Black Maca Root extract 20,000mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

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  • MAX STRENGTH BLACK MACA (NON-GMO): NusaPure’s maximum strength Black Maca root extract supplement contains 20,000mg Black Maca per vegetarian caps, and 180 veggie capsules in each bottle for a full 180 day supply. 
  • Extra Strength: each capsule contains 500 mg of Black Maca Root Extract powder. With Extract at 40:1 potency, one capsule provides the equivalence of 20,000 mg of Black Maca Root. Serving size is 1 veggie capsule
  •  Black Maca supports enhanced potency & fertility, supports libido & sex drive, and supports strength, stamina & energy*. Additionally, Black Maca supports muscle building and athletic performance, may support testosterone levels, and may support your mood.*
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA : assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.
  • 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!*


Why should YOU choose NusaPure?
– Capsules that are easy to swallow
– Pure extract with a maximum strength formula
– No sugars, salts, starches, gluten, soy or milk

Additional information

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What Are The Benefits of Our Black Maca Root capsules: 

-Supports Enhanced Male Potency *

-Supports Healthy Fertility in Men *

-Helps Enhance Libido & Sex Drive *

-Supports Strength, Stamina & Energy *

-Supports Muscle Building & Athletic Performance *

– Supports Testosterone Production *



  • Black Maca extract 40:1
  • Cellulose (from capsule), Silica, Magnesium stearate, Rice Flour.
  • Natural color variation may occur in this product

Suggested use & important information

Allergen information:

Contains no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten,egg, wheat, fish,shellfish,tree nut ingredients, starch or wheat. Produced in a GMP facility that may process those allergens or others for different formulations.

Serving size: for adults, take one capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep our of reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Do not exceed recommended dosage

* Those statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent any disease.

* For full terms and conditions on refund, read our  NusaPure Money Back    Guarantee policy.

*Results will vary based on a variety of factors.


332 reviews for Black Maca Root extract 20,000mg – 180 Veg Caps (100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten-free)

  1. cliff

    Great stuff delivered on time will definitely recommended actually have recommended

  2. Trendsetta25

    Ordered yesterday and my pills arrived today. I took one and already felt a serious sensation! Had to call hubby to take care of business. Please note Ive been taking Maca Root before. Not sure if this dosage took it to another level but I’m happy it did!!


    False advertising

  4. dennis michael dutkiewicz

    awesome product , only started 9 days ago, already feel a sort of energy boost, can’t wait to a month and see what this awesome root from peru will bring by than

  5. Bluebomb

    Not sure what to say really. The brand I had before this one was half the dosage, generic, and it worked great. This product, for whatever reason has no effect on me. Wondering if I got dooped.

  6. alex

    Does a body good.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Help with fertility

  8. Kelsey Billy

    Not sure if this actually helped or not. So my husband was on a job where he wasn’t getting much sleep at all. Which lowers sperm count. Because we were trying for a baby I started taking Maca and had him take this.We are now expecting in December. I’m not sure if this helped which the research says it does.

  9. Tyler W.

    So far it is working great. Only having to take 1 pill is great. It takes about a month, but these are some of my results and I am 40:-a little more energy-more desire-lower blood pressure on both top and bottom-result at the gym-feel a little more like myself-sleep a little better-a little more mental clarityIt takes about a month though.

  10. Mohamed J. Al Sayegh


  11. gee white

    This product is very good live up to it’s expectation . work wonderful and give me the boots that i needed .give me a lot of energy.

  12. Sheldon

    Noticeable strength and stamina within 3 to 5 days

  13. Anibal F.

    Llego.todo bien…ahora a ver.resultados

  14. alex

    Nice product but the shipping sucks paid 12 dollars and it took too long

  15. S. Morgan

    Hopefully this works. Price is excellent. Seems like a great product so far.

  16. Akg

    Seems to work as advertised

  17. Amazon Customer


  18. Victor

    Honestly I was a little skeptical at first but after 2 weeks of taking it consistently I can definitely say it works. Huge increase in stamina!!! and no side effects so far.

  19. JSL

    Don’t know if Black Maca is better than regular Maca. Price per mg. was determining factor.

  20. Angy


  21. Amazon Customer

    Best dealThanks

  22. Gig

    I am taking 1 capsule twice a day. Seems to be quite potent. I can a feel a little energy boost over the last brand I tried. I would recommend to anyone.

  23. Anonymous

    I have been researching male supplements to raise testosterone. I have found 1000mg tribulus effective2x a day, Vitafusion men, tongkat Ali in small doses if you have a strong heart and 40mg zinc supplements are awesome to not only raise t, energy, but also makes the stones grow while on them. Steroids shrink your stones, Trib/tongkat/zinc make em grow.I made the mistake of taking fenrugreek a few months ago. It has so much estrogen like compounds in it, you get an effect that is hard to explain on the love muscle, feels good at for a few seconds then you get temporary erectile dysfunction for a day or two. Then the next day I felt my chest swelling up with puffy nips a sign of gyno.I got the same thing only stronger on black maca. I got estrogen prick again just like fenrugreek. But the breast swelling was worse the next day. I could feel my chest sore and even bouncing the next day when jogging when they never did that before. I got off the black maca and my chest swelling subsided.Give fenrugeek and black maca to your girlfriend. Maybe they’ll grow a couple boob sizes. But dudes, stay away from this! You might think it is funny to grow out your chest as adude, but if you do it long enough, it leads to hyperprolactia which can cause long standing impotence.If a dude is looking for charging up the loins, take 1000-2000mg trib each day. Don’t go past that or you end up making too much t and it is converted to estrogen and we’re back to the discussion about avoiding man boob. If you have a good heart, try some Tongkat Ali.Fenrugreek and Blackmaca want to get as many sales as possible so post how it is good for dudes on the internet, but they’re not, as they give you feminine secondary sex characteristics. They may be great for women though so I gave this product 3 stars and not 1.

  24. Amazon Customer

    This products is a cut above the rest. If not taking the actual high grade powder is #1 This is #1a.

  25. andrew kalski

    after each use of tablets there are red spots on the skin and bleeds,I have never been allergic to anything

  26. Ryan Pettit

    For some reason this company chooses to use gelatin capsules. I’ve been taking Maca for many years now and have taken quite a few brands and I have yet to find another that uses gelatin capsules. Just in case in you don’t know gelatin is made from pig skin, bovine hides, bones, and other animal parts. Why wrap a healthy plant based product with the discarded parts of an animal? I wrote to the company to inquire further and never got a replay.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Love these!

  28. diego

    recomiendo 100%

  29. Juan Berrios

    : )

  30. Ice

    I wanted to update my review of this product only to add that I did receive a refund for the product and for that I changed my review by adding 2 stars. However, this product did absolutely nothing for me and if anything it did the reverse.I also do want to mention that I did eventually find another black maca product that has worked for me and will be sticking to that one for as long as I continue to get the benefits claimed. I was not concerned about the taste or whether to purchase raw or gelatinized, but decided on the capsule and did purchase both raw and gelatinized of which I take one of each together. That seems to work well for me.As for this particular product it is still sitting in my cabinet and will probably end up throwing it out (I do not plan on giving it to anyone else, since I am the type that if something does not work for me, I would not recommend to anyone else).Below is my original review of this product:I had been taking a different brand and wanted to try black maca after reading how much better it is for building muscle and increased energy and stamina.Dosage is the same 1 capsule = 500mg, (though this one is larger in size). And this one claims to be equivalent to 20g of maca root, so I expected better results. I took 1 this morning and after about 30 min to an hour I was feeling tired. So I took a second one thinking it wasn’t sufficient 1 hour later I felt so tired that I ended up going back to bed.Woke up 2 hours later feeling lethargic. With the other maca I had been taking, I felt the energy effects almost immediately and did not feel tired after waking up in the morning. I will not be buying this brand again and definitely do not recommend to others. I am so disappointed.The only good thing is that it has a 100% money back guarantee. I sure hope they’re not lying about that too.We as consumers rely on the experts to provide a good product and be honest about their claims.This is not a fake review. I will be going back to the other product which I know does work but will continue to look for a better black maca product.

  31. Carlos Eduardo Setembre de Oliveira

    i like it

  32. Justine

    Does nothing. ToBeHonest

  33. Pablo Orejuela


  34. Amazon Customer

    This product worked better than expected. I hope dearly that it stay the same. Well worth a long time subscription

  35. Erin Hill

    Increased energy

  36. Brenton Johnson

    seems to work so far. haven’t used it that long yet

  37. kanadid

    I like help me with eny

  38. issac

    will keep on buying it

  39. Amazon Customer

    very satisfied

  40. William Ortiz

    Buen producto

  41. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  42. A. Lucas

    great product

  43. E

    Felt very weird. I think the dosage is way too high. Especially for Black Maca. I Experienced irritability, low sex drive, wanting to be isolated. Wont take Black Maca again!!

  44. shouqunZ

    The picture is true, basically satisfied,Will also buy other goods for the second time!

  45. Tchella

    Heard it was good for energy, decided to try it out. Been about 2 weeks, cant really say yes or no.

  46. Amazon Customer

    I must say this is a top notch product. I pop one every morning on an empty stomach and must say despite only taking it for a week I noticed my energy level has gone up, my appetite has increased, and my sexual health is better almost back to my college days. Good product that I will be reordering!!!!

  47. Optimalman

    Very strong

  48. Christo Lee

    Felt more energetic!

  49. Another customer

    at first i took one capsule and it did not do anithyng for me, after 4 days i decided give it a shoot again and got two capsules and boy, everithing changed, my mood , energy, drive sex, focus and self confidence improve a lotUPDATE: Right now and after 3 weeks, two capsules makes me too much nervous and just one makes me in the bad mood, so in mi case this brand are not that good as reviews show, i am going back to the naravis brand, that is a lot much better than this

  50. N Maniaci

    So heres something everyone need to be aware of and that is yeast infections. Some of us just dont tolerate maca very well and I can say I did not. So i discontinued use of this product. However it did give me great energy and much improved stamina and performance while on it.

  51. Gil 4.

    you do feel something with this. can’t say what but it feels good

  52. Kaliman Herrera

    I have been taking this product only for a couple of weeks, and I feel it’s positive effects; more energy to workout longer, firm body throughout, and more. You can do whatever you want with the extra energy. I use mine wisely.

  53. toomuchsauce51

    Definitely feel a testosterone boost along with the other vitamins I’m taking!! Huge boost of stamina and energy.

  54. JF

    Good product.

  55. JR


  56. Sylvester Stewart

    Gave me digestive issues. Best to get gelatinized maca.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Great thanks

  58. Rob Gilbert

    I’m not sure if Maca is doing me any good, I have not noticed any difference. I’ll keep using giving Maca a chance so far not impressed.

  59. Ray

    This stuff has improved my emotions and mood greatly. Balanced out my energy levels.

  60. Rockwell Silva

    works for me. At age 57, need all the help a man needs for his health.

  61. Armond J Laframboise

    Shipping was on time & product as advertised.One of best values on Amazon due to potency & quality. Works great for energy & blood flow.

  62. Dee

    Well duh, it’s listed as Max strength ! I bought this product for the sole purpose of enhancing my hips and bottom areas. Looking at plenty of before and after youtube videos, I was convinced that it worked. Other enhancement pills have this ingredient as well, but this product definitely works fast! It was received on March 24, 2019 and I am writing to you on 4/11/2019. My hips and bottom are more rounded and a tad bit wider than before. As a teenager I used to be very underweight to the point adults used to make fun of me. So you could only imagine the joy that I have from finding something that has fulfilled my journey to a fuller looking body!

  63. Amazon Customer

    Works good

  64. Luciano

    Very good products, more strong and efective than other maca.

  65. hjm

    Product arrived super fast and Is awesome!! I noticed a difference in my energy level and strength right away. Very good value for the price and amazed how quickly it started working

  66. Amazon Customer

    as expected


    best maca at a great price

  68. Stephanie

    Reordering soon

  69. Diane

    I have been taking this product for a while I love that it doesn’t have that awful taste like most supplements and it doesn’t smells

  70. HutcH

    great item

  71. Amazon Customer

    no effect

  72. Rachelle

    This stuff works! I actually had to back off of it for a while

  73. Laura

    As expected

  74. Marlon Thompson

    it’s a great source of energy

  75. Enrique S.

    Bien buena

  76. podunkboy

    Um, yeah, just not feeling it. No discernible effects, no discernible benefits when used as directed. I’d probably get better results eating a handful of M&Ms.

  77. Humberto R Montes

    Good product, no after taste.

  78. Glory

    Excelente, cumplió con las expectativas del producto

  79. Matthew Walker

    Is helpful and I’ve noticed a slight increase. I would buy again

  80. David Miller

    Have been using for a month and it is great so far! Good product, good price.

  81. Shane

    I have found that if you take two pills you will notice positive Maca effects

  82. Amazon Customer

    great stuff

  83. Curtis Jackson

    It is a good energy booster when I’m lifting weight

  84. Dale Lopez

    Trying this out for the first time. So far so good!

  85. Melissa

    So far so good haven’t been taking it for to long but seems to be working

  86. Miguel


  87. celon

    To boost my immune system

  88. Rick Fletcher

    This stuff makes my dick rock hard, and wake up with serious morning hardon’s. Fellas try it out your dick will be hard as rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Rhw1010

    The product is very good, but there is no outer packaging carton, if there is an outer packaging carton better

  90. Robert Arbolaez

    Just received am eager to see results if any

  91. Regg


  92. Jack Frost

    Great stuff. Had Black Maca from a different seller on Amazon in the past but this one stands out above the rest. Will buy again.

  93. Joel jasso

    No sirvio para mi nosenti nada

  94. Fertilla Machine

    I prefer the black extract type that is powerful rather than the regular off white powder formula this is common within grocery stores or strip malls.

  95. Billy Hill

    Great product!

  96. Not my name

    These seem good. Increases sex drive and has many other health benefits…

  97. Shirley Brown

    I like this product. Very useful for my health.

  98. B. BURRIS

    Fast response. This my first time trying this product so I hope to see results soon. It does sound very promI sing based on the description.

  99. sue

    work great.

  100. Rena

    I love these and they came on time

  101. Brian Staler

    Good, high quality Maca. I appreciate the high mg and only needing to take two tablets. I find for me that 3000 mg works the best. No digestive issues at all. Fast two day delivery. Awesome product and a great value.

  102. Bmore P.

    worked pretty good for me

  103. OCDoctor

    This is a great product if have a wonderful memory!!! It only took maybe 2-2.5 wks for it to become “Real Obvious” to my husband that one of my new “supplements” was helping me out in “this important area” of our lives. The only issue is that my memory is so bad. If you are not taking this at about the same time every day, you MAY experience a really powerful hotflash. This is not the product’s fault. THIS IS MY FAULT. It actually shows me that Maca Root Extract will help your body produce more estrogen which in turn does increase your “interests”. You must be diligent in taking it… I am currently looking into adding a supplement from ‘Intimate Rose’ (great company that I also buy from on Amazon) that will help with hotflashs. This way I can continue with this supplement’s success despite my memory problems.

  104. forrest

    very good product, works well

  105. Leonard Jackson

    These are the best on the market. I bought 1 bottle and tried to buy another 2 weeks later but they were none left in stock. Hopefully they will have more soon because I will definitely load up on this one.

  106. John Onofre

    My wife and I took this and horny goat weed and went from feeling tired almost forcing myself to have sex once per wk to 3-4 times per wk. I’ve been married 21 yrs and am 50 yrs old. Have been taking for 1 month. There have been a few days we did it at night and I got a quicky in the morning. I think its working.

  107. plynch

    I have been taking this product for a couple of weeks and I definitely notice a small boost to my energy level which has been very helpful. I am used to being overwhelmed by a complex daily schedule and this product relieved much of the tension related to moving from one activity to the next on a frequent basis.

  108. irwin mcclain

    It is what it is.

  109. Andre johns

    Pretty good

  110. A buyer

    If you are like me, you take supplements to boost your health, yet some of them don’t work. Research scientists Maca have formulated a blend that is not harmful and works.

  111. julie

    This is not good, I did not feel any energy at all, it has a horrible after taste, even my husband’s doctor told mus it was not helpful and to stop taking it, they advertise this as a fertility helper and the doctor says it actually blocks production!

  112. ben clabaugh

    Seems legit. The benefits of maca alone deserves 5 stars.

  113. Jeomires Nobre

    Made feel lethargic.

  114. Geronimo Diaz

    Excelente producto

  115. Jorge G.

    It works. I have more stamina in any time good product.

  116. John M. Jarrett

    Great product. Fast shipping. No issues

  117. Germaine J.

    Did not notice a difference! Don’t work

  118. Amazon Customer

    A great boost, and is effective..

  119. lam wai shing

    I have only taken it for a few days. There have been no negative effects but I think I need more time to see how it works for me.

  120. Paul Allen


  121. TA_SEA-GEG

    The effects are subtle but noticeable over time. I’ve purchased these 4 times and do see a change in energy and mood when cycling on/off. These changes are gradual but become more pronounced over time.For me I did notice more energy, less anxiety, better mood, and greater openness. This took time to build up and I have to be consistent (at least a week – no missed days) to see the difference. Libido I’m sure is better when I’m consistent on these.Don’t take on an empty stomach unless you want nausea, anxiety, and exorcism.For me, 2 pills in the morning after breakfast along with lots of water is the right dose. I don’t take it in the evening or I can’t sleep. I don’t take more than two or I get wired.I do enjoy these ones. Had tried another product and either the dose was too small or it was a lesser quality – but this stuff works.

  122. Eppdlion

    I’m not seeing or feeling it. Having a hard time believing the 1600mg thing. Have had better results with others.

  123. Ray D.

    I had to limit these pills!They made me feel great, and my wife loved them too., 😉😉

  124. Amazon Customer

    Did nothing

  125. rhett

    No improvement yet

  126. James M. Hammond

    Does it’s job.

  127. rudy

    i can feel the change in my body, i work over night and my body has not felt like this since i was 21

  128. Shawn M. Murphy

    Never used before so all i can say is that it seems to help a bit with energy and stamina

  129. carolyn Smith

    Very good for keeping up stamina and energy

  130. Don-Ant

    The capsel feels like plastic it has a 2 year shelf life before expiration. The powder that’s encapsulated turns hard pull the shell apart and the whole thing falls off even looks like roden defecation. How long is this suppose to take to digest?

  131. Susan

    Thank you

  132. Linda

    Ordered this to treat my hot flashes. I’ve tried many other brands but this one is the very best; in one day there was a noticeable change for the better.

  133. Daniel Favata

    This product is easy to use and I have seen results

  134. Taurean Mcdade

    Great product, expect super sex lol

  135. JOSE LUIS

    No me agrado porque me hizo ir al hospital de emergencia y me hicieron una cirugía a causa de este producto cuidado mucho cuidado

  136. AregularJoe

    My spouse says this works better than any muscle building supplement taken.

  137. Cassandra

    Ordered this because i heard it is good for fertility. Before taking this, my periods were always irregular, now it comes right on time every month, lighter, less cramps. Will see if I get a baby out of it though. Does increase sex sex drive and energy.

  138. tina welch

    I really didn’t see results from this for male sexual benefits.

  139. Eddie

    I really liked these herbs. They are easy to swallow and have no smell to them.

  140. David Lugo is Pete

    My doctor said these pills can interfere with my medication . Please don’t send any more bottles

  141. KL

    Best value for maca root

  142. Amazon Customer

    70 year old male married to 48 year old female – was taking MACA 1900 mg but switched to Black MACA 20000 mg….wife loves my increased stamina and youthfulness…I exercise 5 days a week at a gym (natulis and free weights), ride bike 5 miles on weekends when I don’t run my 5 miles. MACA is real!!! Exercise – Healthy Diet – Enjoy Your Life to it’s fullest!!!

  143. GF1563 Tn.

    Very, very satisfied with this product, so far working better than Cialis did and no side effects. Will be reordering.

  144. Big John

    One capsule a day does nothing. I’ve tried 2 a day a couple of times. How much do it need to take and for how long do I need to take it for it to cause any change in sexual interest or performance?

  145. anonymous

    best volume/price for maca capsules I could find on Amazon. the bottles lid is kinda cheap, sorta snaps on and doesn’t seal completely, but the maca itself is good stuff so no biggie.

  146. Amazon Customer

    It is working for me I will be ordering again

  147. Tionne S.

    Took for a week didn’t notice a difference..

  148. Happy Camper

    I don’t get nearly the instant effect as I do with the sublingual Black Maca extract, but I’m spending about $500/year less with the capsules…

  149. Amazon Customer

    Wow, it’s so awesome, five stars!!!

  150. Charlie

    Was ok

  151. LeftEar

    so so

  152. Anon

    Item arrived without issue.May update when I’ve assessed the product

  153. leofoxdhl

    Buenos resultdos

  154. Amazon Customer


  155. Cindy

    A expected

  156. Selah

    Quality Product

  157. Eric M. Rogers

    Boost of energy and alertness/stamina

  158. KIM


  159. Robert B.

    Awesome product!!!

  160. Jeff

    These 500mg capsules are supposed to be a 40:1 extract making them equal to 20g of maca I don’t know what kind of witchcraft they used to make 500mg equal 20g but that’s what they claim.I was taking loose maca powder at 5g a day before this and this has little to no effect compared to that and I take 2 pills of this a day! Waste of money and bogus claims would never buy this again just take the loose powder it doesn’t taste bad at all mixed with a protein shake

  161. Maria E. Sanz

    Very good

  162. Amazon Customer

    Awesome Black Maca .Extremely effective and most importantly has no bad or side effects

  163. Joseph Rodriguez

    This product i may have to try again for my final decision. But it was pretty good as i remembered it. The taste was pretty pleasant.

  164. Amazon Customer

    Works as described

  165. howard johnson

    Needed this

  166. John Wright

    Really boost my energy and focus and morning wood throughout the day.

  167. Amazon Customer

    Like, Very Good product, Will purchase again.

  168. JayP

    Works great. Very highly recommended. It’s become a staple in my morning routine.

  169. kd

    great product

  170. Matic

    They work.

  171. Allen Poteat

    I really cannot tell a change yet still waiting I only take one a day? Is that enough

  172. reader

    It takes a few days to start working. Great energy!

  173. Abraham Ortega

    Este producto si funciona tomo dos diarias a las 6pm y al día siguiente amanesco muy caliente

  174. thomas r wallace

    Good so far. One month in and a little more energy.

  175. Shawntel Roach

    Great product with a great price tag!

  176. Randy R

    Did not work for me…. no benefit

  177. Ronald Woods

    Attention all men!!! Do yourself a favor and order this product. Theirs to many good things to say about this product over text…. NO THANKS NECESSARY

  178. Greg

    Great productMakes 57 more like 30 in every way imaginable!!

  179. Steve Whitney

    great price.. very good product…

  180. bgood714

    This black Maca is the bomb. Started taking in two weeks ago and already see and feel results. Increased energy levels and drive. Very happy with this seller and supplements I’m definitely reordering.

  181. J.Ingram

    Delivered on time. Nice packaging. Product itself definitely gave a boost in energy. Feel more energetic in the morning time.

  182. Marisol

    Just as described

  183. cholon

    I have been taken Maca for the past 30 years + and it is a root used by the ancient Incas as a powerful natural energizing supplement. I will keep on using it without a doubt.

  184. J.D.

    Cost effective and product effective. Best maca extract I’ve used. Been using maca for years. This by far beats any other I’ve used

  185. Nicola

    This product made me eat like a pregnant woman. My butt gets huge because I’m always hungry when I take this product. If I have money in my pocket now, I would definitely purchase another bottle. It definitely works!

  186. Jimmyfee

    This stuff is legit, takes a couple of days to notice a difference

  187. Amazon Customer

    So far seems to be affecting his libido a little but not too much. Only been a few weeks. I’m still hopeful

  188. PING

    Ingredients are not as good as 500mg from other manufacturerswaste money

  189. Frankie Diesel

    Taking this supplement gives me that edge that I need

  190. John Kevin Thompson


  191. Amazon Customer

    This my second bottle, i like the natural energy boost.

  192. Ruroag

    It is very good product…no side effects…I have much more stamina and strength…started with one in morning…after one week went to one in morning and one in evening. I will purchase again…great for libido

  193. Amazon Customer

    I took this capsules for 4 weeks and there’s no effect of them

  194. Blues Player

    The general description stated this product was boiled down during the processing to remove startch to make it easier to digest (meaning it is supposedly, geletinized)….In the Q&A section though the company replied the product is RAW when asked if geletinized or raw.If they cannot keep that simple detail straight, how am I to trust consuming this product. I discovered this shortly after ordering as the question was buried deep down the list.I for one cannot take raw products due to digestive issues…and I also do not now trust other claims like it being a 40:1 extract. Returned without ingesting and becoming a Guinea pig/lab rat.

  195. Earth

    Great value and good product.

  196. Amazon Customer

    Im ready for wrestling and bjj.


    Great product!

  198. Erika brown

    I haven’t had any really good results with it. I think I would need something prescribed by a doctor because I take other medications.

  199. HunterSumo3300

    It gives me strength and energy to work all day, very happy about it.

  200. Alberto C.

    Used for enhance fertility and sex drive. improve energy , memory, concentration, focus, bone strength. GOOD Product.

  201. Emilio nagua

    excelente producto muy alto valor biológico. lastima que no me asentó bien me causo un poco de dolor de cabeza ..debe ser algo pasajero..

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    It has spilled out .

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    works as described…

  204. Mike Juarez

    There’s a lot in the bottle. It takes time to work into your system, though.

  205. Julie Brown

    This is some of the best Maca Root I have taken. For years nothing has been able to arouse me. I thought that feeling pleasure was over for me but after years of being unaroused this stuff worked. It may take a bottle before you feel anything but if it worked for me it can work for anybody.

  206. Steph & Wes

    Ever since I started using this Maca I have noticed an increase in my energy but I cannot take it anymore. It makes mequeasy and nauseated unfortunately.

  207. Michael

    Admittedly, I only took 1 pill, however, I noticed a tightening of my throat and chest after the serving. The feeling lasted for over 3 hours and almost sent me to the emergency room. I searched and found that it was a possible allergic reaction the maca, so it could simply be the maca as a whole and not this product. My advice is to research fully (which I failed to do) before ordering.

  208. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t have a taste and easy to swallow

  209. Amazon Customer

    I have only taken it for a few days. There have been no negative effects but I think I need more time to see how it works for me.

  210. MILPIL

    Product came fast, and as described.

  211. Tash

    Slow and steady will work as directed and I found a diet high in protein worked beat for me. Will purchase again.

  212. Ahmed

    This is definitely helping with my energy level

  213. Scary Me

    I actually ordered this for a friend of mine, not myself. But he had told me her believes it’s helping him like he’d hoped. He said he feels more overall calm & focus (he has adult ADD) so far. He hasn’t been taking black maca for very long, so I’ll probably update the review in the near future.

  214. julio cesar de la garza rivera

    Justo lo que esperaba.

  215. CJA

    Had to switch from boxers to briefs after this supplement, but I’m always ready.

  216. Amazon Customer

    The most potent black maca out there in easy to swallow capsules….

  217. Alfredo Pereyra

    what I expected, excellent product

  218. Hassan

    Seems to work well, satisfied!

  219. john w. haley jr,

    Product does what it is intended to. Best value for the money

  220. Matthew Thiam


  221. David Velez

    Best maca … It feels the difference right away

  222. Hosea

    Definetly improved sex drive and gave me energy without any weird feeling. Felt very natural and gave no side effects from my experience. Need to try it for yourself definetly.

  223. Pablo g.

    It sucks, after 2 weeks of taking it I haven’t feel anything different,I don’t recommend it, period, no good

  224. konstantin k

    Thanks, I am very satisfied!

  225. A Mitch

    I don’t dislike anything about this product. It helps me to perform well and I have a quicker recovery. That’s great for me.

  226. Mariam G.

    This product is great! It aided in my pregnancy

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  228. Carter Vincensse

    Feeling energized already and love that it works quick.None if that you’ll notice in a couple of days crap

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  235. PJL

    Good stuff! Love the NusaPure Concentrated Formula Maca Root! Taking one Maca capsule, instead of three, greatly appeals to me. I will stick with this one. I have found my Maca!

  236. Anthony

    This is a great product, the price is right and the energy it gives is awesome.

  237. future belizean

    In combination with L-arginine, top notch results

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    great product , quick delivery,great seller,thank you

  239. Cory

    Very Happy with the dosage and qty of capsules. Just started using and have noticed a small effect, more time needed for full effect.

  240. Tom Corrao

    Still taking this over the past 3 weeks and seeing some small improvements with recovery from my workouts. But willing to continue to see what additional benefits could develop.

  241. clayton

    Has not helped sexually but has helped with other things like. Stomach , going to bathroom , engery and more. Thanks

  242. Hannibaltrev

    This report goes to City Care and the mission that I’m Journey on. My growth as a child, I was overweight. But very athletic and discipline to a point. Using Maca Roots have Revised my self-esteem and the opportunity to experience my performance with my parents. The grassroots with this supplement is Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, it’s a great idea, as well as help. Plus I’ve seen a great deal of change in myself and a deeper change in my personal anonymity

  243. SciFiGeorge

    I’ve been feeling a nice increase in energy after a few days. I will continue to see how they perform. So far, so good.

  244. Landon

    Claims to be corn free and its not. Been feeling aweful because I actually believed them. Containing magnesium stearate should have been my first clue. A cheap filler ingredient that always comes from corn. More and more companies like this one that lack integrity are falsifying what it contains.

  245. cube8793

    Good if you mix with black seed oil, men you will thank me. YouTube this mix

  246. Lynn M.

    Great product, exactly as described!

  247. Wayne R

    Great product

  248. Marvin Creek

    Works Great For Energy and Mood.

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  250. zona623

    after 2 weeks of takin one everyday I noticed I would get horny out of no where its crazy lol

  251. Los

    Very good quality as advertised.

  252. Melvis

    This product really works, at the time you finish it Jhonny Sins will be proud of you 😉

  253. Jonesy97

    Flavor might be different for everyone. But overall, it’s great and I’ve enjoyed these since I bought em

  254. American Dad

    It gives me energy. I use it before an activity that I know will be taxing on my body.

  255. Samuel

    Wonderful product! Works as claimed. You won’t be disappointed.

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    This product is great for a natural energy boost and pre workout supplement and libido enhancer.

  261. David E

    I took a shot switching up the brands because I saw how much more bang for your buck you get with this.There is a reason, trust me. I don’t know what is in this stuff but I am honestly thinking of getting it sent to a lab. It makes me feel so strange mentally and twists my stomach in a knot physically.DO NOT BUY.

  262. Steve

    Hello Readers: Please save your money and avoid this product!!! If you want quality Black Maca buy Madre Nature’s Black Maca. It supports male vitality and you can see the results (literally).I bought Nusa Pure Black Maca just to try a different brand and it doesn’t work for me. Therefore, I had to go back to Madre Nature’s Black Maca which works quite well.

  263. Ken Csipo

    I didn’t notice anything with this product. I have tried varied doses and never felt what was advertised.This isn’t to imply it doesn’t work as advertised, but that it did not work for me personally.

  264. Angel D.

    I use it already month and a half. It works great …and no side effects. Highly recomended

  265. Kiril N Danev

    Can’t feel any difference

  266. Harris

    good stuff give me the boost I need

  267. Kimberley

    Doesn’t leave a bad taste. Provides energy.

  268. suev

    Works well for my libido and menopause symptoms I highly recommend

  269. Amazon Customer

    Did not work for me, actually had the opposite effect, after just 2 days of using I was not able to get an erection nor did I have a desire to. I stopped taking it.

  270. Marquis Dotson


  271. Thomas Solfio

    I just started using them don’t know

  272. Ma Jinky cruz

    Energy and well on me

  273. For my grandma

    This one was quick and fast acting for me. I only recommend taking 1 though because they’re very potent.

  274. DrTalk

    After a month, still no noticeable effect on my health for the reasons purchased.

  275. Jose vargas

    No good

  276. Mike McQuown

    Zero effect.



  278. Helene Golston

    I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks so 8m not sure how/if it’s working. But I feel good and anticipating positive results.

  279. Amazon Customer

    So I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks now. For the past week, I’ve been using it as a pre-workout along with some fruit and I’ve had some of the best workouts that I’ve had since I joined tha gym in October (2018). I have so much more energy during my workouts and I believe it is helping cut down on my recovery time.TBH the main reason I purchased the product was for the sexual benefits. I’ve been abstaining for a while so I can’t say I’ve put it to use in that manner, BUT in the past week, I have waken up with a couple stiff ones, which is a big deal for me, because I have been dealing with thyroid issues for about a decade and along with the medication and the hormone imbalances, it’s a good sign that I’m getting it together. So far, I have no complaints.

  280. Denny

    Not much to say, I take one or two each day. Over the weeks I have seen improvement. It works, my girlfriend makes sure I take them now. LOl!!!!

  281. GZTCZB

    This is not a 20g supplement of black maca. The label itself is wrong and not providing true levels of black maca. There are powders and Organic Premium Raw Tri-Color Maca Capsules that are tested for proof. Will never buy these and sad it is able to stay on amazon with a know false label.

  282. Rob

    I noticed an immediate difference over the yellow maca I was previously using.

  283. Amazon Customer

    Great product! No jitters but nice energy boost. I will definitely be ordering again!

  284. Ronise Ferreira


  285. chris

    After taking the product for 5 days straight morning and evening , I definitely noticed increase in stamina and endurance both at work and in the gym . I recommend this product it does what it says !

  286. ODNESOR

    Good product and the quality

  287. Jennifer K Martin

    Dont work

  288. Sean Taylor

    I have to say it works. I was taking one pill a day but did not feel any difference. so I started taking two a day and I see the improvement. One my sex drive has gone up. Two My physical energy is good better. I do believe taking no more then 2 a day better mainly the start of the moring.

  289. Rafael

    It does work you need to build it up in yr system and take it when you get home git a couple of hrs

  290. Danielle Broussard

    This works. My friend is gaining weight. And has energy.

  291. Juwan Aimes

    I tried them and I noticed that about 30-45 minutes after taking them. My body got itchy all over. I broke out in hives from taking these. I feel like they worked but the side effects we too much for me.

  292. A.D

    Great product

  293. Shin


  294. Amina

    These pills are very easy to swallow. I don’t think there’s much flavor to them which is great I don’t want my pills to have flavor to them. The thickness of the tablet is about as expected but great value for your buck

  295. Alonso Alvarez Juárez

    Really good item.

  296. Steve Kang

    When I take this Maca, I feel stomach ache. Is that what it expected? I saw similar review on this item. I am not sure what is inside this capsule.

  297. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product

  298. Willie Morgan

    Works as intented

  299. haftpint


  300. Kenneth Fong

    It is a very good

  301. martini1

    I have been looking for a really good Black Maca for agile and have finally found it in this product , I really love it!!

  302. Andy


  303. DecalsLB

    Great product!

  304. Melissa Ott

    Great product.

  305. T Bird Watkins

    delivered as stated, started immediately waiting on results.


    Black maca Will be in my diet for as long as I can it has done nothing but amazing things for me

  307. brad robinson

    Excellent product best deal for your dollar and great quality product!

  308. Ac130

    Going to give this product the benefit of the doubt, Only been taking for a week..haven’t noticed much difference.Will give it a few more weeks to Guage results

  309. Yamila

    Aun las estoy tomando

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  311. lee

    Really kept me energetic, but not in a bad way.

  312. Omar

    Awesome product. It really makes you energectic and frisky. If you don’t believe me just ask my girlfriend.

  313. kagangu

    Okay so I actually bought this product for a friend of mine. Turns out his wife has been wanting to have their first kid but my friend was reluctant and wanted to wait. (For more savings because he also wanted a new boat). Anyways I told his wife about this product my old coworker swore by. Couldn’t find the stuff but came across it here on Amazon. I prefer American Made over anything and that added a few points to the scoreboard. So now the interesting part, my package came in faster than planned so I rushed it over to my bros wife. She threw it in his “vitiman packs”? (Some gym bro thing). Did this for 4-5 days. She said he’s been wild if you know what I’m saying. Anyways long story short-ish. They are pregnant and will be having their first child before the new boat. I should also mention they’ve tried “a lot” to have a kid a little before hand, unsuccessfully but she swears by the pills now! Lol

  314. Vanessa Aguirre

    Love it.

  315. donna davis

    Great product

  316. Lexington Chang

    Good product! I definitely notice a slight uptick in energy and virility. Nicely capped and easy to swallow. No negative sides.

  317. Michele Floro

    Excelente Producto

  318. Amazon Customer

    Made a difference.

  319. Peter


  320. Michael Scott

    Does what you hope it will. Wink wink.

  321. O Isac

    No idea if it works or not

  322. Michael

    It definately boost my energy level, enhances my mood, lowers my blood pressure, and increases libido!

  323. luke karan

    The safety seals weren’t secure. I counted the capsules to make sure 180 were there. There were 187? Okay but they are advertised as 20,000 mg but on the supplement facts it is only 500mg.

  324. Kris V. Long

    Great product at s great price! This is powerful Maca Root in a generous quantity of 200 capsules. Fast shipping. Will be ordering more!

  325. Memo

    Was hoping for good results but really didn’t feel anything after a month taking

  326. Malcolm A. Hawkins

    Don’t know what to expect

  327. lester tinsley

    Good supplement ..

  328. Terry Ward

    I can’t really evaluate if this product works or not because I haven’t had it long enough, but let’s hope it does. If it does, the price was well worth it.

  329. Howard

    good product.

  330. Tiffany Ellington

    Provides me with energy!

  331. Lucina

    Satisfied with product it really helped!

  332. Courtney Johnson

    Great product!

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