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About NusaPure

“Nusa” means “Island” in Bahasa Indonesia: literally translating to “Island Pure”

Our Story

Hi, I`m Cedric, founder of NusaPure. I created my company in 2015 after recognizing a need for high quality, herbal formulas to treat common health issues: candida levels, thyroid problems, joint pain, energy deficiency and more.  I founded NusaPure after returning from Bali, Indonesia, the Beauty and purity of the island forever inspired my vision for all natural, pure herbal supplement products. I was diagnosed with my first cancer in 2003 and with my second cancer in 2014. I`m now in remission. Going through multiple medical treatments, therapies and side effects, struggles and pain, triggered a serious self-reflection on my life and well-being. While trying to rebuild my immune system I learned how important essential nutrients were to improve and maintain health. I researched many existing supplement brands, but couldn`t really find a brand I fully trusted. I founded NusaPure with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients and better formulations. I made it now my personal mission to educate and inspire people to fuel their body with the best natural supplements and feel their best!


Our Process

All of our products are specially formulated and are made from 100% Natural and Herbal Ingredients. Our beliefs and core values are to only provide high quality products that we hand pick and really believe in. This is why we do not use artificial fillers and always put our products through rigorous quality testing, ensuring you always get the best supplements available.

Our products are created in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility aligning with our mission of providing you with the safest dietary supplements possible.

Made in the USA Good Manufacturing Practices  

Our Products

We believe in each and every product we sell. We put extensive time, research and effort into all of our formulations. We do not sell anything we would not take ourselves or give to our mothers, and our mothers really do use our products! At NusaPure, YOU come first. This is why we deliver extremely effective and high quality products. When you are happy, we are happy.

Our Guarantee to You

With thousands of happy customers, we believe in our products. If you buy our product, and aren’t happy with the results we will refund you – no questions asked. Just send us a message within 40 days of your purchase.

Executive Management

Cedric –  Founder
He is the founder, an avid traveler and believer in all natural supplementation.

    Plamen – Senior Marketing Manager
    He monitors market trends and oversees advertising and marketing activities to ensure the right message is delivered for their product or service.

      Milen –  Vice President
      He is responsible for day to day operations, inventory, and customer support.

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