

  150. Maxine Pratt

    I had great results using this product my pain went down and my hair and nails grew

  151. Amazon Customer

    Easy to take and improves immune system. Have not gotten a cold for the last few months while others did.

  152. Amazon Customer


  153. new

    Saw improvement in nails and hair. Will continue using the product.

  154. Liz K

    The only thing I dislike is that the capsules are large

  155. greenchili

    In latter 2018, I read an article that one could improve one’s Total Cholesterol score by simply raising the good HDL. Since I had a doc trying to get me on statins due to my 2018 score, I decided to try some dietary supplements before going on prescription drugs.Since my mid 40s I’ve always had Total Cholesterol scores just above the normal range and most doctors let it slide. However, I’m now 72 and on Medicare. It is time for action.The advice given was 2,000 mg daily Black Cumin Seed Oil. My internet search led me to Amazon and one can see the price ranges. For some reason I chose the Nusa Pure brand without reading the reviews. I must of been rushed because normally I read reviews on Amazon.After using the product for a couple of weeks, I decided to read the Amazon reviews due to the clear “not totally full” capsules. Based on some ot the reviews whereby some experienced BSO users were stating that in their opinion, Nusa Pure wasn’t strong like some liquids, I decided to bump my dosage up from two caps twice a day to three caps twice per day. In other words, I was taking 3.000 mg daily.I had ordered three bottles in January, 2019 and I finished them off before my next physical. It should be further noted that I also took Curcumin since I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket. It should further be noted that I have also read in another article or review that BSO will also reduce the bad LDL Cholesterol.Here are the numbers that don’t lie:Total Cholesterol:2019 198 mg/dL2018 225 mg/dL2017 211 mg/dLHDL:2019 50 mg/dL2018 45 mg/dL2017 41 mg/dLLDL:2019 125 mg/dL2018 161 mg/dL2017 140 mg/dLI am the owner of these numbers and I am freely publishing these numbers because I don’t exercise. ONLY BSO and Curcumin gets the credit. I’ve not changed my diet, i.e, become a vegetarian etc. I am literally shocked at my high HDL score and the significant improvement on my LDL score. However, I will still need to continue with my protocol with a lower dosage.I had no leakage any of the caps and its obvious that the product works.

  156. ShopSmart

    I bought this product for overall healing. The first bottle I bought seemed potent as it was doing what it is meant to do I suppose. Then I got a email for more at a sale price. I bought 4 more. The bottle color was grey and not black like the first bottle purchased which was weird. They also dont seem as potent. I won’t purchase again as if I have to. I have 4 extra bottles that wont get used. Lol.. smh.

  157. Kimber

    I don’t like the smell. It reminds me of pencil shavings. It definitely helps to take it with a meal or snack. It’s a small price to pay for lowering my blood sugar. Which it DOES help in that aspect.

  158. Amazon Customer

    since starting to take the black seed oil, I have not needed the prescription for blood pressure.

  159. JRU

    excellent product at a great price.

  160. Ralph The TV Man

    I’m taking “Black Seed Oil” daily (1 per day) for a little shoulder and neck inflammation. Is it helping? Probably, but not sure since I’m ALSO going to a Chiropractor.

  161. Gloria B.

    Easy to useI put the black seed oilMixed in with some honey

  162. J. Claiborne

    I like the price and size, value

  163. ms lady

    Honestly I havent noticed any dramatic changes with my joint pain. Howevee its only been 3 weeks since Ive started taking them so maybe I need to give it more time. So I will give it another month I guess and come back and re-review.

  164. Karyl Smith

    Awesome product works miracles!!

  165. christopher e. martellio

    Great product great price!

  166. Rodney


  167. Charles S.

    I found it is best to take with food. It has help with my blood pressure readings and gives me more energy.

  168. Jacqueline D Wade

    Great supplement.

  169. Redgrafix

    Was recommended to me by my brother.

  170. MonDin

    I use black seed oil for psoriasis it helps a lot

  171. B. X.

    Capsules are small and easy to swallow. Packaging and delivery was exceptional.

  172. Kindle Customer

    I like the product better than the liquid. You’re not left with that bad taste in your mouth.

  173. Ms Auhzha

    It’s a great product. The taste isn’t so bad either

  174. Amazon Customer

    Very pleased with product

  175. Gammie

    I’m going to place an order in just a few mins. Just wanted to share that I’m in the hospital 3rd time since Feb with respiratory distress and pneumonia. Infection control physician just came by and recommended this particular black seed oil 2 caps a day (am/pm) and 2 tbsp LOCAL honey 2xday. Said it would be highly beneficial. So we’ll see!

  176. lamont paige

    Absolutely love it

  177. dogholoh

    Easy to swallow.

  178. shakeeya

    It’s great for colds I even put in my sons bottle he allergy went rite away

  179. Jared Paxton

    Bought for and recommended by my Mother

  180. Clare c

    My immune system, skin hair have all gotten better but my blood pressure is the best its ever been. I have my whole family taking it

  181. Trevor and Shanni Budd

    Delivered in a timely fashion. Product is of great quality. They do not stick to each other. I don’t ache as much, could it be these black seed oil capsules? Will definitely purchase again.

  182. Willie BGood

    Haven’t noticed any changes yet

  183. Dianne Trabbic

    I think it helps with bladder infections. Just my opinion.

  184. JOHN

    I like it for keeping my imune system high. Helps lower cholestrol. Has many benifits depending on what your body may be deficceant in.

  185. Arizona Shopper

    Product came in a timely manner. Bottle and capsules were intact.

  186. Jeremy

    Seems to be very good quality and consistency. Good value, will be buying again.

  187. charles knox


  188. KMS17

    Been taking these for a while and ordered more…. quality product

  189. Cherrell Davis

    Very good value! Quality capsules!

  190. CHERRY R

    These capsules are easy to swallow and I didn’t discern any taste. I was looking for this product because told me it would help with my A1C. My A1C was perfect after a couple of months, therefore this is my second purchase and I can have a better evaluation when I go to my next medical appointment and have blood drawn prior to my appointment. If my A1C is still good I will continue to use this product. Of course, I’m no doctor but I will try to stay within dietary guidelines.

  191. blueLEDs

    Terrific quality, I can highly recommend this product and the seller.

  192. Honeybear1

    Great product

  193. Nameless

    Very satisfied with this product. Definitely more easily digestible and palatable than the actual oil without any loss of benefits.

  194. FED

    I’m taking 2 capsules daily to help with inflammation due to Sacoidosis.

  195. Diana L. Casey

    Excellent product, great for inflammation!

  196. Joyce Holloway

    Very happy with this order

  197. Barbara M.

    Working very well for my arthritis aches!

  198. Amazon Customer

    Easy to swallow seeing some results

  199. Debra Montcalm

    Amazing product

  200. Sabrina L.

    I really like this product

  201. Taylor Croyle

    I can’t stop tasting pepper when I burp. It’s giving me indigestion. I almost want to throw up so it’s out of my body. This is awful omg

  202. Turk Lover

    We use these for travel. It saves taking a bottle along. Simple, easy to take caplets. Quality seems high. If you take black seed oil and want something to take along, we recommend.


    This is very much helpful

  204. Lisa M

    Product delivered on time. Easy to swallow and helps with histamine reactions. Will order again.

  205. Joe Golla

    Surprisingly excellent for the tummy.

  206. Nick1

    Awesome product, great price! I use for respiratory issues, works great and relieves inflammation!

  207. misswhit

    I saw no change in my blood pressure with this product. Going back to liquid once I use this up

  208. ccbell

    Love this stuff, it has helped the Arthritis in my hands so much

  209. lawrence medeiros

    like it !!!!

  210. Amazon Customer

    I bought the capsules, because I didn’t like the taste of the liquid oil. I took the capsules for about 4 weeks and had my cholesterol re-tested. It had not lowered my numbers at all, and I had been on an extremely careful diet. So I opened one of the capsules and tasted the oil. It didn’t have nearly as strong a flavor as the liquid oil I had tried before, which made me wonder if the oil in these capsules is mixed with another oil. There is no way of really knowing. Anyway, it didn’t produce the affect I was looking for.

  211. Ruth E payne

    This product helped with my blood sugar and my joints. I have stopped using it and will start back soon.

  212. Lilly

    Love love loveeeeee these… just ordered a 2nd bottle!!! Relives my headaches n cramps, gives me soooo much energy… Don’t mean to give tmi but it has elongated my husbands area… We both love the product!!!!

  213. Frank Marchany

    These shipped super fastGreat supplement

  214. Lauren

    capsules are easy to swallow, and are effective for a mood lift

  215. Donald Vance

    I love this product will.order again

  216. Cool

    So far it’s good

  217. Rodney A.

    Wife uses it internally and externally. I do not like the smell so much so just take caplets like these. Works for me.

  218. J. Faelske

    I didn’t feel instant effects but I have resolved issues with inflammation in my joints and gastro intestinal problems.

  219. Donald Snow

    I used it to strengthen my immune system.

  220. K. Sanders

    Has worked great…neither my husband or I has had anything but the mildest of sniffles since we started taking the basic dose

  221. Amazon Customer

    Love it, glad I purchased this, will order again

  222. BJ

    Product came promptly and fulfills my needs.

  223. Amazon Customer

    Good for my overall health

  224. Peter Perry

    I am generally satisfied that the capsules are good for many things.However, I use statins, and I am affected by gas and acid reflux.

  225. Parallel Mind

    If you have fibromyalgia or body aches and pains this product works like a charm. I have taken up to 6 per day without any side effects. Also good for sleep, I think. I take it at night with GABA.

  226. Amazon Customer

    Easy to swallow. Take once a day. Didn’t experience any side effects. More energy, but not jittery.

  227. 💕 Indiangirl 💕

    I purchased the specific brand because it was cheaper. But I have noticed that when I take this specific type of Blackseed oil, I get somewhat nauseous. I have taken Blackseed oil supplements before and I have never gotten nauseous, so I am wondering what is in the supplement. I would not purchase this again because I don’t know if it is the real deal or if there is something that has been added to the vitamin.

  228. Charles Harris

    The pills have a bit of a peppery taste, but over all the product is just as described.

  229. BL

    Works wonders! I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night! When I’ve traveled to Southeast Asia and the Middle East I’ve taken them with me. They helped keep me pain free, alert and parasite free! My teammates didn’t take Black Seed Oil and were dealing with sore muscles and stomach problems I never had any issues. I definitely recommend this product to everyone! Helps the body in so many ways!

  230. Victoria72

    I like that it comes in a gel capsule with no after taste&no bad smell. Easy to swallow. But I was surprised by the color because it says blackseed but the oil is very clear. Don’t know what that means.

  231. Marlborough S., CHIP, Nichols, ND.

    Valuable and Versatile. I take 3 capsules with my bedtime supplement regimen. In the morning, I take a big swig of the Black Cumin Seed Oil right out of the bottle, which I keep in the refrigerator. Great, renowned product going back in the oil form for thousands of years. Buy some and use it. Works for me.

  232. JACK R.

    As advertised

  233. Barry Plott


  234. josephine santos

    I think it raised my cholesterol

  235. Genesis813

    I order these for my mom who has rheumatoid arthritis and she swears by them. It’s really the only supplement she takes consistently. My ex also take Black seed (not this brand but a liquid) he has asthma and since he started taking Blackseed oil he’s not had an asthma attack. So read up on it and if Blackseed oil is something you think could help you try this brand.

  236. Melissa Locke

    I feel better than I have in the last four yrs!

  237. LeeB

    I haven’t been taking this long enough to notice any benefits but it does seem potent

  238. Elizabeth

    I’m happy with the results

  239. King

    I’ve been taking this black seed oil pills for more than 1 month now and I really can’t see a difference.

  240. Advid Amazon Shopper

    My daughter uses them and told me to try them, they really work.

  241. Rosanna Dana

    So far I have used it to fight a bad cold, moisturize my dry skin and help with my son’s eczema. The results are fast and we are happy! So many great benefits, everyone should use this!

  242. Teresa Braziel

    Seems to help with my leg pain

  243. Bblor

    Another product that we should all take. It is strong and you may get an after taste, but I try to take with milk or something that has a stronger/sweet taste to it. I also drink quite a bit of liquid to make sure this goes down so you don’t get the after taste as much. Despite that I would buy this again.

  244. Helmax

    Pills are very easy to swallow and have no aftertaste whatsoever. Great product, I will definitely reorder!

  245. My Shows – My Way

    I researched Black Seed Oil and all it’s benefits. After purchasing this product, at a great price, within 1 week it did everything it said it would. I feel amazing!! And have been recommending it to all my friends.

  246. Mirlene St Elien

    Since I started using this product. I have regular bowl movement

  247. Andrea Kim

    They are easy to swallow but the smell and taste is strange. If you’re here to improve your health I recommend taking these cause all vitamins tent to have a taste or smell especially oil based. I just wouldn’t recommend if smell or taste is a large factor in your decision

  248. Natalie

    Receive black seed oil benefits while bypassing the strong taste and burps

  249. Everidith Massey

    Reasonable price


    I have a liver problem, so I am trying them, they are easy to swallow, but they have an after taste

  251. Gods grace

    I work very fast I mean in 2 days fast I will be getting again

  252. dara wilson

    I am taking two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the night because of my high blood pressure I also suffer with acid reflux and so far my acid reflux I have not been getting any symptoms. Will keep you up-to-date within the next six months to let y’all know about my high blood pressure.

  253. Muneca

    Easy to swallow no after taste

  254. berny c.

    I like it.

  255. Buubuu

    Good for the family.

  256. Teacher24-7

    I have being taking this product for 2 weeks. I also tried the oil version of this product the taste wasn’t to my liking, however the pills are easy to swallow and they are gel caps.

  257. bridget lueck

    FAST ship and wonderful supplement! Really good for autoimmune issues!

  258. Pablo 757

    Great price and the black seed oil seems high quality

  259. Amazon Customer

    Pain on my feet.

  260. kp99

    These appear wonderful (good size), are clean (no smell or after-taste) and hope will get the job done…secure my immunity against all diseases known to man!! I would highly recommend and will definitely buy again!

  261. M Bhuiya

    Very good

  262. David K

    Edit 7/30/18: they increased the count to 180 capsules! I almost missed it when I was shopping for the best deal on black seed oil caps. These are now the #1 best value on Amazon and probably anywhere else. I hope they didn’t cut corners to add 50% more caps per bottle without increasing the price. They look OK, but time will tell if they legit as black seed oil is a very subtle supplement.2nd best value on Black Seed Oil capsules…bought it because the slightly cheaper one was out of stock. To be honest I think they are both made in the same place or something because the descriptions on Amazon are the same. In any case, I’ve bought more expensive versions of Black Seed Oil but if your primary concern is to save money then the Nusa Pure seems to be quality stuff. 500mg per capsule and 120 capsules per bottle for less than $13 or $0.11 per capsules is a great deal.

  263. S. Allen

    I ordered these for my mother who has taken previously a different brand. She suffers from arthritic pain, but is an active senior. She takes meds for pain, but inflammation is mainly her problem. She says her joints seem more flexible and and no pains in her shoulder or arms since taking the black cumin seed pills. She seems more eager to get and drive to pool aerobic therapy twice a week.

  264. Sarah Chauncey

    If you take it how it’s prescribed within a short time you will see a difference

  265. E Taylor

    I purchased this for myself and my husband started using it for him it helped lower his blood pressure he no longer use cholesterol meds I’m a lot happier in the Br (if get my drift)As for me I stopped taking my cholesterol pill and my diabetes medication and my A1A went down 6 points my cholesterol improved as well I wish I had started using it long time ago

  266. Leslie Fennell

    Works for me

  267. Prosper

    Decent product

  268. Carolyn Culp Kiser

    Like the pill form. Much easier than liquid .already seeing results after 2 days

  269. Taniyah

    it’s a great bug highly recommended.

  270. Jack Dixon

    This was a mainstay of Egyptian/ Greek/ Roman medicine. After thousands of years, it may be good for what ails you?

  271. Lisa In Texas

    I’ve used black seed oil before but not this brand. Though I take this product with food the terrible taste of the oil stays in your mouth for hours. It’s such a unpleasant taste. I used it for 14 days, one capsule per day and discarded the remaining 166 capsules. I don’t know if the product actually works I couldn’t get paste that horrid taste it leaves in your mouth.

  272. Mista Jesta

    Good product

  273. djbrady33

    Excellent Product. Fast Shipping

  274. Shannet J.

    Feeling great. Can feel the difference in my body since taking the product.

  275. Kelly Forde

    I’m glad someone turned me onto this oil. It helps my rosacea immensely, and my aches and pains to a small degree. And I took it as soon as I was coming down with a sore throat, along with apple cider vinegar, and I never caught the cold, whereas my sister did, and she suffered, whereas I did not. 😊

  276. joseph M. Tygart

    Prompt shipping, good quality

  277. Tran

    I bought this for my husband and he said it’s very good. He feel different after taking these

  278. carletha clark

    I honestly can’t say yet if this product has done anything for me, as I have only been taking about 2 weeks.

  279. moien

    After taking these pills for a week, I see more energy in the evenings and stomach & chest feels light… also opened and tasted the oil tasted just like original black seeds..I would recommend this product for the price..

  280. jenny

    Everything is good.I like it thanks.

  281. I am Essential

    Helpful , hate that I burp and can taste the blackseed

  282. Devon

    Works well but not as good as the liquid. Great price for the amount.

  283. JonyBgud

    Inferior product. This is not black seed oil. I am very familiar with actual product due to use for many years. This is some mix of other oils. I figured it was too cheap to be the true product.

  284. Agnes

    Highly recommending !☺

  285. Alexis Steve

    i saw this on tiktok and it said it helps so many things. i honestly don’t know if it’s a placebo for the things it claimed it would do but my skin is clear and softer than before

  286. Lili Lusk

    Pain, the caps are so much better than the liquid.

  287. rachely guzman

    Not much improvement but will think about giving it another try some other time

  288. Amazon Customer

    Great price on this product. I’ve found it really helps my arthritis.

  289. Branda Merritt

    Much easier to take then the liquid. I take on a empty stomach and follow by drinking orange juice.

  290. Pat C

    This is the second bottle of black seed oil that I’ve bought. Although it’s a different brand I’m hoping for the same results for skin care. I take it twice a day with my diabetic med. I also mix it with CeraVe cream for my skin. I still don’t know how it is doing for my diabetes but I see results in my skin. Normally I would have to use CeraVe cream several times a day or my arms would look flaky and be itchy. Now there are time I use the cream only once or twice a day and have even missed a day. I hope to have more information about my diabetes when I see my doctor again next month. I’ll update this when I know more.

  291. Barry N.

    Good product, haven’t tried others.

  292. A Anderson

    Just started taking them…noticed after a few hours, I could taste it in my throat. I’ll try it for a couple of weeks…may have to try something different. I’m taking them for health reasons, but not willing to get used to that taste.

  293. William pmetcalfe

    Works great

  294. Bluv T

    Bottle contains what it says

  295. Amazon Customer

    extremely cheap, discount available.

  296. Demetrios

    Awesome quality in a great price will definitely buy again.

  297. saundra

    I would recommend the capsule over the liquid form. You still get that bad after taste but not nearly as bad as the liquid, so that makes not easier to ingest

  298. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful product!

  299. T.C.

    Great item will buy again and recommend.

  300. Moonflower

    I purchased this black seed oil supplement because black seed oil has a wide array of health benefits. It has been proven to promote a healthy immune system and help people who suffer from auto immune disease. It is composed of crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone and also contains: myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2,B3, calcium, folate, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous. It promotes healthy digestion and has been used to treat intestinal parasites, canidida and fungus. It has anti-asthmatic effects. It helps those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Studies have shown that a compound in black seeds and oil, Thymoquinone, helps induce apoptosis (cell death) in leukemia cells and other studies have shown this same effect in breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, and even oral cancer cells and cavity forming bacteria. If you don’t believe me do some research for yourself before you decide to begin using it topically, orally or both.*Update:These supplements worked really well for me. I was having terrible period cramps. I noticed after use the cramps were basically non-existant. Hence the anti-inflammatory properties of black seed. I’ve since switched to consuming hemp oil. Both hemp and black seed have great benefits. They can even be taken together.

  301. SS77

    Always purchase Black Seed Oil capsules. Great supplement from a great seller.

  302. Barbara

    I purchased the seeds first and had to chew them with honey because of the spicy taste. Decided to try the capsules instead. I like them much better. Still have a somewhat strong taste but go down quickly. My nails tend to split and after taking these for a while find them in much better condition. They also are growing longer faster as well as my hair. The internet said they help with gray hair. Don ‘t know about this but I seem to not have as much. I have severe dry eyes and it has helped them also. Don’t need drops as much. I will keep taking them, especially with helping my eyes..

  303. BebeeTaur

    I highly suggest Black Seed Oil. This is the easy way to take it because is has a greasy taste.

  304. Darci L. Tevis

    I decided to take this for joint stiffness and pain.After taking it for about a month, I’m feeling a noticeable inprovement. My husband has decided to try it for the same issue and other problems. We will be interested in what his experience is with this product.

  305. S

    I can see the benefits, only after a short period. I will continue to purchase this product.

  306. Brenda H

    So far, loving these pills. Hubby has vertigo & they help him not feel foggy & I bought for hair loss, which I havent seen results for, but they do help with energy & allergies.

  307. John

    top quality! great product, everyone should try this. I stopped losing weight for about 3 weeks, then start taking this, over the weekend, I shed another 3#. enough said!

  308. Amazon Customer

    I love this! I researched the benefits before I ordered. I take two everyday! It’s part of my vitamin regimen!

  309. anonymous

    Recommended to me for inflammation. Seems to be doing the job.

  310. DLZ

    Cannot tolerate hours if burping this supplement.

  311. Amazon Customer

    This pills are great!!!!

  312. Kittora

    Great, product. I’m not taking this product for pain. I’m taking it for it’s overall benefits. However, I don’t have pain, so, I guess it works. It’s easy to swallow. If, you leave it in your mouth too long, you will taste Black seed oil. That’s to be expected. I love this company for my Black seed and will be purchasing from them soon.

  313. LAHOMA

    Great Service and prices.

  314. april alexander

    I bought this for inflammation for an ear infection, which it is starting to subside, but my hands and ankles have the been aching and they stopped

  315. Sparkles

    I bought 3 bottles. I’m not sure what it’s helping but my Caribbean friend made it clear we should all be taking it. So I am. And the price is right!

  316. Lisa Hughes

    One of my favorite vitamins to date. I prefer the liquid but if its sold out then I will order from this company and get the pills

  317. Kindle Customer

    Very convenient

  318. Connelly

    Great deal. Works well

  319. magnut

    Good stuff !

  320. monica miller

    Good purchase

  321. Tawanna

    This is my first time purchasing and using black seed oil and I will order more once I run out

  322. hadgamazon

    Amazing! I’ll get more for my whole family! Search at google “Black Seed Oil Article by Dr. Fitt”…I got results in just the first week… I take 2 capsules in every meal and it’s like miracle! I definitely recommend black seed oil, all the way!

  323. captainjerry

    A fair price and fast shipping.

  324. Fan

    Have been taking for about 2 weeks now and seeing major improvements in my skin ❤️

  325. alex n adriana

    These help my digestive system and will work wonders

  326. Michael Ng

    No issue so far. We like the product and no side effects.

  327. Theresa

    This product does everything as advertised. I will purchase more from this company.

  328. Andrew Shippy

    I like the capsules because they’re easy to swallow and do not have a taste. I noticed if you take them on an empty stomach, you may burp a slight oregano flavor for about 30 minutes, but when taken with food I have no noticeable side effects. I am waiting to see if there’s an impact on blood sugar and triglycerides but have noticed no undesirable effects. As far as pain relief, I have not noticed a difference in my arthritis pain, but have been doing more activity so that could be the black seed oil helping?In all, this is the best version of black seed oil I have tried and would highly recommend the product for those who are looking to use nigella sativa for their specific symptoms.

  329. MaryMiller


  330. conniek

    I read about black seed oil in Time Health. It does seem to help with pain from inflammation.

  331. forrest

    good product, good for you

  332. Rocket11

    Great Buy. I think this had been helpful for me in fighting the cold and flu bug which has been going around.

  333. Amazon Customer


  334. annette

    This is an easy supplement to take. I t was recommended by a Neurologist. 8 have been using for almost a year now.

  335. Amazon Customer

    A Vitamin that can really support Body health, glad to have it

  336. Edward Paramo

    It taste better than the liquid and easy to swallow.

  337. Brandon Hutton

    Love this stuff! I got hooked on the benefits of black seed in Morocco almost a year ago and have been taking the pill form ever since. Living in Seattle, with all the rain, getting sick comes with the territory. Since I’ve started taking these pills, the amount of days I feel under the weather is a fraction of what it once was. Highly recommend this product.

  338. Alberta Shuler

    I have not been taking long enough to review

  339. rro

    I am still taking the black seed oil and still hoping to benefit from the product.

  340. Amazon Customer

    These were suggested to me and I have been really pleased with these tablets.

  341. S Romans

    Decent product for the price

  342. Melissa

    Helped lower blood pressure.

  343. prettybrownizs

    Amazing product

  344. adela gonzales

    The pills are easy to swallow but this is my first time trying BSO, to me it has a terrible taste. Also when I go #2 o m g!! Stinks horrible! 💨🤢🤢farts terrible! I hope it helps me with my arthritis pain.I will update my review after a few weeks of taking these pills.PD. Sorry no review mention anything related to smells coming out of the body. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  345. Al Mustapha

    It’s the best! Keeps my resistance high! It’s good for all sicknesses!

  346. Paul A

    This is the best value on Amazon and they work!! Just take 1 a day for starters and then 2 a day after a weekwhen your body gets used to it. Get ready for improvement in many areas of your life improved sleep,mood and digestion plus many other benefits!

  347. TelaCheri

    I have had amazing results from this product. I suffer from incessant insomnia and digestive discomfort. Upon taking the first dose I slept for an entire 8 hours and woke up completely rested. My digestive discomfort has been essentially eliminated.

  348. Marlene Moleon

    I read about the benefits of Black Seed Oil for inmune system. These capsules are the cheapest at Amazon. Let’s see if work for me. I just start this week.I will updated after a month.

  349. ducky707

    works good

  350. Lyle B. Griffith

    I’ve been taking this for about 2 months and I don’t know if it has done all of the miraculous this gas it claims. I do see an improvement with my blood pressure, but not with pain management. Of course, my pain issues cannot be fixed that easy, so I didn’t expect any help with that. I still have high hopes for the future use of this product.

  351. ICLew

    I started taking these after I did my initial research on the effects of black seed oil, before I graduated to the actual oil. They were great! The benefits were evident and the gel capsules were easy to swallow. I’ve recommended these to many people.

  352. julia chatt

    The product works great with my inflammation and I don’t hurt as much.

  353. V.Greuling

    Not sure if this is a total replacement for Metformin but blood sugar levels are dropping a bit.

  354. Amazon Customer

    I use this with vitamin c and it helped me get over a nasty cold. I just ran out and I will be ordering it again. The price is good for me also.

  355. Amazon Customer

    I liked the oil better

  356. GiGi

    Let’s just say, I stopped taking for a couple of weeks and immediately felt lethargic and tired. I’m back taking them and feel great! It helps my acid reflux, joint pain, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. I haven’t had a cold in a very long time! This pill is a Wonder Pill!!!

  357. LaVon Elias-Jones

    Great product. Love the benefits!!

  358. TraceyS

    softgel capsules were of good quality for a good price. will definitely purchase again!

  359. Tabetha Fortune

    They are easy to swallow and you can actually see the oil in there, there is no aftertaste.

  360. Amazon Customer

    Works wonders!

  361. amanda looney

    Worked just as well as other brands Ive used but at a better price. 🙂

  362. j net


  363. Amber

    Great quality!

  364. Shoppers Delight

    Black seed oil is a great product and a wellness hidden secret! I take it daily.

  365. Katherine Bernard

    Husband likes

  366. JAMES H


  367. lajuana dukes

    Love it

  368. blairf

    Feel a difference

  369. SK

    Just purchased my 4th bottle. This stuff seems to be keeping blood glucose in check. Grateful for that!

  370. Clothilda Hill

    I have noticed a change in my blood pressure being lowered.

  371. Lee

    Since it is necessary to take Black Seed Oil for a couple of months before you actually see benefits – according to the research I have done – it is hard to review. I will say that I could see some benefits with some of my issues within 2 weeks and that is very promising overall. I gave it a one star rating for flavor because I didn’t actually taste it and a four star on pain relief because my pain is a very stubborn hip pain, possibly arthritis. So, at this point I have seen benefit, I will continue with this very promising oil and hope after a few months everything will continue to improve.

  372. riah

    This product has helped me lose 3 lbs in two days! I love it!

  373. Sherry Stephenson

    Product arrived quickly. I am very happy with this brand and the price. Most likely will use this brand again.

  374. Ronald Mims

    I’ll say it started working already, I’m feeling better already.

  375. Avid Reader

    Good product but it is strong!

  376. Rita Piedras

    A great nutritional oil to add to my lunch vitamins

  377. kellyk

    Product arrived quickly and was exactly as described. Would purchase again.

  378. MeeShell

    We never go a day without our black seed oil and these gel capsules make it easier to take at home or on the go..

  379. Ben Marlin

    Great product. Fair prices.

  380. Diane Woodall

    Easy company to order from. Pleased start to finish

  381. Chef ArrGee

    Used bso with kratom to enhance the effects of pain relieve. Works well.

  382. princessdaylight

    Traditional Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. Like that which I am not taking chemotherapy for…

  383. Madison Brown

    Perfect for a natural decongestant

  384. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied

  385. vagma

    I’ve been taking blackseed oil for a while now I usually buy the liquid in bottles but I decided to try the capsules. They would be easy to carry when going on trips and I wouldn’t have to worry about spills. I thought NusaPure was a good brand because I buy other supplements from them with no complaints. There was something about these capsules that began to worry me. When I’m home I take the liquids. These capsules just didn’t look right so how could a serving size be one capsule when they are so small. One teaspoon is a serving size in the liquid form… when observing the capsules I noticed that they are not completely full. They are about 3/4 full. They are very light in color. It doesn’t even look like blackseed oil. I decided to open a capsule to see what I was putting into my body. The taste was like plain vegetable oil there was no noticible taste of blackseed oil. So what is it? I have no clue but I’m not taking it anymore. Remember you get what you pay for and I bought these because they were inexpensive.

  386. Ken

    Great quality product and easy to swallow capsules. Feel great, more energy and a boost in motivation.

  387. Jennifer

    Love the no after taste. And it actually works with my knees and gives me engery.

  388. Karlis

    Love it!! Helps with my knee arthritis pain. Will buy it again.

  389. L Nevels

    Easy to swallow.

  390. Julie Vierow

    Someone suggested trying Black Seed Oil 180 caps to help with recent back pain. So I did and it does seem to help a lot! Worth a try!

  391. Frankie Nice

    Good product, underrated for supplements. Do the research about black seed oil for yourself.

  392. Edmond Ingram

    I like this product and I used it daily as a supplement to my diet. Great product!

  393. Amazon Customer

    Did not like it

  394. Kindle Customer

    I use it for better health

  395. Abdool K


  396. Jp

    fast deliver and the price is good. the quality is not known yet.

  397. CL

    Exactly as stated and quick delivery.

  398. Tracy Salisbury

    This gave great pain relief but causes heartburn for me, I think it’s just me.

  399. Gloria Morgan

    I have recently learned about the large number of health benefits from taking Black seed oil. It helps to regulate blood sugar, is the main one. It also helps with forgetfulness, high appetite, aches and pains, loss of libido, and sleeplessness. I have not been taking it long enough to know for sure it is helping with all of these things, but I am certainly going to give it a try. I have been concerned about becoming a diabetic, and if I can avoid this in my old age I will consider it money well spent.

  400. Retired Nurse

    Supposedly it id the cure for everything except death! Recommended by a friend who says her eye pressures are better since taking this and I was just diagnosed with Glaucoma Worth a try!

  401. C. S.


  402. Lori

    I feel that it helps me stay healthy

  403. Ron

    Great product been uses it for 2 years now

  404. Leslie

    I am very pleased with this product. It helps me sleep better at nights. Will buy it again

  405. Mick

    Real high quality black seed oil…I have noticed a general increase in vitality ,vigor and no blood sugar spikes when taking it.

  406. GinGin

    Purchased as a supplement for relief of inflammation. Did what it was expected to. No aftertaste or reflux.

  407. Jeff

    Easy to swallow size. No taste. Good result.

  408. Yia Yia

    I use this product as my Dr. told me the benefits of it. I have no side effects or bad taste. So far so good

  409. Sarvar

    So far so good

  410. Charlie

    Use everyday!

  411. Judith Scott


  412. Amazon Customer

    I like this black seed oil, I take one per day and it works really goooood , thanks

  413. J.J.

    Great product, cleared my reflux and acid issues. Will buy again

  414. Roberto Diamanti

    On my research on the internet I found different answers regarding black seed oil and black cumming seed oil. I initially understood that they are not the same. But looking at what most listed products on Amazon regarding black seed oil content and black cumming content they treat them as if they were the same. Then I ask why on this product reads 500 mg of black seed oil on main label and at the back it says 1000 mg black cumming seed oil. If they are the same which one is correct regarding product description.

  415. Wonder Woman

    This truly is an excellent product. Easy to swallow. There’s no strong/bad taste at all. Great value for money. I can’t deny it has improved my general health quality a lot. Totally recommend it. I’m very satisfied customer.

  416. Michael Coufalik

    A good product I’ve used for 2 years now.

  417. Jered!

    I purchased the Black Seed oil and Olive Lea. Both great products.Highly recommended instead of mainstream compounds that may have limited effectiveness and devastate your gut flora.. There’s a reason antibiotic resistance is on the rise.Not medical advice just an observation.

  418. kimberly combs

    i liked it was less expensive than the other product i was buying. and had 180 capsules ( not 120 which was the other one i was buying)

  419. Spokenpoet50

    Great supplement

  420. imsaynn

    decent for the price

  421. dugech

    First of all I was surprised by how different these gel capsules were. I’ve never seen any like this at all. The capsule is clear enough where you can see the liquid inside. You can still smell the scent of the black seed oil, but it’s very clean looking, and smells fresh.I couldn’t taste anything while taking it or afterwards, but I did feel stomach relief after taking it, which was a very welcome feeling, since I’ve been having issues with that for more than a month now.I’m hoping this will help me enough where nothing bad is found when I have to go to the Hospital next Wed, to have a scope shoved down my throat. I’m not exactly thrilled about that.I really like the products I have been getting from USA Pure, especially since they don’t use any fillers and other stuff I always try to avoid.

  422. Bernie

    Good product and fast shipping

  423. Amazon Customer

    I could not tell if the produced work. I bought it for my allergy and hive but I saw no changes waste of money

  424. Beah

    Still taking it, will report at a later date

  425. Ltc. Paul Sprayberry

    Excellent Product ! Works So Well

  426. Nancy waxler


  427. MeeMaw


  428. Vins W Harrelson

    I’ve been taking this for almost a month now. I am starting to feel the benefits of Black Seed Oil, with no ill effects. Will continue with this product for now.

  429. Max

    It wasn’t as strong as i hoped it would be

  430. Hayat Ahmad

    Smells and tastes authentic

  431. Amazon Customer


  432. roger visconti

    Works good.

  433. nargis nasrin

    Good product

  434. C.f.Da Vid Ebanks

    Great value, will buy again

  435. Lisa R.

    More than I expected! Thanks!

  436. Greg

    May work for some but didn’t for me. I have bursitis in my shoulders and elbows and this did nothing noticeable for the inflammation. I’m sticking with hot green tea and Aleve.

  437. Satisfied

    Body is not as achy during the day since taking this. My mood had been more stable and it’s helped with my physical performance.

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